tagLoving WivesSarah's New Life Ch. 04

Sarah's New Life Ch. 04


Andrew opened the door and then turned to me. I put my arms around both of their necks and pulled them to me. I could feel their hot bodies as they leaned against me. Jim was the first to kiss me. His lips pressed against mine, as they'd done so many times and I opened my mouth to accept him. His tongue rubbed against my teeth and twisted around my mouth. Not to be outdone Andrew turned me to face him and, more roughly than Jim, forced his tongue in to my mouth. No finesse, just raw passion.

Both the guys began to caress my naked bottom. It felt soooo good. Two guys kissing me and feeling me through the thin material of my dress. As our lips touched, I instinctively opened my mouth and our tongues mingled as we began to explore each other's bodies once again. Gone were the thoughts of my husband, family and everyday life.

As we entered the room, I immediately fell into a trance-like and very sensuous state of mind; I was finally going to get what I had subconsciously wanted for years, to feel another man's cock deep inside me.

Jim pushed the door shut and I fell back against him. I could feel his hardness pressing in to me from behind as Andrew closed in front of me, pushing himself against my moist mound. Jim reached round me and began unfastening the few remaining buttons of my dress, which wasn't that easy, as I was squeezed between the two of them.

As Jim was undoing my buttons, he started kissing around the back of my neck and shoulders, something he knows I love. Andrew began to kiss the front of my neck and up around my chin, his hands snaking around to caress my rear. As one kissed one ear, the other nibbled my other ear. My god the sensations were incredible.

Jim had my dress open now and began to play with my tits, as Andrew' fingers probed between my arse cheeks, searching out my sensitive hole. If I wasn't sandwiched between them, I would have fallen to the floor, my legs just felt so weak. Andrew began to kiss the top of my chest, fighting his way between Jim's hands, as his own finally found their way to my most private area.

To allow him room, Jim moved his hands up and slipped my dress off of my shoulders and allowed it to slide to the floor, leaving me standing there in just my bra, stockings and high heels. Andrew now had his first view of my breasts and soon had his hands on my tits. Gently, at first, he began stoking them, but gradually his actions became more urgent and, as he alternated between kissing the soft flesh above my bra, he started to really maul them.

To really show me off, Jim slid his hands down to my elbows and pulled my arms back and out, this had the effect of pushing my tits out further. As I'd said before, Jim had been after showing me off for a long while, so I knew this would really be getting to him. Him, actually standing behind me, with his hard cock pressed in to my arse and my arms out-stretched, so another man could feast on my body, not just me telling him about it second-hand.

Of course Andrew knew nothing of this bit, nor did he care. He just saw the chance to fuck the office slut and he was going to do it. He'd played with her at work and now here he was in a hotel room with her, almost naked.

I looked down to see he'd pulled the cups of my bra down, to reveal my hard pink nipples standing out. As I've said, they're not huge, but I'd never seen them so big or felt them so hard before. Andrew wasn't complaining either, as he sucked on one and mauled the other. My soft flesh turning red, as he squeezed them harder. Gradually his actions became more urgent and firmer, as he began chewing on one nipple, whilst really mauling my other tit. He kept up this assault, for what seemed like ages, as Jim just stood behind me holding me out on display.

The alcohol I'd consumed must have been acting like an anaesthetic, because I knew if Jim had ever handled my tits like this I'd have screamed the place down, but here I was with Andrew really attacking them, biting me and squeezing them so hard he was starting to leave teeth and finger prints on my skin. But rather than not liking it, I was actually enjoying the sensations. I rolled my head back on to Jim's shoulder and turned my head to him. The look of excitement, and I think pride, on his face, was fantastic, as he got to finally watch another man enjoy my body however he wanted.

Jim turned his head to mine and we kissed, lost in our own world, as Andrew continued his assault on my breasts.

A moment later, as Jim and I continued to kiss, I realised I was moving. Andrew had moved one hand down to my pussy and had inserted at least a couple of fingers inside me. With his right hand in me, his left pulling on my right tit and his mouth attached to my left, he had started to pull us towards the bed. Jim followed along still trying to kiss me and to keep his dick pressed up against me. It wasn't easy, but we made it.

I'd never imagined being with anyone other than my husband, let alone being with another man and my husband at the same time. The feelings and sensations running through me were fantastic. I felt on such a high and I didn't want it to end. Thankfully neither Jim nor Andrew had any intentions of that happening just yet.

We fell on to the bed, with me again sandwiched between the two of them. I'd now lost my bra, leaving me in just my thigh-high hold-ups and stilettos. No one had ever seen me naked, except for Jim and now here I was laid out between him and a casual temp from work, allowing them to do whatever they desired with me. With me now on my back, they both moved into a position to take a nipple in each of their mouths. My aching red breasts felt great, as each of my nipples was pulled and sucked on at the same time. I would never have thought it could actually feel this good.

