tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 05

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 05


On the table were breads, fruits, in the middle of the table laid Fredrick's wife, her throat had been slit and her body was slit down the middle." Eat my queen I have waited so long for you." He told her.

Cheyenne walked to the dead woman where she reached in and grabbed her heart as she began to devour it, blood ran down her face." Perfect you remembered how I liked it after three hundred years." She laughed wickedly eating the heart.

Soon the others began to feast on the dead woman's body as they rejoiced the return of their queen. Otis stood next to her and ran his hand down her back softly. She looked into his eyes with the knowledge of a secret they both shared. Fredrick would be leaving again to prepare a new place where they would continue their plan to capture the world.

"Gore warrior you are to protect my queen as long as I am gone and to see she wants for nothing." He said to Otis as he kissed her on the lips. "I will return in three days my queen." He told her as he was leaving.

"I am sure I will be in good hands." She said as she looked deep into his eyes. "Meet me in my room." She whispered to him.

Once in her room she waited for Otis to join her, she slipped out of her clothes and laid on the bed nude until he came to her. He walked into the room and smiled.

" I have waited three hundred years to be reunited with you." He said removing his clothes.

"Have you arranged for his demise so we may rule our kingdom together?" she asked watching him remove his clothes.

"Yes my Queen. "He told her joining her in bed.

"Feed me my love as I have a burning with in for you to put out." She told him as he raised his body over hers.

"I will pleasure you my queen." He said as he roughly took her in a heat of passion.

"Kill him tonight! I order you as your queen to do this task I have given you." She whispered in his ear as he ravished her body sending her into a frenzy of orgasms.

His face began to turn into a grotesque monster as Cheyenne's eyes began to glow green. "Where is my child?" she asked Otis after their mating.

He rose from the bed and began to dress, he looked at her and smile.

" The Princess of darkness has not been born yet, but soon very soon you will have her in your arms." He told her.

"Why is the woman who has her in her body not here so my child can be getting the foods it need?" she questioned him.

"Fredrick wanted to wait until we got the woman that you are the hostess of her body." He told her as he was getting ready to leave.

"Go now and I will decide how long this woman will wait before I have her here." She told him.

The Queen of darkness put black tight pants that exposed her ass cheeks, with a halter top and black boots." I think I will go adventuring out today." She said looking in the mirror at her self. Then she disappeared into green smoke.

She appeared in front of Cheyenne's and Hanks house where she saw Kimberly eating ice cream on the porch as she stood behind the trees. I will take pleasure cutting my child out of your nasty fat body. She thought to herself when a hand touched her shoulder. As she turned it was Saunders standing in front of her. She smiled looking into his eyes as her eyes glowed green preventing him from moving. She ran her hands over his chest." I am hungry "she said licking his neck with her tongue. She wrapped her arms around him, she was ready to feed on his neck, but a bitter sweet memory of him and her playing football with other police officers flashed through her mind making her turn away and vanished before she could kill him. Back in her room she looked in the mirror. " So Cheyenne you are a strong willed woman, but I will over power you and destroy you forever!" she said throwing herself on the bed frustrated that Cheyenne was able to stop her from completing her feeding on the man.

Cheyenne smiled at her floating above the bed. "Then be prepared to battle to the death, I will not give up so easily." She said with her arms folded looking at the Queen of Darkness pouting on the bed.

The queen of darkness smashed the mirror on the dresser with a lamp, "Bitch!" She snarled and walked out to where the others were, singling out one of her own men." Come to my room now." she told him looking around to make sure no one noticed her and her own warrior going to her room.

In her room the man stood before her as she wrapped her arms around him." Pleasure me the Queen of darkness now. "She said as she was tricking him into bed with her.

Feeling frustrated and defeated out one killing by Cheyenne the Queen of the Dark side straddled her warrior as he caressed her large breast, she moved her hips slowly on him, she lowered her face to his kissing him, licking him, and once she was at his neck she reached her orgasm and then biting into his neck she began sucking the life out of him, she then continued to eat into his throat satisfying her hunger. When she had finished she looked at his body with out life." Mmmm finger licking good." She laughed wickedly as the man's body disappeared with one swipe of her hand and her eyes glowed a bright green.

