tagMind ControlSecret Sins Ch. 16

Secret Sins Ch. 16


Emerald Park

"Hi Seraphine!" I cheerily greeted.

I'd found her upstairs in my quarters, standing at the kitchenette counter as she mixed a drink from what looked like a new 1.75L bottle of Smirnoff vodka. She still seemed upset at our earlier conversation about boundaries and, at the mention of her real name, I saw her mood darken yet further. As for me, I was horny as hell, and I really didn't care what kind of mood she was in. All I could see was her perfect body in those black yoga pants and white blouse that left her midriff bare.

"I said you could use it, Tara. You don't have to test it."

"I like the sound of it," I told her, leaving my purse and Bible on a small stand by the door.

"I told you I hate it," her murky voice reminded.

Putting a little extra oomph into my hips, I walked behind the counter, stopping so close that our tits were almost touching as I explained, "I know, and I know why you feel the way you do about it, but to me it's beautiful. Like you. I don't think of what your mother was thinking when she named you that, I only think of how much I love you. Now that I know what your real name is, I could never call you Donna ever again. It totally does not suit you."

"Yup, and to hell with how it makes me feel, right? Is th- Tara!"

I'd slid down her body, opening my thighs to squat in front of her as I smiled hornily up at her.

"You're not going to make me feel better about this by- (gasp!)"

I'd buried my face between her upper thighs, pressing my mouth to her crotch to lick and nibble as I grinned up at her.

"Tara, stop...!" she insisted, her body jerking to my mouth's attention as I just kept on going. "You're... getting my yoga pants all wet..." she complained, her voice now uneven as she slowly parted her thighs for me. "Oh my god... Oh my god, you little whore..."

Using lots of saliva, I licked and nibbled all the more effectively as her thighs parted further and further for me, soaking the crotch of her yoga pants until they were shiny black.

"Ooo, yeah... oooh, yeah... oooh-hh, my pussy!"

When she slowly hung the back of one of her thighs on my shoulder, at the same time lewdly sticking her pelvis out, I knew I had her. As her hand cradled the back of my head in encouragement, I grabbed her tushie and kept at her, enjoying how her pelvis jerked with wanton desire, the way her broken moans had given over from anger at me to lust for me.

It was perfect, the two of us. It was who we were as exceptional people, as a unique bloodline that separated us from everyone else in the world, save for those mysterious relatives she'd mentioned. It was a bond, an attraction that could never be explained or experienced outside of our family, and it was so good there between her thighs that the thought of sacrificing a life with her for anything, including my career, was nothing short of completely insane.

She came hard, yelling as she gripped a handful of my hair, humping my face in defeat to my insidious little way of getting around her anger. When she was done, I enjoyed her gasping, twitching and jerking as I sucked her essence through the cotton/lycra.

Once finished this, I rose to make out with her, she gladly returning this other physical display of my love for her until I tore myself away with a wasted grin that she shared.

"I love you, Seraphine, I panted. I love you more than anything else in this world. You're my everything, and I want you to know that I'll never leave you for anything, or anybody, ever."

Her expression of pure happiness and appreciation positively shone and, for that moment, she seemed almost human on the inside as she assured, "Tara... you're so important to me. You don't know how it makes me feel to hear you say that, especially now that you're in the know about what I am, what you are... You just have no idea how that makes me feel. I was so afraid that you'd reject me."

"Never," I breathed, nibbling on her ear as she sighed with pleasure and happiness.

"Ohhh, baby..." she sensually whispered in a long sigh, "let's go to your room and suck each other's pussies..."

"Mmmm," I agreed as my fingers got an early start on the buttons of her blouse.

She picked me up before I could finish, easily carrying me to my room where she lay me down on the bed. Both of us grinning with love and horny anticipation, we watched each other shed our clothes. When we were both naked, she climbed on the bed, straddling my face as she knew I preferred the bottom, allowing me to wrap my arms around the small of her back and feast on her naked sex as she went down on me. We sucked and licked like that for at least an hour, fingering and rubbing to one explosive orgasm after another until we finally switched positions for some variety.

