Scouries Family: Chrissies Tale



"It is your name isn't it," he asked tentatively, unsure of his boldness now as I looked into his eyes. "I mean you don't mind, do you?" he stammered, "I'm sorta an adult now, I don't want to call you Auntie the rest of my life."

"Well, I guess. Seeing you're my computer man this summer," I conceded as I quickly enfolded him in my sticky arms and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Yeckkkk," he protested my gooey hands, but he was smiling now; relieved he'd got away with it. "Now c'mon my beautiful Chrrrissieeeee," he said with a soft, luring emphasis, "let's get this computer rolling."

"Well Mr. Adult, maybe you better get cleaned up and dressed while I'm washing."

"I'm dressed," he laughed as he leapt away from me, his penis, his balls, dancing wildly under the thin cotton.

"In this house we don't consider wandering around in your underwear dressed young man," I said in my most serious voice.

"You better tell Uncle Dwayne then, God, I ran into him in the kitchen late last night and all he had on were a pair of pale blue jockey shorts with a big hole in the rear."

"He did not!" I insisted firmly, while knowing it had probably happened, another one of Dwayne's midnight raids on the fridge.

"It was an ugly sight Auntie," were his last laughing words before he fled.

'BOYS', I thought as a quiver of excitement flooded into every nerve in my body.


The next two days we circled each other warily, somehow both of us sensing what was to happen, scared...

I did my pottery in the morning while he slept; Jimmy never seemed to rise before eleven. "I was on the computer til three-thirty," he'd explain when he'd finally wander downstairs, invariably only in his boxers, his 'equipment' all too clear to my wandering eyes.

We'd swim after he'd given me another lesson on the new computer. I don't know which was worse (or better); the two hours sitting in front of the screen, his arm across the back of my chair gently touching me while our thighs pressed warmly together, or watching him by the pond as he sat next to me clad in his almost see through suit.

He had a teenage boys hunger and desire and I knew he couldn't help himself, couldn't stop from trying to impress his older aunt.

"You've got a great tan," he'd said out of the blue Tuesday while I lay on my stomach next to him, still wet from a recent swim.

I sat almost paralyzed when I felt his fingers calmly brush the damp droplets from my back. "You need some sunscreen," he whispered, and then I felt a cool drop of cream fall onto my shoulder.

"No, I'm okay," but almost whimpered as his strong hands massaged the white liquid over my shoulders.

He undid my strap, my "Jimmy!" hardly fazed him as he slowly caressed. Trembled when I felt his fingers slide over my sides and just momentarily touch the side of my breasts.

"Do you sunbath naked Chrissie?" he asked suddenly as his hands slid towards my bum.

"No! Now that's enough young man. Do up my strap please."

I snuck a peek over at him when he'd sat back down and couldn't help but see the tenting erection. Daddy'd been right! That little red suit couldn't hold half of it. I actually almost stopped breathing as his fingers lifted the elastic and struggled to push it down.

Oh Sweet Jesus!


I was giggling like a schoolgirl as I ran from the pond, heard his shouted complaint of "hey, that's not fair," as I bent over and tried to catch my breath.

"You cheated," he said between huffs as he ran up beside me.

"All's fair in love and war my dear nephew," I said smiling, unable not to look at his bathing suit. I had dared my nephew 'swimming champion' to a race, across the pond and back, he giving me a half pool lead. I was a good swimmer and was in good shape, but still he caught me about ten yards from the shore.

"Racing tactics Jimmy," I added, and although pulling a competitors suit down to his knees as he goes by you isn't perhaps legal in the Olympic Games, it turned out to be a winning strategy against my nephew. "Imagine a strong, young athlete letting an old woman beat him."

The suit was still low on his hips, so much so that his blond pubic hair was in plain view and the first inches of the base of his shaft were exposed.

"I can't believe you did that...I mean you're my Aunt," he complained even as he flexed his chest for me.

"I thought I was Chrissie," I laughed.

"You lied too."

"About?" I asked as I posed with a hand on my hip. God, you're flirting with your nephew, stop it, I ordered myself.

"About your supposed tan lines, I don't see much white on your rear Auntie," he accused.

I looked behind my back, saw how my suit had slipped down in my last mad rush, saw the beginning of my crack, one tanned cheek almost completely bare.

"So, how come you have no tan lines anyway?"

"That's my natural color," I lied as blushing I pulled up my suit.

