tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 07

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 07


Gore warrior gloated to him self that his plan was successful and Cheyenne was quiet during the ride home as she kept seeing Gore warrior's face over hers, but it was all a blur to her. Why would I think of him for? She thought to herself. It must have been because of my dream of Fredrick the other night, she thought to herself, Trying to explain it away but couldn't. Once they arrived home Cheyenne laid in bed all day feeling horrible from her night of drinking.

The next few weeks were hard on Cheyenne as she kept seeing Gore warrior's face and then she seemed to remember screaming out his name saying that she was his queen. I've finally gone crazy she thought to her self. She noticed her breasts were becoming very tender to the touch." What is going on with me?" She asked herself as she stood in front of the mirror. Cheyenne decided to just forget it what ever it was would go away. Cheyenne was wrong it did not go away but just got worse on her, certain smells began to make her nauseas. Maybe I got some weird flu she thought. She went to Aggatha and told her of her symptoms she was experiencing.

Aggatha looked at her smiling." My child it sounds like you're pregnant. I guess your night of drunkenness gave you more then a hang over." She teased Cheyenne.

Cheyenne looked at Aggatha." there is no way Hank is sterile and can't have children." She told her not knowing that Gore warrior was in the hall way listening.

So Hank can't have kids now how will you explain your pregnancy to him Cheyenne? He thought to himself. Then walking into the kitchen where the women were sitting. "You don't look good Cheyenne maybe we should go to the doctor's." he told her knowing what the out come would be.

"No I don't want to go Hank." She said hating doctors.

"Aggatha will you please take her to the doctors so we can find out what is wrong with her she has been this way for over three week's." he told Aggatha as he walked out of the house to go to the field where he let out a thunderous laugh

"Come on Cheyenne let's go and find out what's wrong." She told her.

Gore warrior was met by Dusk shroud." Well news has it Cheyenne is with child, your child." He said looking weary at Gore warrior.

"She has just gone to the doctor's I have a feeling Hank will be leaving since he can't have children." He said boisterous." You do have our un holy union recorded also?" he asked

"Yes it's all recorded, now let's go Gore warrior before we're discovered and destroyed." He said as they vanished.

Gore warrior smiled knowing he had just destroyed Cheyenne and Hanks marriage and he would be collecting what was his now when the time was right.

Aggatha and Cheyenne rode down the street Cheyenne noticed they were not going towards town." Where are we going?" she asked looking out the window.

"We have to go to one of our Doctors; you're a witch we can't very well go to a normal doctor." She explained to Cheyenne.

"Oh so we're going to a witch doctor then." She said sarcastically.

"Sit back and relax we will be there is just a few more minutes." She told her.

Cheyenne looked at the small house sitting alone in the woods." this is my doctor?" she asked looking strangely at the woman.

"Yes, now stop acting like a spoiled brat and come on." She told her.

"I am acting like a spoiled brat and you take me to the witch who wanted to eat Hansel and Gretel." She told the woman standing next to her shaking her head at Cheyenne for her acting childish.

As they waited for someone to greet them at the door Cheyenne looked around and saw a graveyard with a newly dug grave. On top of the grave were two cats fighting. " That's strange." She said as she watched the cats battling on top of the grave.

"The cats represent good and evil, they are battling over the soul of the recently deceased." She told Cheyenne.

"Makes sense to me." She said rolling her eyes as she turned towards the door again.

The door opened with a gray haired old woman standing there in a black dress." Cheyenne I have been waiting for you." The woman told her smiling.

Cheyenne just looked at the woman." How do you know me?" she asked.

"You're the High Priestess of the White Light; we all know who you are." She said kissing her hand.

When the woman was not looking Cheyenne wiped her hand off on her blue jeans." Please remove your clothes so I may examine you." She told Cheyenne smiling.

Cheyenne removed her black shirt and jeans, then slipped out of her sandals, she laid down on the table where the woman pointed. The woman checked her breast, then felt her stomach." ah yes there you are." She said smiling.