"Are either of us going to do any actual work today?" she asked later.

My head was laying in the crook of her arm. I was just dozing off, having started at the sound of her voice and now returning to our naked bodies on my bed, lying together in the warm sunshine with one tangled and twisted sheet strewn half over us.

"Work?" I dazed.

"Yes, that thing you humans do, selling your lives in eight hour bundles every day until you're dead."

"(Yawn) Mmm... how uplifting. No, we're not working today. Got problems with that, assistant?"

"No, Lieutenant, Ma'am, I sure don't!" she replied in a 'dirty little girl' voice.

"See, that's good, that's the kind of attitude I need from my assistant."

"I assist you to orgasms," she said both of us laughing softly at this observation.

"I have a question," I said.

"Oh no," she moaned, me stretching with another lazy yawn. "You wretched girl, you never give up. If this were the good old days, I'd tie you to a chair."

"No you wouldn't"

"You're so god-damned right I would."

"How did you know where to find me?"


"At the bar in the mall where I... where I messed that guy up."

"Oh, that. Well, I'm aware of all my children. I know where all of them are at all times, at least as long as they do and, to an extent, I know what they're doing. I even know when they're conceived."

" ... Uh, really?"


"Even me?"

"Especially you."


"Because I gave you your birthright."


"And also because I love you so much, sweetie pie."

I smiled, basking in her feelings for me, the havoc she'd wreaked, the havoc I'd helped her wreak on others threatening to recede to an abstract reality within my subconscious.



"Will he really be okay? The guy I messed up, I mean?"

"Yeah... maybe a little slow witted, but his overall intelligence and ability to interact on a social level are all mostly intact."

"Oh my God," I fretted. "I never should have gone out. I had no idea what I was doing, but-"

"It was an accident. You didn't mean it, and it wouldn't be the first time it's happened. If anything, he was lucky."

" ... That doesn't make me feel better."

"Then take it as a lesson and make sure it doesn't happen again. Catch your prey, exploit their fear by striking fast and firm while it immobilizes them. Take that lead and maintain unrelenting pressure, pushing only when pushed at. It's like drag on a fishing reel; you wear them down and slip in with no fuss, no muss."



"I have more questions," I mildly announced.

"Well, yeah."

"I'd like to know more about our relatives. My sisters."

I knew it was a sore spot, but I felt I had a right to know, especially at that point. I was prepared to stand on that too, but I didn't have to.

"Well, I guess I had this coming," she sighed.

"How many relatives do we have?"


"Well... who are they?"

"They live on a lavish private estate, surrounded by other lavish private estates inside a gated community of..."

"Lavish private estates," I finished with a grin.

"Oui. They have a small army of staff who, in addition to taking care of said lavish estate, provide themselves as playthings. All of them."

"Wow," I muttered, thinking of that for a moment.

"Yup, they'll never want for anything, and they're practically untouchable. I must admire it for what is, the might of what my children have built."

"I still can't understand why you wouldn't have gone to them," I said. "After all these years, the only people you ever could have really connected with... especially after Angelique..."

I hoped I hadn't tread on a soft spot there, but she seemed to take that fine, replying with, "There were and are several reasons why I haven't connected with them. It began with the fact that I didn't want Coby back, added to the later fact that her daughter, Eleonore was growing up well in a stable environment. An outside environment. At the time, I was living in what they today refer to as a compound in the woods. It was much the same idea as how our relatives live now, although different in the sense that it was more a product of its own time. My point is, Eleonore was thriving despite her mother, and I was loathe to poison her life with what little I'd had to offer. She was better off on her own, and... I needed time to re-evaluate. ... Evidently, there was some local folklore about me. La sorciere de riviere" she said dramatically, chuckling a little afterwards. "This was in New Brunswick, Miramichi River region. You've probably never heard of it."

I shook my head, waiting for more.

"That's where I moved my Lapointe remnant after things went sideways there. So, after Eleonore fixed her mother, she moved to Saint John, already pregnant, bless her scarred little soul. But she made it. She was smart, daring and gained wisdom early and quickly. She was your great, great, great, great grandmother, a truly remarkable woman who you just happen to be identical to in face and body."


