tagMind ControlSecrets of the Amazon Ch. 02

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 02


At the end of part one, Donnie had just had incredible sex with his wife and his best friend’s wife. Donnie still doesn’t fully understand what his friend, Norm, is doing, but all is about to become clear.

Norm stood up and began to undress. “How was Amy, Donnie?”

Donnie looked at his friend and still didn’t understand why he had just fucked his friend’s wife not to mention the fact that his wife, Mary, had also participated.

“She was incredible and Mary, Mary did things she’s never done. What did you give them?”

“Donnie, I told you. You saw me open that vial and empty it on their salads. I told you before I use cum. My cum was in that vial. My wife and Mary ate my cum. By eating my sperm I can control anything they do for about a six to eight hour period. Relax, Donnie we have another four or five hours.”

My mind was still reeling. “You mean if I get them to eat my cum I can make them do what I want?”

“No way buddy! I said my cum.”

“Wait a minute. Why yours and not mine?”

“Donnie look, this is the result of the research I was doing down in the Amazon. My partner, Dr. Klamen and I came across this discovery. There is this tribe of Indians that have this unique way of getting their women to reproduce. We observed their rituals and started experimenting with their herbs. We found that after eating a concoction of herbs and brews that the ejaculate of the subject became an irreversible mind controlling aphrodisiac. “

“So you and this other doctor and a bunch of Indians can make women do what ever you want?”

“Not quite, Donnie. Only the tribal elders have the knowledge and Dr. Klamen died of a fever six months ago.”

“OK, So why are you sharing this info with me, not to mention your wife?”

“Because you are my oldest and best friend. Because I know, even though you’ve probably been faithful to Mary, at heart you’re still the cunt hound you have always been. Am I right?”

I looked at my friend and grinned.

“I have just two important questions for you Donnie. First, do you want in on this? Second, when the girls come back are you going to let me fuck Mary?”

I hadn’t thought about Mary. Norm did share Amy with me, but could I share Mary?

Both of our wives reappeared and they were still both very naked. My cock was standing at attention and all of us were aware of it.

“Is that your answer, buddy?” Norm asked.

Everybody was staring at my dick. “I think that’s a yes. When do we start?”

“We already have, pal, we already have.”

Norm simply reached out his hand to Mary and she went to him. She knelt before him and he stood to take off his shorts. My dick hurt it was so hard. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Norm’s cock sprung into view. Mary leaned forward and sucked his cock head into her hot mouth. Norm pushed a little and more disappeared past her lips. “Watch this, Donnie, Mary hold your breath and swallow.”

Mary took a breath and I was mesmerized with Norm’s dick sliding into her throat. His balls were against her chin, his pubic hair in her nose. Her eyes were wide as she held his cock in her throat. Her eyes started to water and her nose was running. Then she backed off and started a slow deep throat blowjob. “Donnie, I always knew Mary would be great.”

Mary’s spit had Norm’s cock soaked and drops of spittle ran down his balls every time she swallowed him. She was sucking harder and faster now. She truly hungered for his cock and the juice it would give up. I watched as Norm started to stiffen. “Open your mouth Mary and stick out your tongue.”

Mary backed off his dick and her frothy lips opened wide and her tongue flicked out and caressed the under side if Norm’s meat. I saw his head swell and then jets of thick white hot man juice shot across her tongue and into her waiting mouth. Six, seven , eight jets shot over her teeth and were captured by her mouth and into the back of her throat. “Don’t waste any, Baby.” Norm instructed. I stared as Mary’s throat contracted as she swallowed his load. Norm was still cumming in her mouth although the spurts were more diminished. I had never seen anyone cum so much, not even in the porno movies. Finally, Mary surrounded his meat with her lips as she sucked the remaining squirts from his body.

“That’s another benefit from my research, You can cum the equivalent of five men at each ejaculation! Not to mention your dick doesn’t go soft for an extended period of time.”

As if to prove his point, Norm turned my wife around and with his still hard cock slipped it past her cunt lips and slowly buried it in her pussy. Mary immediately bucked back against him and fucked him hard.

Norm motioned Amy to my cock. She got down and in one swift motion swallowed all of it. After a couple of sucks she got up and turned around and lowered her hot tight slit over my boner. Her cunt was so hot it felt like a hot glove wrapped around my dick. She was cumming and the juice from her pussy really lubed us up. I pushed Amy forward and as my cock slid from her snatch the head nestled at her rosebud. I pushed a little and my cock head popped into her ass. A couple of strokes later and I was buried in her ass. Norm, seeing what I was doing spun Mary around so that her face was in front of Amy’s slit. He fucked her forward and Mary’s tongue sunk into Amy’s gash causing her ass to grip my cock. Norm was fucking Mary hard pushing her face into Amy’s cunt. Norm finally shoved his meat to the depths of my wife’s cunt and flooded her womb with another incredibly huge load. Amy thrashed against Mary’s mouth and came. Her ass muscles squeezed my dick and caused an eruption I hadn’t had in years.

I sat there drained and fatigued. Amy slipped off my deflating dick and I watched as my cum oozed out of her well fucked asshole. I pulled her to me and kissed her and held her to my chest.

