Sean Meets Vanessa Ch. 03


"Well now, that looks like fun, I knew there must have been a reason I was lying in bed all horny and unable to sleep!" Megan nearly jumped out of her skin as she'd been intent on what she was doing and not noticed her sister making her way into the room.

"Geez, Ness, I nearly bit Dad's cock off you scared me so much! And you know we can't afford to lose this nice piece of meat," she laughed as she recovered from her fright and finished off.

"Well, as long as you didn't, there's no harm done," Vanessa laughed back as she opened the door and squeezed her way in behind her father. "Don't stop on my account Meg."

"You know, I think I might have to do up the bathroom and include an open shower," Phil said thoughtfully as he leaned back against his youngest daughter, feeling her firm nipples and lovely breasts crush against his back.

"Sounds like a great idea to me, Daddy," Vanessa replied, her hands reaching around to caress her father's chest and belly, clawing their way across his skin, pinching and pulling at his nipples as her sister worked her mouth expertly up and down the length of his engorged cock. As Megan continued to suck on Phil's cock, he talked to Vanessa about her new boyfriend and what Megan had told him they'd been up to at breakfast this morning.

"Oh it was great Daddy, it's a shame that you weren't there, because I would have got you to lie down and then I'd sit down on your cock so that it was buried in my arse. Then I'd get Sean to stick his big one into my pussy. I so want to feel two cocks in me at the same time.

"Oh god, just hearing you talk about it sounds awesome to me," Phil told her, thrusting his cock at Megan's mouth. She opened up and relaxed so that her father could thrust in and out of her mouth before he grunted and held still, his cock deep in her mouth as it pulsed and spasmed, cum spurting into her mouth. Megan let it spill out of her mouth so that it ran down her chin and dribbled onto her flat chest as she looked up at her father and licked her lips. She stood up and Phil moved out of the way as she closed in on her little sister, grabbing her and pulling her in close, their breasts crushed together as they enjoyed their wet cummy kiss.

Vanessa kissed her way down Megan's body, working her mouth and tongue towards her pleasure centre, where she ran it up and down her sister's pussy lips as the water from the shower cascaded over her tongue. Megan lent back against the wall of the shower, her father lowering his head to nibble and suck on her pert little nipples as her sister centred her tongue on her clit and started working her towards orgasm.

Vanessa slid a hand between her sister's legs, her fingers running back and forth over her shaved and aroused labia before finding her hole and burying her middle finger in it, her index finger working at her anus teasing her whilst her tongue applied further pleasure to her clit. Megan started to groan, encouraging her father and sister, telling them not to stop, that she wanted to cum and then she exploded, sighing and sliding down the wall to sit on the floor of the shower as her pussy convulsed and tensed and shook its way through its pleasure cycle.

Vanessa grabbed the soap from the holder on the wall of the shower and rubbed it all over her butt, working her fingers at her puckered little bum hole. She pushed the door of the shower open and got down on her hands and knees before reaching behind her and sinking a soapy finger as far as it would go into her butt.

Vanessa looked up at her father over her shoulder, watching his hand idly stroking his cock as it recovered its hardness. "Fuck my bum, Daddy," she said. Megan stood up from the floor of the shower and stepped out past her sister, grabbing a towel.

"I think I'll leave you two to it," she said, wrapping the towel about her nakedness before heading off to her bedroom.

"Night Megan," Phil and Vanessa said as Phil knelt down behind his youngest daughter, his cock stiff and ready to plunge inside her. He pushed it inside her pussy first, spreading her bald lips and getting lubricated from her dripping hole. Vanessa pushed back against her father's cock as it speared its way inside her. Phil thrust vigorously into his daughter's pussy until she begged him to do it to her arse.

"Please Daddy, I want to feel you in my arse, I want that big cock of yours to fuck my bottom. I want to imagine what it will be like when I have you there and Sean in my pussy."

Phil withdrew his cock from her pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her bum, pushing and easing his head inside her tight little hole. Again Vanessa pushed back against her father's cock as it speared its way inside, this time into her anus. Phil slowly eased his way in, moving out a bit, pushing back in again.

"God your arse is tight Nessy," Phil said, appreciating the sensation of penetrating his daughter's butt.