"You're a carbon copy."

"A what?"

"You could be her twin. Except you're blonde and your face isn't scarred up and down. You also look exactly like your mother and the sister who killed her. I don't know why, but my children often climb from recurring genepools. Anyway, as I say, Eleonore did very well for herself in Saint John, although her daughter turned out to be a sort of... pre-beatnik nitwit. But they were doing well over all, and what did I really have to offer them? The ghosts of my Miramichi compound, both the living and the dead? Please keep in mind that, when she went to Saint John, I was ninety years old and I looked like-"

She gestured to herself a little emphatically before continuing with, "-I was just then finally admitting to myself that I really wasn't aging, and if it took so long for me to stop avoiding that, how in hell could I ever present myself to Eleonore as her great grandmother, especially considering how crazy her mother was? So I left it alone.

"Ten or twelve years later, I finally left that god-damned compound for good and started living. As Eleonore's children expanded on what she'd created, eventually leading to what amounts to their own little compound in the woods, I chose to live my life out here, outsides the walls where it's real.

"Mind you, our current relatives certainly would believe me in regards to who I am if I ever were to approach them now. Your great Grandmother and one of your sisters has pieced together a family tree of sorts, and they do know about me, that I'm the first."

"They just don't know you're alive."

"One of them suspects that I may be. One thing for sure is that they don't have a clue about you."

"No. ... But Seraphine, you haven't told me who they are."

" ... Well, there's Ashleigh. She's your oldest sister, and she's the one who put together the family history. She's in her fifties, and still looks like a million bucks. She'd probably try to force me into a family museum exhibit or something.

"The next oldest is Sheila, a five foot nothing sex doll who's in her late forties, but looks as though she's in her mid-twenties and will fuck anything that moves.

"Then there's Kathleen, the youngest aside from you. Like Coby, she went some forty years before she was bonded, as they say. Yeah, Kathleen is lucky not to have ended up just like her- your- mother. She's like the most scrumptious soccer mommy you'd ever wanna lick, but don't get on her bad side, or in her way. Her mother wasn't the first person she's killed. Luckily for her, Sheila somehow acts as a sort of personality stabilizer.

"After that, there's Steven, Kathleen's son, who's in his early twenties- he's the one who suspects I still might be around- and then his lovely young wife, Kathleen the second, daughter to Sheila."

" ... Um- wait, you mean...?"

"Yup. Your niece and nephew are a loving couple and raising twins. Katlyn and Kade."

"But, they're first cousins, their children-"

"-are not affected," Seraphine interrupted. "Eleonore's daughter, Dolanna, was fathered by Eleonore's father. My line isn't affected by inbreeding any more than it is by things like cold viruses, or cavities, which is why you've never suffered any of these demeaning little things. In fact, my line depends on Incest in some ways. How else would Kathleen have given her son his inheritance and he hers, saving her from any more instability that was already brewing in that suburban monster's head."

"Oh my," I toned, quickly creating my sister and nephew in my mind, putting them together for some nice, disgustingly exciting, incestuous sex.

"Your niece is actually a lot like your mother, except she wouldn't have you jump off a bridge. They share this child like quality that Coby had... Tara, there's another reason I never contacted them all these years. A reason that I've been avoiding, but I might as well tell you. You'll find out soon enough anyway."

She paused and I knew this would be big. I didn't move a muscle as I waited for her next words.

"While I can't influence the minds of my children... all of you can influence mine."

At first, I wasn't sure I'd heard her right.

"So, you can see why I might not want to go a knock-knock-knocking on that particular door. Steven is literally afraid of the idea that I could still be around because of that damned la sorciere de riviere folktale, because every fucking thing is on the god-damned internet these days. So yeah, there'd be no telling how he'd react, and let's not forget his crazy mother, who happens to have the strongest dose of my inheritance in that house. She's strong, she's fast, she's a natural and I'm afraid of her."

Again, I wasn't sure I was hearing her right.

"I know you want to meet them," she said, "and I'm sure they'd love to meet you, if they knew about you. Ashleigh would insist on making you a part of the fold, Sheila would want sex with you immediately, Steven and young Kathleen would be suspicious as hell, and Kathleen would be... put out."

