tagErotic CouplingsSapphira's Sin Ch. 06

Sapphira's Sin Ch. 06


Sin heard the wail of sirens and it took all his self control to pull over. He knew better than to drive in a blind rage and yet he hadn't been able to help himself. After all, he was only doing what she wanted. Women ran and they expected men to give chase. Sapphira was no different.

His mind drifted back to the party. He had had to make swift excuses to his father before leaving as soon as humanly possible. Precious time was wasted explaining to the blond why he had to leave in the middle of 'a great party.' She really was very ditzy eye candy.

After Sapphira had made her glorious exit, the reality of the mess she had left him in hit him. The eyes of almost a thousand people wondering what kind of bastard he was that he could make a woman walk away from the sole heir to a multi-billion dollar company. Add to that the presence of various press and the undoubtedly torrid shots they had managed to get between them and there would be hell to pay come Monday.

He monitored the progress of the approaching police officer while he continued to think about her. That she thought she even had a chance of getting away from him was laughable, and in his current mood impossible.

He knew exactly where she would go. A place where she felt safe, where she thought she could have the peace and space she needed to think. But as far as he was concerned she had had enough time to think and had not come to the right conclusions. He wanted her, and he would have her. He was done giving her space and treating her with kid gloves as if with time she might see reason. She was clearly running true to type and being an irrational woman.

As the police officer drew level with his car Sin made his apologies, handed over his license and registration, accepted the proffered ticket with grace and continued on his way. His rage had in no way abated, but his speed was more sedate.

He saw the lights on at the cabin when he arrived and used his key to quietly let himself in. A cursory search of the downstairs with no results had him heading for the stairs. His steps slowed as he heard the sound of the shower running. Opportunities didn't get much better.

Shedding his clothes, he continued toward the bathroom and silently pushed the door open. Her slick body and the beckoning curve of her spine were all the incentive he needed to slide the shower door open.

She whirled around in a flutter of wide eyed defensive panic. She relaxed marginally when she realized it was only him. He took her brief pause to slide into the shower stall and close them in together.

As expected she immediately put up a protest railing abuse at his head and moving to exit the shower. His hands slid around her waist and drew her body back into close contact with his own.

"Relax," he bade. "I'll be good to you; I promise." As he spoke one hand swept out and grabbed a bar of soap, slicking the sudsy bar across her stomach and up her arm. A soft sigh escaped her mouth, and was soon joined by a moan as his soapy hand dipped between her thighs. Her hand gripped his forearm in protest. She didn't want him to continue his soul destroying caresses and reduce her to a mindless pleasure seeking puppet...and yet he was doing it, one gentle thrust of his fingers at a time. She could feel the individual tremors chasing up and down her thighs and tried in vain to stop them.

Sin abruptly withdrew his hands from her body and turned off the shower motioning for her to exit before him. It took a moment for her dazed brain to focus, and a second later she was flouncing from the shower leaving a trail of water behind. She snatched up a towel on her way out of the bathroom and only stopped to dry herself off when she was in the dark interior of the bedroom. Her eyes focused on the beacon of light shining from the bathroom and she half hoped he would slip and fall on the slippery tile if he dared to follow her.

The water of course posed no problem to his agile stride as he followed after her at a more sedate pace, a new trail of water following in his wake. The light from the bathroom provided enough illumination for her to see he was clearly aroused and dripping all over the hardwood floor.

"You're dripping," her high, outraged voice bit out. And though the words castigated his actions, the tone took issue with his erection. His raised eyebrow silently mocked her hypocrisy, but he said nothing. His hand reached out and whipped the towel from her hands.

Their eyes met for a second, his communicating a silent message she easily interpreted. Her eyes devoured him as he dried off. Her torrid imagination raced ahead thinking of the places the towel had touched on her while fantasizing about them touching the same places on him.

While his hands were busy attending to his body, his eyes traveled at a leisurely arousing pace over hers. He could see the pulse at her throat beating out an unsteady and swift tattoo and wondered how long it would take her to make her next move.

"I think you should leave now," she advised.

He laughed shrugging his broad shoulders as he advanced closer. "I'm afraid it doesn't quite work that way." He let her digest those words as he continued to size up his prey. "I'm in no mood to be turned away tonight after the way you kissed me earlier."

Her eyes darkened with something resembling fear and desire at the same time. "I've come to collect on the promises your kiss made."

Sapphira turned and ran in a moment of blind panic, afraid that if he touched her her weak treacherous body would immediately give in to any demands he cared to make. His hands slid smoothly around her waist drawing the curve of her bottom into intimate acquaintance with his demanding length. Her thighs squeezed together at the thought of what he might do with it, what she hoped he would do with it.

He pushed her over so she was face down on the bed. Her outraged protest was lost in the soft blankets as he followed her down onto the bed. His thigh slid oh so casually and so very deliberately between her legs spreading them further apart. She lifted her head to follow the course of his actions.

The feel of his hard body pressed into such intimate contact with hers destroyed every one of her carefully erected defenses and months of careful avoidance went out the window as he slid a single finger into her dewy folds.