"There who is?" she asked looking around the room.

"Your baby" she said smiling as she ran her hands over her stomach with oils. "Give me your ring." She said.

Cheyenne took off her ring handing it to the woman who put it on a chain then watched the ring begin to move." A boy, our High Princess is having a little prince." She told them with a huge smile.

"You can't tell me I am pregnant this way! This is not how it is done!" Cheyenne rebelled.

"Very well then, I will show you your baby." The woman told her.

Waving her hand over her stomach she said a chant." Through the powers of our Higher Power show this doubting vision of her son she will feed from her breast." The woman chanted as she rubbed her stomach.

Cheyenne saw her baby in her stomach in a vision over her body the woman had cast. Tears came to her eyes as she saw her son in her womb.

"My son, that's my son! But how did I get pregnant?" she asked them smiling and looking confused at the same time.

"Why by your husband of course dear." The old woman said.

"No, it's impossible for it to be Hanks, he can't produce kids." Aggatha told her looking worried, as she knew this had to be the work of the Dark Side.

The three women looked at each other stunned." then who could it be if he is the only man you have slept with?" Aggatha asked Cheyenne.

"I don't know Aggatha! What does this mean?" Cheyenne asked.

"Well either you had an affair which we know is not true, or a warlock or demon has impregnated you," she told her.

"Wouldn't I know if I had sex with someone other then Hank?"

"Yes you would know if you were not knocked out." The old woman said.

"No I have never been knocked out! Even drunk I remember sleeping with my husband four weeks ago." She said looking so lost and confused.

'That is the time you got pregnant my girl," the doctor told her.

Cheyenne cried into her hands." he will not believe I have not slept around." Cheyenne looked up at them bewildered. "My marriage will be over and I have not done anything wrong."

Mean while Gore warrior being invisible had watched the whole thing even seeing his unborn son. Gore warrior had left Hank at the barn with implanting memories of the last few weeks of being with Cheyenne. when she confessed to him that she was a witch even giving him the necklace, Cheyenne going to the doctors, the night she got drunk, all except where Gore warrior mated with Cheyenne when the child was conceived while he waited in the closet frozen still. Gore warrior was proud that his plan had worked now soon she would be by his side dressed in black along with their son.

Aggatha drove Cheyenne home as Cheyenne kept touching her stomach knowing she had a life growing inside of her.

"Cheyenne this was meant to be! Or you wouldn't be pregnant!" She told her firmly.

They pulled into the house where Hank came to meet them at the car.

"What did the doctor say?" he asked wanting to know what was wrong with his wife.

"I am going to have a baby." She told him.

Hank stumbled backwards from the shock that Cheyenne was pregnant, knowing it was impossible that it was his child." Who have you been fucking to get you knocked up?" he yelled at her as jealousy and raged filled his entire soul.

"I have only slept with you Hank!" she yelled back "I have not been unfaithful to you," she told him as she grabbed his arm.

"Is Roger the father?" he yelled at her as he knocked her to the ground trying to make her let go of him.

Roger came out of the house after hearing all the yelling out side, he could not believe seeing Cheyenne laying on the ground as Hank stood over her. Hank looked insane with his face bright red, his veins popped out of his face and neck as he stood screaming at Cheyenne. Roger without a second thought was at Cheyenne's rescue. "Back off of her Hank!" he yelled just as Hank swung hitting Roger in the jaw.

Roger became infuriated and began beating Hank senseless. He realized this was making the matter worse especially for Cheyenne who was now screaming for them to stop. She sat on her knees on the ground with Aggatha standing by to make sure she was free of being harmed.

"She's all yours and that bastard child she is carrying in her stomach! Because it isn't mine!" he yelled storming off to his car leaving the house.

Roger looked at Cheyenne in disbelief." Your pregnant?" he asked her seeing how upset she was.

