tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 10

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 10


The day had come for Gore warrior and Cheyenne’s ceremony. She knew she would have to get him back to their room alone to kill him while the other women kept the others celebrating until Cheyenne could get back to help destroy the others. The witches dressed Cheyenne in a long black gown that cut deep into her cleavage. Long tight fitting sleeves. The waistline was very tight then spread out over her hips into a long sweeping gown. A black cape over her shoulders with her hair up on her head. A diamond beaded headband encrusted with diamond teardrops dangling from it caressing her forehead, she wore long delicate diamond earrings hanging that softly touched her shoulders. Her shoes were black spiked heels, as she looked in the mirror she was nervous for this is the day that she would wed Gore warrior to kill him in their wedding bed.

Gore warrior’s men came to bring Cheyenne to the place of the ceremony by calling her by her birth name Mystic Shadow.

As Cheyenne walked with the men on each side of her leading her down steep stairs, to a huge room filled with candles, Gore warrior stood in the middle of a circle lit with candles as the star on the floor was glowing bright. They placed Cheyenne in the middle with Gore warrior, Cheyenne looked around as she did not see her son which she was relieved he was not there, the other women stood watching the ceremony between Gore warrior and Mystic Shadow as Duskshroud read from a book in a language that she had not heard before. Cheyenne saw a golden knife handed to Gore warrior where he cut his hand then Cheyenne’s as he took both of their cuts mixing their blood together then handing the knife back to Duskshroud where he wiped the blood on a cloth. “Gore warrior and Mystic Shadow you are now bound together forever.” He told them as everyone cheered at the union.

Gore warrior picked her up in his arms carrying her to their wedding bed which was dimly lit by candles, the bed draped with black veils, something was happening to Cheyenne she felt strange wanting Gore warrior as she undressed for him , he laid naked on the bed and began to pleasure her orally with his serpent tongue, he raised his body on top of hers where he entered her Cheyenne was trying to stay focus, but she was being dragged more into Gore warrior’s body and soul, it must be the mixing of our blood I am weakening to him. She thought to herself. He placed her on top of him as she rode him slowly as her head rolled slowly in a circle letting her hair down; she looked into his glowing eyes.

“I love you Gore warrior.” She told him as she rubbed her hands over his chest giving into him as her body was being pleasured by his the passion began to get hotter.

I want to stay with him! She thought to herself as she felt as they were becoming one. Fight it! You have to fight it! It was Rogers’s voice she heard whispering to her. As she slowly moved on top of him, she removed one of her earrings. “I love you.” She told him as tears filled her eyes she poured the vanquishing potion on him that they placed in the earring and flew from the bed. He burst into flames and lightening bolts shot from the spot he had been laying in. Changing back into her warrior out fit she walked out to where the other women saw her emerge, they too changed into their outfits. The first one Cheyenne killed was Duskshroud as she had a lightening bolt rip him in half. The other witches were killing the demons using their powers to sever their throats and then each one would rip out their hearts. Cheyenne had Gore warrior’s mistress up in the air and threw her into a wall smashing her head open then cutting out her heart. The women had successfully destroyed everyone in the castle.

The women looked at Cheyenne “you know you are the Queen of darkness now.” They told her watching a sorrow cross Cheyenne’s face.

Cheyenne looked seriously with her heart miles away. “I will continue to destroy evil as long as I am alive.” She told them looking back where she had just vanquished the man she had been joined to for eternity. A single teardrop rolled down her face.

“You did cut out his heart Cheyenne?” they asked her.

“I vanquished him.” She told them as she collected her son taking him back to the house where everyone waited for their return.

Cheyenne looked at Hank as she held her son in her arms.” I think we should name him Alexander.” She smiled at him.

“I like Alexander.” he told her sensing strangeness about her now.

That night as they lay in bed and she told him everything about the seductions, the ceremony. She looked at Hank with tears.” He almost had succeeded in taking me over; thank God, I was able to fight it, to fight off his power. I told him I loved him before I vanquished him.” She told as she remembered that night.

“Did you love him?” Hank asked her as he laid on his side holding his head with up his hand.

