tagExhibitionist & VoyeurScott and Melissa Ch. 03

Scott and Melissa Ch. 03


"Aggghhhh!" Scott moaned as he shot his cum into the soft warm mouth of his wife, Melissa. They'd just finished watching the tape he'd made earlier that day of him fucking one of his students up the ass in exchange for a better grade.

"Oh my God! That was fucking fantastic!"

His paralyzed wife smiled and licked the corners of her mouth. Melissa had lost the use of the lower half of her body in a car accident 4 years ago, but she really knew how to use the half she still had. When the accident first happened, Scott and Melissa had assumed that their sex life together was over. However, during a very candid conversation, Melissa had confessed that she didn't mind him have sex with other women as long as she could watch a video of it later. Her sex organs may not work anymore, but her sexy mind did and still craved stimulation.

"When are you going to see her again?"

"Don't know. Whenever she needs a better grade. Definitely by finals, perhaps sooner. Why? You want to see more?"

"Yeah, maybe you should just keep a video camera in your office."

Scott was surprised. "Exactly how often do you think I'm fucking co-eds in my office?"

"I don't know, but you better start doing it more. This stuff is great!"

"She was quite a hotty." Scott smiled sitting on the bed.

"Honey." Melissa continued after looking away for a moment. Scott noticed a slight blush on her cheeks. "Do you think Rachel or one of the others would come here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come here and let me watch."

"You mean we fuck in front of you?" Scott could feel his spent cock stirring.

"Yeah. Do you think she would?"

"Rachel wouldn't – no way, but someone else might. It'll take me some time to set it up."

"Okay," Melissa said. "Just keep the tapes coming in the meantime."

Scott just grinned at her and nodded.


Scott sat in his office a few days later absentmindedly rubbing his cock through his pants while he considered how to meet this new demand from his wife. No way Rachel would do it. In fact, if she found out about the tape she'd probably sue Scott. Melissa seemed to think there was a steady stream of co-eds floating through his office all dying to have sex with him. Really there were only one or two a year. Scott's mind wandered over the more memorable ones from the last few years. Sally, Roxanne, Lydia who lived to give head, Jessica. Jessica hadn't hasted very long. It always felt like she'd a had sandpaper twat. Angie – inexperienced, but eager. Briget who preferred to be called Star and claimed to be a priestess for Mother Earth or some weird thing.

"Star." He whispered. Star would do it. They had parted on good terms and she was still at the college. She was getting her Masters in comparative religion. Plus, she was unbelievable in bed. Not only would she do it, but they'd put on a hell of a show.

He stopped playing with his cock and pulled the computer keyboard toward him. He shot off and email to Star asking her to stop by his office day after tomorrow toward the end of the day. That done, he turned to his real work of grading papers. His freshman class had written term papers analyzing "The Rape of the Lock" by Alexander Pope. Almost all of the students missed the deeper symbols and themes. Scott sighed to himself, Freshmen. He plowed through a bit more than half of them and came to a paper by a girl named Penny. She had skated through the main points until she got the last section. She spent the last third of her paper on the line, "Better he'd picked some other hairs." She quickly figured out that Pope is talking about pubic hair. She develops the point until she can claim that Pope's heroine had rape fantasies. She hints that all women of the Restoration Era had rape fantasies because the society was so repressed. Scott licked his lips as he wrote a scathing critique of her reasoning and gave her a barely passing grade. That should get her into his office licketly split. She might not put out in her first visit, but he was betting she would eventually. He was grinning as he finished grading the papers.


"This 8am class shit has GOT to end." Star muttered as she propped her eyes open to stare at her laptop's screen. She had just sat down in her carrole, kind of a lockable cubical for grad students in the Comparative Religions department. She'd already taught her 8am class and it was about 10:00am. She took a swig from her Starbucks coffee and opened her email. There was some spam. A few desperate emails from students who were stalled on their papers. They were looking for help or extensions or both. One email was from her Thesis supervisor and one was from Professor Scott.

Star clicked on that email with a smile spreading across her face. That affair had been SO MUCH FUN. Scott was the one lover who was exactly in step with her. The affair had started as light casual fun for both of them and had stayed that way. Plus he was a dynamite lover.

