tagBDSMSchooling Ch. 02

Schooling Ch. 02


The darkly paneled hallway to the Headmaster's office seemed to grow longer with each step she took that day. Her body moved obediently, never betraying the war going on in her head.

"What he is doing to me is abuse! I should report this to somebody, I should just tell him NO! He doesn't have any right to touch me that way or tell me what to do"!

Her hand lightly ran over her ass she has walked, feeling the faint remnants of her last encounter with the Headmaster. The vivid red stripes had faded, but she still had a little soreness to remind her of being bent over his desk with her panties down to her knees, receiving a caning for trying to run away.

"But I liked it, didn't I.... being bent over like that, with my ass sticking out, feeling his hand on me...? Made me soooo hot! Then, his fingers on my clit, making me cum for him..."?

Her internal debate abruptly ended as she realized that she was facing the Headmaster's aide, who sat at a small desk just outside the door. "May I help you, Miss Victoria?"

"Yes. Headmaster wanted to see me today at 3:30."

"I see. Have you quite recovered from your last meeting?"

Victoria flushed, embarrassed that he would mention their last encounter. "Just tell him that I'm here!", she snapped at him.

"I don't think so, Miss. Not until you have learned to show some respect"! Before she realized what was happening, the aide had come around the side of the desk, his large hand gripping the back of her head tightly by the hair, bowing her body backward over the corner of the desk. She struggled as she felt his hand at her waistband, pulling her blouse from her skirt, but gasped in pain as his other hand fisted in her hair, bringing tears to her eyes.

"Be still girl and be quiet, if you know what's good for you. Keep your hands at your sides."

Her jerked roughly at her blouse until the buttons popped open, exposing the lacy white bra she had chosen that day, then yanked her bra upward to bare her breasts. Victoria cried out in shock and again tried to get away, but once more his hand tightened on her and she stilled instantly. Her eyes were closed in pain and shame, but flew open wide as she felt him pinch her nipple hard enough to draw a gasp from her and then his hot mouth was on her. He held her tightly as his lips and tongue explored her lush breasts, flicking her nipples into stiff peaks that he sucked and nipped at until, finally, he heard her moan in pleasure. Laughing, he released her, pushing her toward the door.

"Leave your clothing the way it is, little slut, and go on in."

Clutching the edges of her blouse around her, she opened the door and quickly slipped inside, to be brought up short by the Headmaster himself, standing just a few feet away. She met his eyes briefly as she stood huddled in front of him, but then dropped her gaze to the floor in shame and embarrassment. His eyes flashed over her, taking in her flushed face and disheveled appearance.

"Sir, I...."

She felt his hand under her chin, raising her face to his, kissing her very lightly, forestalling any explanation, and then gently helped her restore her clothing.

"Victoria, are you here because you want to be"?

Her eyes met his for a long moment and she nodded, "Yes", feeling a warm flush rush over her and sudden wetness in her pussy.

"Do you want to stay and learn what I can teach you? Some of the things I ask you to do may not be easy for you. Are you ready to trust me and to obey me"?

There was long silence as she thought about what he said, her internal debate once again raging, but finally, she looked up at him and replied quietly, "Yes Sir, I want to stay".

"Very well then. Go into the next room and take off your uniform. I want you to put on the things that have been laid out, and nothing else. Can you do that Victoria"?

"Yes, Sir".

The next room turned out to be a large, well appointed bedroom and she realized that she must be in the Headmaster's private quarters. Curiously, she looked around, noting the large antique bed, a huge, dark, ornately carved armoire and luxurious carpets strewn over the floor. Through the door, she heard his voice, "Quickly Victoria, don't keep me waiting"!

Stripping off her uniform, she noted that there were black silk stockings and a garter belt laying on the bed. She put these on with difficulty, fumbling with the fastenings on the garter belt, hoping that she had it on right. Looking about for the rest of the costume, she found.... nothing. "Surely he can't mean for me to be naked except for a pair of stockings"!

The door opened and her hands flashed up to cover her breasts and then down over her pussy. Laughing at her obvious distress and confusion, he held out a pair of stiletto heels. "Here little one, I forgot to leave these for you. I think that you will find they are your size." She took the shoes from him and held them against her breasts, provoking another burst of masculine laughter. "Put them on for me pet". Her mind still whirling in embarrassment, she did as he asked, finally swaying unsteadily before him, her hands moving nervously, unsure of where they belonged.

"There are certain rules that you must follow when you are here with me Victoria. I expect you to remember them because you will be punished in the future, should you forget. There will be more rules in the future, but for now, we will start with these. When you are here in this room, you will be on your knees at all times, unless I instruct you otherwise. You will keep your eyes down and will address me as "Sir" or "Master". Do you understand"?

"Yes Sir."

"Then why are you not obeying your first rule?"

It seemed to take a moment for his words to sink in, and he could see her try to organize her thoughts, before she lowered her eyes to the floor and slowly sank to her knees, her hands still trying in vain to provide some cover.