"By me?"

Seraphine nodded.

"But why?"

"Because you have an even stronger dose of my inheritance than she does."

After a heavy, momentary pause, I twisted around, looking up into her eyes, not to test her confession that she was vulnerable to me, but to see if she was serious about what she'd said.

"You shouldn't even have existed and, for that matter neither should Kathleen, Sheila and by extension, Steven, young Kathleen and their twins."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"For seven generations, from Angelique on down to Samantha, me and my daughters have always had only the one daughter to pass on what I've contributed to the line. Then, along comes your mother, an angry little child who grew into a larger, angry little child.

"I've told you that I'm aware of all my children who are alive. Well, I may be aware of them, events in their lives, but it's often like the memory of a television show and details aren't necessary available. I tell you this so that, once again, you'll understand that I have few answers, but I'll also tell you this. I do know that your mother never properly received her inheritance.

"To say that your mother was a difficult child is the hugest of understatements. Well, one day your mother went way too far and your Grandmother had had enough of her. In a blind rage, she did much damage to Marie, much like what happened with you and the man at that bar. Had Marie been an average person, she'd have been reduced to nothing more than a drooling meat sack then and there, but she was able to get up and walk away afterward. In fact, she ran away and met your half-sisters' father, ruining him and that home before finally ending up in a mental institution where you were conceived.

"Unfortunately, Samantha was somehow always able to keep what she was from Marie, meaning that Marie ran off without a clue of what had just happened, and only a damaged and deteriorating mind with which to deal with it. But, it would seem that her deteriorating sanity was only one effect of her inheritance. For the first time, one of my daughters had more than one child, one of whom, Sheila, has no abilities, but is impervious to them. Another who, also for the first time, gave birth to a male, and another, Ashleigh, who should have been the first and only one. She looks exactly like me, and even her personality is well suited to what came from me. But then, I wonder if this aberration due to what Samantha did..."

"What?" I prodded.

"Well, I wonder if it was really unintentional. I've sometimes thought that... well, that there's something guiding them. You and the others, I mean. Oh, I know it sounds stupid, but, even though I know the changes that Marie heralded were because of what her mother had done to her, I wonder if, in some larger picture, they were really by accident."

After a short silence between us, she said, "Sweetie pie, as I've said, I know you want to meet them, and I completely understand why you would. And I can't stop you. But, if you decide to go to them, please remember that they'd all want to know where you came from... and who could have bonded you."

We both stayed silent for some time after that. It gave me a chance to mull over the information she'd imparted until she finally broke the silence.

"Now, I have a question for you," she said, cuddling in to a more comfy position before getting to her question. "When are you going to resign your commission?"

" ... Why?"

"Because, I- Tara, don't ask why, you little scamp, just answer the question."

"Not just yet."

" ... You mean you're not going to answer the question just yet, or you're not going to resign-?"

"I'm not resigning just yet. Soon, but... not just yet."

"When is soon?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe Monday, maybe later if I decide I wanna use the uniform for a bit longer. I actually enjoy acting like a-"

"Sweetie pie, its best we move on."

Her tone was still pleasant, softer even, but subtly firm.

" ... Move on?"

"Yes. Remember when we both talked about leaving the prairies? Well that time is ASAP."


"You know why. I've destroyed Donna Liski's life, and if she can no longer live it the way it was, then it's only a matter of time before it'll go stale on me. Also because you've ruined your life, and the sooner we get you get out of here and started on a new one, the better that'll be."

Yes, I had ruined my life, hadn't I? In that moment, it seemed so real and final.

"It just seems so sudden," I mused. "What about the Mission? The Bennetts and Sumitra?"

"Ah, my succulent little Sumitra." Seraphine sighed sentimentally.

"Seraphine, I'm serious."

"So am I. Those puffy nipples and those wonderful, dark pussy lips with her pink... Mmmm."

"Seraphine, I need to know-"

"Tara, relax, I'll see to the Bennetts and Sumitra."

"What about Debesh?"

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