tagFetishScarf Collectors Ch. 02

Scarf Collectors Ch. 02



Copyright Oggbashan December 2006

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


I had met Cecilia Dupont in a charity shop earlier today. She had beaten me to a Gucci labelled silk scarf. I had admitted to her that I collected silk scarves and after we had shared an exquisite Indian meal at a local restaurant I had been invited in for coffee.

One thing had led to another. She demonstrated how silk scarves should be worn, with me as the model. She had showed me how they could be used for bondage until I was totally in her control, restrained by silk scarves.

Cecilia had smothered me under her silk-pantied pussy and between her breasts. She had made me helpless: entangled, bound and gagged with silk scarves. Even if I could make a noise there was no one to hear. No one knew that Cecilia had trapped me. She removed the gag and teased me:

"Jonas. You now know what silk scarves are for. They are for women to use to tie people up. I've tied you up with just a few of mine. Even though you can now speak you couldn't stop me gagging you again whenever I want to. Could you?"

"No, Cecilia. I'm still completely wrapped up."

"So you are. Now you have a second choice. You can leave now or you can stay with me tonight. If you stay you will be at my mercy all night. It's your choice."

Should I go or should I stay? Had Cecilia really given me a choice? I'm still helplessly tied with her scarves. If she decided not to let me go - what could I do?


It was not hard to decide. So far Cecilia had made me live the reality of my silken dreams. She had bound and gagged me with soft sensuous silk scarves. I had enjoyed the surrender to the strength of the silk. I wanted more. Cecilia had given me more ecstasy in a few short hours than I had ever enjoyed.

"I'll stay, please, Cecilia."

"I thought you would. Even if you had said 'No', you couldn't leave, could you? Don't answer."

Cecilia's hand flashed across my face, stuffing my mouth again with silk. She worked the scarf deep within my mouth before lashing another scarf over my lips. Another scarf covered my face from just below my eyes. She pulled that one tight before knotting it behind my head. She arranged a heavy silk scarf on my head, blinkering my view to each side. She crossed the ends under my chin, trapping the scarf already tight across my face, and brought the ends behind my neck to knot.

Except for my eyes and part of my forehead, my whole head was tightly wrapped in silk. My arms and legs were still tied with silk scarves. Cecilia had made very sure that I wasn't leaving.

Her hands slid down my body to my bound ankles. She untied the scarf holding my feet immobile. She helped me to swing my legs off the settee.

"Stand up!" she ordered.

She had to help me. My knees were still tied. I couldn't help myself with my hands lashed to my sides. Her hands grasped my restrained elbows as she directed me from the living room to her bedroom. The large bed was covered with a white silk sheet. Cecilia pushed me so that I fell on to the bed, knocking the breath out of me.

She rolled and pushed me until I was lying on my back with my silk-sheathed head on a pillow. She tied my ankles again, this time securing them to the foot of the bed. From a dressing table drawer she pulled a long white silk scarf. She measured it so that she held it exactly in the centre of its length. She laid it on my bare chest before pushing the ends between my secured arms and my body. She tugged it so that it was tight across my chest as she straddled me.

She tied the two loose ends to the bed above my head. Now, however hard I struggled, I couldn't escape from the bed.

Cecilia untied the silk scarf around my hips, exposing my straining erection. She tapped it lightly with her fingers. I winced.

"That won't do. I don't want my bed stained. White silk is so difficult to keep clean. Stay there."

What else could I do? My arms were tied to my sides at wrists and elbows. My legs were tied at ankles and knees. My mouth was stuffed with silk and most of my head was tightly swathed in silk scarves over my gagged mouth. My bound body was secured to the bed.

Cecilia moved out of my blinkered vision. When she returned she was holding a deep red square scarf.

"Jonas," she said conversationally, as if talking to a bound and gagged man was an everyday occurrence, "this is a polyester scarf. It doesn't feel as sexy as silk but it is easier to wash. It has its uses."

She bent over my erection. I felt that red scarf being knotted around my balls and bagged over my prick.

"Now you can, if the scarf will let you, come and everything will be held inside that scarf. Would you like to come?"

I nodded as far as my bonds would let me.

"OK. I think a little more silk might help."

Her hands brought a thick white scarf in front of my eyes before she lowered it over them, blindfolding me. She straddled my chest, her black silk dress slithering across my skin. Her legs clamped beside my arms. Her hands pressed down hard, holding the ends of the white scarf. I struggled to breathe as she exerted more pressure, clamping the silk tight over my eyes and nose.

She moved rhythmically, pumping her body on mine. Through her dress and panties I could feel her pussy warm against my chest. The thought that I was totally helpless in her power was enough to trigger an eruption. I strained against my bonds and her tight embrace as I came into the red scarf. I slumped as my energy was spent yet Cecilia continued to pound inexorably on me.

I don't know how long she continued to pleasure herself on me. I think I came at least twice more before she left, covering my sleeping body with another satin sheet.

When I woke, all I could see was a hint of light through the white scarf, now loosely tied over my face. It was morning. I heard movement inside the room. It must be Cecilia. Surely she would release me soon?

Then I tensed in panic. There was more than one person in the room. I heard sounds from two different places at once. Was there someone with Cecilia, sharing her enjoyment of my helplessness? Or even worse, could it be two people I'd never met who were revelling in my embarrassment?

Who is in the bedroom with Jonas? What will happen to him? Has Cecilia brought a friend to show off her conquest?

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