Saunders stood looking around wondering what had just happened. Where had the woman disappeared to, she had been at this very spot. Dumb founded he went back to the house where Roger and Hank were reading up on the super natural.

" Something weird just happened to me, a woman half dressed was watching the house and when I grabbed her she disappeared. The strange thing was I almost felt Cheyenne was there." he told the men feeling a chill run through his body.

"Hank looked at him." What did she look like?" he asked trying to under stand what was happening and where was his wife.

Like Cheyenne only with long black hair, her eyes glowed green then everything seemed to stop and she was gone." he told him looking more confused then before.

Roger put his head down. "God please help us before it is too late." He said feeling totally lost as well as Cheyenne being lost to him forever.

Suddenly the whole house began to shake around them." What is happening?" Norma asked jumping up from the couch.

Kimberly began to violently vomit green slime, her body began to twirl in a circle she disappeared into thin air before their very eyes.

Norma screamed as her body was too paralyzed to move." Oh my Sweet Jesus saves us!" she screamed out.

The rumbling finally subsided; they all looked at each other not believing what had just taken place. Saunders went to the place Kimberly had been sitting." She has been taken as well." He said looking at the others.

Norma was screaming hysterically." They are going to get all of us one at a time!" she said falling to her knees.

Roger went to her and he picked her up off the ground." Pull your self together! We have to get out of here." he told them.

Hank looked at him." Where the fuck are we going to go?" he yelled not knowing how to feel or act.

There was a loud banging at the door; they all looked at it not knowing who could be on the other side. Hank walked slowly to the door as he opened it slowly he saw Aggatha standing at the door.

Hank swung the door open causing the woman to be startled." What the fuck do you want?" Hank bellowed at the elderly woman.

"Please if you want your wife and friend back you need me." She said holding up her hand that displayed a cross in her palm almost as if it had been branded there.

Roger came up behind Hank." Let's hear what she has to say since we have no other avenues at this time." He told Hank grabbing him by the shoulder." Come in Aggatha." He said pulling Hank away from the door.

The woman walked through the house looking around." I feel much love here; I feel your wife's soul has escaped here for safety since the demonic has no love, only lust." She told them.

Hank's face turned white." she's dead?" he said softly.

"No she has just escaped here so her soul would not have to dwell with evil every second." She explained to them." today when her friend there Detective Saunders was about to be attacked and killed she jumped back inside of the Queen of darkness evidently she won seeing he is still alive." She said looking at Saunders.

"You work for them why should we believe you?" Hank asked.

" No I work for the power of the white light as some of you know it as God and it was Roger's and Norma's cry out to him for help that he sent me to you" she explained as she looked at Norma." There is only one way to convince you, I will allow you to see Cheyenne." She said turning off the lights.

Suddenly a bright white light lit up the whole room Cheyenne appeared dressed in a long white gown, bare foot, her long blond hair flowing, she smiled down at them. "Aggatha is good, but she is right they have to be stopped soon or I will not be able to get back into my body and they will have won. You must save Kimberly's unborn child, they want to turn it evil to destroy everything good on earth." she smiled looking so angelic." I love you all and its that, that gives me the power I need to fight back." she said as she faded away.

Hank looked at where Cheyenne had been.

" Cheyenne don't go!" he cried out to her as she faded away into thin air." How do we defeat them to get her back?" he asked Aggatha.

"You must have them all in one area of a room where they cannot escape us, if one slips through it will not stop." She told them.

"What about the baby?" Roger asked.

"If we obtain the child soon after birth we can save her from evil." She said as she stood with her hands folded around a rosary." We need to get started to find where they are." She said going to the kitchen table.

"What you don't know where their at?" Saunders asked.

"If I did I could have destroyed them long ago, so now we must do it together," she told them folding out a map.

"What are all these marks on the map?" Roger asked her.