Jim and Andrew' hands began to run all over my body. Up and down my legs, my sides, my breasts and my hot sex. I was so wet I could hear the squelching noises as they finger fucked me. On more than one occasion I realised they both had fingers in me and were pulling my pussy lips wider than they'd ever been before.

I remember thinking that I wish we'd had a camera or video so I could see what I actually looked like afterwards.

Andrew then slid down the bed and started to eat my slit, circling his tongue round my clit and then burying his face right up in my pussy, forcing his tongue in to me. Jim climbed up, quickly removed his clothes and offered me his lovely cock to suck. I reached out and pulled him to me, and slowly licked around the hard purple end of him. I could tell by the look on his face and the noises he was making, that he wasn't far off coming. I eased off a bit, but Jim just leaned down, grabbed the back on my head and forced his dick right passed my lips and in to my mouth. He went right to the back, initially making me gag, but that didn't stop him.

With a firm two hand hold on my head, he started forcefully fucking my face. Eventually reaching as far as the entrance to my throat. He'd never done this before, I'd always stopped him, but he was having none of it this time. He kept ramming his cock in to me, clearly only thinking of his own pleasure, until finally, he actually slid his dick in to my throat. At that point he stopped, crying out 'Christ your throat's so tight'. After a few seconds he withdrew, leaving me choking for breath, but didn't give me long, as he soon drove straight back in to my mouth and in to my throat.

He held it there again for about 10 seconds and then pulled out again. He'd found something new he liked and he was going for it. He kept this up for quite a while, grinding himself tight against my face, my nose buried in him and his balls resting on my chin. Gradually he held himself in my throat longer and longer, until I almost passed out. I don't known about anything else, but this really had me coming bucketfuls. That's when I remembered Andrew eating my pussy.

He'd seen what was happening and wanted his turn at my mouth. He got Jim to swap places and positioned himself by my head. His cocked was sticking out, hard and very long. It looked bigger than Jim's, only a little longer, but wider. Through my still drunken stupor I thought I was in trouble now. Andrew copied Jim by taking my head between his hands and aiming his cock at my mouth. He gently rubbed the end of it around my lips and I could taste his leaking pre-cum. He then rubbed it round my face, really teasing me, across my cheeks, round my nose, then back to my lips.

I stuck my tongue out to lick the end and ran it all round his cock, getting him nice and wet. At this point he leant down close to my face and said 'darling you're such a dirty slut, letting us play with you like this, me and a stranger you've only just met. We're really going to give you a fucking you won't forget, you'll be so sore when we're finished with you'. This had my head spinning. My husband was eating my pussy, still pretending to be a casual acquaintance, while the temp from work was pretending to be my man, not knowing it was my husband's head between my legs.

With that Andrew spat twice on me, the first landed on my face, the second on my lips and in my mouth. That brought me back to reality. As he got back up and repositioned his dick at my mouth, Jim looked up and said 'go on, give it her'. Andrew didn't need telling twice. He forced his hips forward, causing his cock to push its way in to my mouth and then in one lunge forced himself all the way in to my throat. I gagged. I couldn't move, what with his tight grip on my head and his long dick, literally down my throat.

He then set about face fucking me. Pulling out, then ramming his way back in to my throat, further than Jim had gone. Not only that, but being wider than Jim, he was really stretching my throat and making me gag for breath. His fucking was more forceful than Jim's and I began to feel myself drifting away. Andrew obviously hadn't noticed, he was too lost in his own pleasure, besides I had said to do whatever they wanted with me. His thrusts were lasting longer in my throat and my opportunities for air were getting shorter. I remember thinking that the grunting and noises I could hear were getting further away, but in reality I was beginning to pass out. Probably all the alcohol I'd had didn't help.

Then it happened. Andrew held his dick in me for longer and I blacked out. Jim told me later that all of a sudden I'd cum and actually squirted, something I had never done before. When I'd finished and he'd enjoyed his fill of my juices, he looked up to see me all limp in Andrew' hands, while pulling his hard dick from my face. He said I'd gone flushed, but seemed to have a very contended smile on my face.

When I came round a few moments later, I was laid out, spread-eagled on the bed and the guys were talking about how hot I was and what they were going to do with me. I don't know where it came from, but Andrew was pouring three glasses of wine. He gave one to Jim and passed another to me, keeping one for himself. I raised myself up on to one arm and began to enjoy the drink, all the while they were talking about me as if I wasn't there. At least it gave me chance to get my breath back.

It really turned me on to hear them talking about me and how good my body looked and tasted. They described what they had just done to me and how it felt. Not once did they refer to me, I felt invisible. Even Jim was talking about me as if I was just a dirty whore they'd hired for their pleasure. Andrew even confessed that I was not his partner and was just the office slut he'd been working on for the last 3 or 4 weeks. He was telling Jim his version of the things that had happened at work and how easy I'd been, how easily he'd gotten in to my panties. Jim agreed that I must be a real dirty slut and would probably become known as the office bike, once the others found out.

