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Secret Crush


Today, my wife had gone shopping in London for the day and it was my turn to pick up my petulant 18 year old stepdaughter. She's in her final year at sixth form college, so, soon she'll be leaving. What she'll be doing then I have no idea. Annette has a mind of her own.

In fact, it's usually my turn to pick her up, because, I'm the one that does most of my work at home. I don't really mind doing this little chore, as she is a beautiful girl and a joy to look at. She is my step-daughter and we don't get on very well despite my eager and pitiful attempts to win favour. She seems to take for granted, anything I do for her. One of these days I might even get a smile. You never know.

Luckily, I had found a good parking spot right outside the college entrance. It was a building separate from the main secondary school, but, despite it being a sixth form for 18 plus girls, school uniform was still compulsory. However, what was especially nice was that the girls rebelled by insisting on wearing their skirts very short. Eye-catchingly short.

Annette was already on her way across the yard, talking animatedly with a group of pretty young girls. It was a sight to see, especially for a leg lover like me and the small group of elderly admirers who made it their business to be in the vicinity when the school bell sounded.

Just then a man tapped me on the shoulder.

"Excuse me pal," he said. "I've turned my ankle. Any chance of a lift?"

We were going his way anyway, so, having some sympathy with his plight, I said "Yes."

Annette was nearly at the car, an eighteen year old beauty looking sensational in that uniform. Great legs, just like her mum. And she was so very pretty with her green eyes and auburn hair.

It was such a pity we didn't get on. A shame she treated me like dirt and argued with me all the time, because, although she didn't know it, her 35 year old stepfather worshipped the ground she walked on.

She frowned. "Who's this?" Her sour expression said.

"I'm giving this gentleman a lift," I said, "He's hurt his ankle."

Next thing I knew, he was scrunched up beside Annette on the back seat.

As usual, she was showing a lot of shapely thigh. And, as usual, I had adjusted the large internal mirror so I could see. Her long lovely legs were well worth looking at and I never missed an opportunity to have a peek. She liked to sit in the back seat to distance herself from me and keep me in my place. At this time of the day, I was her chauffeur.

I had long since pushed the passenger seat well forward and folded it down. "It's broken," I would tell passengers. But, it gave me a much better view of Annette in the mirror and more leg room for her.

I moved the car safely off the kerb and into the road, but still, I was focusing on the rear view mirror. I liked the way her white stockings stopped a few inches above her knee, thus showing a lot of creamy bare thigh.

The stranger leaned across her and whispered something in her ear. She giggled and I was amazed. It was so unlike her. She had lost that bored, "whatever" expression on her face. She seemed interested in what he was whispering to her and their secret conversation went on for a while.

But my eyes really popped, when I saw his hand slide up her short skirt. "Uuugh, what lovely legs" he growled.

I opened my mouth to admonish him, but, stalled when I glanced in the mirror again and saw that he had exposed her panties. "So lovely," he drooled.

Wow! you can say that again...I thought.

"Daddy?" I heard Annette say, puzzled.

I looked out at the road and felt guilty. She was right, why wasn't I saying anything?

My eyes were drawn back to that mirror. He had her knees up now and his hand was sliding up and down the backs of her thighs. I was gaping open mouthed, staring at what was on show.

"Yeah...what silky smooth skin," he drooled

Annette cleared her throat. I guess she was expecting me to intervene and was obviously confused as to why I wasn't.

"Erm...please stop that," I said in a clearly inadequate tone. And, by the next time I looked, a second or two later, her skirt was right up, exposing so much naked bare thighs; so much young beauty.

I was fascinated. I could barely keep the car on the road because my eyes were straying so much to the rear view mirror. A very dangerous practice, indeed. Luckily, the roads weren't busy.

"Aaagh," I gasped in shock, as I saw his hand stray across to the front of her panties.

I didn't say a word, because, I wasn't her Stepfather anymore, I was an eager VOYEUR and frozen into that moment.

"Oooh" she murmured, "please don't do that," but her protests were as ineffective as mine.

I heard myself say something, but, I might as well have been talking to myself.

I looked up. Fortunately, we had reached our house. It was a miracle we hadn't crashed. I stopped the car, so relieved. My nightmare had ended, or so I thought.

I got out and opened the rear kerbside door, ready to give this brazen chap a real earful.

Annette got out first, busily, smoothing down her skirt. "Daddy...what the...?"

