tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSchoolyard Belly Punch

Schoolyard Belly Punch


If you'd asked them, they may not have been able to tell you why they chose the local elementary school playground to have their belly punching contest. It just seemed safer, somehow. It was a large, open space, and when it wasn't recess, there was never anyone around. They knew, of course, that just inside the school building, there were hundreds of kindergardeners and early grade school children learning their ABCs, but that didn't seem significant at the moment.

Their names were Brad and Lewis, each only 18 years old, and for weeks -- despite the fact that they were great friends -- they'd been arguing about which of them had the stronger belly. Well, there was only one way to find out...

"Are you ready for this, Brad?"

"Ready, Lewis!"

But before even one of them had the opportunity to swing his fist into the other's belly, they heard the piercing whistle of a security guard.

"Halt!" yelled the guard, an old man with gray whiskers coming from his ears. "Just what in tarnation do you reckon you two young hooligans are doin'?"

Brad and Lewis immediately backed away, feigning innocence. "Nothing! Nothing! We're just hanging out!"

"I weren't born yesterday, no sir. You've got to come with me! I'll take you to the principal and she can decide what to do with ya! Now come on or I'll call the cops and you can sit in juvie!"

Brad looked at Lewis and shrugged. It wasn't as though they were doing anything illegal, after all, what was the worst that could happen? Besides, everyone knew that the elementary school principal was Ms. Cindy Rose, one of the sweetest, prettiest women in town.

Ms. Rose was quite petite and always had her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was well-loved by all of the school children under her care. That afternoon she was whistling to herself while going through teacher evaluations, when the security guard arrived with Brad and Lewis in tow.

"Hello, Sam," she said sweetly. "What's going on?"

"Ah, well.." Sam the security guard blushed and looked at his feet. "I'm terribly sorry to interrupt you, Ms. Rose, ah, but these two young, er, boys, were out carousing on the field, trespassing they was, having a fight, and I thought best to bring them to you."

"Oh, thank you, Sam. They look like sweet boys, I'm sure they couldn't have been up to any harm. I'll take it from here."

Sam continued looking to his feet. "Very good, ma'am." He bowed and left.

Once the door had closed, Ms. Rose stood and smoothed out her pink, polka-dotted dress. "So, you were fighting?" she asked, with a slight smile.

Brad looked to see if Lewis was going to say anything, He wasn't, so he said, "Yes, ma'am."

"I see. And what was it you were fighting over?"

"Er... who was stronger, I suppose."

"Interesting. Why not simply see who can lift the most amount of weight?"

"Er, not that sort of strength. Belly strength. We wanted to see who had the strongest belly."

"Ah." That answer seemed to delight her. "And who succeeded?"

"Well, ah, we don't know. It was broken up before we could really begin."

"Well, then," said Ms. Rose, looking from one boy to the other. "Please continue."

"Say what?"

Both boys said it at the same time, looking at her and at each other with a shocked look.

"It's simple. We will see who has the strongest belly, and that will put an end to it. Then I don't expect there will be any further need for fighting on our property. Do you?"

"Er, no, ma'am," said Brad. "I... I suppose not."

"Then remove your shirts."

The two boys looked at each other and shrugged. Brad took off his shirt first.

"Oooh. Very nice muscles," admired Ms. Rose. She came over and ran her long fingers along his abs and up to his chest. "You are in quite good shape. And you, Lewis?"

Lewis was trembling. He removed his shirt very nervously. When it was off, Ms. Rose laughed. "Oh my!" she exclaimed. "Don't do many sit ups, do you, Lewis? That is one flabby belly!" She giggled to herself. "I don't understand why you're fighting. It seems clear who has the stronger belly!"

She still had a hand on Brad's abs. His breath had gone slight.

"Go on," she prodded. "I think you should tell Lewis that he's a loser and not worth fighting." She began touching his biceps as she spoke. "Tell him."

Brad took a deep breath, turned to his friend and said, "You're a loser and not worth fighting."

"He's a wimp," whispered Ms. Rose into his ear, groping his biceps with both slender hands. "He's worthless."

Lewis was getting madder and madder. His fist balled up and he swung at Brad as hard as he could, right in the belly.

He didn't make a dent. Brad's abs were rock hard. "I hardly felt that!" he bragged, and Ms. Rose giggled delightedly. "Maybe you should punch him back. That is only fair."

So Brad wound up and socked Lewis as hard as he could.

Oof! Lewis doubled over in pain.

Ms. Rose laughed, clapped her hands. "Bravo! Well, I can see this fight is over. Unless, Lewis, you would care to try again?

Lewis stood, uncertainly. His face was twisted in a blazing rage. Cold tears burned his cheeks. He lunged and really walloped Brad, but again Brad felt nothing.

Ms. Rose took a step away, eyeing both boys with a glint. "Let him have it, Brad," she said, breathing heavy and running a hand across her breasts. She closed her eyes, then opened them and bit her lower lip. "Let him have it!"

And so he did. Brad socked Lewis right in the belly, harder than he'd ever punched anything in his life. He punched him so hard that Lewis immediately doubled over and vomited all over the floor. He was gasping for breath, and collapsed to the floor.

"Aw, what a baby!" gloated Ms. Rose.

"Don't talk to me like that!" Lewis yelled from the floor, struggling to pull himself up.

"Or what? You'll cry some more?" Ms. Rose threw her head back and laughed.

"Gosh... maybe we should get him help..." said Brad. "Maybe we should..."

But before he could finish, Ms. Rose came to him, running both her hands up and down his broad chest and down his abs, playing with the waist band of his pants. "How old are you?" she asked him

"Eight... eighteen."

"Mmm... That's a good age. A very good age for a young, strong boy." She bit her lower lip again and reached into his pants. "How does that feel?" she asked.

"It feels... It feels..."

"Yes?" she prodded, reaching down deeper, her eyes growing wide and her ruby lips smiling broadly.

"It feels.... Oh God!" In a moment he broke away from her, as the front of his pants filled with hot cum. Ms. Rose laughed as he came, spotting his pants and dripping down his leg.

"My, my! That didn't take long!"

"Y-yes, ma'am," he blurted out

She giggled. Then she looked to Lewis. "And as for you. I expect this floor to be absolutely spic and span by the time I return, do you understand me?"

Lewis just sobbed uncontrollably.

Ms. Rose sighed deeply. "Boys will be boys, I suppose."

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