"Liar. You tan naked, don't you? I don't think your little skinny dip with Mom was the first time you've been nude out here this summer," he teased. "Does Dwayne tan naked too?"

I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Dwayne's big body flopping nude on the grass. "Don't," I protested when I saw he was ready to add more.

"So do you? Tan naked," he asked with a glint in his eye.

"Maybe. Maybe when I'm all alone," I admitted, looking deep into his blue eyes as I spoke. "But if you tell any..."

"I like swimming naked, feeling my body in the water...the sensation as the water flows over penis..." Jimmy surprised me by admitting. "Do you?"

"Maybe... Sometimes... OK, Yes... Not my penis of course," I giggled like a schoolgirl. Jesus, what was happening to me, I just used the word 'penis' in front of my nephew.

"So you won't mind," he said as he lowered his red suit. "If I swim naked," he added as he watched my eyes flick hungrily to the shaft I'd been imagining for ten days.

"Only when you're alone Jimmy," I meant to order, but he had already turned and was racing into the water when my words reached him.

Oh God! What'll I do now, I thought as I watched the hard, round mounds of his white ass as he stroked out across the pond.


When I checked my e-mail that night there was one new message. It was from jimmy:

'31 is old?'s only u i dream of make me...i shouldn't say...I attached a pic...u r supposed to learn about pics monday...can u open this one?...can we go to the beach together next week?...just u and i ......u r my only girl...luv u - j.s.'

I had no clue about how to open his bloody attachment but I was up half the night wondering about it; and then I dreamt.

Dwayne was home most of that weekend and Jimmy spent most of his time with his new friends from the village. I was horny and excited the whole two days. I missed him!


"I missed you Chrissie," I heard whispered in my ear as I felt two strong hands slide onto my shoulders and down my arms.

"Jimmy, don't," I squealed, "let go, you'll ruin the bowl."

I felt his fingers drop off my upper arms, felt them slide down to my sides near my waist. "I've got to concentrate," I giggled as I tried to recapture the rhythm of the wheel, tried not to lose the shape I'd been trying to create for the last twenty minutes.

"Do you always do your pottery dressed like this," he asked, his lips just inches from my ear.

"It was hot," I mumbled back, still trying to concentrate on the clay shape before me but I knew from where he stood he could just look down and see my full breasts. I'd often just wear short cutoff tank tops while I worked in the summer heat, and this old, ripped one I had on today was wide open as I bent over my work.

Concentrate, I ordered myself even as I felt soft fingers moving over my stomach, as I felt them slide upwards, as I felt two palms lightly cup the undersides of my full breasts, as I felt a thumb tentatively flick over a now erect nipple. "JIMMY," I moaned as I jumped up from the stool, my work ruined.


"I'm sorry about before," I heard as I opened my eyes. I'd been sitting on the chaise lounge tanning for the last ten minutes, the only sounds the rhythmically splashes as Jimmy did lap after lap of the pond.

"What?" And then looking added, "JIMMY!" as I saw his nudity.

"You don't really mind do you?" he asked as stood next to my chair, the droplets of water gleaming as they slid down his naked body. "Me swimming naked."

"Only when you're alone Jimmy!" I tried to hiss.

"Okay. But I don't count you, you're family," he said as he plopped down into the chair next to mine. After a minute or two he said, "It's okay to look Chrissie."


"I mean, it's natural to be interested in it," he chuckled with a teenager's cockiness.

"You're terrible," I said trying to, but not succeeding, in sounding cross. "It looks normal, healthy anyway," I finally stammered as I let my eyes hover. "You better not burn it," I warned as I offered him some Hawaiian Tropic.

He knew he had the upper hand, even at eighteen sensed his advantage over his old Aunt, and of course said, "Maybe you could do it," as he held his penis in one hand and the tube of sunscreen in the other and offered both to me.

I couldn't help but watch as he squeezed a fat dollop of thick, white cream into his palm and then slowly applied it, stroking his now urgently growing cock through the sticky tunnel he'd formed.

"Jesus," I murmured as it grew bigger and bigger, lengthening finally to an almost incomprehensible size. It'll never fit, I thought, unable to stop a liquid tingling deep in my cunt.

"I have to go to town, I'll see you at dinner," I said as I jumped from my chair and hurried towards the house.


He explained attachments, downloading, 'my pictures', simple editing tricks after dinner. Then he watched grinning as I opened his picture from last week. "JIMMY!" I screamed.

"You okay honey?" Dwayne asked looking up from the TV.

