tagBDSMSecret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 12

Secret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 12


Chapter 14*

Gavin kissed her goodbye and Alex and Elizabeth hugged.

"See you in four days," Elizabeth said to Alex. "Enjoy him!"

"Like I could do anything but!" Alex smiled shaking her head. "I've never been to New Orleans, so send me pics!"

"I will," Elizabeth waved over her shoulder. Gavin draped his arm around Alex's shoulder and they waved at her as Elizabeth looked back from the gangway.

"I have a question for you," Alex said as they watched from the window.

"Uh-oh," he teased with a grin. She slapped his flat stomach for it.

He seemed to be in a very loose, and very good mood. Not that he was grumpy before, but before he seemed to be all business. Today, he seemed like he was on vacation. Gone was the dress suits, the tie. Now it was back to his designer jeans, and sneakers. Both of which still looked brand new but which he told her he owned for just about a year.

It told her that he rarely wore them. She wondered why that was. Was it because he was always so busy? Today he abandoned he suit for the casual dress. Why? Was it because Elizabeth was leaving? She doubted that. She figured it was because Pavel was coming to town and he was already getting ready for a good time with him.

Whatever it was, she was enjoying it. He teased her and Elizabeth unmercifully all morning. His laughter was like it was on the phone last night. Easy to let out. He joked with her. First about the fact she was whining about waking up without him again. He mimicked her voice then told her to stop being a sleepy head and get up before noon.

"Well actually, I have a litany of questions, but there are two that are pressing on my mind right now," Alex said as the plane was moved out away from the terminal.

"Go," he encouraged.

"Do you think I'm bi-sexual?" Alex turned to him.

"What do you think?" he asked her with a chuckle, gently touching her face with a contented smile.

"I really enjoy Elizabeth," Alex told him with a half shrug.

"That doesn't make you bi-sexual," Gavin sighed. "Look, don't let the puritans cloud your brain!" She looked up to him for explanation.

"There was a time, in ancient Rome and Greece, where male on male and female on female was considered normal. You were able to do whatever pleased you, especially in the sexual realm. Somewhere on the way to becoming 'civilized' we decided to label everything and then judge whether it was good or bad."

Gavin turned her as the plane taxied away. They began to walk out of O'Hare airport, his arm still draped around her, hers around his hip.

"It used to be, if it felt good, do it," Gavin continued. "Now, we have to judge if it is appropriate. We are the only country with all the sexual hang ups! The only country that will judge you for what you do behind closed doors. Be it the LBGT community, our lifestyle, or even those who just like to have sex. If you have it too little, you're a prude. Too much? You're a whore."

"So much for the land of the free! Now if you do something like what we do, you are labeled a deviate and shunned. Our lifestyle is about going back to our roots. Back to doing what brings us pleasure. Back to where, if it feels good, do it!"

Alex nodded as she thought about it.

"I guess I have a lot to learn," she admitted out loud.

"No," he smiled. "You have a lot to experience!"

They walked on as she enjoyed the moment of tenderness. His arm around her. Hers around him. Not quite what someone on the outside world would consider a Dom/sub relationship. If you would have asked her a few weeks ago, she would have thought it involved leather outfits and the woman walking head down a few feet behind the Dom.

This looked more like a burgeoning relationship. And it was, but it wouldn't have been her first thought, looking from the outside.

"Let me ask you this," he continued. "Would it bother you to be bi-sexual?" Alex looked to her feet as they walked in thought.

"No," she finally said. "I mean, I don't mind the way I feel when I'm with Elizabeth, I love the feel of her softness. It feels different than a man's body. It's very erotic to look at. I've always enjoyed sketching or painting women. The soft features are very pleasing to the eye!"

"Something tells me," Gavin said with a reassuring squeeze of her shoulders, "that it's new and exciting. You're exploring something you have never had. Once the newness fades you will have a better idea. But there is nothing wrong with being bi-sexual. It was one of the things that alerted me to you being a switch."

Alex looked up at him.

"Oh yes," he smiled. "You will have to come to grips with that someday. You won't ever be truly satisfied unless you do."

"I want you," she said firmly, not wanting to go down this road again. "You won't be a sub."

"I'm just saying, if you don't try it, you will always be left a little unsatisfied, then that alone may lead you to leave me anyway," he said carefully. Alex shook her head refusing to believe that.

"Ok, next question," he sighed, smiling at how easily she gets wound up on the subject of her moving on from him.