"Yes and Hank is sterile, I don't know how I got pregnant." She said crying.

Roger looked at her strangely. "Cheyenne come on, the immaculate conception only happened once before." He told her.

"Oh God, Roger please believe me I do not know how I got pregnant." She told him crying hysterically.

He took her in his arms." It's ok Cheyenne, he'll be back." He told her holding her and wishing he were the father of her child. He looked up at Aggatha for an answer.

"It could have been a warlock or demon, I don't know how with out her knowledge." Aggatha told Roger.

"Come on let's go inside." Roger told her." What do you mean a warlock or demon could have gotten her pregnant?" he asked looking strangely at Aggatha.

"Cheyenne is the High Priestess of the white light, but even she can still be vulnerable to them." She explained to him as they both helped Cheyenne into the house.

"How will I convince Hank?" she cried knowing he must hate her.

"You're a witch go to him, use your powers to find him." Aggatha told her.

Cheyenne stood in the middle of the room touching something that belonged to Hank. She saw him in a motel room crying into his hands." I will be back." She said as she vanished.

Cheyenne appeared in the motel room where Hank sat on the edge of the bed." Hear me out before you say a word." She told him quickly moving towards him and the bed.

Hank angrily got up off the bed and Cheyenne waved her hands so he could not move or speak just listen to what she had to say." Hank you forced me to use my powers, because I am innocent of being unfaithful to you. You have tried, convicted me just as they did back in the witch-hunts to those who were also innocent. I have not slept with anyone, a warlock or demon could have gotten me pregnant I am a witch and we are vulnerable to him or her. There is a reason I am pregnant, I saw my son and I am not going to loose him no matter how much I love you. He was given to me for a reason, but do not accuse me falsely of being unfaithful to you Hank." She told him as tears ran down her face. She then removed the spell that she placed on him.

"That was not fair forcing me to stand here and listen to you Cheyenne." He told her looking at her with so much contempt in his eyes. " you are having a child; you want me to believe that you do not know who the father is. Yet your ex boyfriend just happens to live with us, moves with us to another state and you turn up pregnant, but not by me! and now you want me to believe some warlock or demon just came along and fell inside of you then got you pregnant!" he yelled at her as the anger was eating him alive. "Well you know what if they did still burn witches I would make damn sure you and your kind were burned tonight!" He yelled at her filled with anger.

"You wish that upon me?" Cheyenne asked Hank not believing what he had said to her. "Fine Hank, I am going to grant you your wish and that is you will never see me again." She told him crying with a look on her face that told him he had just lost her then she vanished.

"Cheyenne." He said realizing he had gone to far with his words. "I will go talk to her tomorrow when I am calm and more rational.

When Cheyenne got back to the house she looked at everyone." we're leaving now," she said.

"Where Cheyenne?" Aggatha asked.

"Where we will be safe from Hank since he wishes we would be burned at the stake. I can't risk staying here and something happens to my family or unborn child..." She told her trying to hold back the tears and to cover up that her heart was shattering each time she thought of Hank.

"We'll go to your manor until its safe to come back." Aggatha told her.

"I have a manor?" she asked her looking surprised.

"Yes child, now get your things ready." Aggatha said.

Cheyenne with her magic packed everyone up to go. Roger and Saunders came down stairs from playing cards. He looked at her knowing that look on her face." Cheyenne, I am sorry. I never wanted to see that look of pain on your face ever again." He told her remembering that look the day she walked out of his life. He took her in his arms holding her as she broke down crying hysterically in his arms.

"Take us to the new place Aggatha." Saunders told her as he watched Roger and Cheyenne standing in the middle of the room wondering why things happened to them realizing he was looking at true love and they were oblivious to it.