“Donnie, Donnie, you still with us? Hey man, have you ever tasted your own cum?

My mind tried to focus. Of course, over the years, I had eaten Mary’s pussy after I had fucked her but never really got into sucking my cum out of her pussy. If I had tasted a little it was probably masked by her delicious cunt juice. “I guess I’ve tasted it, why?” I responded.

“The third benefit from my research is that the herbs make your juice taste like sweet vanilla cream. Not only do the women love and crave it but you can enjoy it if you lick your woman’s pussy.”

With that statement made, Norm probed his tongue into my wife’s cunt and I watched as his huge thick load poured out of Mary’s cunt onto his waiting tongue. The harder he licked and sucked the more of his man juice flowed into his mouth. Mary started to ride his tongue hard and in minutes was releasing her own nectar into his sucking mouth.

“Girls, why don’t you both go get cleaned up and we’ll have something to eat.”

Norm and I pulled our shorts up and cracked open a couple of beers. After a long pull on his bottle Norm looked at me and asked, “Well, what do you think about my research, buddy?”

“I’m not sure what to say, Norm. A couple of hours ago I would not have even thought about fucking your wife let alone watching you fuck mine. I know I like the idea and the results of your research. Are there any side effects?”

“The only side effect I found is that the more a woman eats your sperm the more she will want it and is more easily controlled.”

“Norm, are they going to remember any of this?”

“No, Donnie. You can tell them to remember any part or all of an episode and they will, but unless you tell them , no they won’t.”

“Well, my friend, I’m in!” “Great! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You know you don’t have to go out and fuck the world. I find that being discreet with your subjects is much more rewarding. “

That evening the four of us went out for dinner and had a great time laughing and talking. There was no indication of what had happened earlier. Actually the girls blushed as we told some dirty jokes and laughed. Again, we were four very close friends having a good time. Norm was probably sitting on a gold mine with this discovery. Norm was also shrewd enough to realize that to make this public or to try to market this would certainly cause all kinds of frenzies and panics. I guess for now he was content to use it for his personal enjoyment and to share with his old buddy.

The next day Norm started my indoctrination into his concoction. I was told that I would have to take it three times a day for a week before my sperm would have the irreversible and lasting effects. I was to abstain from any ejaculations for that period of time. He said that he would help me keep Mary satisfied for that week so there would be no questions and he did.

For the next seven days I watched my friend fuck my wife two or three times a day. In between times he would be shooting one of those massive loads down her throat. I began to notice that the more cum Mary swallowed the more she appeared to want it. Norm even shot a load in Amy‘s pussy and we watched as my wife sucked every drop out bringing Amy to an amazing climax at the same time. If I didn’t know better, I would swear Mary just loved eating Amy’s pussy.

That week was so surreal. Mary and I would get up as usual and we’d have breakfast. Norm usually showed up about an hour later. Mary would get the kids off to school and before I’d go to work I’d watch him blow one of his massive loads down my pretty wife‘s throat and then fuck her hard bending over the table. Mary would then straighten herself up and I’d walk out to the car with her. Every morning I thought my cock would burst as Mary would slide into the car, her skirt hiking up, cum running down her thigh, as she drove off to work. Norm and I would have some coffee and discuss how I was doing. Then Norm would leave and I would head for work.

All week long it was hard to concentrate on anything except what was going on. I had a constant picture of my lovely Mary with Norm’s cock buried in her throat or pussy, taking huge loads of his magical creamy juice. Then, as everyday, I’d get home and Mary, still in her work clothes, would be making dinner. The kids would be at soccer or softball practice. Norm would show up and have a drink. Then he’d drop his shorts and my Mary would simply drop to her knees and swallow his dick. He would let her suck him till he was ready to shoot, then instruct her to open wide and push out her tongue, and fire his giant wad across her tongue till her mouth was full. Although Mary had let me cum in her mouth and swallowed my cum in the past it was not one of her favorite things and it only occurred sparingly. Norm had shot ten times the juice down her silky throat in the past week than I had since we were married. I was looking forward to filling my hot wife’s mouth regularly.

Every night after the kids were in bed Norm and Amy would be there to finish off Mary for the evening. Usually with Mary and Amy in a sixty nine and Norm fucking Mary. Believe me, I was going crazy.

Finally my week came to an end. Norm announced that tonight I would blow my first load in a week. Again the kids were in bed and Norm and Amy were here.

“Where do you want the first one to go?” He asked.

I was so excited I hadn’t thought about it.

Norm had Mary and Amy get into a sixty nine. Mary was on top. Norm simply slid his cock into Amy and started fucking her. I got behind my wife and pushed my rod into her. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Donnie, Amy’s hungry.” Was all Norm said.

