tagGroup SexSantorini Paradiso Ch. 01

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 01


Elena wrapped herself in a towel and stepped up out of the shower. She took a second towel and, leaning over, wound it around her wet hair, flipping the remaining end up over her head as she stood up. She walked carefully over the wet tiles to the mirror hanging over the sink, and with the side of her right hand, wiped the steam away from the surface. She surveyed herself in the glass, happy that the sun she'd gotten that day had suffused her normally pale skin with a pinkish/golden glow. Walking through to the bedroom of her small, rustic but charming hotel room, she pushed open the bright blue wood shutters and squinted against the blindingly beautiful setting sun reflecting magnificently on the sea below. Santorini was paradise. The very air here was rejuvenating. Light, dry and fresh, though warm, it caressed her damp skin like a soft, worshipful breath.

Elena pulled the towel from her hair and leaned out of the unglazed window. Her room in the surprisingly inexpensive family-run hotel in Thira faced the half-moon shaped harbor - facing west. The sunsets in Santorini were particularly amazing, because the lingering ash from the long-ago erupted volcano - which caused part of the island to sink into the sea - made the evening light glow with surreal, heavenly colors. Tonight, the sky was shot through with streaks of crimson, orange and purple. Elena deeply inhaled the sea air, leaning her face outward toward the waning heat of the day. She was so happy here. A person would be so lucky to live their lives in a magical place like this. Every nerve ending felt electrically charged. Every muscle and fiber of her being was taut and sensitive to the natural world around her. She felt superhuman. No wonder the gods loved these islands so.

Her reverie was broken suddenly by the sound of laughter below her, coming from the courtyard. Costas, her friend's husband, was already dressed, his hair still wet from his own shower, and was pouring what looked like Ouzo into small glasses with the hotel owner. Elena realized she'd better hurry up and get dressed so she wouldn't keep the others waiting.

Quickly sliding some light scented moisturizer over her sun-kissed skin, she pulled on a pair of pink cotton panties. Catching site of herself in the mirror, she frowned for a moment, and yanked them back off again. Digging through her duffle bag, she found her black lace thong. Holding it up to the light, a tiny smirk crossed her full lips. She slipped one foot, then the other into the tiny garment and slid it on - wriggling slightly to adjust the tiny lace v into exactly the right place. The string that served as the back fit snugly into the space between her rather full, but happily firm, cheeks. It felt very sexy. In fact, she thought, everything feels sexy. Elena combed some gel through her naturally curly chestnut hair with her fingers, twirling a few strands near her face into some tangled obedience. She looked for a moment at her breasts - a bit too large to go bra-less - but this was Greece and she was feeling freer than usual. She impishly grinned as she threw her bra back into her duffle and slipped the strappy red flowered sundress over her head. Carefully applying eyeliner and mascara, she was almost finished getting ready when Pam, her best friend, pounded on the door once before marching straight in.

"Hey bitch." Pam said, as she dropped inelegantly down on Elena's bed. "You don't look too ugly." She said with a light laugh. "Uh, if you wouldn't mind too much, maybe you could fuck off... " Elena replied without turning around. She batted her eyelashes as she spoke, and her voice was dripping with saccharine sweetness.

"Jesus, aren't you ready yet?!" Pam exclaimed. "I'm THIRSTY."

"Yeah, yeah - keep your panties on. If you're wearing any - you slut." Elena said back, as she applied a coral gloss to her already full lips with a tiny brush.

Pam stood up suddenly and looked at her backside in the full mirror hanging on the wall by the wardrobe. "I'm not - can you tell?" The white Capri pants showed no sign of any discernable underwear beneath. Elena turned to look carefully at her best friend's ass in her white pants.

"Looks awesome - no risk of VPL whatsoever. Just don't get wet. Man, you are so freakishly tall. I love you dearly, but I may be forced to destroy you."

"C'mon, hurry up - let's go. Costi, Nikki and Matt are waiting." Smiling, Pam walked out of the room, leaving the door open behind her. Elena spritzed herself with her favorite cologne, snatched up her small handbag and ran after her - pulling the door closed and locking it as she left.