His email was short; just asking her to come by his office late in the day tomorrow.

Well, that can only mean one thing, she thought. Scott must be looking to get laid. Her hand had casually unsnapped and unzipped her pants. Her legs unfolded and her right hand slipped into her panties. Her fingers slipped around the folds of her labia to her pussy and clit. She closed her eyes and relived the last time she and Scott had fucked.

Star's left hand opened up her blouse and lifted her breast out of her bra as she remembered the end of the year faculty farewell party. She was there with her partner at the time who was on the Philosophy department faculty. At one point Scott caught her either coming or going to the bathroom and dragged her into an empty office. Suddenly they were giggling and kissing and pulling off their clothes. She was pressed against the door with her panties and stockings around her ankles and her skirt around her waist. Scott's arms were wrapped around her waist; his hands on her ass cheeks. His pants were dropped to the floor and his cock was looking for her pussy. At once, she jumped up a little and he lifted her a bit and suddenly he was up her pussy. Braced against the door with her legs wrapped around his thighs, arms locked around his neck, Star bit her lips to keep from crying out in ecstasy.

"Did you cum already, you little slut?" Scott whispered into her ear.

"You bet I did." She had whispered back and she whispered it again in her carrolle. She had her fingers up her VERY wet pussy and her thumb tickling her clit. Her left hand was gripping her breast and pinching her nipple. Her hips were thrusting forwards as she lost herself in memory.

Scott had chuckled into her hair as he slammed his cock up her pussy. The force of his thrust slammed her shoulders and head into the door. She could feel the tension in his muscles as he held her off the floor. She was so excited she had to bite his shoulder to keep from crying out loud. God, it was wonderful. She was building up to the mother of all orgasms. She hoped she could keep quiet.

Scott started kissing her over and over and she could feel his cock swelling and getting ready to cum. His forearm muscles were trembling with the weight of holding her up. Star's body began to vibrate against the door. Scott stopped kissing her and buried his face in her hair.

"Ah, ah ahhhh." He let loose a series of high-pitched moans as he come deep inside her.

"Oooohhhh, yesssss!" Star answered finishing her orgasm with a slow quiet shudder.

"Ooohhhhh, yessss." Star whispered in the quiet office as she orgasmed against her fingers. She slouched in her chair and sighed. That felt really good. She would have liked to play some more, but sigh there was work to do. She fastened her pants, licked her fingers clean and sat up. First thing she did was reply to Scott's email.

"No problem." She answered him. That was it.


The next day, Scott was sitting at his desk not even pretending to work. Star was due any minute and he was still not sure what he was going to say. "Hey Star. How ya been? You wanna put on a live sex show for my wife?" Probably wouldn't sound right.

There was a quick knock and the door opened. Star slipped into the office.

"Hi Scott."

"Hi Star."

Star had obviously taken more care than usual with her appearance. One side of her thick brown hair was held back with a hair comb. The rest fell loose over her shoulder. Her top was a loose filmy white blouse. Her breasts were indistinct shadows beneath it. He didn't think she had a bra on, but couldn't be quite sure. Instead of her usual long flowing skirt, she wore a tight mini skirt that flared out at the hem. Her legs were bare and her feet sported a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals.

She waited at the door fro Scott's eyes to finish traveling up and down her body.

Scott smiled at her and said, " I'd bet $100 that you're not wearing any underwear under that skirt."

"You'd win that bet." She crossed to him and sat straddled across his lap. She kissed him deeply. His hands slipped up her thighs under her skirt where he did indeed find only the soft smooth cheeks of her ass.

"So," Star said when they'd come up for air. "I haven't heard from you in awhile. Couldn't you find a playmate this semester?"

"That's not it."

"So you do have a new playmate. Then what do you want from me?" She asked kissing him again.

This time he broke the kiss quickly. "Wait, Star. That's not it."

"You don't want to fuck? Then why are your hands all over my ass?"

"It's not that simple. If you'd just let me explain."

Star sat up straight and rested her hands demurely in her lap.

" You remember my wife, Melissa, and the car accident?"