My cock stiffened and I pulled out till the head lay in Mary’s cunt lips. I literally exploded. For the first time in my life I fired shot after shot of scalding cum against Mary’s slit. I marveled at the amount of juice coming out of my dick. It ran down her cunt lips and into the waiting mouth of Norm’s wife. It was like I was watching someone else’s cock. My cum was so white and creamy thick. I watched as the gobs were licked up and swallowed by Amy’s hot little mouth. Her tongue was in Mary’s cunt and her open mouth waited for each shot to slide down. Finally after the first five spurts, which were the equal in volume each to my former entire ejaculation, I fired six lesser spurts. Amy’s sucking lips came up and took hold of my cock and drained me of the last drop. I was brought back to reality when Norm unleashed yet another load into Mary’s mouth. I watched as her sweet lips dragged the last of his cum out of his dick. I saw that Norm was still hard. I then realized that I was still as hard as before. I couldn’t believe it, this was so great!

The weekend was upon us and I awoke with the smell of coffee and breakfast. I got and went downstairs. I stood in the kitchen’s doorway and just watched my beautiful wife moving about the kitchen. The kids were all but finished with their breakfast.

“Hi, Dad.” they chimed.

“Go get your stuff, you’ve got practice in twenty minutes.” Mary ushered the kids out of the kitchen. “Honey, your breakfast is on the table.” She said giving me a peck on the cheek.

Mary was wearing a white muscle shirt , no bra, and a short blue skirt, and white sneakers. Her small dark areolas were visible through the thin shirt and her nipples poked out. She pulled on a tennis sweater and I grabbed my orange juice and walked out to the car with her and the kids. Kisses all around from the kids and I held the door open for my wife. She slid in behind the wheel and her skirt was up to the top of her thigh allowing me to see her white thong covering her delicious pussy.

I leaned in and kissed her. “ Go eat, your food is getting cold. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

I could hardly eat. Nothing was really out of the ordinary except how I was feeling and reacting to my wife. She was dressed no differently than on any other Saturday morning. I was picking up vibes from her that were very erotic. I finished just as I heard her car pull up.

Mary came in and the sweater went back on the door hook. She grabbed a clothes basket and headed for the laundry room. “Honey, would you toast an English muffin for me and put some cream cheese on it I’m just going to put a load in.”

Me too I thought.

My dick was straining against my shorts as I popped a muffin in the toaster. A light bulb went off in my head. I started stroking my cock furiously. The toaster popped up and with my free hand grabbed it and tossed the two halves on the plate. I directed my cock to the muffins and blasted my hot creamy thick cum on both pieces. It was so much that it ran off and pooled around the edges. I tucked my still hard meat back in my shorts.

Mary came back in the kitchen and sat down. I placed the muffins and coffee in front of her. “You sure put a lot on.” She said sipping her coffee.

My eyes were on her small hard nipples as she raised the muffin to her mouth. My cock was trying to rip my shorts as she placed the muffin in her mouth an took her first bite. My cream oozed at both corners of her mouth as she chewed. Then her tongue licked her lips and captured all of it. She continued to eat. “ Baby, you put vanilla in my cream cheese didn’t you. It’s delicious.”

Mary continued to eat her muffin and even dunking it into the pool of cock juice on her plate till it disappeared. One last dollop of cum remained at the corner of her lips. She took her finger and removed it and reaching across the table looked at me. “Taste, it’s really yummy.”

I leaned over and took her finger in my mouth. She rolled her finger so she could drag the drop of cum off her finger and onto my tongue. It was delicious. Thick, creamy, and vanilla.

I could stand no more. I stood up and dropped my shorts. I moved to Mary and lifted her to sit on the edge of the table. I pulled her thong aside and eased my rod of steel flesh deep into her hot snatch. Her mouth kissed my face and sucked at my tongue. I could taste vanilla cream on her tongue. My cock twitched. I was now fucking in long slow strokes.

“OOOOH, Baby fuck me.” Mary whispered in my ear.

My wife’s cunt was now sucking my dick. I shoved in as far as I had ever been and held her impaled on my meat. My head swelled and her hot cunt walls contracted and milked me. Blast after blast shot into her steaming cavern. My cock was surrounded by a hot mixture of ours juices. I just stood there letting my dick come to a stop. Her cunt muscles were still sucking me and I was still hard.

I eased out of Mary and bent down to cover her wet leaking puss with my mouth. I let all of our fuck juice run into my mouth as my tongue found her clit. About a dozen quick flicks and her ass came off the table as she came in my mouth adding to the volume already there. Before she finished cumming I stood and slid my cock back into her and fucked her fast and hard. I had caught her just at the right moment in her orgasm because she kept cumming as my meat pounded her burning slit. Her legs locked behind my back and bucked against me. I thought my cock would come out her throat, she held me so deep. I leaned down and found her mouth. My lips covered hers and as her mouth opened I let our entire fuck load ooze into her mouth. We fed each other the delicious nectar as she came again and again on my cock.

I slumped back onto the chair with Mary still impaled on my still hard cock. She leaned against me her hard little nipples stabbing my chest. Her wet hair matted with mine. Our bodies glistened with sweat. My ass was numb but I was aware of her warm smooth legs dangling down the outside of mine. Her breathing was now shallower and more even. Then I felt it. Holy Fuck! Mary’s cunt was contracting again. Her steaming pussy was starting to suck my dick all over again.

“Baby, give me more. Please Donnie, fuck me more. Fuck me harder and longer. I love fucking you, Baby. Please, I need it now. FUCK ME!

And I did!

More to cum!

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