tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 09

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 09


Cheyenne sat up in her bed still reeling from the nightmare she had just experienced with Gore warrior. "Oh sweet Jesus what have I done? When I told him I would not go with him he pushed me into the graves, and hands came up from the graves trying to drag me inside." She told them as Hank took her into his arms.

Cheyenne was fearful to fall back to sleep for fear Gore warrior would bring her back to him. For the first time she actually feared him. As the night past Cheyenne laid awake watching Hank sleep. She got out of bed to sit by the window to watch the sun come up.

Gina was becoming more of a handful to handle since she found out her father had taken her destiny away from her. She was hurting children in school and the schools asked that she not come back.

Aggatha had to home school her where she would throw things at her. Gina's hate for the baby grew more every day as she watched Cheyenne's stomach grow. Gina wished her father and baby brother would die together. Gina became so violent that Roger and Saunders took her to the scared straight program by the local prison. She laughed at the female and male prisoners when they tried to intimidate her. They told the two men that she was dangerous now and would grow more dangerous when she got older. The little girl was born without a conscious. Roger and Saunders looked at each other worriedly.

Gina began to have moments that she acted possessed. She literally was extremely angry. Growling as if she was a wild animal. They would have to restrain her until the doctor was able to administer a potion to her. She confirmed Aggatha worse fears that the demon was growing stronger with in the evilness of the child consuming her and her mind. The potions only kept the demon dormant temporarily.

"The ninth month."

Cheyenne's water broke as she was walking to the kitchen. "Aggatha it is time for the doctor. " She told her as she sat on a chair.

"I will summons the doctor." She told her as they moved her to basement.

Everyone gathered down stairs in the basement that had been prepared for the birth of Cheyenne's baby. They put her in a bed to have the birth in; everything was sterilized for the birth, Cathy was preparing the bed for the baby to be placed in when it was born.

The contractions were coming quick as Cheyenne would push when the doctor told to her.

"This is going to be a quick birth." the doctor told Cheyenne.

Hank stood on one side of Cheyenne as Roger stood on the other side of her each holding her hand, as she would grip them tight with each contraction.

"Oh my God this hurts so much!" she cried as she was trying to bare the pain.

"Not as much as it hurts me." Roger said when Cheyenne gripped his hand with all of her might.

"Push Cheyenne, push I see his head." the doctor told her.

"I can't push I am so tired." She cried out from the pain and exhaustion she was feeling.

"Push Cheyenne do as you're told." Aggatha told her.

Cheyenne began to scream as the baby was coming out." Get it out! Get it out!" she screamed as the pain felt like it was tearing her in two. Then it stopped when he came out of Cheyenne. The doctor handed him to Cheyenne. "He is so beautiful," she said looking at her son in her arms as she nursed him her milk from her breast.

Suddenly a strong wind began to blow Cheyenne knew it was Gore warrior and his army. He appeared next to Cheyenne looking at his son suckling from Cheyenne's breast. His men were surrounding her from the others. "It is time to go Cheyenne," he told her looking at the son they had created together.

"No we are not going with you Gore warrior." She said holding her son tightly to her as she tried to send him away with her hand only to have him grab her hand taking their son from her. The other women were battling Gore warrior's army but there were too many of them for the women to hold off .Gore warrior leaned over Cheyenne kissing her before he vanished taking her baby with him. Roger tried to grab him but he Gore warrior had vanished before he could reach him.

"Damn it!" Roger yelled realizing that he was to late in saving the baby.

"No!" Cheyenne screamed as they all left with her son." No don't take my little boy." Cheyenne cried as she struggled to get out of bed, she became aware of Gina standing there crying. "Gina..." Cheyenne said as her heart bore the child's pain as well.

Gina looked at Cheyenne through tear-filled eyes. "He left me, He lied to me, and he said he would take me when he came back!" She cried as Cheyenne took her into her arms holding her as they both cried.

Six weeks had past since the birth of her son she spent many hours in her room crying over her loss. Aggatha came to her." you need to turn your depression into anger and start the battle now Cheyenne or you will never get your son back." She told her knowing that if she did not snap out of her depression he would win the battle.

"Cheyenne looked at her strangely." Your right Aggatha I do." She said as she called everyone to her room." It is time we go back to the house and prepare for battle." She told them as they all stood around her and then vanished reappearing at the house.

The women went outside where they worked out getting their bodies back in shape. In the evening they spent hours making potions and spells strong enough to vanquish the strongest of evil. They summoned Cheyenne's parents from the other world to give them details of what to expect. The women had every spell, potion, and details down to a fine art.

Cheyenne called upon Fredrick to tell them where their caverns are. They drew maps of each one. Cheyenne swore she would search the world until she found her son.

The women all dressed in black leather vest and pants, black boots, with black leather straps with silver studs on each wrist, they each had their charm around their necks and bathed in the oils.

The women traveled alone since they traveled by their magic beaming into a place as they battled any evil supernatural being that they crossed paths with. When they entered one cavern located in the woods of Virginia they found some of Gore warrior's men raping young girls and killing them when they had finished abusing the young terrified girls.