The sun had sunk even further along the horizon by the time the two friends joined Pam's husband in the courtyard. The hotel owner - a paunchy man named Yannis - handed glasses of the milky colored Ouzo to Pam and Elena as they approached.

"Yassas!" He shouted - already a little inebriated. "Two more American Beauties - ine kalo!" ("it's good" in Greek). They all sipped the anise-flavored liquor and regarded the gleaming sea and painted sky before them. Elena loved the feeling of liquid heat that slid down her throat. It was strong, and brought tears to her eyes - but she was wearing waterproof mascara and enjoyed even this sensation on this incredible evening. At that moment, she had a feeling that something significant could happen on a night like this.

Someone yelled "let's go!" and the small group of friends walked up the stairs of the hotel courtyard to the street above. They had more drinks at a little taverna that overhung the harbor where cruise ships docked. They laughed at the rows of tourists being brought up the hill by donkey - the braying of the animals frequently drowned out by the noises made by their frightened passengers as they bobbed almost drunkenly from side to side on the sure-footed beasts.

It wasn't until 10PM that they finally made their way to a small Pescatoria for dinner. By then, Elena's head was buzzing from the alcohol and the open, frankly sexual attention she was getting from the Greek men they met along the way. She seemed to be attracting a large amount of interest for her voluptuous figure that was accentuated, rather than masked, by her little red dress. The espadrilles she was wearing had a wedge heel and straps that wrapped around her slim ankles, making her legs seem even longer and more shapely than usual. As she walked past a group of young men, they made a hissing noise at her, placing their tongues against their teeth. Elena asked Costas what the sound meant. He shouted with laughter and wrapped one arm around her shoulders, saying "Just try to think of it as a compliment."

Pam later told her that the sound signifies "ripping" - as if during rough or virgin sex. She said it was akin to a wolf whistle, but much nastier. Even though Elena knew she should probably be shocked and offended at such lewd notice, the frank sexuality of the attention was exciting her and making her feel rather dizzy.

After a relaxed dinner of grilled fish and a salad of tomatoes and feta, they finished their wine, paid the bill, and made their way to a club that the hotel owner's son had recommended earlier that day. They barely needed directions, because the thrumming beat of the base vibrated along the earth hundreds of yards away. They stepped through the open doorway into a large, dark, massively packed nightclub. There were hundreds of beautiful people drinking and dancing - and Elena felt her stomach turnover with butterflies as she felt a strange deja vu.

Costas turned to her and Pam, and the other couple, asking what they wanted to drink. Elena had to yell in his ear that she wanted a Vodka and tonic with lemon. They moved further into the club in search of a place to sit, or at least stand comfortably. The small group found a somewhat open area by the bar.

The music was already penetrating Elena's bones as she waited for her drink. The song they were playing was a big European club scene favorite at the moment, and Elena liked it immensely. She grabbed Pam and yelled - "let's dance!"

Her friend smilingly nodded her assent, and the pair moved into the middle of the dance floor together. Pam had spiky, white blond hair and was slim and tall, which was a nice contrast to Elena's long dark locks and curvaceous figure. The crowd naturally parted for them as they advanced. As they danced together - deliberately being provocative - most eyes in the area were drawn to them.

As Elena turned toward the bar - looking over the heads of the people in view on watch for her friends- her gaze was caught and held by two men. She nearly lost her rhythm for a moment, feeling strangely lightheaded. They were two of the most dangerously sexy men she'd ever seen. Both very tall and dark, one had long hair hanging loose nearly down to his shoulders, with large, piercingly bright green eyes under thick, intelligent brows and a wide sensual mouth. The other had even longer hair, which was tied back in a ponytail down his back. He was very tanned, with dark, almost black eyes above high cheekbones and a square, intensely masculine jaw. Both men were staring right into her eyes with a look that was so openly sexual, she found herself blushing. As she watched them watching her, she saw their eyes move over her face and body with evident hunger. One leaned toward the other and said something - never removing his eyes from Elena. The other nodded slowly in agreement, and both smiled in a decidedly suggestive way. Elena could feel a sudden rush of wetness soaking her black lace thong, and her nipples became erect, pressing against the thin cotton of her sundress.