"Yes dear," I answered as I stared at a picture of my nephew lying naked in his bed, his huge, yes huge, sexual appendage rising proudly hard against his stomach.

"You are bad," I mouthed at the grinning teen, my threatening wave of a finger only seeming to egg him on more.


Late that night I sat in bed, my laptop on my knee, the folder with the secret picture open. The laptop was hot on my thighs as I zoomed in on the picture, slowly it grew until his erection almost filled the screen...I shuddered as my finger slipped across my mound and found and uncovered my throbbing clit...But just as I computer suddenly beeped, announcing a new e-mail, impatient I opened yahoo...jimmyscouries@...

'i dare u to send me a pic of u – naked...luv u'

What a little scamp he was...but as I fell asleep I wondered if he'd like my breasts, my blond curls, my mound, my tanned ass, my pink insides....


"Hi," I heard sung out in the only voice I wanted to hear.

"Hi yourself," I said as I quickly took my eyes from my work table and looking up smiled. "You're up early," I teased.

"It's only eleven," he answered nonchalantly as he wandered around the table, examining my latest creation. "It's good."

"And you're still wearing your underwear around the house," I admonished.

"Should I take them off?"

"Jimmy!" I warned.

"Do you do any other stuff Chrissie? I mean besides the containers, the bowls, the plates."

"Like what," I asked, suddenly nervous.

"I don't know, people, abstracts..."

I couldn't stop my eyes from darting towards the storeroom door, saw how Jimmy's followed them, saw the curiosity, saw him move towards... "No! Don't!" I ordered as I rushed to intercept him.

"You do then. Can't I see them?" he asked as he approached me, my back resting on the hard plank door.

"They're private," I whispered, panicking at he thought of this beautiful boy looking at my secret art.

"You don't let anyone see them? Not even Mom or Gramps?" Seeing the blush, seeing the almost violent shake of my head, he moved closer, stopping just inches from me, dominating me with his maleness, his size, his smell. "Can't I look Chrissie," he asked as his hand stole to the doorknob.

"You won't tell anyone....promise me Jimmy," I pled as I heard the knob turn.

"I'd never hurt you," he whispered as his bare chest rubbed against me. "I love you," I heard as I felt his hardness poke against me, and then, "OH MY GOD", as the door opened and he saw my treasures within.

He slipped by me, his passion momentarily forgotten as looked around the room, his mouth wide open in amazement.

Watching him I felt an extraordinary elation, actually felt the weight I'd carried for years fall from my shoulders. Someone's finally seen my real work I thought. For minutes he didn't say anything, just moved around the room, picking up various pieces, touching them, experiencing them.

How can I describe them? They were of people, recognizable people. Between eighteen and twenty-four inches tall most of them. Primitive. Exaggerated. Erotic. SEXUAL. Mouths and breasts and cocks and cunts and bums. Open. Hungry. Waiting. Like me!

"Mom?" he suddenly asked, holding one of my first works, one of Mandy in the last weeks of her pregnancy I'd done from a picture.

"Uh huh. And you of course."

"It's so beautiful! You've got to show it to her," he insisted. Lifting another, one of me, he turned back laughing. "They're so powerful, so sexy...I want to make love to it," he yelled as he pulled his penis through his shorts and brought the pink painted ceramic opening to his cockhead.

"Jimmy!" I protested, but laughing, unable to conceal my happiness.

"Is this me?" he demanded holding up one I'd done two summers ago. "Its way too small," he complained as his fingers trailed across the tiny erect penis.

"I didn't know," I laughed as I compared the huge, raging reality with the miniscule clay copy.

"God, all the penises are small," he said as he eyes roved around the room looking at the male statues. Look at poor Dwayne," he chuckled holding up one of my husband. "You've even given gramps a baby one. You better not show it to him," he warned.

"We can sell them, you'll be rich, famous," he said suddenly as he danced around me, his big penis dancing in the air.

"No, I couldn't....people would think I'm perverted, sick..."

"I'll set up a web site. We'll sell direct," he enthused as I saw a hundred ideas flash across his face. "Scouries Erotic Ceramics, something like that," he said snapping his fingers.

"But," I protested feebly, liberated finally now that someone had seen them.

"But there's no way we're selling this one," he insisted, "There is no way people are going to think my prick is that small."

"It was done two years ago Jimmy. It's a good likeness," I teased.

"My ass," he huffed. "You've got a do a new one. Today! Okay? Will you?" he demanded as he pulled me to him. "Please."