"These are abandoned old mansions, the ones marked have been checked, and we don't have time to waste, we must find the right one." She said.

A white feather floated down onto the map, they all looked at each other." Cheyenne must have sent this, she is growing weak. Does anyone know of this place?" Aggatha asked.

"It's the Feinstein's old mansion in the middle of the woods, legend has it that the husband killed his family and disappeared from sight never to be found." Roger told them.

"Roger his first name was Fredrick, he was having an affair with a woman practicing witch craft. His wife's heart and all of her organs had been eaten from what rumors have it." Saunders said.

"Why didn't we notice him from the pictures we got of Harrelson?" Hank asked.

"He would be two hundred years old Mr. Thompson." Aggatha told him.

"He holds his age well. " Hank replied.

"I must remind you that if the body it's self is shot or anything of that nature the human sharing the body will parish also." She told them.

"So how do we kill them with out killing the victims?" Saunders asked.

"With this vial of potion I have here." She told him holding a gold and black vial in her hand.

"This is in the movies for Christ sake." Roger told her.

"No only wooden stakes and silver bullets are. If this potion is placed on the weapon it will kill the demonic beings as well as the human." She told them.

"So how do we get this stuff on them? Walk up to them telling them to hold out their arm?" Hank asked Aggatha.

"When attacking you must splash it on them anywhere you can make contact." She told them.

"So when do we go?" Hank asked her.

"Tomorrow after we have pulled the land records, we need the lay out of the house so we are not wasting time searching every inch." She told them.

" We should all sleep in this room together so we make it through the night with each one of you wearing these amulets to help protect you." She said handing out the amulets.

They slept on the floor on pellets as the elderly lady sat up watching over them as she said prayers that sounded to the others as chants. She never slept as she was protecting her innocents from evil attacking them as they slept. Cheyenne's spirit could be felt in the house for Ralph and Ninja lay by the rustic table near the chair she always sat in when she was home.

The Queen of darkness was becoming restless when Otis came back." I need to be fed now." She hissed at him.

"Well my Queen here is the heart of Fredrick you can start with then I will take you to find new meat." He told her smiling.

"You accomplished his demise! Come and share his heart with me so we both acquire his powers." She told him as she held the still beating heart in her hand smiling at it so wickedly.

As the two demons devoured the Prince of darkness heart the wind began to blow harder , lightening was crackling all over the room, they both began to glow a brighter green they began to scream a horrendous scream as their bodies began to turn into demonic creatures more grotesque then they were before.

The Queen of darkness feeling the new powers serge through her looked at Otis." I wish to go test them now." She told him. "As soon as my child is born she will be the Princess of Darkness." She said laughing.

"Lets go, I know of a bar in town that even the law officials want to be rid of." He told her as they left

." I guess we will be helping them." She told him as they left to go to feed.

As they arrived at the small biker bar the queen of darkness and now the new prince of darkness changed their attire to fit into the biker crowd ." how do I look?" she Asked Otis.

He looked at her in black shorts cut above her ass cheeks, thigh high boots, a top made out of only strings with just enough material covering her large hardened nipples, her long black hair hanging loosely."

"You look great." He told her as he stood before her in a black Harley shirt, black vest with a patch that said " DEMONS", blue jeans with boots, a wallet hanging from a chain off of his belt.

"Lets go I want to feed." She told him.

Once inside she spotted two women sitting at the bar these were to be hers. She sat next to the one with large breast, her hair was long and red, her jeans fit her body tightly, and she wore silver jewelry." Hi" the woman said as she sat next to her.

"Hi I am Cheyenne." She told them looking at the woman's large breast.

"Like what you see?" she asked

"I like what I see very much." She told her smiling as she touched the woman on her shoulder letting fingers slide down to her cleavage.

The woman's friend leaned over to introduce herself to Cheyenne." Hi baby I am horny and I just love what I see of that package of yours." The woman told the princess of darkness.

"Really, well let me get a better view of you." She said as she walked over to her bar stool. As she looked over the slim blond wearing a red dress with strings on the sides holding the dress together, she touched her small breast softly then leaned over softly kissing her neck. The woman responding to her advances opened her legs so the queen of darkness could touch her bare crotch.