"Is that pink juicy flesh wet for me?"

His words fell into the silence and her head fell forward with the flash of fire that speared her flesh from that one searing question.

He waited actively for her to say something, slowly dragging his finger out of her moist heat before slowly, tortuously working it back in. He knew it was only a matter of time before she lost all control of herself and he planned to be the one to push her into, and very shortly.

It had been too long for her she acknowledged as he added a second finger ripping a soul destroying shudder from her body. She bit down on her lip but couldn't hold back the tormented scream that forced its way out. It was just sooooo good.

Her head shook suddenly. Negating what he wasn't sure, but he was having none of it.

"No," he agreed, "You're right. Not wet. Drenched," he finished, deliberately misinterpreting her. "Absolutely drenched with desire." He let out a short chuckle as he added a third finger. "I don't need to enquire if you've been sampling other men since we've been apart." Her thighs trembled and he pressed in deeper. His three fingers slid easily through her slick passage encouraging her to enjoy herself further. Although the hard ragged breaths she was dragging into her lungs told him she was enjoying herself plenty.

She would break and she would break hard. He would make sure that she never got him out of her mind in the same way that she had taken up permanent residence in his for the past weeks. He turned his fingers allowing him the flexibility to gently slide his thumb into her anus. He felt the tight muscles rippling in protest as he gently forced the finger deeper and heard the choked sigh of pleasure she couldn't stifle. No, she wouldn't refuse him anything tonight.

He contented himself with the leisurely deep thrust of his fingers and continued to rain a shower of heated words into her ears. She was a deeply intellectual person and was as easy to stimulate mentally as physically.

"I wish you could feel how tight your flesh is. How it contracts tightly around my fingers with every pleasurable spasm that rips through your flesh." Her back arched at the words and he placed his other hand over her to ease her back down. He wanted the pleasure to have no outlet and to totally destroy her with the agony of complete bliss. "Although maybe you do know. You do masturbate quite a bit. I'm sure your own fingers have had occasion to slide into this snug channel. Do you enjoy it?"

Her body tensed beneath him and he knew she was about to come, hard. He slid a fourth finger into her and waited. She fell apart with a loud depraved scream clawing at the bedding beneath her. He felt every ripple of agonized pleasure as it split her apart, her shifting thighs told of the unassuaged desire that was still on a rampage inside of her. She wanted something more substantial than his fingers and he knew it, and withheld it.

And as suddenly as he had turned his amorous attention on her he withdrew it. Her bereft body told her that he was not only no longer touching her, but that he had also completely removed himself from the bed.

"Now I'll leave," he coldly informed her.

Sapphira lay there breathless, panting from her exertions. Wanting to call him back but thinking that it was for the best that it all ended. She let him walk away and he got as far as the bedroom door before desire got the best of her.

"So like you not to finish what you started." Her dismissive glance in his direction and her hand fumbling in her purse for her vibrator told its own tale.

He turned around in disbelief. That she had the gall to intimate he didn't finish what he started when sweat still coated her body from the orgasm he had just given her.

His arms folded across his chest as he watched her with incredulous eyes. Her industrious hand quickly turned the vibrator on and slid it between her throbbing lips. He watched the toy disappear in her glistening depths and heard the immediate catch in her breath.

A look of such absolute rapture crossed her face as the vibrating ears touched her clit. He felt a moment of such blinding rage and jealousy that she would respond so easily to a mere toy when he had to virtually force every pleasure from her reluctant body.

It took all his strength to hold his ground and not rip the offending toy out of her and replace it with his own pulsing length. Her eyes didn't leave his though as she dared him to take issue with her actions. The only sound in the room was her desperate breathing and the quiet hum of the vibrator. He consoled himself with the fact that she was silently taking her pleasure. At least she didn't praise the damn toy with her rapturous screams as she so often did him.

As if she could read his mind she pushed up onto her knees and started bouncing up and down on the toy, one restless hand squeezing her erect nipple the other massaging the round swell of her stomach. "Oh God," she moaned, her motions becoming more frantic as she felt a wave of pleasure sweep over her.

Sin's control was tested to the limit and finally he gave up fighting. His stride was purposeful as he approached her, and her eyes widened a little further as she watched his progress through half closed lids. She wanted his next actions more than she wanted her next breath and her come hither look told him in no uncertain terms that his physical presence was more than welcome just this once.

He pushed her on her back and ripped the vibrator from her grasping pussy, replacing it with his own hard cock so fast and pushing so deep she convulsed all around him with that first stroke.

Her nails left red angry marks on his back as she clawed for purchase in a world that was fast shattering. Her scream echoed in his ear and he repeated the motion. She might not care for him but she couldn't deny her reaction to him and he wasn't above using it against her in this instance.

Sapphira curled one hand around his bicep and pressed the other to his chest silently asking him to stop. Her heart was beating so fast she didn't think she could take another moment of pleasure much less another climax like the one that had just annihilated her.

Sin looked down into her glowing face. She was sated with pleasure and happy to luxuriate in it, hoping he'd take his leave no doubt.