"Yes honey," I agreed as I felt the silk skinned giant against my stomach, "whatever you say."

I would have fallen at his feet, wanted to feel his perfect piston in my liquid insides, would have licked him from head to toe, would have...but

...but the moment passed and within minutes I was working, eager to create something that captured his sexual power, his beauty...

"So how long is it anyway?" I timidly asked, as I circled him with my new camera, snapping from every angle.

"Nine inches."

"Liar," I accused.

"Measure it!"

"I will!" It was! Jesus! "I want to take a mold of it," I then added as I turned to get my tools.


"Professional secret," I laughed as my fingers roamed over his sack, felt his balls, struggled to fit around the heavy shaft. So I'll always have your cock, I could have told him.

I shooed him away after an hour, told him to go to town, that I had hours more of serious work to do, that I worked better alone.

"Okay, but Chrissie"

"Yes sweetie?"

"Make it even a little bigger....I mean exaggerate"

"You silly boy, most people will already think I've exaggerated."

I made three pieces that day, the first a two foot high statue in the style of my others, his erect cock obscenely pointing. The other two were perfect, life-sized, exact anatomical copies of Jimmy's engorged prick. I fired them all once that night and finally left my workroom exhausted and elated.

But not before stripping, and then using the timer on the digital camera, I took a picture of me standing naked next to the statue of Jimmy I'd just fashioned. And then I took another, this one of me holding the small pricked Jimmy statue in the crook of my arm, his wide open mouth inches from my nipple, my baby finger lightly touching the immature cockhead.

I'll e-mail him that one tonight, I promised myself laughing.

I sent it off after midnight, titled 'jimmy erect', but just as I was shutting down five minutes later I heard the new e-mail alert. jimmyscouries@ wrote,

'ha, ha...u r beautiful's 1for u...luv u...night chrissie...j.s.'

Somehow he'd captured the exact moment; the attached pic showed his penis from the side, you couldn't see any of the rest of his body, just the penis floating in the air, a strand of the whitest sperm snaking zigzag out from the crimson head.

I opened my mouth wanting to catch it! Oh my!


"Morning," we heard mumbled as Jimmy stumbled into the kitchen the next morning at 8 a.m. At least he has shorts on I thought as I drank in his bare chest.

"Golly, the city boy is up early this morning," Dwayne said with a smirk as he looked up from his paper. "Date today Jimmy?"

"No Uncle Dwayne," Jimmy answered yawning, "I just got some computer stuff to do this morning." Seeing his uncle frown he quickly added, "We're playing ball this afternoon. Over in Darlington, some of the guys invited me last weekend."

"You are? That's great son," Dwayne said excitedly, showing more interest in his nephew than he had in the last three years. "What time are you playing? Maybe I could sneak out of the office and watch a few innings."

"That would be great," Jimmy enthused, "We're going to play a doubleheader and have dinner over there before coming home. I might be late tonight Aunt Chris."

"Sheeit, don't worry about that boy. I'll come over sometime in the afternoon; I'll drive you home. Don't worry about dinner sweetie," he said to me as he grabbed his jacket and headed towards the door, "Boys night out."


"We can do it Chrissie," Jimmy said excitedly as Dwayne's car retreated down the dusty lane.

"What honey?" I asked. "And don't I get a good morning kiss from my favorite nephew?" I complained.

He simply lifted me and walked me to the wall, pinning me as his tongue forced its way between my lips, wetly searching as it penetrated my mouth. "Morning," he finally breathed into my ear as I stood gasping in his arms. My first real kiss!

"What can we do?" I purred between pants, thinking we could do it right on the kitchen floor, right this instant.

"Sell your art pieces. I worked on a design for a website all night. C'mon, I'll show you," he insisted as he led me resisting towards his room. It wasn't the computer I wanted!

"Look, the opening page will look something like this," he explained when his computer screen came to life.

'GLAZED CAROLINA EROTICA' danced across the screen. "But honey, I can't, people will think..."

He slowly explained how e-business worked, how he could have billing and accounting organized within days. How the site could be up and selling by Monday. "But what about pricing and pictures and descriptions," I asked, suddenly now excited by the possibilities.

"That's why I got up early my beautiful girl," he laughed as he gave me a quick hug. "I have to get the pictures done before I leave for the game. You'll have to work on writing some descriptions, you know, arty stuff," he added as his lips found mine. "And may I say, you taste so sweet this morning my lovely Chrissie. And don't forget, we have a date for the beach tomorrow."

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