Secret Sins Ch. 16


"I couldn't care less about Debesh."

"But, what about the Bennett's house, and how we've turned them into the incest family, and how-?"

"I'll fix all that, Tara, stop worrying."

"But, how are you gonna fix them?"

"(sigh) I'm going to tell them that they love us dearly and that they'd never, ever dream of doing or saying anything that would ever hurt us and, if anybody asks any questions about us after we're gone, they've never seen or heard of us, no matter what evidence to the contrary they're presented with. I'll also be going around to the other neighbors, such as the Hubas, to make sure they're sanitized as well.

"As for what Joel did to his house, there's not a single damned thing I can do about that, no more than I can make it so that they haven't been having crazy good, incestuous sex."

"You can't leave them like that!" I balked. "They'll fall apart!"

"No they won't, and it's because I'm going to leave them like that. They're enjoying each other, they always will, and they already know better than to tell anyone. So it's what you might call a self-consuming problem. Oh, I like that."

"Are you serious?"

"Well, what would you do?" Make them forget they've ever had sex with one another?"


"But why? They're enjoying the new lives we've given them. Why ruin it for them?"

And once again, God help me, I began to see the fractured, cum soaked wisdom to her words.

"What about the Hubas?" I flung, "Donna Liski? Pastor Caraway and his wife?"

"Ta' hell with 'em."


"Where will we go?"

"Mmmm... How about... Saint John?"


"Yeah. It's a nice little city. Obviously some family history there. Gotta get going soon, though. ASAP."

"Yeah," I said, a little glum knowing this very short chapter of my life was coming to such an early close. "But, not yet. Not until you get your surprise."

"What surprise is that?"

"The one that wouldn't be a surprise if I told you what it is."


"Did people really tie their kids to chairs in the old days?"

"I did."


"Angelique was a handful, to say nothing of that warped little freak, Coby. It's a good punishment as long as they're not tied for too long, and never left alone."

"You'd be charged with child abuse for doing that today."

"Well, that's pretty tame as punishments go. You should have seen how people disciplined their kids in Lapointe. So, what's this surprise you're teasing me with?"

"Now what?" Seraphine asked, doubt in her voice as she looked at me from the passenger seat.

It was the next day, Saturday evening to be exact, and we were parked in front of what looked like a new house in Emerald Park. The small driveway was full, prompting me to take a peek at my phone to find that it was twenty after eight.

"Now we go in," I said, adding, "We're a little late, but I'm sure that's okay."

"Late for what?" she asked as I got out.

"For the surprise!" I told her before I closed the door.

I met her on the passenger side of the Salvation Army's Malibu, catching a glimpse of her pink panties as her thighs parted to get out of the car in her short, tight, black miniskirt. Her low cut, cowl collared, teal top with a floral print gave me quite a view of her cleavage and the little pink demibra holding it, and I almost salivated.

"My God, I could just eat you up," I mumbled.

The corners of her mouth twisted a little, the beginnings of a smile at my perverted compliment, but she wasn't about to be put off that easily.

"Tara, I told you I don't like surprises like this. When you first started torturing me with this yesterday afternoon, I thought you were going to take me out for dinner, or you'd seduced another one of our neighbours, or something like that."

"Trust me," I said, standing there in my non-regulation uniform. This consisted of a black skirt as short and tight as hers, a white blouse that was a tad too small, but with the rank epaulets and the appropriate Salvation Army insignias on the collar. I only had it buttoned up far enough to barely cover the top of my black lace merrywidow, part of what Seraphine referred to as my 'other uniform'. But, with my hair neatly done up under my bowler, Bible in hand, there was no doubt as to what organization I belonged to. I'd made an extra effort on makeup and hair, advising her to do the same, and the overall effect for both of us was stunning.

Marilyn Davies obviously felt the same when she answered her front door to us. However, after she got over her initial reaction, her expression turned apprehensive as she did a double take at Seraphine.

"Hi, Marilyn," I said. "I'm sorry we're late."

"Yeah, it's no problem," she said, glancing at Seraphine again with an unsure smile. "I was wondering if you'd actually show. Uh, I didn't realize you'd be bringing a guest though."

"This is Donna Liski, my assistant," I told her.