Sapphira closed her eyes on a blissful sigh. She knew Sin to be an excellent and considerate lover and didn't expect his next move. His hand came down to capture the one pressed against his chest and he deftly secured it above her head.

Immediately she tried to free her hand but he was like a stranger as his hand curled around her throat and his head bent to her ear. "Stop fighting me or I'll tie the other one."

The low growl stopped her in her tracks.

"It's enough Sapphira," the angry words pounded at her the same way his flesh still pressed deeply into her. As the words left his lips he grew harder inside of her. Something she was almost sure was impossible. "You push me away, then you drag me closer, then push me away. A man can only take so much."

He pushed her harder, dragging her knees up to her chest and pressing deeper. "I can only take so much."

His next thrust was aggressive and purposeful. She felt a wave of heat engulf her and started to struggle anew. It was then that same self-serving thumb from earlier eased into her ass and she convulsed all around him.

"Relax," he bade her. "It's only pleasure."

Her languorous eyes lifted to his. She barely had the energy to breathe and he drove into her harder hooking one arm under her knee and drawing it back across his shoulder. Her surprised cry split the air. "Jesus!" she screamed, creaming all over him.

She couldn't help the shudders that started in her toes and totally consumed her body. Her tightly convulsing pussy nearly stole his peace of mind but he fought back the pleasure. Her free hand flew to his chest to push him away as he prepared to move again. She couldn't bear it.

He grabbed her wrist and dragged it up with the other one. "Tonight," his eyes glittered with a sexual promise she prayed he wouldn't fulfill, "There will be no relief for you." She trembled at his words, half afraid, half excited.

"You're all I think about." He pushed deep. "You're all I dream of." He withdrew rolling her onto her stomach. "You're all I want." He stuffed two pillows under her and his hands shaped the round globes of her ass glistening in the dim light.

She felt the tip of him pressed against her tight ass and tried to press her legs back together, but his hard hands slid down and prised them further apart.

"Sin, please," she begged, hoping to stop his ruthless possession. She didn't want him to use her for sex. It diminished everything she felt for him and she couldn't bear it.

"I will," he promised dropping a gentle trail of kisses across her spine. "I will please you so thoroughly until all you can think about is belonging to me."

His words roused a new wave of anger in her and she used her last remaining strength to castigate him. She wasn't some weak female who could be controlled through sex – albeit earth shattering sex, but still, just sex. "I don't want to be yours," she whined discontentedly. "I don't want you!" she said with significantly more force.

He pulled away from her, untying her wrists and stalking angrily over to the window to glare out at the night sky.

Sapphira wearily dragged herself on to her back and could make out his hostile outline by the window. She flung her arm over her eyes, unable to even look at him without wanting to coerce him back into bed so she could soothe him. Just looking at the angry set of his shoulders made her tense and edgy. This was the kind of emotion she was trying to avoid, the reason why she had tried to let him leave earlier. Tried and failed, spectacularly she acknowledged wryly.

"I'm sorry Sin."

Her words fell into the bleak night unacknowledged.

He turned from the window and she could hear the sounds of his clothes being jerkily reapplied to his person. She couldn't see him but she knew his profile would be dark and forbidding if she dared to look.

"Sin," she called again not sure she could just let him leave like he was clearly about to.

His angry strides carried him away from her. She could hear his pounding steps as he walked down the stairs and out of her life. She willed her limbs to stay still and let him go, but she couldn't control herself.

It was her vocal cords that betrayed her, screaming into the night. "I love you."

She heard his footsteps continue through the living room, slow by the door, and finally nothing. Had he stopped walking? Had she stopped hearing because she couldn't bear to listen to him leave? Had she really just said that?

Sapphira rolled back onto her stomach and curled into a small ball. The fetal position helped give her some small comfort as she fell apart. The tears trekked silently down her cheeks and dampened the bedspread. Her hand curled into the damp fabric crinkling it irreversibly in her agitation.

"I love you too."

Sapphira stilled where she lay, afraid to move in case she rolled over and found she was alone in the room. In case her own depraved imagination had manufactured the words she so desperately longed to hear.

She felt his gentle fingers reach out to smooth the hair from her brow. Her watery eyes met his as he leaned close.

"I do love you Sapphira. And I'm sorry I expressed myself like an ass."

Her warm laughter fell into his ears. "You were an ass, but I forgive you." Her hands drifted over his face tracing the path that her hand print had marred earlier in the night. She hardly dared to believe such a terrible day could have such a mind blowing end.

His lips met hers in a tender kiss. He poured all his love into that meeting of the mouths, telling her without words that she was his world, his one true love. She drew back and smiled.

He saw the sun shining in her face and knew that she accepted him, accepted his love.

He smiled back. "I got a speeding ticket for you, you know?" he teased. "That's how much I love you."

She gazed up at him in wonder dropping a light kiss on his nose. "I got a speeding ticket for you too, you know. Fleeing. That's how much I love you." Her impish smile was his undoing and he leaned down for another kiss.


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