She nearly jumped out of her skin with she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning in confusion she saw Pam's husband trying to hand over her drink. She took it gratefully, thanking him before sipping the icy coolness in an attempt to soothe her scorched throat. The couple told her they were heading back toward the bar - toward their other friends. Elena followed, and only after a few moments did she steal a glance back at the dark men at the other end of the bar. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw they were both still staring at her. She quickly turned away and focused on making her path through the crowd.

Back with her friends, Elena unfortunately found herself with a vantage point that kept the two men in view. While she tried to ignore them, concentrating on listening to the conversation of her friends around her, she could not block out the knowledge that the men were continuing to watch her every move. They frequently leaned their heads toward one another and shared some comment - which seemed to be about Elena. She felt oddly nervous and exhilarated at the same time. Because they were watching her so intently, she felt conscious of her every move, and every move felt incredibly sensual. She held the perspiring glass to her moist lips, and imagined first one and then the other dark man pressing his lips to hers. She lifted her heavy mane of curly hair off her neck for a moment, and imagined their mouths pressed to her nape. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, bending an elbow and placing a hand on her hip, and imagined them holding her from behind, sliding strong hands along her hips and around to her flat abdomen. Her tongue darted out to re-wet her fevered lips, and she imagined the sensation of their mouths capturing hers. Elena felt like she might faint. One of her friends was shouting "Elena! Did you hear what I said?" which called her back to the present. She apologized and listened to the question as Nikki slowly repeated it. Elena was annoyed that these two strangers had the ability to rattle her so thoroughly.

Resolutely, she looked up at them - still staring at her. They both slowly smiled broad, confident smiles. She put her glass down on the bar, and walked a small semi-circle to the other side of her friend Pam, turning her back on the two sexy Greeks and focusing her full attention on her friends.

She knew it was a weak move - and what's more - she'd accomplished almost nothing, because she could still feel their eyes boring into her back. The fine hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end, and she felt an odd tingling down her spine and between her legs.

After a few minutes, she became aware that her little group had gone quiet and were looking in her direction. She looked up, questioningly, only to realize that they were looking at a point just over her shoulder. She felt his touch before it made actual contact with her skin. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as his hand touched her shoulder very lightly. Elena slowly turned and had to look up at the man with the shoulder length hair and green eyes. He was smiling down at her, an inscrutable look on his beautiful face.

"Dance?" was all he said. He held out one hand, palm up.

Automatically, as if her body did not even belong to Elena, her hand placed itself in his, and she walked out to the dance floor with this mysterious, handsome man. Idly, she wondered where his partner had gone. Glancing back where they had been standing, she saw he was no longer there. Elena wasn't sure how to feel about that. She found them both so attractive, but never before this moment considered that she would have to choose. They chose for themselves, she supposed. Oddly, she felt a little flattened by that - but mentally she shrugged it off as she realized that she was being silly. The man standing before her was as gorgeous as any Greek god, and she found him to be devastatingly sexy. How selfish could she be?

The song was changing as they found a clear spot on the floor. The music now had a distinctly Latin beat. He took both of her hands in his, and drew her to him, putting his right hand low in the small of her back, and lifting her right arm up with his left. They began to dance Salsa together, their lower bodies moving seductively against each other as they swirled around. He leaned close to her, his mouth so close to her ear that she could feel his soft, warm breath against her skin.

"My name is Adonis." He breathed into her. Of course it is, she thought. As he finished speaking, his lips slightly brushed her ear, sending a delightful shiver down her spine.

She could only lean up part of the way - he was so much taller than she. He leaned down the rest of the way so that she could speak into his ear in kind. She could smell his masculine scent - sandalwood soap and the faint, caramel aroma of bourbon. "My name is Elena." She said into his ear. As his hair brushed her face, she registered that it was surprisingly soft. The touch of it was so like a caress, that she involuntarily closed her eyes for a moment.

As she opened them, his face was very near hers, and he was watching her with a slight, sexy smile. He knew the effect he was having on her senses.

"You are very beautiful, Elena. And you smell wonderful." "Thank you." She said with a slow, devastating smile. Elena straightened her back, which had the dual effect of pushing out her full breasts, and causing further bodily contact with Adonis. Two could play at this game, she thought.