It was like I was in a trance, as I watched him scoop her up and carry her into the house. She might have screamed, but, fortunately, she didn't.

I hurried after them and was in time to see him kick the door open and carry her up the stairs...No evidence now of a sprained ankle.

"Where's your bedroom, honey?" He asked.

I saw her arm go out, pointing the way.

I bolted into her room after them. "Now look here" I said, angrily.

He pulled a chair out and sat me in it. "Sit" he ordered, like I was a little puppy dog...

My words spluttered to a standstill. I was such a wimp. Perhaps, that was why my wife was leaving me for someone else. Wordlessly, I slumped into the chair.

He pushed the door shut and faced her.

"Take your clothes off, darling, every stitch," he said in that stern voice that neither of us could seem to disobey.

At first, she just stared at him and I waited for her fierce temper to erupt. Surely she wouldn't...

Then I watched, spellbound, as my delicious 18 year old step-daughter started to strip. I couldn't believe she was actually doing it. Nobody, but nobody, told Annette what to do. And yet, here she was, meekly complying with this stranger's instructions.

My world seemed to just stand still, as I just sat there...fascinated.

She wasn't wearing much for the summer's day at college. A blazer, a white blouse, bra, skirt and panties. First, she took off her blazer and carelessly threw it onto a chair. Then she slowly started to unbutton her blouse as I held my breath, spellbound.

I gasped at how erotic this act was and how revealing. The blouse soon came off and followed her blazer onto the chair. Then, taking her time, she reached back to unclasp her bra.

She had smallish tits but nicely shaped ones. It was the first time I had seen them. I licked my lips, forgetting in that moment the huge liberties this brazen stranger was taking with our daughter. I should be protecting her, not ogling her body like a dirty old man. And why wasn't I getting angry, calling the police or something?

I must have been too engrossed watching her strip. And this guy had magically got her to do it.

But I was ogling, shamefully so, and I was desperate now to see her take off her uniform skirt.

Slowly continuing, she reached down for the zip and eased it down. She had my full attention.

Then it fell effortlessly down to her shoes and she was stepping out of it. Exposed at last were her long slim shapely legs. We both looked, the stranger and I. They were something to see.

I could sense a change, because, maybe, Annette was starting to enjoy this; having two adult men feasting their eyes on her young female body.

Seizing back control, she started to do things her way.

Without being asked, she put her hands back and undid her pony-tail. Then she trussed up her dark hair letting it cascade down past her shoulders. After that, she kicked off her functional school shoes and from under the bed produced high heels.

She put them on, as if to say, "Look guys, my legs look better in these." And they did.

She wasn't frightened, not one bit, I could tell by the way she sexily showed off those lovely legs. She knew I liked them...she must have known. I ogled them every chance I got.

My throat went all dry. A fantasy of mine was coming true. I was in her bedroom and she was well into a striptease.

Then, slowly her hands gripped her panties, teasing us with just how long she was going to keep us waiting. Her knowing little smirk said it all. Two men in the room, but, she was in control. Finally, she eased them down and they dropped quickly over the smooth skin of her legs.

He made her hand them over after she got them off her shoes: He sniffed them, appreciatively.

Then he tossed them over to me: "Here Daddy, you sniff too."

And, even though she was watching me, closely. I couldn't resist doing the same. There was that sexy, musky, young female smell and I breathed in deeply. For a few seconds I was in another world. "Oooogh" I growled. My cock was getting so hard. It was poking out a bulge in my trousers. Annette must have seen.

"Daddy lusts after you, something rotten, Sugar, we know his little secret now, don't we?" He laughed.

Annette was looking at me open mouthed. I knew my face was blushing red with guilt.

"Legs apart, sweetheart, your Daddy wants a better look at your pussy."

"Don't you Daddy?"

He was so right about that, I was even leaning forward in my chair to get a closer look.

"Yes," I admitted shamefully

Thankfully, she did as she was told and turned towards me. I was seeing her young female pussy for the first time. I liked what I saw. My heart was positively thumping with excitement. I wasn't even ashamed.

"Come on, then, don't be shy, love," he said gently." Go closer to him: display that pussy. Show him what you've got. You can see that he's enjoying it."

I thought she would go hysterical, but, she didn't. She was very calm.