"Yeah," Star pushed her hips against his crotch. "We stopped seeing each other because you were so busy taking care of her."

"Well you know she's paralyzed?"

"Yeah," Star rocked her hips forward again.

"Stop doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"You know what, Star." Scott moved his hands under her shirt and kneaded her breasts. "If you're not going to be good, I'm going to have to distract you."

"Ooooo goodie. Promise?"

"Promise. First look up at the top shelf."

Star looked up. "Oh, a camera." She smiled and blew it a kiss. "Who are we performing for?"


Star raised her eyebrows. "Wow. So this how she's getting her jollies now. By watching you fuck co-eds in your office."

"Lately," Scott started unbuttoning the bottom buttons of her blouse. Star started unbuttoning from the other end.

Scott continued. "Now she wants something more. More intimate. More interactive."

"Oh yeah. Like what?" Star asked pushing open her blouse and lifting her splendid breasts up to Scott.

Scott bent down to nibble one. "She wants to be there." He moved to the other nipple. "Right there in the room. Up close and personal."

Star fondled the other breast, leaned her head back, and moaned. The very thought of fucking Scott in front of his wife turned her on immensely. "Oh that would FUN."

Scott looked up in relieved surprise. "You think?"

"The thought makes me hot as hell." She answered undoing his pants. She grabbed his cock and pulled it out. She lifted herself up and came down with his cock firmly tucked into her pussy. The both moaned in unison.

Star started rocking on his cock. "So I'd come over to your house and we'd get naked and fuck in your living room with Melissa sitting in her wheelchair watching us?"

Scott was busy with her breasts – kneading and tasting them. "Well, I hadn't thought through the details yet, but yeah, basically."

"You were too busy thinking how much you'd like to fuck me with someone watching."

"I was too busy thinking how much I missed your pussy." Scott grabbed her ass and pulled her hard onto his cock. Star couldn't reply because Scott was pulling and pushing her ass. Impaling her on his cock. Star grabbed onto his shoulders and started pulling with him. "Oh God YES! This is fantastic."

Scott was silent and just continued driving her to orgasm. Star's body began trembling just as he remembered. She started moving desperately against him. Her eyes closed, her body shaking. Rocking harder and harder against him. Scott dropped his hands to his side and just let her go. It was like he was hardly there. He wasn't a person, but just the object she was using to get off. Her face was screwed up in concentration. Then without warning, it exploded open with a yell and she thrashed about on his lap. He had to grab her hips to stop her from falling off.

When she finally collapsed over his chest with her head laying limply on his shoulder he asked, " Did you have fun?"

"Oh yea." She breathed.

"Good. My turn."


"On your feet, girl. Bend over the desk."

"Give me a sec." Star answered. She took a couple of deep breaths and kissed him on the cheek. She raised herself off his lap and bent over the desk. With a flip of her skirt she showed him her beautiful ass. She watched him over her shoulder as he came up behind her and without preamble shoved his cock back up her pussy. She sighed in contentment – happy to be so full again. He bent over her and kissed the back of her neck. Then he bit it – hard. At the same time, he started to pound the holy shit out of her cunt. Now it was her turn to be simply his means to get off. He straightened back up and sped up his stroke. He could hear her gasping and saw her knuckles go white from holding on to the desk. Harder and harder, he fucked her pussy until he felt his balls tighten and his cock swell and he filled her pussy with cum. Not it was his turn to collapse across her body breathing heavily.

After a couple of minutes Star said, "Professor Scott, you're kinda heavy."

"Oh sorry." He stood and pulled up his pants while Star tidied herself up. Scott sat in his chair and Star sat on the desk with her feet resting in his lap. There was an awkward silence for a moment then they both laughed.

"God," Star said. "I had forgotten how much fun sex is with you."

"Same here."

Star looked up at the camera. "I hope your wife enjoys it too."

"She will."

Scott continued. "So you'd be cool with coming over sometime?"

"Hell yeah. Weekends are best for me. Probably the same for you."

"Yeah. I'll talk to Melissa and call you."

"Call or email. Either way." Star grinned. "This is going to be a blast."

Scott grinned back at her. "You bet your ass it will be."

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