tagBDSMSasha and Colin Ch. 01

Sasha and Colin Ch. 01



This is the first chapter of a short series about a young woman entering a Sub/Dom relationship for the first time. It serves to introduce the characters and the nature of their relationship. This is my second piece of writing and my first attempt at a series. I will be writing as I go along so feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


"Good morning madam, how are you today?"

The overly cheerful hostess beams at me from behind the podium, an iPad wedged between her hand and her elbow. Judging from her accent and her height (or lack thereof) she must be Italian, possibly Spanish.

"I'm-" God why is my throat so tight.

I clear my throat, smile and try again. "I'm good thank you, um, I believe I have a reservation at 10:30, I'm a bit early."

"No worries" she sings as she scrunches her brows at the screen. "Ah, table for two for Mr. Castel?"

Definitely Italian. "Yes, that's the one."

"Perfect! Follow me please, Mr. Castel has already arrived."

Shit, of course he's early.

I follow her through the glass doors of the restaurant, past the white noise of clinking glasses and flowing conversation to another set of glass doors. She swings the door open and steps back to let me through. I step out into a large terrace, adorned with small square tables clothed in white linen. White and lilac hyacinths suspend above us creating a roof of flowers. The glass vases on each table, boasting more flowers, catch the sunlight and wink at me.

"This way please." The hostess strides in front of me, leading me down the terrace. "Such a beautiful day to be outside!" she pipes at me, turning her head back.

My eyes scan the scene as my heart thumps in my throat. I've only seen him in the photos we've exchanged. Oh God what if he looks nothing like the photos...what if I look nothing like the photos!

"Here we are!"

He stands as the hostess and I arrive. He's in navy chinos and a crisp, well - fitted pale blue shirt that compliments his naturally caramel-toned skin. He's wearing expensive brown shoes, a watch and sunglasses. His soft chestnut brown hair, a couple of shades lighter than my rich chocolate hair, is tickled ever so slightly by the breeze. He stands tall at five foot seven compared to my five foot three. He's slender and toned and delicious.

"Sasha, hello."

Something about his voice makes me throb. The way he slides off his sunglasses, the way his captivating blue eyes drink me in as he takes my hand and gives it a soft peck. Shit.

"Hi Colin."

He gestures to the chair opposite. I discreetly tug down my skirt as we both sit.

"Can I get you still or sparkling water?" Ugh why is she still here.

His eyes firmly on me, he replies,"I'll have still please. Sasha?"

Has my name always sounded this sexy? "Still is great, thank you."

"Pronto." She hands us our menus and leaves us. I give her an appreciative smile and turn back to face him. His gaze is still on me.

"Have you been waiting long? Sorry, I tried to make it a bit early in case."

"No, don't worry, I got here a little while before you. You look beautiful."

I feel my face heat up. I smile sheepishly through it. "Oh, thank you."

I start fiddling with the wine glass propped behind my table setting, too scared to look up at him.

"You don't take compliments well." It's a statement.

I chuckle and bite down on my lip. "No, I really don't."

Suddenly his hand is under my chin, lifting it up to meet my eyes.

"You'll need to get used to that."


I manage to maintain eye contact. "Hmm and what else will I have to get used to?"

"Still water?"

Colin nods at the waiter and remains silent as our water is poured.

"Shall I give you more time with our menu?"

"Yes please." Colin's gaze is still locked on me.

The waiter nods and scuffles away. Colin leans in.

"Well, I thought that was something to discuss after brunch."

He smiles. It's a mischievous smile, one loaded with dramatic irony. His laughter lines cut through his dark trimmed beard. His eyes smile with his lips and I'm reminded he's only twenty-six. It's cute. It's dangerously sexy.

I smile back at him and pick up a menu. "Good idea, what we having!"


After a lovely meal, a very amiable and comfortable chat (and a precarious amount of prosecco), Colin leans back in his chair. His loaded smile has reappeared on his face.

"So now that we've both been reassured that the other is sane, in no way a scam and in every way very attractive-"

"Who said I think you're attractive!" I shoot him a mischievous smile of my own. I'm much more comfortable after our meal. He's a genuinely nice guy.

He grins and leans in. His eyes pin me down. "Oh I know you find me attractive. I also know your panties have been getting wetter ever since you walked in. I know you've fantasised about what I can do to you. I know you want me, as I want you."


My heart is pounding now, not in my throat, not in my chest, somewhere lower. I let him continue.

"So let's get the boring stuff out of the way because I want you. Tonight. And although you're looking hot for me already, you'll need enough time to get changed into what I want you in."

