tagIncest/TabooSecret Summer with Melinda

Secret Summer with Melinda


"Sure. Sure. That would be fine. Three months. Wow! Ok Nana....."

I was listening to Melinda on the phone as she talked to our grandma. Not exactly sure what the other end of the conversation was. I left the room to gather up some more of my stuff. I was moving, not exactly sure where. Melinda was still home, but I was just too stir crazy to stay home anymore and I had a friend who said I could stay there awhile. I needed to find a situation with like four roommates so I could afford rent but I wasn't waiting.

As I set a big box by the door, Melinda popped into the doorway. "That was Nana!"

"I knew that. And...." I reached for another box.

"Well, I think we have an answer." I looked at her uncomprehending. She was swinging herself back and forth, like a little girl, "Nana wants to go on a trip this summer, for THREE months, maybe four. She asked if I would like to stay and watch her house while she was gone."

"Why, is that an answer to OUR problem."

"Cause silly. I want out of this house as much as you do. You could stay there too. It would be FR-EE," she sing-songed that word to me. Free.

We were both totally broke, and even though Melinda stayed home she had to pay some rent. I was just there for a short while. And the deal was I had to move on.

I was thinking, nodding my head. "Ok." One of the things I wanted to do was get away from family, and well Melinda WAS still family - but damn, free.

She clapped her hands and ran from the room.

"All summer!"


The house opened up in a week, we said our goodbyes to grandma at the door, and it took no time at all before Melinda and I settled right in. Melly took Nana's room on the second floor - I didn't care. I took the room I always stayed in when I was there. I loved this house, it was huge, lots of rooms. And Nana left tons of food in the freezer and said we could have it all. Was this real....

Those first days were sort of awkward for some reason, everything different. We were like adults now, playing house with one another. No one else around, just she and I. We weren't in school, no parents, we were both working; odd hours, weekends. Typical type jobs for our age, Melinda would turn 25 later this year.

She had so many clothes, compared to my two suitcases and a couple of boxes for music and stereo (which I did not need by the way), so I helped her carry her masses of stuff. One of the laundry baskets of hers I helped carry was filled with her panties. I walked in staring at the most amazing array of panties I'd ever seen, I could NOT help but look. Felt myself flush a little. Tiny, silk, all colors, see through, old, little fluffs and frill; and I could see words on some of them here and there. One was tipped into the pile, red - white lettering ‘It Ain't.....' Curious, I tugged on it a little, my eyes opening wide as I read - ‘It Ain't....... Going to Lick Itself,' across a the tiniest little triangle of fabric. God damn!

I felt myself turn a shade of red. I knew my sister - this was not her - she was this shy little girl. I had always thought of her that way. Innocent. But the last several years she had changed so much, she had blossomed into this simply breathtaking woman. She was so beautiful - really beautiful (did she not realize?); long wavy hair, beautiful green eyes, nice mouth. She had dimples, really a dimple on her left side when she smiled. Her eyebrows were these dark curves in combination with her big eyes, really pretty.

She was tall and thin, and at twenty four had filled out in the hips and thighs, god she had the most gorgeous pert ass. *Was I thinking that* But it had to be her best feature. No one's ass looked better in tight blue jeans. She had tan smooth skin, her hair longer than it had ever been, shiny, thick and soft, the color of honey. She had green eyes that were so bright, sparkling; and just a light spattering of freckles. God I did, I loved the way she looked now. I kept staring at those panties as I walked up the stairs.

But shy. She was so shy, not around everyone, she was NOT shy around me - not at all. We had lots of fun. Around her girlfriends she had a wonderful laugh, everything was funny. She always laughed at something, and if someone got hurt _Ha! - she so tended to laugh at inappropriate things that way. Like if she threw a ball at you, she might throw it really hard, and laugh uproariously as it bounced off you. Even so, I never could have imagined that THIS is what she wore under her clothes. These panties.

I was picturing her in them, seeing ‘It Ain't Going to Lick Itself' in my minds eye. Delicious. Couldn't help it...... when she suddenly appeared in the doorway, right in front of me.