" Mmmm horny I think you will enjoy my eating you." The queen of darkness smiled as she moved her hand under the woman's dress feeling the woman's moistness as her hips began to move to her touch.

The others in the bar were yelling for a three some between the three women as the one with the large breast removed her top as the princess of darkness began to lick her hardened nipples. Everyone was encouraging them to continue with the sex acts. The Queen of darkness looked at the large breasted woman who removed the Queen of darkness clothes for her. The woman grabbed her as she felt of her breast, kissing her softly. The Queen of darkness then dropped to her knees where she began to give the smaller woman oral sex as the men and women were going wild. With out the others realizing it Otis had locked any way out of the bar.

Otis had a woman on the pool table performing anal sex on her. A large male biker grabbed the Queen of darkness kissing her as he caressed her large breast." You bitches are driving me crazy." he said as he roughly threw the Queen of darkness on the bar, he entered her body as she moaned from the pleasure. The women and the men began to have sex with each other like they were under a spell of some kind. The man who was with the Queen of darkness was just getting ready to explode in side of her when her eyes began to glow as she bit out a piece of his throat then spitting it on the smaller woman who was oblivious to what was taking place around her. Otis had turned into his demonic self and ripped the woman's heart out of her chest, He began to eat it as he exploded his juices with in her. The others in the bar were oblivious to what was happening to their friends. The Queen of darkness grabbed the large breasted woman "pleasure me now!" she ordered her. As the princess of darkness lay on the bar having sex with the woman while the smaller woman was kissing and caressing her breast. She grabbed the smaller woman ripping her heart from her chest continuing her sexual frenzy with her friend as she ate the other woman's heart. After the hour of sex and feeding frenzy everyone in the bar was dead. She approached Otis. "Pleasure me my prince." She said laying on the pool table where they began to have sex amongst the blood and gore. He entered her giving her the orgasm she wanted now that she had been fed to satisfy her hunger.

The next day Hank was able to get the lay out of the house so they could study it." When are we going?" he asked Aggatha.

"Tonight we must attack at midnight." She instructed them.

The day seemed to go by so slowly for them. Norma turned on the television set to the news where they saw the Prince and Queen of darkness had attacked the bar the night before.

The news reporter a young Latin male was recanting what the owner of the bar found when he opened the doors for the cleaning crew. "Last night at a local tavern frequented by local bikers the authorities were alerted to a bloody massacre by the owner of the establishment and the cleaning crew that happened upon the grizzly scene of the blood and mutilations of the patrons along with the bar matron. One witness was heard saying that the body organs were gone from the victims as if they were had been ripped out of their bodies. At this time there aren't any suspects to this bloody massacre. Stay tuned for further information."

Roger and Saunders looked at each other." We have to stop this before they kill everyone." Roger said unsure tonight would even work that they may end up amongst the victims.

"Oh my God how are we going to carry this out?" Norma asked.

"With the help of the almighty, that is how." Aggatha told her.

Hank sat in his bedroom listening to Cheyenne's favorite song, He stopped loving her today. He sat hunched over holding her picture in his hands the tears fell like tender rain drops onto the picture. Roger came into the room, he knew the big mans heart was being torn apart. He sat next to him on the bed putting his arm around his shoulder." I am not going to tell you we will get her back alive Hank, because I just do not know, in fact, I do not know if any of us will make it out alive. What I do know is that you have to use the love you two have for each other to help fight this thing." He told him as he tried to comfort him and be honest at the same time with him.

Hank took a deep breath looking at Roger." I guess you better use that love that fills your heart for her too it will have twice the fighting chance." He said handing him her picture.

Roger smiled fighting back tears." Well then with the two of us fighting for her she's got one hell of a fighting chance." He told Hank trying to force a laugh as he looked at her picture wishing she was here and safe.

Saunders had seen what had just happened between the two men, she is some kind of a woman that is for sure. He thought to himself as the men entered the room.

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