Cheyenne blasted the door open with lightening bolts as she entered a gust of wind blew in as the women's hair flew loosely around their face and in the air, with out a word the women killed the demons by blowing them up with crystal energy balls . With the demons gone the girls who were still alive looked at the women as they walked out without a word just as they had walked in then vanished into the night." Who were those women?" they asked each other before they lost their memory of the warriors of the White Light.

Cheyenne had to separate the part of her that was in love with Hank, the one who was gentle had to become the most vindictive witch known to man kind she became Mystic Shadow warrior and High Priestess of the White Light. She had located Rip snake in Las Vegas in a hotel room pleasuring him self with prostitutes. Mystic Shadow told the other women she wanted this one herself to keep watch for any of his comrades. she turned her outfit into one of the sleaziest dresses , it was white with straps that just covered her breast then a small piece of material covering her stomach then opening around her hips, cutting just above her buttocks with an open back, she wore white spiked heels and carried a vanquishing potion in her evening bag. As she walked into the room, finding him in bed with a woman Mystic Shadow smiled.

"Time for you to go now, we have business." She told the woman who looked at Rip snake.

He nodded his head for her to leave. As the woman was dressing, Mystic Shadow let her dress drop to the ground revealing just a pair of white lace panties. He was captured by the lust as she dropped her panties to the floor. Mystic Shadow climbed into the bed with the man who had a foul smell, his teeth yellowing; his black hair was slimy looking.

"I will give you what you have wanted if you tell me what I want to know." She said as she straddled him feeling his hardness against her throbbing." tell me where Gore warrior is and I will pleasure you all night she told him feeling him enter her as she moved her body slowly .

"Oh man you are so hot you fucking witch bitch! No wonder Gore warrior is so crazy about you. " he told her feeling the pleasure of her body on his.

"Tell me now," she said leaning over pressing her large breast in his face as she licked his ear lobes.

"He is at the old house in Europe with the boy," he told her as he grabbed her hips." Your better then I fantasized about." He told her, as his breathing was getting heavier, he was feeling pleasures he never felt before.

Mystic Shadow leaning her body backwards as he grinded deeper in her body she grabbed her bag and the potion then poured it on him.

" You're really a bad fuck and that just pist me off!" She said getting off him he started to disintegrate laughing at the evil little man. Changing back in to her warrior outfit, she smiled where the vile man had once lain.

As Mystic Shadow and the other witches were walking out of the motel they saw six of Rip snake's comrades coming down the street the eight women standing in a line blocking the side walk blew them up pointing their hands at them.

"So what happened up there?" Lindsey asked her as they vanished off the street and into another hotel room where they would stay for the night." He was a bad fuck so I made him disappear with our potion." She told them smiling." We are going to Europe tomorrow that is where Gore warrior is with my baby boy. We need to summon Fredrick to find out where it is." She said as she called out for Fredrick.

Soon he appeared in front of them." You have a bad case of timing Cheyenne I was just putting the move on this cute little nurse who died a week ago when you called, so it better be good." He told her.

"Even as a ghost you're trying to get laid." Cathy told him.

"You should try me some time." He told her winking as he smiled at her.

"Where is the old house in Europe Fredrick?" Cheyenne asked.

"It's a castle in France." he told her.

"Tell them its exact location I am going to wash this scum off of me from Rip snake." She told them going to the shower.

"She didn't do what I think she did?" he asked them looking sickly.

They nodded their heads in agreement with the same look of disgust.

"Damn that is what I call determined to get what she wants." He said as he gave them the directions and then vanished.

Cheyenne came out of the Shower with her robe on under it she wore a black lace teddy." Do you have the potion to make me sexually attracted to Gore warrior?" she asked the women sitting on her bed.

Gail looked at her with a worry look." Are you sure this is what you want to do?" she asked handing her the bottle of potion.

"I have to or he'll sense he is being set up and will never let me near my son, it will only be for a month that we convince him we have joined him." She told them as she drank the potion." If I start screaming or you feel I am in danger bring me out of the dream.

As Cheyenne fell into a deep sleep summoning Gore warrior to her in a room lit with candles and incense, a large bed where she sat waiting for him to appear. Gore warrior stood in front of her." what trick are you planning witch?" he asked looking at her voluptuous body.

"none I have come to you in the dream since we are both powerless to tell you I want to be your Queen" she said walking up close to him pulling off his shirt as she licked his chest." I love Milk chocolate." she told him as she massaged his chest." kiss me Gore warrior." She told him as her hand ran down to the front of his pants caressing him as she pulled his pants off with her other hand.

He took her into his arms kissing her as both of their passion ignited even more than before. "Cheyenne." he called her name as he kissed and licked her neck. "Don't try to trick me or I will eat your heart out!" he told her grabbing the back of her hair forcing her to look into his eyes.