I handed her the basket, "I brought these up."

She looked at the basket and then me, the one pair of panties laid out flat on top. She read, I saw her eyes widen, then look back at me. I smiled. I watched her turn a shade of red, "Uh, thanks."

She took the basket and I went back downstairs.


Melinda was a baker, I think that's what it is. She made cakes, cupcakes, I think pastries. And when they are short of help pretty much everything else. And they always seemed short of help. So she worked really hard and came home bone tired. But she always came home with food. It was great. Saving still more money. And she loved food, it was always so good. Lots of times she had made it herself. Very particular about her food.

She especially loved soup and bread. Good bread. There was a difference. My schedule tended to be later than hers and so she was most always home when I got home. We really got into a regular routine and she usually waited for me to come home before she ate - so WE could eat together. She waited for me. It was , well, sweet. She was such a caretaker. I was liking her more and more as I got to know her as an ‘adult,' we playing house. God we were grown up now and it so felt like we were like this couple.

I got home earlier than usual. I work, also at a food place, but more like stocking shelves, ordering items, for an online delivery service. The computers went down and they sent us home. When I stepped into the house I called out, "Melinda."

No answer.

"Melly?" I was looking around. Her stuff was sitting by the door, I ran up the stairs and looked in her room. Her clothes were spread out on the bed, and I thought - oh, she's outside in the hot tub.

She loved the hot tub in this place. It was huge.

I went to my room since it was close and just peeked out the window to see, and there she was! She had actually just walked out there. I could see her in her little bikini, holding her towel over her arm, tossing her hair over her shoulder. It was still light out, the sun slanting through the trees so that the tub looked illuminated between shadows. I watched her, her long wavy hair, her small hands as she set the towel down by the side of the tub, illuminated with light.

Stunning! I kept watching. She was standing again, stretching out, arching her back - we look so different when we don't know we are being watched. I hadn't really looked at her, SEEN her, in a bikini. When she knew I was there I had always sort of averted my eyes, just seen her out the corner of my eye. But now....what I noticed was, what else, her great ass! Long legs and this wonderful pert ass' the curves of her, the wonderful flair of her narrow waist. Her breasts, they were small..... I was just watching her rise back up again....


I stepped back from the window, still looking down at her, my eyes riveted. She was reaching back with both arms. Holding her hands behind her back, and then leaning forward let her bikini top slide down her arms; as she leaned forward I could see the two little cups drop away from her bare breasts. My heart started to pound, I kept watching. Part of me thought that I better go back into the house, but.....I was frozen.

She was so casual, liquid, light, soft. It was a very private back yard. But still. Her breasts were like these drops clinging to the front of her. Beautiful, perfect little nipples. Not big at all, but god she looked so amazing, her hair fallen around her shoulders. Such little nipples, I loved looking at her. I could see her perfectly from where I stood. I wasn't more than 15 feet away looking down at her. She turned a little grasping her bikini bottoms and tugged them down her thighs, and then - her pussy came into view. I had NEVER seen my sisters pussy. I kept watching, could feel myself getting hard, my cock stiffening, rising in my jeans.

Those long legs, they seemed so much longer when she was naked. She had just this little wisp of dark hair right between her legs, almost no hair at all. She turned, her wonderful ass, before stepping down into the water.

The bubbles from the frothing tup obscured her naked form but I kept watching. I was not going to move anywhere. She kept looking toward the house. Checking. Settling herself into the tub. She reached back onto the wood decking and grabbed her top and bottoms tucking them underneath her towel; then settling herself into one of the corners, shifting around a bit, and lifting herself, positioning, gripping the sides of the tub. As I continued to watch....I realized what she was doing.

Each corner had these nozzles that sprayed high pressure water into the tub, making the water churn. There must have been a hundred of them in this tub. I was watching her, leaning herself forward and holding herself up a little ways from the corner seat, tipping her head down toward the water and then arching back looking up at the sky. Sliding her torso back and then forward, back then forward....letting the jets spray up between her legs. Oh my God! She was sitting right on them. She was using the water jets to masturbate.