His eyes darkened perceptibly and his arm around her tightened, pulling her torso even closer to his. Then he began to move with the music, twirling her away from him for a moment, only to pull her back roughly to his body with the grace of a panther. She laughed out loud at the thrilling sensation. Adonis was staring at her mouth, and even over the loud music she swore she could hear a low sexy growl emanate from his throat. His hand slid lower to the top of her firm ass, and his hips and thighs were pressed tightly into hers. He led so effortlessly and so commandingly that Elena felt she was barely touching the floor at all.

They continued to dance in this overtly sensual way until the song ended. As the music changed, he held her close for a few extra beats - staring down at her upturned face, his eyes straying down to her swelling breasts, the high rounded tops of which were on display in the low neckline of her dress. Her nipples got even harder under his regard, which he had to feel against his chest, since the fabric of her dress and of his shirt were both extremely fine.

"Do you like me, Elena?" He asked seductively.

"I'm here, aren't I?" She countered slyly. He threw his head back and laughed out loud. Then, just as suddenly, his lips were against her ear and he murmured darkly: "Don't avoid the fucking question, just answer me." The tip of his tongue darted into her tender ear. How could he have known that this was one of her weak spots - one of her highly erogenous zones?

Elena stumbled slightly, blushing scarlet, as the feel of his tongue caused a fresh rush of moisture between her shaking thighs. She fell against him, and both of his arms wrapped more tightly around her body. He smiled down at her and cocked his head to one side. "I think I'll take that as a yes." He laughed again.

Elena opened her mouth to protest, when Adonis swooped down and captured her mouth in a slow, deep, smoldering kiss. Elena's traitorous arms wound themselves around his neck of their own accord. She felt like tiny feathers were being stroked along her arms and neck, and her tummy lurched as if speeding down a roller coaster. He lifted his head for a moment to look down into her eyes, his eyes again a very dark shade of green. Capturing her chin with one hand, he raised her face back up to his and reclaimed her mouth - forcing her lips open with his tongue before plunging it inside. She moaned into his mouth involuntarily, which excited him even more, causing him to crush her body against his. She could feel his growing erection against her thigh. Her heart was thudding in her chest.

The moment was broken when another couple - clearly rather intoxicated - backed into them while dancing. Elena realized that they had been essentially standing still, making out right there in middle of the floor for several moments. Adonis smiled beguilingly at Elena, and took a slight step back, beginning to dance to the new house music that had been playing. She returned his smile with a sexy version of her own, and began to match his movements.

They'd been dancing for several minutes - enjoying the almost primal act - when she saw Adonis look past her. She turned to see who he was looking at, and saw his friend with the ponytail walking up to them through the crowd. So he hadn't left after all. He held a glass in his hand, and was staring straight at Elena. As he reached them, he wordlessly passed the glass to Adonis, who took a large drink of it. He leaned over to Elena and said in her ear:

"Kali spera, sexy, I am Petros." His hand slipped to the back of her neck when he was speaking in her ear. Elena was nervously aware that this touch turned her on - which caused a riot of guilt in her brain, since only moments before she'd been passionately kissing his friend Adonis. How oversexed am I? She wondered.

Adonis handed the glass to Elena, and she sipped cautiously at first. Discerning that it was bourbon and ginger, she took a larger swallow, enjoying the cold, dark sugary taste combined with the sharp bite of the ginger ale. Petros was watching her with heavy-lidded eyes. She handed the glass back to him, and he turned it to drink from the very spot her lips had just touched. As he drank, he winked at her wickedly.

Elena turned back to look at Adonis, who was smiling at her with a look that was very hard to read. He reached for her, and pulled her hips into his, using the music to create a reason to grind into her body. His hands on her body reminded her of just how attracted to him she was. She responded even more sensually than she otherwise might have, probably as a reaction to her strange unexpected response to Petros. She slid her hands up his muscled chest, resting them on his shoulders. Allowing her lower body to move with Adonis's, she arched her torso backwards and so her upper body swung seductively away from him, rather like a tango move she'd seen in a movie.

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