"Very good pet. Now, place your hands behind your back, your left hand gripping your right wrist." He watched as she processed this and then slowly complied. Circling her, he observed her closely, noting her that her breathing was shallow and fast and that she was trembling slightly. He tapped her sharply under the chin. "Head up, little one. Keep your eyes on the floor." Finally satisfied with her posture, he moved away to a nearby chair, watching her closely. Several long minutes passed as he studied her. She felt frozen in place, unable to move at all under his steady gaze.

"Come here, Victoria."

She started to rise and go to him, but was stopped by a sharp "NO! Remember your rule Victoria..." She dropped back to her knees in confusion, but suddenly realized that she knew exactly what he wanted. She crawled to him on her hands and knees, stopping in front of him and resuming her former position.

"Very, very good Victoria. I am quite pleased. We will start today's session now. Each lesson will begin the same way for you, with a spanking. Now, this is not a punishment, but will serve to remind you to be obedient. Place yourself across my lap. Do it now."

She did as he asked, feeling absurdly grateful when his left arm encircled her waist, holding her steady. His right hand caressed her bare ass, and she realized that she was becoming aroused, just as she had when he had caned her the week before.

"Please Sir, please..."

"What is it, little one?"

Her voice was very small as she replied, "Please....please spank me Sir."

"Very good Victoria, that pleases me very much."

His caresses stopped and she cried out as his hand sharply cracked across her ass cheek. He covered her butt cheeks and upper thighs with sharp blows until her skin was red and glowing under his hand and the smell of her arousal was evident. Sliding his hand down the crack of her ass, he plunged two fingers into her dripping wetness as she cried out in pleasure at the penetration. He continued to pump her until he felt the walls of her pussy begin to tighten.

"Now little pet, we will have your lesson for today. Stand up and walk for me."

Her moan of disappointment was audible as she struggled to her feet in the unfamiliar high heels. "Walk for you Sir?"

"Yes Victoria, walk to the far wall and back, until I tell you to stop."

Smiling in amusement, he watched her sway toward the far wall and then turn and wobble back. "Again." Over and over, she made the trip, growing more steady, and he began to instruct her on how to hold her arms and head just so and how to place her feet to achieve the most graceful walk. He watched with interest as she began to hold her shoulders back, displaying her full breasts to best advantage, and as she seemed to become oblivious to the fact that she was basically naked. He occasionally touched her, to make small corrections in her posture, and was pleased to note that she would subtly lean into his touch, seeking more contact. After what seemed like hours, he was pleased with her progress and let her return to kneel before him.

"You have pleased me very much today Victoria and I plan to reward you. Turn around now, on your hands and knees."

She swiftly complied, her pussy swollen and wet, eagerly anticipating his hand or cock. Her anticipation turned to shock when she felt something slick over her ass pucker, quickly followed by a burning penetration of her ass by something cool, hard and smooth. She scrambled away from him, turning to look with horror at the slender dildo he held in his hand. "NO! No, please Sir, I can't do that. I don't want that!"

"Come back here Victoria and resume your position. I know that this is new for you, but I will make it feel very good for you."

"No Sir, I won't.. That's just nasty and I don't like it at all!"

"You refuse to obey me Victoria?"

"I just can't do THAT. You're NOT putting anything up my butt!"

With a heavy sigh, he laid the dildo aside and said, "Fine, it is your choice. Put your clothes on, I think that we are finished here." He left the room, closing the door behind him. Unseen by her, there was a small smile curling the corners of his lips.

In stunned surprise, Victoria sat for a minute, just looking at the closed door. Tears welled up and she began to cry, angry that she had been placed in this position at all, but then also upset that he was obviously disappointed in her. She dressed slowly, reluctant to face his possible anger at her disobedience. Finally, she dried her face as best she could and opened the door. Headmaster was seated at his desk, engaged in going over some paperwork. Hoping to avoid facing him, Victoria crossed to the outer door quickly but, as her hand touched the door handle, his quietly spoken command drew her up short.

"Come here, Miss Gracen."

Tears welling again, she walked slowly to stand in front of his desk. Reaching forward, her handed her a large wad of tissues to dry her eyes and blow her nose.

"Victoria, from now on, if you come here, you will come of your own free will. I will not send for you again. However, if you do come, you must be prepared to submit fully. I can teach you things that most women will never learn in their entire lives, show you a way to live that will afford you more pleasure than you can imagine, but it has to be your choice... You may go now."

Numbly, she turned and walked toward the door, head down and shoulders slumped a little. As she turned the handle to leave, his voice stopped her once again. She didn't turn around as she heard him say, "You should also know, should you decide to return, that my assistants have been given permission to touch you in any way they care to. And, if you do come back, it will be to stay. No changing your mind, no second chances."

With a sob, she jerked the heavy door open and fled down the long hallway. Through the open door, the Headmaster and his assistant exchanged a small smile and knowing look - Miss Victoria was far from done with her lessons.

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