It was something new for him to deal with. He had never had a sub so dead set on having him be their Dom. All of his subs enjoyed him, but none were as possessive as this one. Deep down, when he would allow himself to admit it, he liked it. His other subs had been in the life, he surmised, so they knew the deal. This one hadn't been. She was still confused with what the defined roles were.

But for him, these relationships weren't about what he liked. Bringing pleasure to his subs is what he ultimately strove for. It was what brought him the most pleasure. The orgasms for sure. But he really enjoy taking them places they hadn't been. Having a complete novice was a new challenge, one he was embracing. One he had to sacrifice on. Sacrifice an absolute. Alex was worth it he was finding. He loved the way she dove in head first. Wanting it all, not later, but right now.

"Why doesn't Elizabeth like Pavel?" She asked him.

"What makes you think she doesn't," he asked her with a grin.

"Seriously? Why are you playing dumb?" Alex gasped.

"She doesn't like Pavel because he finds her shallow," Gavin smiled. "And he told her so, to her face, rather bluntly."

"She works for an environmental lobby," Alex pointed out. "She is trying to save the world."

"No, she isn't," Gavin laughed. "She doesn't work for an environmental company, one that is trying to clean the environment or come up with a way to fix global warming. She works for a lobby, she works for politicians. She is in the politics of it. Money. Power. There is a lot of money to be had in lobbying. She is trying to gather some of that, and power. Which is why she is so hung up on Royce. She thinks he is going to be somebody. Somebody with power!" He said sarcastically showing he disagreed.

"You know about that?" Alex frowned. He looked down at her with a bemused smile.

"She wants what he can provide," Gavin shrugged. "I just hope she is good at protecting herself."

"I'm sorry," Alex told him.


"Her foolishness," Alex shrugged.

"Again, it's all about desires," Gavin sighed. "I would hope she would choose better but that is what she desires. I don't own her in that way. Once she decides to end it with me, I can only be there for her if she needs a friend. Once another Dom claims her, she is off limits. Just like she is now to anyone else. Just like you."

"I hate to tell you this," Alex drawled out slowly with a frown. "But that thought makes me wet!" This made him laugh and shake his head at her. Yeah, Alex was not a normal sub. It was definitely going to test him.

Alex stood in front of the mirror putting the finishing touches on her mascara. Her blue eyes radiated in the light. She was trying to look her best, not just for Gavin. But for someone who was important to Gavin. She hoped she was as successful with Pavel, as she was Madelyn.

Gavin leaned against the door of the bathroom and watched her appreciatively.

"May I help you?" Alex teased in the mirror.

"Let me count the ways!" Gavin said with a wink.

"Am I dressed ok?" she asked him leaning back from the mirror.

"Damn," was all he said. But it was the way he said it that told her she was.

Alex looked down at herself, it was a simple black dress with spaghetti straps. It hung low on her, her cleavage provocatively available. The dress was short enough to stop mid-thigh, and the stockings were a perfect shade of black.

Alex loved the fact that her undergarments made her feel sexier in the dress. She never was much a garter girl, but knowing that Gavin liked them, she made sure she bought plenty of different lingerie for him when they went shopping.

She would wear short heels tonight, not like the heels she wore at the party, those were much taller than she was comfortable in. She was also thinking of the fact that Pavel was not into shallow people. She wanted to dress nice, but not look like she was spending five hours trying to get ready. The three she was on right now would be enough.

It wouldn't have been that long if she could decide what look she wanted to present. Did she want to go elegant like Elizabeth, down home like she normally dressed, or something in between?

In between is what she went for, she wanted Pavel to realize that Gavin had a lady who could be classy. But she didn't want to look like she was a girl afraid to get her hands dirty either. She assumed this man was beyond upscale nonsense and was more about down to earth do gooders. But it didn't hurt to turn a few heads as well.

The way Gavin was looking at her was all the compliment she needed. Her mission was done.

"Are you wearing panties?" Gavin asked her as she stood there applying a shade of lipstick to draw his attention to her lips. He was staring intently at her ass. He lifted his eyes and looked at her in the mirror. She slowly shook her head with a wicked smile.

"Ouch," he smiled. "Be careful, or I will have to use our safe words myself!"

Gavin and Alex entered the restaurant. They were barely in the door when Gavin was accosted by a tall thin man with brown hair and grey tints. His deep, dark tan told Alex he spent a lot of time in the sun. His skin showing the damage the sun can do, with sun spots and a leathery look to his skin.