Marilyn only nodded a silent greeting to her as we waited on her front step for an invitation to come inside. For the first time since I'd met her, Seraphine was looking decidedly uncomfortable, and Marilyn wasn't looking very pleased either. I started hoping I wouldn't have to use the old family magic to make this happen.

"Um, Donna is... also my girlfriend."

" ... Uh huh," Marilyn said, a dirty grin slowly replacing her apprehension.

"Donna, this is Marilyn Davies, Hostel Co-ordinator at the Waterston Centre."

"Very nice to finally meet you, Donna."

"Likewise," Seraphine returned, her facial expression relaxing somewhat to Marilyn's weirdly perverted personality as she freely took a peek down the front of our potential host's almost indecently short, white party dress.

Easily noticing this, Marilyn's attitude loosened up yet further with, "Okay, well both of you look very lickable. So glad you wore that uniform, Lieutenant; the bible is a nice kink."

"I could take it home, or change into my regulation uniform," I offered.

"Don't be retarded," she warned, standing aside in a silent invitation for us to enter her home.

Her home was beautiful, enough so that it was obvious that her husband worked for someone who paid a lot better than the Salvation Army did. We walked forward about five feet on the beige marble floors before descending a few stairs into the large, sunken Livingroom where five or six other people stood or sat about with drinks, chatting with each other over soft music. The walls were a medium to dark brown with a lot of dark wood accents, leather furniture and earth tone mats. Plants were everywhere and the high ceiling showcased beautifully the exposed upstairs hall.

"Make yourselves at home, Ladies," Marilyn bade over her shoulder. "The kitchen's in back, and my husband is around here somewhere, not passing out drinks like he's..."

Her voice trailed off as she walked away, presumably in search of her errant husband.

"That's the woman who auctioned you off?" Seraphine asked as others in the room began to take notice of us,


"I like her."

"I thought you would," I replied

"Mmm. Sooo, is this the kind of party I think it is?"

I smiled as an attractive, middle-aged couple began their approach, offering, "Well, I'd be pretty surprised if it turned out to be a Tupperware party."

About ten minutes later, the doorbell rang and everyone called out, "Ma-ri-lyn!"

Seraphine and I were still talking to Lindsay and Don. The couple who'd approached earlier. Seraphine and Lindsay were standing quite close, the latter enthralled by my assistant's bedazzling eyes, even without being mesmerized, while Don and I were discussing the finer points of bondage. When Marilyn came hurrying through, a look of concern on her features suggesting that everyone she'd invited was already there, I thought it prudent to excuse myself in order to follow her to the door.

When Marilyn opened up to none other than Majors Brian and Alessa Hurdle, (also carrying Bibles) she only stood and stared. I wished I could see her face but, to be honest, the expressions of confused, uninformed trepidation on the Hurdles' faces was more than adequate compensation.

"Uh... what a pleasant surprise," Marilyn managed by the time I stepped up behind her. "Can I help you, Majors?"

"Hi, Marilyn," Hurdle greeted with a slightly stunned smile while Alessa hung back. "We were told to be here at eight-thirty and... it's eight thirty. Didn't realize this was your address."

"Who told you-?"

"Uh, they're here for the, uhh, party," I admitted.

Marilyn turned around and fixed me with a very unimpressed expression before turning back to them to politely say, "Just one moment please?"

"Don't go anywhere," I told them before the door closed.

"Lieutenant, do you know what kind of party this is? I mean, I know I didn't specify, and maybe I should have, but I'd kinda hoped you'd get the idea."

"I'm pretty sure I know what kind of party this is," I replied as Seraphine and Lindsay shared a nice, soft kiss on the lips, Lindsay's husband looking on with smiling approval.

"Well, let me give you a little pointer for next time," she fumed. "You don't invite people to other people's parties, especially my parties and especially not my employers! Really, Lieutenant, I mean, Donna is one thing, but those two? I don't even fucking like those two, especially Alessa, that holier than though, stuck up bitch!"

"Marilyn, I understand your reservations but, believe me, they won't be any trouble. In fact, by the time all this is over, you'll be thanking me, not to mention your other guests, especially your male guests."

"And you really think that uptight shrew is going to roll with this? Are you crazy? Even if they did, I still don't want them here, and it was totally rude of you to-"

"Gimmie a break, Marilyn! You knew I had no idea what would happen at the Funraiser, but that didn't stop you from auctioning me off to the highest bidder!"