In one movement of Aggatha's hand they were standing in an old house made of stone from centuries ago, it had been richly furnished from centuries ago with a winding staircase. The bedrooms had beds with canopies, dark red wood furniture, in Cheyenne's room she had a dressing table with a picture of her parents on it, Cheyenne looked at it sadly." My life is coming apart mama." She cried holding the picture to her heart crying. She changed into a long white gown with long wide spread sleeves the house felt cool to her. As she lay in her bed trying to piece everything together in her mind, only Hanks hateful words kept playing repeatedly in her mind. As she looked at the foot of her bed she saw Fredrick standing there." I am not a sleep so why may I ask are you here?" she asked him looking at him standing there in a dark suit.

"Well once I was a demon, but was killed by another demon. Now I am called a ghost." He told her sarcastically." You're a witch so act like one instead of a heart broken mortal." He told her angrily.

"You know Fredrick I liked you less as a demon and dislike you even more as a ghost. Why are you haunting me?" she asked him sitting up in her bed.

"Only you can help me get my revenge on Gore warrior." He told her." Look I will help you if you help get my revenge on him," he told her.

"Why should I help you?" She asked him angered by his request, " what makes you think you can help me? And when did you turn into a ghost by the way?" she asked him not believing she was actually talking to him.

"Last time I died." He answered her sarcastically." you got pregnant a month ago right? Was there anything strange about Hank?" he asked her sitting in mid air now with his legs crossed.

"Yes he constantly wanted sex," she told him remembering back.

"Do I have to draw you a picture, which is when your demon got into Hanks body Cheyenne." He told her looking down at her sitting up on her bed looking like a small child he remembered from long ago.

"But Hank remembered everything so wouldn't he had known if he was possessed?" she asked

"You're a witch wouldn't you know when your husband is possessed by a demon that your having sex with?" he retorted back at her.

"He did not act like he was any different except for the sex and I thought he was going through a mid life crisis so I dismissed it." She told him.

"Was there a time that you were out of your mind so to speak?" he asked.

"Yes, we got drunk, very drunk and he said I attacked him, that I was wild. You know who is responsible! Why can't you just tell me Fredrick?" she asked looking angrily at him.

"Yes I know who it is Cheyenne, but I can't tell you. You have to figure out for self who tricked you into a pregnancy." He told her." Did any certain person or thing keep popping up in your mind? He questioned her hoping to jar her memory.

"Oh my God! Gore warrior. " she said realizing what he did. "He is my baby's father." She said." I remember now but he was not in Hanks body I see him on top of me." She said as tears ran down her face.

"There's more too Cheyenne, you two were joined in a UN holy union that night the child was conceived." He told her." Remember Cheyenne it's the most important part."

Cheyenne held her face in her hands crying." he told me to call out his name, I did, he told me to tell him he was my master, I did, he told me to tell him I was his queen and oh my God I did!" she said getting off the bed." It was in a graveyard! What I have I done?" she asked Fredrick looking helpless and confused.

"I am afraid you are joined with Gore warrior and he can claim you at anytime." He told her." should I call you Mrs. Gore warrior?" he teased her.

"I am already married." She reminded him.

"To a mortal, you know that it is not recognized in our world." He told her.

"What do I do Fredrick? If you double cross me, I will make you worse then a ghost! Remember I am the High Priestess of the White Light and now it seems I will be the queen of the Dark side as well." She told him.

"He can come claim you at anytime Cheyenne." He told her." we must have a plan or you're going to lose the battle." As he floated in the air.

That night Cheyenne and Fredrick made their plan to destroy Gore warrior.

The next morning Hank went to the house to find everyone was gone the cars was there so he wondered how they had left. They had just vanished with out a trace or sign of them. Hank started searching in the house for anything that would lead him to Cheyenne. He started by going through the family's records and deeds unaware he was being watched by Gore warrior who would use him to lead him to Cheyenne. Hank found a deed to a house out in Maine; he would take the next flight out to see if they were there. He did not want to live his life without Cheyenne even with the baby that she was carrying he would raise it as his. He made his reservations for the air port.

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