"Gav you old dog!" the man bellowed picking him up from behind. Gavin burst into laughter as he pushed at the hands around his waist.

"Pavy put me down or the people here will think we are lovers!" Gavin teased.

"Dumping me after all these years?" Pavel raged, dropping him causing Gavin to laugh heartily. "For this trollop?" Pavel continued loudly drawing stares from the uppity crowd, as he looked to Alex with a wink.

"Well what did you expect? You disappear on me for a year at a time, a man needs tender touch!" Gavin said as loudly causing Alex's mouth to drop that he would participate in this raucous comedy. He had been so reserved!

Pavel took him in an embrace warmly.

"God you look good," Pavel said with a normal tone.

"I know," Gavin agreed. "You look alive, thank Christ. When I heard the war had spilled over into your province again...I was scared shitless!"

"How do you think I felt?" Pavel returned. He drifted his eyes to Alex. "Wow." He smiled at Gavin.

"Pavy," Gavin backed up and reached for Alex who took his hand. "This stunning young lady is Alex." Gavin said introducing them with a broad smile. "Alex, this is Pavel...don't believe anything he says."

Alex furrowed her brow slightly at the way Gavin introduced her. Alex? She didn't know how to take that. It never bothered her before, she preferred it. When Gavin continued to call her Alexandria, she began to only want to be called that.

"Alex," Pavel kissed her on each cheek, "Ti sahmahyah kranvahyah!" Telling her in Russian, that she looked beautiful.

"Spahseebah," Alex tried, but butchered the pronunciation. Which meant, thank you. Pavel giggled at the attempt. She shrugged but continued, "Vi tozhe khahrahsho vigleedeetyeh." Which meant, you look good as well.

"Close enough to survive in country," Pavel laughed at her attempt, thoroughly appreciating the attempt to speak to him in his native tongue. "Although you sound like a drunk Russian!"

"She would fit in perfectly then," Gavin laughed as he nodded at her appreciatively, his eyes aglow at the effort she was putting on to impress his friend. He couldn't think of one person in his entire life that made an effort, even as simple as that, to welcome a man he loved like a brother.

"You speak Russian?" Pavel asked, her still holding her hand from the handshake.

"No," she laughed. "Google."

"Google?" Pavel shook his head. "Damn. Where did Gavin get lucky enough to find you?"

"Coffee shop," Alex smiled.

"Gotta start drinking more coffee!" Pavel flirted.

"Uh," Gavin tried to interrupt the leer. "That's my girl you are drooling over." Gavin pointed out pulling their hands apart.

"Oh," Pavel grinned. "Now you get jealous? After all we've been through?" Pavel turned to him. "You didn't mind sharing that red head in med school. Or that brunette in residency. Or those two blonde nurses from that fertility clinic!"

Gavin shook his head and bent at the waist laughing. It was a hearty laugh, not the controlled laugh that Alex had witnessed.

"Alex isn't something I'm willing to share," Gavin told him firmly with a shake of his head.

"Ohhhh," Pavel drawled, as they were escorted to a table. "Alex is the one?"

"Don't be daft," Gavin growled. "We've only known each other just over a week now."

"For this beauty?" Pavel smiled, as he beat Gavin, to pull out her chair for her. "That's long enough!"

"Look," Gavin said getting close to him drawing the Russian's laughing eyes from Alex. The closeness of the two men reminded Alex of two men getting ready to fight. Her eyes lit up at the playful nature Gavin was displaying. "I don't like you that much."

Pavel took the closeness to stare at Gavin with a furrowed brow. Before Gavin moved away, Pavel took him by the head with both hands, and kissed him on the mouth.

"If I can't have her, I can still have you," Pavel said, with all the dramatics of a soap opera star, as Gavin burst into laughter.

"Pavy," Gavin laughed. "You...are a mad man!"

"So there we are," Pavel continued to regale Alex with another embarrassing story about Gavin. "Both in the dumpster, the cops slowly driving by...," Alex had her hand up by her face in disbelief, covering her disbelieving smile. Gavin? Running from the law?

"Pavy," Gavin interrupted with a huff, but the smile told her he wasn't angry, just embarrassed. "Have I told you yet that I hate you?"

"All the time," Pavel smiled undaunted, never taking his eyes off the laughing Alex. "It was at this time, that wonder ass there, decides to tell me that he was sleeping with a cop's wife, that's why we were running! See, up until that point I just took off because he took off! I didn't even know why we were running from the law this time."

