tagGay MaleScott and Connor Ch. 04

Scott and Connor Ch. 04


Connor reached around from behind me, hugging me deeper into his body as he spooned me. His top hand slid down my stomach to my cock, gently wrapped around it, and squeezed. My cock responded instantly to his touch; I was hard in seconds.

"Get hard and I'll show you," he had just said. My mind was whirling trying to decipher his meaning. After all the boundaries I'd crossed with him in the last 48 hours -- losing my virginity, blowing my load in his mouth, sucking his magnificent cock and swallowing his cum -- there was yet something -- something important, he called it -- that we hadn't done yet?

I groaned as my dick elongated and stiffened. "Ok, I'm hard..." I moaned.

Connor chuckled. "Holy damn, man, it don't take you long, does it?"

"It's your damn fault, Connor," I responded.

He gently placed a few soft kisses on the nape of my neck as he stroked my cock. If it was possible to get even harder, I think I did.

"Turn over," he commanded. "Face me." I did. His hand never left my cock, and he continued to stroke it slowly. "You ready?"

"Ready for what?" I asked. "I have no idea where we're going next, but if it's as good as what we've done, I'm so in." I leaned in and kissed him, hard.

The arm he had under me suddenly lifted me as he rolled backwards. In one swift move, I was on top of him. His arms wrapped around me as we kissed more. He reached for the lube on the nightstand and deftly opened the bottle and spilled a good amount into his hand. I assumed he was going to lube his cock and fuck me, and figured he wanted me to ride on top.

"You gonna lube that up so I can sit on it?" I asked, sluttily.

He shot me a broad, toothy smile as he slipped his hand between us. "Mmm, not exactly." A moment later, his hand closed on...my cock. He spread the lube all over my shaft, slicking me up. A moment later, I felt his legs go up and wrap around my back as he slid my cock down and aimed it at his asshole.

"Connor?" -- the surprise in my voice was matched by the confusion on my face.

"Shhh," he hushed. "Go ahead. Do it."

I looked at him for a long moment, then tentatively pushed forward. He made sure my cock was on target, and the head popped into his chute. I was trembling as I started to enter him, and I thought I was going to cum on the spot.

"Go ahead," he urged, "it's ok, I can take it." I pushed down firmly and slid in about two inches. He grunted and grimaced.

"You ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ok," he said, with evident strain in his voice. "C'mon, push it in."

I could tell he was struggling. "Connor, I'm not going to hurt you. Let's go slow." I raised up on my arms, keeping the tip of my cock inside him. "You said it yourself, seven inches isn't small."

"No," he groaned, "it's not. Ok, fuck, you're bigger than I thought," he choked out.

I looked at him skeptically. "Connor, have you...? Have you ever been fucked?"

"Yes," he replied. "I have been. Just not that often and it's kinda been a while." He grunted as I slid a little deeper. "Most guys usually want me to fuck them." He paused to breathe deeply. "And he wasn't as big as you. Ooooh!! Shit, that's hard."

I smiled at him. I just hung there and smiled at him.

"What?" he finally said.

"Nothing," I said. "You said 'he' wasn't as big as me."

"Yeah, so?"

"'He,' Connor. One guy. You've only been fucked by one guy."

Connor actually looked sheepish. "Ok, yeah, it was one guy."

"And I'm bigger."

"Um, yeah, a bit." We looked at each other for a long silent moment. "Ok, more than a bit. You're definitely big."

I pushed my cock forward, sliding another inch into him.

"Oooohhhhhh, shit..." he moaned. He looked up at my face. "You fucking asshole, you're enjoying this, aren't you?" he said, with a pained expression.

"Wasn't that the idea? For me to enjoy your ass?" I said, chuckling.

"I mean you're enjoying the power trip," he grumbled.

"Not a bit," I lied, smiling wickedly as I shoved another inch of cock into him.

Connor laughed and groaned simultaneously, and moaned out "oh, fuck you, you dick..."

"No, Connor, fuck you," I whispered, pushing forward again. I was a good five inches inside him. He just moaned, but he was smiling.

"Hey," I said, "all kidding aside, I don't want to hurt you. Are you ok?" He looked up, strain on his face, and said "yeah, I am, it's ok. You are a little bigger than I realized, but I'll get used to you." He pulled me down until our lips were close. "I wanted to do this for you." He kissed me passionately, warmly, tenderly. As we kissed, I felt his asshole relaxing and my cock slowly sliding deeper inside him. Before we realized it, my hips pressed up against his asscheeks. I gently bore down, sheathing myself all the way inside him.

"Oh, Connor," I moaned.

"I know," he replied. "How does it feel?"

"There aren't words, man. It's so good..." I sighed. I raised my knees, moving slightly above him. Instinctively, I started to slide back and forth. "How's that?" I asked.

"Good," he sighed. "It's good. You fit nice," he smiled. I started to pump in and out, as I started to really fuck him.

"You say that, but your cock says otherwise." He was pretty soft, not at all aroused or erect.

"Give it time. May not happen this time, I'm usually the top."

I raised his legs higher, so that I could stay in him and lean down to kiss him. "Holy shit, I'm fucking you..." I whispered in his ear.

"Yeah, you are. First fuck, feels good, don't it?" I felt his hands close on my ass and pull me down.

"Yeah...yeah, it does," I said, breathily. "Connor, I don't think...I'm gonna last too long..." Perspiration was breaking out on my forehead and I could already feel the cum rising in my balls. My cock, inside him, was already swelling, getting ready to shoot.

"You don't have to. Do what feels good." He pulled me in again.

"If you keep squeezing my ass, I'm gonna cum..." I moaned.

"Oh yeah?" he whispered. His huge, strong hands gripped my ass as I bore down into him. "Do it."

A long, tortured groan fell from my lips as my cock swelled painfully and finally, finally released. Shot after shot of sperm raced up my shaft and spewed inside him.

"Yeah, baby, that's it, let it go..." he urged. I shook as I spilled myself out inside him, emptying my balls and filling his bowels with my seed. I collapsed on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. We stayed like that for quite a few minutes, silent, just breathing. I could feel his huge hands on my back, holding me, gently stroking and caressing me as I unwound from my climax.

"Connor..." I whispered.

"Yes?" he replied.

I was struggling for words. "Thank you."

I could feel the laugh shake his chest. "You're welcome. And thank you, Scott."

After a long moment, he spoke again. "Scott?"


"Remember how you asked me to tell you when it was seven a.m.?"


"Its seven a.m."

I raised my head, looked at him, and we both started laughing.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/27/18

I like it too

The plot is not terribly original (at least not so far, though that may change) but the execution is different. The conversation and POV of Scott are also engrossing. I rarely find the POV of the let'smore...

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by Anonymous06/24/18

Very good

I'm really enjoying his story and the connection between the two boys, but could we have some longer chapters? I mean I'd personally rather wait longer for a chapter that's more than a page long. That'smore...

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by Anonymous06/22/18


Cant remember ever having read such a perfect first time. They both loved it.
Scott got broken in beautifully. He is hooked for life. More please.

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by Anonymous06/22/18

What a perfect way to have your first time... for everything.

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by Gybbs06/22/18

this is turning into ...

... an Amazing Series - I'm definitely in Lust with these guys! Thanks!

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