tagErotic CouplingsSaving Stacy Ch. 03

Saving Stacy Ch. 03


Stacy takes my hand and says, "Yes Ben, What do I do first?"

I enfold her into my arms and give her the warmest, most loving hug I've ever given anyone. "Thank you Stacy – Your trust is not misplaced and you will soon see the world as a lovely place to be. You first must call your employer and tell him whatever lie you wish to get the next 7 days off."

She is startled, "Ben, do you know how impossible that is?"

I stop her immediately. "Strict obedience, or there will be a punishment. Do you understand?"

She says with a smile on her face, "You wouldn't punish me! What'cha gonna do?"

I smile and say to her, "I thought we might start off this way." I give her another hug and whisper in her ear, "Stacy, for the next 7 days I will punish you and you will not enjoy it, I promise. You need to learn about control." And As I said this, I gently pull her arms together behind her and quickly bind her wrist with a plastic restraint the police use instead of handcuffs. I ask her, "This is your last chance, are you OK with this and are you going to obey me?"

She gives me an unsure "Yes."

I ask, "Do I need to gag you, or will you scream?"

Stacy says, "I promise not to scream. OK, just don't hurt me."

I laugh, "Stacy, there may be some pain involved in the next 7 days, but it will be a sweet sort of pain and I will never hurt you out of malice. I promise. Now to our punishment."

"Forgive me" I say as I gently begin to unbutton to top portion of her dress. The dress will, of course, not come off with her hands bound behind her, so I carefully grab my pocket knife and slit her dress up the arms on both sides to the neck so it drops in a heap at the floor. Next I do the same with the bra. I notice her blush and whimper as I begin. "What's wrong? Surely you've expose your wonderful breasts to more than one man in your life?"

"It's not that" she pleads. "It is..." As the bra drops, I see a prosthetic in the right cup. "...hideous" she finishes as I gaze upon her full perky left breast and then a shriveled and scared irregularly shaped breast with a normal perky nipple along the edge of a scar.

I see her start to sniffle at her shame. I hold her head up and look deep into her eyes. "Stacy, there is no need for this. You survived! And you are beautiful! Unique one might say!" I bend down to cup it and kiss the nipple. It stiffens in response. I ask, "How much feeling do you still have?"

She says, "Not much. The nipple can feel things but it's not the same. How can you even touch it? I hate it!"

"No NO NO!" I exclaim. "It is what it is. It is part of you and you are so beautiful! And in so many ways! I actually find it quite erotic!" I continue to suckle on the nipple for another 30 seconds and then I ask her to look down. "I will always tell you the truth Stacy. See how my cock is hard already. This is you making me hard with something you think is terrible. See how easy it is to misunderstand each other?"

She tries to smile through her tears, "Ben - Dick or Jeff (my second husband), neither of them could bring themselves to touch it. It was hard for them to even look at it. Ben, you are such a good person. Thank you for your kindness. Oh my, in truth, I'm now so wet! Come on, take these bindings off and let me show you how I can love you."

"Stacy, you tempt me." I say knowingly, "But this is not the time. Your punishment is at hand." With a few snicks of the knife she stands before me naked. It takes all my will power to not ravish her immediately! I lead her to the door and grabbing her wrist behind her, I lead her out into the hallway. she is resisting and muttering. I jerk her into submission next to me and say, "Are we starting to understand control yet?" With that we go stumbling towards the elevator.

Entering the elevator I press lobby. I see desperation in her eyes. They grow as we start to go down. I look at her in the mirror on the far wall. Her skin is now a blushing pink and both nipple are so erect they must hurt. It makes me wonder if she in an exhibitionist at heart? She pleads with me,

"Ben, please!"

I ask her again... "Do you understand now?"

She says "Yes" immediately.

I press the 3rd floor quickly and we stop and get out. I then push the up button and wait for the next elevator. When the door opens, we see an older couple with a surprised and disgusted look on the woman's face and a wry grin on the gentleman's.

Stacy Immediately starts to stumble and with a slurred tone yells, "Honey, Where's the damn bathroom? I gotta go honey. How'd I get out here? Oh, hello madam..."

As the older couple exits, we crash into the elevator and push the top floor. I compliment her, "You always were good at thinking on your feet! Good job."