"Yeah, this time!" Gavin exhaled deeply. Embarrassed. "Most of the time it was you who had the reasons for us to be running!"

Alex looked to him with a gasp and a set of questioning blue eyes.

"She was hot and needed a friend," Gavin defended with a shrug and drink from his scotch.

"The Chief of Police's wife?" Pavel queried. Gavin turned away. "Right as the squad car is in front of the dumpster, a rat...," Pavel continued, drawing her laughter, as she took Gavin's hand in hers.

"The size of a dog!" Gavin interrupted again with a laugh.

"It was the size of a horse," Pavel corrected. "Crawls up to say a friendly hello!"

"I don't know who got out of the dumpster faster! Me or you!" Gavin chuckled.

"Did they catch you?" Alex asked.

"Boy, did they ever," Pavel laughed as he shook his head.

"Don't," Gavin warned.

"I think she should know," Pavel argued.

"Tell me," Alex demanded, shifting her eyes from one man, to the other.

"They didn't catch us that night," Pavel smiled. "They caught us the next weekend as we both had a go at the Chief's wife...at the same time. Greedy little minx!"

"Damn you have a big mouth," Gavin shook his head. "Did you ever think, for one second, I might be trying to impress this young lady?" Gavin asked his friend, as he tilted his head towards Alex.

"Best she knows now, what kind of scoundrel you are!" Pavel laughed over his drink.

The dinner continued with laughter, some embarrassment for Gavin, and alcohol. Lots of it for the boys. After dinner they made it to a local bar for more.

"So tell me about Africa!" Alex pressed. "I hear it's beautiful!"

"Oh my," Pavel nodded. "There are places there that can make you forget all the ugliness in the world! It can make you forget about all the blood that is being spilt all over the savannah."

"I would love to go there," Alex smiled.

"There are mornings, when you wake up and stepping out into the morning sun, and it's so quiet. You look out and see animals, a lion or a rhinoceros, standing no more than twenty feet from you. You are in awe. Then you realize, they could kill you in a blink of an eye! That's what it's like over there, dangerously beautiful...like you."

"Amazing!" Alex marveled with a shake of her head at the compliment. "Gavin said something about a civil war?"

"Africa, is always in some sort of civil war," Pavel frowned. "From Joseph Kony to Boko Haram, it's always the same."

"Aren't you scared?" Alex asked him.

"Always," Pavel nodded. "I have to walk a fine line, Boko is the worst to deal with, Kony is not much better."

"You know them both?" Alex gasped.

"Yes," Pavel nodded. "Nothing gets done without dealing with the warlords. If you want to help the people, you play both sides. It's what it is."

"I thought Kony was wanted for war crimes in The Hague?" Alex asked him leaning in.

"He is," Pavel nodded. "I don't do politics." He told her with shrug. "I do medicine. I have to sacrifice a few values to do the most good. It's the innocent people there that are important. Those who don't care about power. Those who are caught in the middle."

"Kony is an awfully fucked up man, but he is someone I have to appease so I can move about to help the people," Pavel said with a heavy shrug of his shoulders.

"How is he fucked up?" Alex asked his with a furrowed brow.

"The man believes he is a profit of God," Pavel laughed. "He's a madman, a murder, and a monster. That's the cross I bear. I deal with monsters."

Alex like this man. She loved his sense of humor and his care about what he believed in. Gavin liked this man as well, that was certain. She could tell by the brotherly barbs, the care in which Gavin took care of him.

"What are you doing back here?" Alex asked him.

"Oh, every once in a while I have to do a dog and pony show for the donors. The group I work for, well is non-profit. We need donors, both financial and medical," Pavel sighed.

"See these civil wars have been going on since forever, I have to come over once and awhile to talk to groups to keep the money coming. It's so tight now, it's getting harder to get supplies. It used to be I only had to go to the black market every once in a while for meds, now it seems that's all I deal with. It can get expensive, but everybody here is wrapped up in ISIS and Afghanistan. That's all the press here talks about. Nobody remembers that there have been civil wars going on since the eighties...hell even earlier than that if you want to look. Africa is put on the back burner so I come back to beg for money basically."

"What do you need?" Gavin asked him.

"You know what I need from you," Pavel said sternly, letting Alex know this request had been made several times before. As was Pavel's demand of Gavin.

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