It was too much. I was watching my Melinda masturbating. She was sliding forward then arching herself back, moving in a line in a steady motion, her mouth held open. I went immediately hard, began to unconsciously stroke my cock over my pants, and then dip my hands into my pants and grasped my penis. I was already wet, dripping from the tip of my cock as I watched sliding my fingers around my tip.

After a little while she was rapidly bouncing herself, almost shaking, up and down in the water, and I could tell she was whimpering, moaning - really getting aroused. When her shoulders began to shake, she was trembling, gripping the edge of the tub, squeezing her hands and I could tell she was squeezing her thighs as well. Holding herself, had her eyes closed tight.. I knew I was watching her orgasm, watching it wave through her body, seeing her throw her head back and sink low into the water. It was so erotic, seeing her cum. Her not knowing I was there. I just couldn't stop looking at her as she gradually relaxed, let go the edge of the tub, just settling into the water, falling back into the corner laying her head back, eyes closed - spent. I could see the tops of her breasts floating, perfect rounds at the surface of the water. This was too too much.

I went back in my room and tugged my pants off, pulled off my boxers and began to tug at my cock, sliding my hands along myself. I was so wet, my fingers slid easily along my length. In no time I was spraying cum up on myself, cumming so hard, just picturing her in the tub. I grabbed my underwear, wiping myself off, and went back to the window - shit! Shit!! She was gone. Her towel, her bikini. I closed my door, pulled on some fresh clothes and then opened the door carefully.

Where was she??

As I walked down the stairs there was my Melly, wrapped in a towel, her hair soaking wet. Her cheeks flushed, her red lips. She was in her bikini again. I could see the straps on her shoulder.

She looked surprised, "You're home??"

"The computer went down - at work."

"How long have you been here?" I smiled inside as I listened to the trill of her voice, a light quaver. Guilt in her voice.

"No more than two minutes. Just ran up and changed."

She smiled (relief?). "I was in the hot tub. I brought home potato soup for tonight, and some potato gnocci - it's potato night - wooohoooo."

I smiled, "Great!" eyeing her as she ran up the stairs.

I could totally picture her naked, her perfect ass bouncing up the stairs.


Well it did not take much prompting for me to figure out how to get home a little earlier from my job each day.

I found someone willing to trade with me, and would ride home trembling with anticipation. But it proved to be a really hit and miss affair. Some days Melinda herself would run late, some days she would be there (I would check the windows and wait) but for whatever reason, not be settling herself in the hot tub; but about two or three days each week she followed this little routine of coming home - probably on the days she was STRESSED - slipping out of her bathing suit and into the tub.


It was simply too delicious for words. I would strip out of my clothes and settle in the corner of my window and just watch her, masturbating my bare cock along with my sister - guilt long ago vanished - this was beyond perfect. She did different little things too, used a couple of the different jets. Variety - ahhhh, I like that. I would watch so carefully, waiting for that moment she was cumming. The look in her eyes, the way she held her mouth, the trembling of her shoulders, the tension the release, that rocking motion, her body bouncing quickly in the water, the surrender and release, the way she always fell back into the tub and closed her eyes. The way her breasts floated on the surface of the churning water.

Then.....then lifting herself out of the water, better even than her going in. Watching the water slide off her as she rose up naked, shiny and wet; languid, happy relaxed, knowing her pussy had been ravished by the water jets. Knowing she had orgasmed, held her legs open, I could imagine the water as my fingers up inside her, her body seemed even more erotic to me. The ends of her hair dripping wet; or wet completely because she dipped herself under water before getting out. Cupping her breasts, drying herself slowly with the towel, looking at her body, touching herself briefly between her legs and then stepping back into her bikini, retying the top around her - always checking, looking around.

My system wasn't working all that great over time. There had been enough times where I was coming home, checking in the window or peeking in the door and she would spot me. Then, I would pop up - everything normal - settle myself down as best I could and explain I got out early. A few times catching her in her suit before she had gotten out there - thinking to myself DAMN. But the erraticness of my schedule resulted in her engaging in her little escapade less and less and less. She did not want to be caught - she was careful that way.