“Yes at that moment I did, but then something brought me out of it and I killed him.” She told him as she felt almost a loss towards Gore warrior’s demise, and keeping from him it was Roger’s voice that brought her back knowing the truth that her love and heart would always belong to him. However, being she had made a commitment with Hank, she would try to make it work.

That night Hank and Cheyenne made love together for the first time in almost a year since she found out that she was pregnant. They reunited that night as man and wife to live together raising Alexander and Gina together. Saunders and Lindsey were married that summer. While Roger dated women out of the house hold.

Cheyenne and the other witches traveled all over destroying evil as Hank, Roger, Saunders, Aggatha, and Norma held down the home front. They knew it was what they were chosen to do in life.

Cheyenne enjoyed watching the children grow through the years.

At eighteen years old, Gina made the cheer leading squad in high school. Alexander was in the boy scouts, he loved spending those times with Hank. Hank now sixty years old was growing and looking older as his wife still looked forty-five years old and her body was in better shape then ever.

Gina’s body began to develop more advance then some of the girls her age, the science teacher began to pay more attention to her keeping her after school and rewarding her with gifts when she got an A in his glass. The teacher was almost 60 year’s old balding and fat with thick rimmed glasses. One day when Gina came into file paper work for him she was in her cheerleader’s uniform. He had been trying to get Gina to let him take her home and today he was going to make up some thing to get her to his house.” Gina how would you like to make fifty dollars today?”

Gina smiled at the thought of fifty dollars to spend.” Sure what do I have to do?” she asked him as she stood in front of him smiling with a sparkle in her eye.

“Will you model for me Gina?” He asked as was getting excited looking at her well developed body.

“Sure let’s go.” she said smiling pulling her long brown hair back into a ponytail.

Inside of his house she looked around as it was messy.” Where is your wife?” she asked him looking at the pictures of other girls from her school.

“She died long ago. Now would you mind posing nude for me Gina?” he asked as he got closer to her.

The thought made her excited; after all she did have Gore warrior’s blood flowing through her veins. ”Alright.” She said as she began to remove her clothes. She stood in front of him naked as he stared at her young body.

He reached out cupping her breast and she did not stop him. He pulled her to him fondling her as he kissed her laying her down on the couch where he took her virginity. The feelings he was giving to her as he molested her began to drive Gina wild, her eyes began to glow and she bit into his neck causing him to bleed. He tried to get away from her, but she had turned completely evil and hideous looking with huge demon looking ears, horns protruding from the top of her head with long stringy brown hair. She grabbed him by his arm when he tried to run from her as his flesh hung from his neck. Gina had strength beyond belief, she threw him on the ground and straddled him. ”Pleasure me or die now!” she growled in a demonic voice. The sexual sensations began to drive her crazy; she grabbed a knife off the coffee table plunging it into his heart and ate it as she laughed. Before leaving she took the fifty dollars Out of his wallet.” Thanks teach, I guess we won’t be playing together anymore.” She said as she laughed at the dead man lying there. Gina became like a drug addict she wanted more sex, at night while everyone slept she would sneak out the of the house looking for men who were looking for prostitutes, as they had sex with her she would go wild plunging the knife into their hearts that she carried with her now. Each killing made her more evil, she knew where the police were looking on certain nights because she would listen to Saunders and Roger where the stings would be set up to catch the serial killer who they knew had to be a prostitute doing the killings.

Gina discovered on one killing that she too had powers when she flung a man up in the air hitting the ceiling so hard it cracked. She laughed wickedly as he laid on the floor in pain.” pleasure me now or it will get worse.” She told the man smiling as he forced himself to pleasure the she devil from hell. As soon as she was done with one movement of her hand she was able to cut off his head. ”Oops I lied to you didn’t I?” she asked sarcastically laughing seeing his head severed from his body. The more she killed while having sex it seemed the more powerful she would get. She looked in the man’s bathroom mirror and she smiled at her self.” One day I will claim my throne, I am the Princess of Darkness. It was my destiny until Gore warrior took it away from me. I am glad Cheyenne killed the swine, it is a shame I will have to kill her one day.” She said brushing her hair as she looked in the mirror when she saw her face melting. ”What is happening? “She asked herself aloud when she heard a demonic laughter as if it was surrounding her very being. Fear surged through her body and she ran out of the room stepping over the dead man’s body when he grabbed her ankle causing her to fall.