I clear my throat. "What's the boring stuff?"

He reclines into his chair. "Well, we'll need to discuss each other's limits, what we want and don't want out of this relationship, and we'll need to agree on a safe word."

This time, I lean in. "Okay, where do we start?"

He grins at me. "Excited, are we?"

I couldn't conceal it if I wanted to. "Very."

He leans back in and looks me in the eyes. "Good girl."

I very visibly squirm in my chair. Fuck.

He continues. "Well, we already have an idea of what we're looking for. You want to serve a Dom and I want to own a slave. Something casual, no strings attached. Correct?"

I take a breath before I reply. "What does a slave mean to you?"

"Good question." He pauses. "From the moment you enter our agreed upon venue, I own you. You do what I tell you, when I tell you. If you obey, you get rewarded. If you disobey, you get punished. What I can ask of you within your limits is something we can discuss now. As for punishment, we will explore your tolerance together. You are always welcome to sleep over if you wish, but I would expect you to leave in the morning."

I let this sink in. "So you don't control me outside of sex?"

"No. That's not something I'm interested in and I don't believe you want that either."

"No, I don't."

"Alright, let's move along because I am desperate to fuck you, Sasha. The rules. You must call me Sir, Master or Daddy at all times. You must do what I tell you when I tell you -- not a second too early or a second too late. You cannot cum without my permission. You cannot touch yourself without my permission. I expect you to be polite at all times. Obscene language will earn you a corrective response. You must wear what I instruct you to wear and nothing else. You must be on time. Lateness will be severely punished. Failure to follow these rules will be punished accordingly. You must use the safe word 'red' when you want me to stop immediately. You must communicate effectively with me about how you feel after every session. Any questions?"

I shake my head.


"I'm really turned on."

Colin smiles wide. "Good. Now, tell me what you want from me. What you like and new things you want to try."

I look down at the table. This was always going to be the awkward part for me. Suddenly Colin grabs my hands.

"Sasha, this is a two-way relationship. You must tell me your sexual needs. Nothing you say will shock me, I promise you."

I look up at him. There's kindness in his eyes, bright within the fifty shades of blue.

"Okay, well, I love giving head. Fucking me feels best from behind. I want to try anal. I want to try using toys. I love getting choked and roughly fucked."

I look up to see his eyes still on me, listening. "Go on."

"Um, I want to, um I mean I've been wanting to try rimming."

"Good. Anything else?"

"Maybe a threesome. But in the future, not now."

"That's it?"

I shrug. "For now, at least."

He kisses my hand and lets go. "Thank you, Sasha. We are going to get along great."

We smile at each other. Loaded smiles.

He continues. "Now you need to tell me what your hard limits are. These are things I am never to do to you, use on you or ask of you. Would it be easier if I list them first?"

I nod.

"Oral, rimming, penetrative vaginal sex, penetrative anal sex (with proper training, of course), fingering, spit play, fisting."

"Yes please to everything but the last one."

"No fisting?"


"Fine. Nipple clamps, leash and collar, restraints, ball gags, penetrative toys, vibrating toys."


"To everything?"

I nod.

"Good girl."

"Please stop calling me that in public."

He leans in. "It makes your pussy ache, doesn't it."

I look up at him and nod.

He smiles and reclines back. "You said threesome."

"Yes but maybe in the future."

"Of course, you would have to trust me enough first. With a male or female?"

I take some time to think about this one. "Either."

Colin grins at me. Like an alligator greeting its prey.

"Perfect." He grabs my hands again. "You're perfect."

I blush. He notices.

"I expected you to be a lot of work, considering you're four years younger than me, but you've pleased me, Sasha."

I smile wide. "Thank you, I guess!"

"You need to go. I will text you my instructions for tonight. Don't disappoint me, Sasha."

"I won't."

We walk out of the restaurant. I look at my watch. Two-thirty. We've been here four hours?

"Sorry, I took a lot of your time."

"No! I enjoyed it. I really did."

His hands are suddenly on my hips, his fingers digging in, pulling me toward him. He leans into my ear.

"I hope to hear that at the end of the evening after I've fucked you raw."

He kisses my neck. Alarms go off all over my body. I want him.

He hails a taxi, opens the car door and gestures for me to get in.

I stop. "Um, there's one thing that I should probably tell you from now."

He scrunches his brows. "What is it?"

"I've never cum before. I mean, I can make myself cum but I've never climaxed with someone else."

His expression is plain, unreadable. "Get in the car."

I slide in. He closes the car door and watches it drive away.

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