It stopped being worth it to come home, I started working my regular hours again. Knowing she was probably at home, knowing the exact time she tended to slip into the water. I would feel myself getting an erection as I worked - just the thought of her, I could see her, what she did - the most excruciating detail.

I could close my eyes now and see her as she came, see her bouncing in the water, see that liquid stare in her eyes.........


It was Fate.

That is all I can say.

I was sound asleep and it was late, like Midnight when something woke me. It was a line of light moving in arcs around my room. My room was very dark at night, this was a neighborhood without street lights. As my eyes adjusted, this light came into focus, more of a cluster of light, sparkles of light......Hovering, moving, arcing across the wall, erratic, tipping up onto the ceiling. It had a movement, a direction. Stopping, then arcing away, then back again. What the....?

I slipped out of bed, and passed the window.


So......She had moved her naughtiness to night-time. I could not believe my good fortune - good fate. She had a glass in her hand, there was a light on at the house casting a glow over the tub, and the reflection of that light on her glass - probably the ice - was sparkling shadows in my room. It had to be Vodka, or Jack, or maybe even Scotch. Melinda always said she never met a drink she didn't like.

She was naked again. I could tell, laying in the tub sipping her drink, looking around. Settling herself into the water, her hair floating out on the churning water. She did not have the tub lights on. My heart was pounding a million miles a second. It had been like three weeks since I had watched her. I was seeing far less in the low light, but could still make out the movement of her body, see her rocking in the water, looking down into the water and then up at the sky, her open mouth, her eyes closed. I slipped out of my boxers, gripping my cock. Delicious.

So now I waited for her at night, and another pattern emerged. Weekends!! Fridays and Saturdays at about midnight, she was slipping out into the night. Insatiable. Such a hungry little girl I thought to myself. This girl really likes to masturbate. And at night she did seem even more relaxed; and even better, she let herself cum more than once. The trembling orgasm coursing through her, which I so loved watching would transition to her settling into the corner a little while enjoying her drink before.....another session. Those second orgasms appeared to be even better than the first. And I made a new discovery, if I made a little crack in my window - I could hear her!!

Her whimpers, ‘mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,' these low moans, squeaks. An occasional ‘oh yeah, god yeah,' her panting and breathing. I loved to hear her, her soft voice. This little girl voice. It went right into me as I watched her there. I would sit in the dark and cum along with her, but I was wanting more......much more.

The day it happened was unmarked..... it could have been any one of the weekend nights. In fact I never could have planned it, my heart would have exploded in my chest for nervousness. But I was sitting there naked as I did, and she was out there standing by the tub. I was watching her remove her top, remove her bottoms, get into the water and then tuck her tops and bottoms under her towel. Never varying. Then settling into the water......but tonight would be different. I simply rose from the window and without even thinking stood naked in my room as I looked out the window one last time, my cock pointing straight up, before I......... pulled on my swim trunks.

I was going to go out there!!

I went down the stairs, did not want to surprise her; but also did not want her to hop out of the tub and go dashing off into the woods (hahahaha); I pictured that as well and thought it would be cruel. My Melinda hiding naked in the trees. So, I went into the kitchen, stood by the closest window to the tub - flipped on the light - knowing she would know I could immediately see her there, in the tub. She would not dash - she was naked after all - and she would have no where to go, she would have to sink into the tub and HOPE I didn't see her. This was a well thought out plan.

I could not even feel my hands, for their tingling, could barely walk or breath, as I stood with my finger on the switch, as I flipped it ON. And sort of looking without looking I glanced at the rapid turn of her head as the light went on. I was picturing her now ‘Fuck Fuck, what am I going to do?' ‘Don't laugh' I kept telling myself, and then as I was walking back from the fridge - pretending like I was getting a snack I ‘SAW' her.......squinting out the window. Pausing, like I was surprised/confused (don't laugh I kept thinking). She waved, a weak little wave of her hand. God, I was exploding, don't laugh don't laugh.

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