tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 05

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 05


Another week passed and after, what she now realized was her weekly nipple measurement, Stone said "Tomorrow, instead of going to the office, I'm having you dropped off at the doctors so we can finally get rid of all that hair. You should be finished in time for lunch. Then we have a meeting with Mr. Shields regarding the oil deal you've been preparing the presentation on. This will be your first time giving a presentation to one of our clients. I expect you to be concise and limit yourself to the facts. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." Sarah could not help wonder about the whole situation once again. In the space of one day, she'd go from having her body modified for a man's pleasure to giving a presentation on a multimillion dollar deal and then she'd return home to have her body modified even more. At times, it seemed Stone was just trying to keep her off balance as he prepared her for an unknown fate. But then she decided it was all designed to make her the top business executive he had promised he would make her when she began the training program.

In fact, keeping her off balance was just what Stone was trying to do. He loved watching her face as she processed her situation. He almost smiled as he saw her face relax as she decided it was all to make her a better business executive. Little did she realize that over the last few months she'd grown progressively more submissive, now accepting things as normal that would have made her run to the police in her old life.

The next evening, Stone said "You did a good job presenting to Mr. Shields. He's ready to deal. So the next week will be busy. We'll need to work some long days. I'll expect you take care of my needs during that time."

"Yes, sir. May I ask what needs you're referring too?"

"As you know, I have a friend over once a week that takes care of my physical needs. Since I won't have time for her, you'll have to take over."

"I am not having sex with you!"

"Did I say sex? All I expect from you is a blow job or two. You have given blow jobs before, haven't you?"

"That's none of your business! And I am not giving you a blow job!"

Sarah started to storm away when Stone said in a harsh voice "Stop! Are you quitting? If so, then be prepared to pay me for your clothes before you leave. I also expect you to be out of my house today. Do you understand?"

"You can't expect me to pay you today. You know how much money I have. I can pay you over time."

"How? You hadn't worked in months when I found you. In fact, you were almost completely broke and in danger of being evicted from that hovel you lived in. No, you pay me today. Or you stay on as my trainee and take care of my needs."

Sarah just stood there stunned. She owed him thousands of dollars for her clothes. She'd been paying him half of her salary plus rent for her apartment. What little she had left after that, she sent to her sister. He was right when he said she was close to being evicted before he hired her. Then she thought back to that greasy manager who wanted her to give him a blow job in order to keep her job. It was the same everywhere. At least Stone was handsome and clean. Realizing she had made up her mind, she turned to Stone and said "Ok, I'll do it."

"Do what. Be explicit."

With her eyes looking at her feet, she almost whispered "I'll give you a blow job."

"What, speak up?"

Louder this time, but with her eyes still down cast, Sarah said "I'll give you a blow job."

"Good. You can start now. Come here and kneel in front of me."

Sarah stared at him, shocked. She'd thought she wouldn't have to do it for a few days. But he just looked at her, pointing to the floor in front of him. Realizing she had no choice, she shuffled over and sank to her knees.

Looking at his crotch, the reality of her situation really hit home. She reached out with trembling hands and pulled down his zipper, then unfastened his pants which allowed his pants to drop.

When she pulled down his underwear, his hard cock sprang out, hitting her in face. Then with a sigh, Sarah opened her mouth and took a couple of inches into her mouth. She'd only given a couple of blow jobs in her life, both of them to her long time college boyfriend. She started to suck, just as she'd done with her former boyfriend.

"You really have no idea how to give a blow job, do you? Move it in and out of your mouth. Get more in your mouth and no teeth! Now do it."

Resigned, Sarah obeyed. After a few minutes, she felt his cock swell and she knew he was about to cum. She started to pull back, but he put a hand behind her head and pushed himself deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly, she felt him cum in her mouth. There was so much that she started swallowing it so it wouldn't erupt from her mouth. She had never swallowed before, considering it to be a disgusting act. But here she was swallowing her boss's cum. She supposed she'd be expected to do it every time. She also suspected that, while he implied she would just have to give him blow jobs while they were busy, she would be giving them from now on.

It only got worse when Stone informed her that he often enjoyed a blow job when he first went to bed, so she would be moved out of the apartment into a room adjoining his. That way she would be available to him whenever he needed to use her mouth.

The next week was incredibly busy. Pulling the details for the deal together and then ensuring the calculations were correct took at least 12 hours a day. Her other training did not slacken. She exercised every morning and submitted to inspection, in the evenings she was subjected to her nipple lengthening regimen. She only was caned twice that week, something she appreciated. Each night she'd fall into a deep sleep as soon as her head hit the bed. In some ways, it was a satisfying week. She'd never worked on all parts of one of Stone's deals and this time she was involved in every aspect. It almost made everything else, including the blow jobs, worthwhile.

Then the big day came. Mr. Shields came to the office to hear the final details and, after several hours of negotiation, signed the deal. Stone was very pleased with Sarah's contribution. It almost made him change his mind about turning her into a hucow. But then he decided that he could always get her assistance once she was producing milk. In fact, it would be a delicious twist to involve her in high finance while milking her like a cow.

Things settled back into the regular routine and for the next few weeks, Sarah came to accept ever increasing weights pulling on her nipples. She even got used to them being measured. It was humiliating, but it had become a part of life. Stone also started putting tight little rings around her nipples, more every few days as the nipples lengthened. Those she wore all the time.