” You dumb bitch so you’re glad I am dead? And you think you will rule the dark side?” the dead man said in a demonic voice.

Fear filled her body. ” Gore warrior your dead, she killed you!” she cried out as she tried to get away.

“Looks like I am here.” he said pulling her closer to the man she had just killed.” You tell anyone about me and I will kill you.” He threatened her as she broke loose from his grip running from the house. His demonic spirit left the man's body as he watched her run away. She could hear his evil laughter all the way home.

As his spirit floated into the air and out of the house he looked towards Cheyenne’s house.

” You told me you love me Cheyenne, which is what spared your life, that is until I decide for you to join me again.” He said smiling as he disappeared into the night.

Gina was frightened of Gore warrior even in spirit he was still powerful she found out. How could his spirit even survive Cheyenne’s attack on him? She thought to herself. She ran home hoping he was not coming after her, once in her room she buried her face into her pillow to muffle her cries so no one would hear her to question her.

That night as Cheyenne slept, she began to dream she was in a dark room wearing her long teal nightgown that resembled a peasants dress but made of satin and trimmed in a dark green lace. she saw a man whom she felt like she knew.” who are you?” she asked as he never looked at her, but kept walking away .She ran up to him grabbing him by the arm but her hand went right though him.” stop who are you?” she demanded as the man kept walking away when she had a strange feeling come over her.” No I vanquished you.” She said as he turned around it was Gore warrior. “I am just a dream Cheyenne, you dream of me because you love me isn’t that true?” he asked her.

“Once I thought I did Gore warrior, but I vanquished you fighting those feelings.” She told him.

“You miss how I made your body feel when I mated with you.” He told her.” But I am a dream and in the dream world I can’t touch you, it’s just a dream.” He said touching her face.

“You’re alive.” She said looking at him wide eyed as her hand touched his taking it off her face.

“I am in the spirit world because you love me; you did not completely succeed in my death.” He told her looking deep in her eyes.” We will be together one day Cheyenne.” He told her as he walked into the clouds with lightening bolts.

She stood there watching him go into the clouds feeling anger with her self for letting him get close to her emotions. “Damn it.” She said as she was coming out of the dream.

That morning Cheyenne sipped on her coffee at the kitchen table in her long white robe as Hank and Alex were getting ready to go camping with Alex’s troop for the week end. She was happy that Alex did not show any of his father’s demonic signs. Alex loved Hank and called him dad. Gina came to where Cheyenne was sitting at the table eating a bagel for breakfast.

“Where are they going?” Gina asked Cheyenne as she bit into her bagel.

“camping for the week end and are your Jean’s tight enough? “ she asked looking at the girls hip hugging jeans with a half shirt.

” no their not and I am just hanging out at Beth’s this week end.” She told her.

“Thank you for asking if you could stay.” Cheyenne told her sarcastically.

“Well can I stay Cheyenne?” she asked rolling her eyes.

“I guess it would be alright; we have a mission to go do, so I don’t see why not.” She told her.

“What are you doing?” Gina asked.

“Trying to help catch the prostitute who is killing the men she picks up.” She told her sipping on her coffee not noticing her face change expressions.

“How are you going to do it?” she asked trying to act normal so Cheyenne would not wonder why she wanted to know.

“I am going to go visit the crime scenes and see if I get a vision of course.” She told her.

Gina finished her breakfast then kissed Cheyenne good bye as she ran upstairs to get her stuff. Cheyenne thought that was weird since she has never shown anyone any affection.

Once Gina was in her room she cast a spell to keep her invisible from those who are looking for her in the killings.” hope it works.” She said to herself as she threw some clothes in a bag and left for the week end of killing.

After Hank and Alex had left she called for Fredrick once she was in her bedroom. As he appeared in front of her he could tell she was upset.” Why did you keep it from me that Gore warrior is in the spirit world?” she asked him.

“I didn’t know he was.” He replied shocked by the news he just heard. “I thought you got rid of him completely?” He asked her.