"Mmm and your cock is so big, it feels so full," Vanessa said as she was completely filled by her father's cock. "I want you to fill it with your sperm, Daddy, I want you to cum in my bum."

By now, Phil was pumping Vanessa's butt as though it were a nice little pussy, thrusting in and out, his balls slapping at his daughter's pussy lips as she moaned and groaned and told him to fuck her butt. Vanessa played with her clit until she came and the action of her muscles clenching around her father's cock was too much for him. His sperm exploded into her arse as she squealed through her orgasm. The two of the clambered back into the shower to rinse off under the water before making their way to their respective beds to sleep.

Sean looked up from the bed where he had been restrained. He was feeling a little uneasy about this. He was more than happy that Megan and Vanessa were both naked, but he certainly wasn't used to being so completely helpless. They had told him that if he needed to he could call out bingo and they'd let him up, but that he'd better not just say it lightly.

Other than the helplessness, he had no problem with the whole thing at all. After all, two gorgeous, naked women were using his body to pleasure themselves. It wasn't something you complained about really.

At the moment they were taking it in turns to suck on his cock and kiss each other in between.

Vanessa clambered up over Sean's body.

"I think its time I got what I really wanted from this," she said to him, sliding her pussy down over his cock until she was sitting with it totally buried in him. She leaned forwards to kiss him, her nipples brushing over his chest as their tongues explored each other's mouths. As they kissed, Vanessa told him that Megan was licking her anus and fingering it, but that there was an even better surprise coming.

"Come on in Daddy," Sean heard Megan say. Suddenly he felt very nervous. It was one thing to have had sex with the girls and their mother, but father's sometimes felt differently about boys that fucked their daughters…

"Now there is an offering that I just can't resist," Phil said as he walked into the room. There was his youngest daughter astride what appeared to be a considerable cock, leaning forwards, her puckered little hole being offered to him by his other daughter who was alternately licking and fingering it as Vanessa slid up and down Sean's pole.

"Yes Daddy, that hole is for you," Vanessa said as she felt Phil's weight upon the bed. She held still as she felt the tip of his cock pushing against her anus as it had done a couple of nights previously in the shower. She could also feel Megan's hands spreading her arse cheeks and guiding her father's cock into her sisters bum hole. Phil slid deep inside his daughter.

Sean couldn't believe that he was feeling another cock enter this girl through the membrane separating her anus and pussy. He really couldn't believe that the other cock in this girl was her father's! He wasn't in much of a position to move, but once Vanessa's Dad started pumping his cock in and out of her arse, there was more than enough friction and movement to keep his cock pleasured.

"Oh god, I can't believe how full I am! Fuck me you two, I'm going to explode!" Vanessa called out. Just the announcement was too much for Sean who started cumming, his seed filling Vanessa's pussy. Vanessa cried out as she too came, quickly followed by her father. "Oh I feel like such a dirty slut, its awesome, Vanessa said, collapsed on Sean's chest.

"Well don't think you get to be the only one," Megan said, climbing on the bed as Vanessa rolled off of Sean. Megan took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him back to full size. Sean could hardly stand it he was so sensitive from just cumming, but he was tied up and Megan didn't give him a chance to do anything about it as she all but swallowed his cock. As soon as he was erect Megan jumped on his cock which slid easily inside her sopping wet pussy.

Phil, came back from the bathroom, where he'd washed himself to see Vanessa returning the favour Megan had done for her, licking and poking her sister's anus in preparation for their father's cock. As Phil took up his position and started to fuck his other daughter's arse, Vanessa lay down beside them on the bed, cum oozing from her bum and pussy as her fingers twiddled in her hole. She started talking dirty to Megan, telling her she was a dirty little slut-whore, her own father fucking her arse with another cock in her pussy.

Vanessa's antics were enough to drive all of them over the edge and soon, Megan lay beside Vanessa, her holes oozing sperm just like her sister's.

"Well, I assume you're Sean," Phil laughed as he was finally untied.

"Yes Sir," Sean said.

"Glad you could help me out," laughed Phil, heading to the shower. Megan and Vanessa both laughed, telling Sean that see, there was nothing to worry about.

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