Soon they turned their attention back to me. I'd finished my drink so Jim leaned over, with a huge grin on his face, and took my glass and gave me a wink. As he put the glass down on the side, Andrew climbed on the bed, one hand holding the bottle and the other his glass. He then held the bottle to my lips and up-ended, slowly pouring more wine in to my mouth. As he did this he finished his drink, handed the glass to Jim and pushed me back down on the bed. He told Jim to get up by my head and to lean over and grab my ankles. At first I was confused, until Jim pulled them back up above my head, leaving me totally exposed to Andrew.

Without any finesse he forced the open neck of the wine bottle straight up my cunt, until the shoulder of the bottle had actually entered me and spread my lips wider than ever before. As he kept on pushing I could feel the wine that was left in the bottle flooding in to my pussy. I remember thinking how dirty was that, as if the rest wasn't enough already. Once he could insert it no further, Andrew started to withdraw the bottle and began fucking me with it. Encourage by Jim, he really forced it as hard as he could in to my tender hole.

Jim told him to stop, as he was thirsty, and to take over holding my legs up. Andrew grasped my ankles and pulled them way back, so I was just on my shoulders, leaving the remaining un-inserted portion of the wine bottle flapping around my cunt. Jim crouched down between my splayed thighs and began licking around my well stuffed pussy. Taking hold of the bottle he too began to fuck me with it. Eventually he pulled the base of the bottle down towards the bed and slid it from within me, immediately replacing it with his mouth. Judging by the sounds he was making, he must have enjoyed what he tasted, wine and my love juices.

I just couldn't help it. I came again all over Jim's face. I seemed to be having one long orgasm, they were coming that often. Not surprising I suppose, considering what was happening to me.

The guys decided it was time for a real fucking. Jim said that as I was with Andrew he should go first at fucking me, after all, anything he got was going to be a bonus. Andrew let my legs fall back on to the bed and he quickly swapped places with Jim. Leaning forward on his left arm and using his right to aim his hard cock at my pussy, he fell forward and entered me in one swift movement.

I must admit, with what my pussy had been put through, I don't think it was a terribly tight fit, even for his thick cock. That didn't seem to worry him though, because almost immediately he began hammering away at my limp body. The state I was in I don't think I could have stopped him anyway, even if I'd wanted to.

Not wanting to come too soon, Andrew withdrew and offered me to Jim 'to have a go at the slut'. I was really getting in to being called these names now. I encouraged them by talking as dirty as I could. 'Come on, fuck this slut's cunt', 'fill me with your big dicks' or 'use me as your fuck toy'. Maybe not the most adventurous things, but it had the desired effects.

Jim had me climb on top of him, as he fucked me from below. He pulled me down to him and wrapped his arms around me, then turned his face up to kiss me. I asked him if he wanted to kiss the mouth of a dirty whore, who'd just been sucking another man's dick. He reply was a big smile and then forcing his tongue back in to my mouth.

Jim's hands slipped down to rest on my arse cheeks and began to fondle them. I then felt him pulling them apart and realised he was showing me off to Andrew, who was stood immediately behind us at the foot of the bed. Jim carried on doing this for a minute or two, when I felt the end of the bed sag and realised Andrew had moved in close behind me.

That's when I realised what Jim had been doing. Opening me up and inviting Andrew to fuck me as well. I then felt his cock join Jim's at my pussy. It was a bit tight to start with, but Andrew began to work his cock up me, along side Jim's. I watched Jim's face as he felt another man's cock slide in to me along side his own. Now it was getting tight down there, but they persisted.

I didn't think, other than porn stars, that two men would want to be touching each others cocks, but it didn't seem to bother Jim or Andrew, as they began to slide in and out of me. Alternating at first, one would pull outwards as the other pushed in to my cunt, neither actually pulling right out. They soon had quite a rhythm going and my pussy quickly adapted to this new sensation and I was really enjoying myself.

I told them 'to keep fucking this slut and give me all the dick you've got', which of course they were, but I just wanted all I could get.

Neither of them could last long doing this and all too soon they both sped up, no longer in any rhythm, as they gripped me hard and filled my cunt with their cum. I swear I could actually feel them spurt in to me, what a great feeling, as their cocks pumped all they had up my well fucked hole.

When they'd both finished coming in my poor battered body, they both collapsed. Jim not being able to move as Andrew slumped down on top of me, but he did have a huge grin on his face.

At some point, shortly after, Andrew rolled off me, his limp cock slipping from my fuck hole. Initially I remained laying on top of Jim, but eventually I too rolled over and lay between the two of them. I remember feeling very satisfied and contented as I lay there, squashed between them, with their juices dribbling out of my totally fucked body.

At some point we must have all drifted of to sleep, as I remember waking to see Andrew dressing in the half light and sneaking out of the room. I snuggled up to Jim and lay there with him as he slept, feeling a little disappointed, as I wouldn't have minded a repeat performance, but that was going to have wait for another occasion.

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