"You enjoyed that!" she hissed. "And this is completely diff-!"

"I was drunk, and totally ignorant of why I was invited! You knew that and you didn't even so much as warn me when you were speaking to me at the bar, so the way I see it, you owe me!"


"You heard me! If you let them in, we're even but, aside from that, I'll guarantee you three things."

"Oh, god, you Salvationists... Okay, what three things?"

"Well, first of all, I guarantee you that they will roll with it. Second, I guarantee that you'll get a raise for it and, third... I guarantee that at this fall's Funraiser, you'll have the personal pleasure of auctioning off Alessa Hurdle."

She only looked at me for what must have been ten seconds before saying, "You can't possibly guarantee even one of those things."

"I got them here, didn't I?"

After another long pause, "Alright, Lieutenant. I must be crazy for trusting a Salvationist, even you, but you should know that if even one, just one of these guarantees falls through, I'm gonna want to film you and your assistant doing some extremely kinky things!"

"Okay," I agreed with a happy smile, partly because I liked the sound of that, and partly because I'd convinced her without the old 'evil eye', as I'd been coming to think of it. But especially because I couldn't help but like Marilyn. Sure she auctioned me off, but she'd done it very well.

After shooting me an odd look, she pasted a smile on her own face and opened the door. The Hurdles were still there, talking in low tones with confused ignorance still reigning over their features. Presently, they looked up with unsure smiles.

"Well, don't just stand there, you two," Marilyn crowed. "C'mon in! The more, the merrier!"

My God, she was just great.

As they entered, the other guest's conversation practically dying at the sight of them, I was able to take them aside in order to see to my guarantees to Marilyn but, wouldn't you know, Alessa was the one who started speaking first.

"I should have known you'd be here," she sneered.

"Lieutenant," her husband nervously inquired, "do you know what kind of person Marilyn Davies is? Do you have any idea what happens at these parties of hers?"

"Thanks to you, Major, yeah, I think I do. And the both of you are going to roll with her and her guests tonight. That means that you're going to be really nice to everyone and, whatever anybody wants to do with either of you, you'll co-operate. Also, you're to give Marilyn a ten percent raise."

"But, I have no control over her salary," Hurdle balked. "THQ determines-"

"Then give it to her out of your own money, I don't care. Just see to it, you... asshole."

I'd said all this with a smile on my face so as not to disrupt any further Marilyn's wide eyed guests, though I was quite enjoying myself anyway. As far as the guests went, I suppose it was easy enough for them to accept me in my non regulation uniform but, as Marilyn herself pointed out, these two were another kettle of fish entirely.

For the Major's part, he only frowned at the name I'd called him, while Alessa began to worry in earnest. Because of this, I thought I'd save my last guarantee for later. Plenty of time for that little bomb.

"Now, you two go mingle and put everybody's mind to rest so you don't ruin Marilyn's party, 'cause if you do that... Y'know what? I think you two are gonna stick with me for a little while, just to make sure you behave like you're supposed to."

With that, I began herding them back to where I was standing with Seraphine, Lindsay and Don, my smile getting wider in anticipation of all the lewd fun I'd have with these two over the course of the evening.

I didn't have to wait long.

"Miss Liski?" Hurdle asked, looking at her as though he needed glasses.

"Majors Hurdle," Seraphine greeted with surprise. Shooting me a sly grin, she looked back at our bosses, then grabbed Hurdle's crotch.

Both he and his wife gasped aloud at this completely disrespectful treatment of an ordained Pastor while Lindsay, Don and I laughed aloud with surprise. Yet, due to my instructions, he stood there and allowed himself to be groped by his totally shameless employee.

"Mmm... lucky girl," Seraphine told an aghast Alessa with a wink.

"How lucky?" I asked.

"See for yourself," Seraphine invited as she removed her hand."

"Don't mind if I do," I accepted, deftly pulling the zipper of his pants down before sticking my hand inside to renewed gasps from the Hurdles.

Grabbing his meat, I could see what Seraphine was talking about. Even soft, it was easy to tell he was well endowed, and it wasn't long before my fingers wormed their way through the fly of what I was quite sure was a pair of boxer briefs so I could better fondle and pump his cock.

"Lieutenant!" he tried to admonish, following this up with a low moan as I felt him hardening.