Annette slowly came towards me in a swaying sexy motion. It wasn't very far, but, she took her time. She had a knowing smirk on her face, as she pushed her pussy up towards me. It was neatly shaven, with just a little segment of hair above her vagina. It seemed to me she was a young woman now, no longer a schoolgirl.

"Does Daddy like it?" She asked huskily.

"Oh God, YES," I whispered.

He was watching us closely and seemingly determined to emphasise my fallen morals.

"Kiss, Kiss," he ordered.

And I kissed her THERE as she thrust it into my face. I kissed and licked my own stepdaughter's vagina. And she just kept pushing it at me as if to say. Take it, take all you want.

The guy who had come home with us seemed to fade into the background, as Annette got a hold of my tie and led me to her bed. Time just stood still as I started to kiss and fondle her near naked body. I think I must have covered every inch of her bare flesh. Then, as I decided to take off all my clothes, I noticed the guy was gone. But, I was too excited to bother, as I was getting my fill of Annette. Her legs were spread wide and she was urging me on. I kissed her on her small breasts, then headed down to enjoy her lovely legs and thighs. All the time smoothing my hands across her silky smooth skin.

Then we started to kiss and it was magic, as her soft lips met mine. My tongue, snaked into her mouth, and, my world shook, as the little minx flicked hers against mine. It was so unreal and exciting. I had thought she hated me and there we were snogging passionately. My hands encompassed her narrow waist, then slid down to possess her pert young bum. How wonderful it was to hold her perfect young body like that and have her to myself. It seemed that now she would deny me nothing.

The temptation to fuck her was too great and before long I was doing just that. As I rolled on a condom, she opened her legs encouragingly. Almost immediately, my cock found its way into the flesh folds of her young pussy. I thrust it in, all the way; into that tight, wet, sex channel. Was it really happening? Was it real? Her soft desperate moans confirmed that it was.

We had wonderful sex right up to the moment I heard Fiona, my wife, come in through the front door. We must have been on that bed for over an hour.

Annette moved like lightening and disappeared into the bathroom. I dressed quickly, and just made it out of her bedroom in time, vowing that next time we would have to be much more careful.

Later, when I went downstairs, I was horrified to discover that a few of my wife's expensive ornaments had disappeared from the mantelpiece. I realised that we had been robbed by the cheeky sod who had tricked me into giving him a lift. He had probably had his eye on those valuable trinkets all along. Probably had seen them before on a previous visit. And, he had chosen the right moment to disappear downstairs, when we were fully occupied having sex; helping himself to a few choice treasures on the way out.

Not surprisingly, we never saw him again. But if I ever had seen him I would have thanked him rather than admonish him for his burglary. Well, that was before I realised the exact worth of what he had taken.

My wife was barely speaking to me at that time, and, after that unsavoury incident, stopped altogether. We had long since fallen out of love and before I had developed the "hots" for her teenage daughter. She didn't accept my rather pathetic explanation of a daytime robbery. I mean, I could hardly tell her the whole truth now, could I?

In the end, I had to agree to pay her back the full cost of replacing the missing items. It came to the best part of £2000.

After that, she spent most of her time with her new lover and I had Annette all to myself. How wonderful that was, I can't begin to tell you. After that strange and wonderful afternoon, there was nothing (and I mean nothing) that this lovely young girl wouldn't do for me. Picking her up from college every day was my daily treat. Now, every weekday, she sat in the passenger seat of my car and pulled her skirt up, so I could feast my eyes on those fantastic young legs.

We got on really great and her appetite for sex was breath-taking.

When the time came for my wife to move out, she got a big surprise when Annette, my step-daughter, decided to stay with me. "You're my Daddy" she said, "Why would I want to leave you?"

Although, she wouldn't admit it, I think Fiona was quite relieved that Annette wasn't going with her, I don't think her new man would have appreciated that. She knew how difficult Annette could be, especially, when she didn't approve of Gary, Fiona's new love interest.

Every day, Monday to Friday, I live for the moment when I see Annette coming out of the college premises and walking sexily towards me. The most beautiful young girl in town is smiling at me and heading straight for my car.

When we arrive home, I just love it when she teases me in her uniform, including those sexy white stockings that end just 2 or 3 inches above her knee. She sits me down and starts to pull up her skirt, ever so slowly, sliding it up an inch at a time; So much slender bare thigh on show. She knows she has me captivated when she does that, especially, when her little green panties come into view. But, it's not over until I see her pull that skirt higher still... and waist high.

Oh, man...


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