“He came to me in a dream last night.” She told him.

“You saw him?” he asked her being surprised by this.

Cheyenne eyes began to mist, “He said because I fell in love with him is what kept him from leaving completely.” She told him.

” Just as it was my love that kept me here right?” He asked sarcastically, “it was not your love; it was his for you that kept him in the spirit world.” He told her.

“Gore warrior was capable of loving anything or anyone besides himself?” she asked him.

“I guess he fell in love with you my dear daughter, we have that effect on demons and witches you know.” He told her smiling trying to figure out why he had not seen him.

“Don’t put me in the same league as you or I will send you somewhere cold, very cold.” She told him being disgusted that he was even her father. “I feel better knowing I didn’t cause him to be in the spirit world. He did it to him self.” She said realizing that she did not destroy him.

“Why haven’t you run into him?” she asked Fredrick.

“Well maybe we associate with in different circles, mine being the more debonair and his being more of the bar room brawlers type. “He told her with his hands on his hips, his head tilted back slightly as he stood there in his black suit. “How should I know why we have not ran into each other? It’s a large spirit world I guess.” He told her.

“Father, keep your eyes open for him and tell me if you see him?” she asked him as he sat with his legs crossed floating in the air.” Now go so I can get dressed.” She told him.

“I promise I won’t peek.” He said putting his hand over his eyes peeking through the cracks of his fingers.

“Go on leave!” she said throwing a pillow at him.

“Fine I know when I am not wanted.” He said vanishing.

Gina had checked into a seedy motel for the week end, she decided to change her appearance so she looked through a magazine to find someone to change into. She came across a woman who had been murdered ten years ago.” Guess you won’t mind me using your looks to do these crimes since it was a man who killed you.” She said looking at the woman’s picture. Taking the picture she turned her appearance into the woman’s with short red hair, green eyes, very thin with large breast.” You had to have a boob job done.” She said aloud to herself Slipping into a pair of blue denim shorts cut very short and were tight, with a black halter top with just a string for the back, she put on a pair of spiked heels.” Not bad, this should be a great week end and shock the police that a dead woman is committing the crime’s.” she said to her self laughing as she looked into the mirror. Once darkness came, she went out into the street where she was picked up by a trucker, he was young, blond hair and blue eyes, tall and thin built.

” hey little lady looking for some fun?” he asked calling out to her from inside the truck.

“Does your truck have a bed?” she asked him licking her lips.

“Sure does have a bed.” He told her smiling.

“Do you have fifty dollar’s?” she asked rubbing her hands over her breast.

“I sure do! “ He told her with an ear-to-ear grin. “Climb on up in here little lady.” He said opening up the trucks door for her.

Once inside the truck she directed him to a secluded area where no one would see them. As they undressed, she got in the bed where she got on top of him, as they began to have sex she felt the energy building inside of her and transformed into her demon body looking more hideous each time she gained more powers. He looked up at her when he heard her growling and felt green slime dropping on to his face. He began screaming in terror trying to escape her. Her nails turned into razors when she exploded into an orgasm. With an eerie scream slashed him repeatedly in a crazed frenzy. There was blood all over the place including her own blood. She stepped out of the truck with her clothes on she was bloody she cleaned herself up using her magic. As she was walking down the street back to the motel, six high school boys stopped her then pulling her into the car.

“We’re going to have a good time with you tonight.” the one boy said with red hair and braces as he squeezed her breast. The boys dragged her out into the woods where they took turns raping her, this made her powers even stronger as she was enjoying the pleasure from them, her eyes began to glow as she reached her climax killing them all by severing there head with her new razor like nails. She began laughing at the sight of them. She sat each boy’s head on their laps. ” I think I had a very good time with you tonight.” She said smiling taking off in their car and parking it at a local bar.

Once back at the motel she turned back into her self.” Wow I worked up a hunger tonight.” She said ordering a pizza and showered while she waited for it. She felt very elated in her night of killing. She sat smugly feeling she had even fooled the great Cheyenne about her. She thought back to the little girl at school she killed as she fingered the necklace around her neck she still had. “I’ve gotten much better at killing.” She said laughing to her self.

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