On impulse, I looked around to find every one of Marilyn's other guests staring with big smiles of surprised approval as they looked on. I gave them all a cheery grin, supposing they'd never imagined seeing something like this, even at one of Marilyn's parties.

Turning around, I noticed Lindsay watching with great interest, a hungry grin on her face as Hurdle's erection continued strengthening.

"Wanna take a turn?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she readily accepted.

Not surprisingly, Don didn't mind this one bit. Alessa, on the other hand, was understandably offended at how we were passing her husband's genetalia around.

Removing my hand, I giggled as I watched Lindsay's hand take its turn, disappearing inside his fly, working its way through the one in his underwear until her smile brightened even further. Watching the look on Hurdle's face as a total stranger pumped his cock in his pants, I couldn't help but be reminded of how I'd been made to feel during our Friday meetings. It was satisfying to watch the same feelings of helplessness mixed with forbidden excitement take control. It was making me really horny.

His eyes were bulging as he watched this assault on his body. His breathing was getting heavier and I'd already seen him twitch a few times. Yes, it was clear that he was enjoying it, even though he knew he shouldn't be.

Seraphine, watching all this with a leering smile, soon casually ran her hand up the back of Lindsay's gold skirt. Ten seconds later, the two women were kissing while Lindsay continued pumping Hurdle, her tushie half exposed in its black thong.

"They're Lesbians," Alessa accused, her tone astonished and half disgusted.

"Supersexual," Seraphine corrected with a wink and a once over of Alessa's very comely body.

"Uhh-hh..." Hurdle emphatically declared.

"Don," I half sleazed, "I wonder if you'd be so kind as to introduce Alessa and I around to your friends?"

The desire of my inheritance, mixed with the booze I'd been consuming earlier on, (most notably the mystery drink that Marilyn's excitingly overfriendly husband had given me) had me sexually wired for overload.

"Of course I would," Don agreed, stepping forward while adding, "Have fun, Lins."

'Lins' only moaned, pushing her shapely tushie into Seraphine's hand as she shared tongues with her, stroking the Major slower, her wrist twisting and turning to elicit a broken groan from my hapless employer.

"Are you three really with the Salvation Army?" Don asked incredulously as I pulled a gawping Alessa from her husband's side.

"We sure are," I gladly affirmed. "In fact, the Majors here are in charge of the Waterston Centre in Regina. Isn't that right, Alessa?"

But Alessa, looking back just in time to see Seraphine's other hand disappear down the front of her husband's pants, didn't seem to hear me. It was just as well.

Needless to say, the small group of people Don introduced us to, both men and women, were quite interested to talk to us and, as you might imagine, there were certain unavoidable statements and questions, such as:

"Are you two really in the Salvation Army?"

"Wow, you people do some great work!"

"Is it allowed in the Salvation Army to come to, er, parties?"

"By the way, I gave at the office. Just kidding, ladies!"

"Why is your dress so much longer than the Lieutenant's?"

"Are you two mother and daughter?"

"Please tell me you two are mother and daughter!"

"Your Husband certainly looks like he's enjoying himself."

Alessa was a deer in the headlights. She did her best to manage, but she was quite out of her element here, with no pull of rank or, thanks to my influence, ability to avoid what may come. For a moment, watching her, I honestly tried to find some regret within myself, maybe even enough to send her home, and I just may have had mercy on her except that, in the end, a deal is a deal and the fact was that I liked Marilyn a lot more than I liked Alessa.

"Major Alessa," I politely addressed, do you wear pantyhose, or garters?"

Now she was just a squirrel in the headlights as the group's eyes centered on her.

"Honestly," I told her in all sincerity, mostly to play up the crowd as though I were playing the starring role in some nice, kinky, Italian porn movie, "I've always wondered what you have hugging those perfect hips."

"I must confess," Jesse said, "I'm now wondering that too."

Jesse was a somewhat large, barrel chested man in his late forties or early fifties who had an odd appeal despite his reddish brown casual suit. He'd been very warm with me in a subtle way that I liked, his fatherly winks and undefeatable smiles meant for me and not Alessa. Of course, the only reason he'd agreed with me was because he liked me. While I didn't have to put the evil eye on him to get this, my intuition for people was much more real since receiving my inheritance.

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