"I am not trying to trick you, can't you feel my passion and feelings for you?" she asked him trying to convince him that she was sincere.

Gore warrior could not resist her any longer taking her with such force on the bed. She ran her hands all over his back as he devoured her in a heat of passion "Cheyenne I had waited for this moment." He told her in her ear." I have wanted you since the first time I saw you." He said kissing her breast as she moaned from him pleasuring her as her body moved in rhythm with his.

"Gore warrior! Oh my love!" she said as they exploded with such an orgasm as she held onto him with her arms wrapped around his neck.

He looked into her eyes. "Come to my bed tonight so I may pleasure you all night." he told her kissing her lips.

"I would have to bring my witches with me to serve us Gore warrior." She told him longing to see her son.

"Very well I will be waiting for you in my bed. Hurry to me my queen." He told her as he rose up off her body." I will be waiting." he told her as he kissed her softly then vanished.

When Cheyenne awoken the other women were standing around her. "We have to go tonight, this is going to be easier then I thought. After we have them believing we have converted, we will kill Gore warrior and his army of darkness." She told them.

The women stood in the middle of the castle where Gore warrior's mistress greeted them. "I will show you to Gore warrior and the rest of you to your rooms." She told them looking hateful at the women especially Cheyenne who had the one thing no woman could ever get from Gore warrior, his love.

Cheyenne walked into Gore warrior's room where he sat up in bed waiting for her arrival.

"Remove your clothing Cheyenne." He told her as he watched as she dropped the lace teddy to the floor as she stood naked in front of him. "Come to our bed my queen." He told her as he pulled back the covers for her to join him.

Cheyenne was happy that the potion worked for in his true demonic self was hideous looking." master I long for you so much, your touch, let me pleasure you ." she told him straddling him.

That entire night he ravished her body and shared his mistress with her. Cheyenne did whatever it took to convince him that she was his and had decided to be the queen of the dark side. Cheyenne bathed him the next morning in his huge tub as he took her again full filling his sexual appetite. "When are you taking me to see our son?" she asked him as she towel dried him.

"Get dressed and I will take you." He told her pointing at the closet full of black dresses that were all sleazy looking.

Gore warrior walked proudly down the hall with Cheyenne on his arm, as he opened the door to the nursery Cheyenne saw it was all black even the bassinette was in black lace. Cheyenne picked up her son wrapped in a black receiving blanket. She sat in the rocker and began to nurse him off her bosom that she kept from going dry by pumping her milk." Our son." She said and smiled looking up at Gore warrior. he smiled at the sight of his queen and the little prince together finally.

The other women had to pleasure the other demons to make them believe they were truly joining them in forces.

Later that day Cheyenne laid on the bed she shared with Gore warrior when he came busting into the room grabbing her up off the bed slapping her across the face. Her lip began to seep blood.

"You killed some of my comrades before coming here!" he yelled with gritted teeth pushing her down on the bed.

"They would not tell me where you were! They were keeping us apart Gore warrior!" She retorted back at him hoping to convince him.

"What about killing Rip snake while having sex with him?" he bellowed.

"No! He tricked me to his room telling me you were there and then he raped me! I had to kill him or be killed." She told him praying he believed her.

"If I find out you have lied I will kill all of you with pleasure!" he yelled at her as he saw her lying on the bed." He raped you. Let me show you rape." He yelled still angered by the news of the deaths of his comrades as he ripped her clothes off forcing her on her stomach as he sodomized her.

When Gore warrior had finished his assault on Cheyenne he kissed the back of her neck as he licked her back." Do not cross me my queen." He told her getting up from the bed looking down at her body-breathing heavy from his assault on her.

"I will never cross you Gore warrior, I love you, and I do." She said as tears ran down her face as she laid still on the bed.

"Get dressed now, I will be back later." He told her as he looked down where she laid crying feeling not one ounce of remorse for abusing her as he had just done.

"Yes Gore warrior, I will get dressed." She told him obediently.

She knew he was testing her for she would have blown him to oblivion any other time. She knew she had to put up with it until the time came for them to tear down his kingdom and she would take pleasure in killing him herself. As she walked through the castle she over heard Gore warrior, he was boasting to the others that the ceremony would be in three days. He did not want to wait any longer. So we will not be here as long as we thought we would be. she thought to herself smiling. Cheyenne crept cautiously into each witches room to inform them they need to prepare for battle in three days. The witches were ecstatic

Cheyenne dreaded the next three days for the demonic creatures would celebrate with sexual orgies, feasting on humans they had captured, using drugs on the victims then killing them by slitting their throats in the act of sexual intercourse so the feast on their flesh and organs could commence. They would have to participate or their cover be blown. Gore warrior passed Cheyenne around to each high comrade to pleasure her while the other women had to pleasure Gore warrior. When they sat down to feast, the eight witches cast a spell where the flesh disappeared before actually going into their mouths, an illusion of blood would drip from their mouths as if they had ate the human flesh. Not one demon was wiser, not even Gore warrior sitting next to Cheyenne.

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