She was actually laughing now. "Wow, what a rush Ben. Am I dripping on the carpet yet?" She peers down as do I. Her pussy lips are well shaven with just a landing strip of strawberry blond hair above her clit. She thrusts her pelvis forward to get a better view.

Her inner lips pout out from the outer labia like a deep red orchid with an amazing clitoral bud that must have extended from under her hood by a quarter of an inch, perking upward just the way my 9 inch cock imitates the curve of a banana.

The hood was extended to the top of her outer lips and strained wantonly, as her erect clitoris tried in vain to escape the beautiful smooth folds that framed the jewel of Stacy's womanhood.

She moved her legs a bit wider and allowed me to see just how wet she was. I couldn't resist. I brushed my middle finger the length of her lips and grazed her clit as I stroked upward. I continued the motion up to my lips and tasted her juices while I stared into her eyes. "Stacy - Truth. When was the last time you were this turned on?"

Her answer was simply "Never".

Once back in the room, without further incident, I reaffirmed her understanding of who was in control and cut her binding. She picked up the phone and called her boss at home. He was mad and yelling at her. I came up behind her and whispered in her ear one word. "Quit" She turned and looked at me, then said, "Never mind Tony – I quit!" Then hung up.

"Well done, Stacy! Are you ready to start your journey?"

She confidently said, "Ben, I'm all yours – and I hope you know what you're doing!"

I threw her a big white terrycloth robe at her and said, "Let's go!" We walked together hand in hand to the elevator and out past the pool to where my car was waiting. Without question she slid right in as I opened the door for her.

As we hit the freeway towards Henderson, I asked her to open her robe and touch her pussy. Which she did. "Tell me about making love to Dick. Did her ever perform oral sex on you?"

She quietly responded, "No. I was expected to lie there until he came. He would make me swallow his cum sometimes. Most of the time He would cum in me and then tell me how lucky a slutty bitch like me got him to marry her. He would hit me sometimes if I ever talked back. Thankfully it never lasted more than a minute or two."

I paused and said, "Stacy – I'm so sorry. He was such a monster. You have no reason to believe the rejection he heaped upon you."

"This will sound strange, but it will be a good exercise." I grab her hand from her pussy and lick her fingers. "Stacy – as I taste your essence, let me tell you what I sense. A good strong acidic taste, like a real woman should taste. There is strength deep inside you and you need to find it. I also taste, hmmm, overtones of cinnamon and a fragrance that almost smells like fresh-cut hay. This is the dimension of you that cares and loves and creates." I reach over and dip my own fingers into her slick folds and held them up for her to taste. "Please, I know it is like revisiting that awful night when Dick raped you, but trust me."

She nods... And extends her tongue out. "Do you taste your strength? You are a strong and vibrant woman!" To her credit she took more of my finger into her mouth and stayed calm and analytic. "Do you smell the cinnamon and the sweet overtones? That's you! That is Stacy, a strong, loving, creative woman that doesn't need a man to tell her who she is. Breath in your essence – taste the core of your being and know that you deserve a place in the sun!"

Her smile as she turned to me with a light in her eyes told me I was getting through. "Here is one of the explanations that I promised you. We took a degrading action like having to taste your own weeping cunt on the hand of your rapist and with just a little effort and understanding took that negative act, confronted it, and transformed it into a self-affirming experience that excised the terrible emotions of it and turned them to your betterment. Are you beginning to understand?"

Stacy dipped her finger into herself once more and consumed her finger with thoughtfulness, saying, "Ben – yes I think I do. What else will we do? I feel so excited – sexually and otherwise. Oh Ben tell me – what else will I need to do to be free?"

"I can't tell you the next step Stacy. All I can say is that it will be the hardest part and I'm truly sorry you must go through it to be free from Dick."

We drove in contemplative silence through the subdivisions of Henderson. As we neared the Subdivision where the house was, I pointed out to her how this subdivision was far from any others and that only 3 of the 14 house were even occupied. Since it was the week between Christmas and New Years, I suspect that even those 3 houses were empty this week. She raised her eyebrows.

She asked about some dinner but I explain that the rest of the night would be better on an empty stomach and that her trust was about to be put to the test...

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