tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 06

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 06


Stone was true to his word. He frequently fucked her ass after her enemas. He also made use of it sometimes in the evening, that is, when he didn't use her mouth (or both). This too became part of her routine.

One evening after she'd given him a blow job, he had her stand beside him as he sat in his favorite chair.

"As I recall from reading the measurements that Monique took, your outer pussy lips are extraordinarily long." Then he reached out and pulled them out of her thong. "I expect these to be hanging out at all times. They are an erotic feature and you know you should make use of every tool you have."

Of course, Sarah just nodded and accepted another bit of humiliation.

It was clear that he also enjoyed how they felt because, from then on, he would often have her stand beside him in the evening while he pulled and stroked her lips. It was incredibly humiliating but he would also explain the deals he was working on. It was almost surreal, her body being petted like an animal while her mind was engaged with high finance.

One other outcome of his stroking was that he would occasionally bump her clit. This made her extremely horny. A fact that he could not have missed since the thong was often soaked after 15 minutes. She regularly had mini orgasms when he did this.

But one time he kept it up for an hour and to her embarrassment, she had an intense orgasm. She tried to smother her cries, but when she opened her eyes after it passed, she saw him looking at her face. He smiled and said "So you are a sexual being. Good. But next time, I want you to ask for permission to cum. Control, remember?"

Mortified, all Sarah could do was say "Yes, sir."

Stone was pleased with this event. Sarah was becoming very well trained. His pussy lip petting had had two purposes; one was to get her used to be handled like a pet; the other was to get her to orgasm at his touch. He'd deliberately been bumping her clit every few strokes. He'd keep this up for a few weeks to establish orgasm control before moving on to the next stage of modifying her body.

It was the next evening when she had her first real lesson in orgasm control. Stone didn't even try to hide that he was trying to work her up like he had before with "accidental" bumps on her clit. Tonight he was using one hand to pull on her lips and the forefinger on the other hand was swirling around her clit, tapping it occasionally.

It didn't take long for Sarah to feel an orgasm coming on. Stone knew when it was coming too and said "Remember. Do not cum until I give you permission. I will whip you if you do."

Sarah forced her body to cool off but that only lasted a minute before she wailed "Please, sir. Let me cum. Please, oh god, please!"

"Not yet."

Stone let her wait just a little longer. He knew he couldn't wait too long or she would disobey him. Besides, he was glad she accepted his control over her.

"Sarah, cum for me."

Upon hearing those words, Sarah had an intense orgasm. So intense, her legs gave way and the only thing holding her up was Stone's strong hand under her pussy.

Sarah was mortified when she finally recovered. How could she let him control her orgasm? How could she have let herself cum at all? Why did she cum so hard? She had never cum like that before!

Her mind a whirl of conflicting emotions and thoughts, she turned and ran to her room. Totally forgetting to ask permission. Stone watched her as she ran from the room. Normally he would have called her back and made her ask for his permission. But not tonight. He knew she was in a fragile state and he didn't want to break her quite yet. No, the game had more time to play.

A week later he told her she had a doctor's appointment that morning. Used to obeying by now, she just nodded. Upon arriving at the doctor's office, she was immediately escorted to an examining room where the nurse immediately told her to strip.

The nurse stood there until Sarah had removed all her clothes. She gasped when she saw Sarah's nipples. By now they were well over two and half inches long. Reaching out her hand, the nurse took Sarah's left nipple in her hand and started stroking it; in fact it was more like pulling on it. The nurse then grabbed the other nipple and her pulling alternated between the two. Sarah felt like she was being milked and, despite the bizarre nature of the act., it turned her on.

But, such was her shock and reaction to this blatant action that she just stood there. The nurse kept milking her for a minute more until the doctor came in.

"Lay down on the examining table. "

That was all he said before giving her a shot that soon had her asleep.

Awaking an hour later, she realized she was wearing her skirt again. Unsure who dressed her, she gingerly got up. Her groin area was a little numb, so whatever was done to her must have been down there.

She was going to look when the door opened and a nurse poked her head in to say "Good, you're awake. Your ride is waiting for you." As she was leaving the room, the nurse handed her a small box and said "Give this to Mr. Stone, he'll know what to do with it."

Arriving home, inspecting her groin only to find out 6 grommets had been punched into each pussy lip in two lines. In addition, there was now a silver ring through her clit with a 3 inch chain hanging from it. On the end of the chain was a little silver bell. Looking at the bell, Sarah realized it looked like a cowbell. She tucked the bell into her thong, leaving her lips to dangle as she had been instructed.

When Stone arrived at home, he motioned her to follow him into the living room. Sitting down, he pointed to a spot in front of him. Realizing that he wanted to inspect her lips, she obediently stood in front of him with her legs spread.

He pulled her lips down and around, looking over the changes. "Very nice work. I believe you have a box for me?" Sarah nodded and handed him the box. He opened the box and pulled out a thin chain about 10 inches long with small rings on each end. Leaning close to her pussy, he proceeded to weave the chain through the grommets in a manner similar to lacing up a shoe.

Finishing his work, he pulled them tight and put a small lock through the rings. Looking down, Sarah realized he has just laced her pussy lips over her pussy.

"I guess you won't need these anymore." With that, Stone took a small knife and cut her thong on each side and slid it out from between her laced up pussy lips.

"You can't leave me locked up like this! I can't go to the bathroom."

"Don't worry; I'll unlock you whenever you need to go. Just ask me. I'll also unlock you when you shower so you that can keep clean."

"But why are you doing this to me?" she wailed.

"Please, this is too much."

"Nonsense. This is just part of your training regimen. You must learn control whether it comes from within or without. You will learn to control your basic urges and I will help you."

"Besides, getting rid of the thong will allow your bell to chime as you walk. A pleasant sound." As he said that, he reached his finger out and gave the bell a little shake.

Hearing the bell ring mortified Sarah. She had lost all control over her body. Stone controlled how her body was displayed, when and what she ate, whether she defecated, whether or not she could cum, and, now, when she urinated. It was too much for her. Her mind just couldn't process it all and she fainted.

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