Then one morning Stone announced "It's time for a change in your training. Have you ever worn a butt plug?"

"What's a butt plug?"

Holding out a rather cone shaped object, Stone said "This is a butt plug. You'll wear one from now on."

"Why? Please don't make me. Haven't you done enough to me? "

"Sarah, you need to be prepared in all ways if you are going to succeed. I assume you've never been fucked in the ass, so we need to get you used to having something in your ass and also loosen it up some. Can't have a client unhappy because your ass was too tight."

"But anal sex is disgusting. I'd never allow a man to fuck my ass."

"Oh you will. In fact, you will probably allow a woman to do it too. Now, enough arguing. Turn around and bend over the chair. Be a good girl or you'll be punished."

Numbly, Sarah moved over to the chair and bent over. She felt Stone push the thong aside to get at her asshole. Then she felt him squirt something oily into her hole. She was mortified, how could this be happening to her. Her life was spiraling out of her control. Then she felt something press against her hole. It quickly started to hurt and she whimpered but knew better than to say anything to Stone. The pain grew worse and then, just when she thought she'd be split in two, it stopped. She could feel something inside her ass. It wasn't uncomfortable, just strange.

"Stand up and walk around the room. I want you to get used to it before we go to the office today."

Sarah obediently stood up and walked around the room. The plug felt strange and she felt full, kind of like she had to go. But she knew she would get used to it.

"When can I take it out?"

"You can't. I will remove it in the morning for your enemas and your shower."


"Yes, from now on I'll give you an enema in the morning prior to your shower. That will not only clean you out so you are ready in case a client wants to use your ass, but it will also remove the need for you to defecate. "

Tears welled up in Sarah's eyes as she realized the extent of what he was suggesting. He clearly expected to offer her to a client for his or her pleasure. That realization totally overwhelmed the other part of his statement, the she would not need to defecate on her own.

"Now, get your shower over with and get dressed. We have to get to the office."

Sarah was constantly aware of the butt plug that morning but gradually got used to it and rarely thought about it by the time the work day was over.

That night was nipple measurement night and when he measured them, he exclaimed "An inch and a half! Very good. At this rate, getting to two inches should be a snap."

Sarah didn't say a word. She just stood there absorbing what he said and wondering how long he planned on making her nipples. Already they looked like something in a freak show. What would they look like at two or more inches long?

The next morning after she had exercised, she found herself bent over in the bathroom with Stone pulling the butt plug out. It hurt as much going out as it had going in. But she knew better than to protest. She started to stand up but Stone said "Hold it right there. You need your enema."

Stone went over to the sink and filled the enema bag up with warm water and a little soap. Next he moved behind Sarah

Sarah felt the tube enter her ass and was aware of it sliding into her ass. The next thing she was aware of was the feeling of the warm water as Stone pumped it out of the enema bag. It was rather comfortable feeling at first, but that changed to discomfort as more water was pumped in. Suddenly, Sarah felt like her stomach was cramping.

"Please stop, it hurts!"

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Besides, that's all of it. Now hold that until I say you can let it go. I want you good and clean in there."

Sarah could barely keep her legs from collapsing, the pain was so bad. And he wanted her to stay like this for a few minutes? She didn't know if she could stand it. But she did and finally Stone said "Ok, now, go sit on the toilet and let it all out.

Sarah would have jumped to the toilet but with the pain, all she could do was waddle over to it. It felt so good to release it that she didn't even think about Stone standing there watching her. Finally it was all out and she started cleaning herself up.

She was so involved in her actions that she was startled when Stone said "Now, one more to be sure and we'll be done."

"Not another one! Please, it hurt so much."

"You'll get used to the discomfort. Now, get a move on. We don't have all day."

Numbly, Sarah got back into position and suffered through another enema. Finally the ordeal was finished and Sarah submitted to him putting the butt plug back into her ass.

After two weeks had passed, Sarah had grown to accept the new routine. She no longer felt pain as the butt plug was inserted or extracted. She guessed that her ass hole had loosened up as Stone had predicted. She found it strange not to have to defecate any more but even that had grown routine. It was a Sunday morning that things changed again.

Stone had just finished giving her the second enema and she was bent over to receive her butt plug. She felt it push against her ass hole but then she realized it felt different, softer and not as wide. She thought to herself "Oh, god. He's fucking my ass." She didn't say anything. The realization that she was at his mercy was almost overwhelming. Tears slid down her cheeks as her humiliation was complete when she felt him cum in her ass.

Pulling out of her ass, Stone said "Your ass hole is just right, not too tight, not too loose. I'm going to enjoy using it regularly. Now, get in the shower. I'll put your plug in when you come for breakfast."

Sarah just stood up and walked over to the shower. She could feel his cum dripping out of her ass hole and down her leg. Once in the shower, she stood under the water, numb. Then she started frantically scrubbing the cum off of her body, as if to wash away the whole experience. Then she started sobbing and crying. This lasted for almost 5 minutes before she was all cried out. Then she picked up the soap and finished her shower.

As she was putting on her underwear, she wondered how long before he started fucking her pussy. She knew it was only a matter of time.

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