tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 12

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 12


Cheyenne returned to the house to straighten out her life once and for all. “Where is everyone?” She whispered wiping her tears away with her hands.

The eight witches returned back to the house to found it to be empty. “They were all here when we left.” Cathy told her.

Aggatha reappeared at the house.” Hello I had to go get some roots and things.” She told them.

“Where is everyone else?” Cathy asked

“Roger and Saunders went to work seems another poor soul was murdered, and Hank took Alex to play ball at the park.” She said.

Cheyenne sat at the table where the women made a potion to ward off any spell Gore warrior had on her. Cheyenne drank it making a horrible face. “That is nasty.” She said almost gagging from it.

“Where’s Gina?” Cheyenne asked.

“She never came home from the week end.” She told Cheyenne.

Gina knew they would be coming for her so she left the state to go to Chicago and would return when she had enough powers to fight Cheyenne and the seven other witches.

Hank came home from the park with Alex; he looked at Cheyenne it shocked him when she walked away from him going up stairs. He followed her into their bed room.” What we can’t even talk?” he asked her.

“Why would you want to talk to a murderous whore for?” she asked calmly looking at their bed.

“I shouldn’t have said what I did.” He told her looking at her as she sat on the bed.

“I am a witch; I have been given a job to protect innocent people, even if they are of the supernatural world. Sometimes I may have to lure a demon or warlock to bed to destroy him and that is why I think we should get a divorce.” She told him not looking at him.

“I am only human and I say things that I know I shouldn’t and I still do it. Please Cheyenne don’t ask me for a divorce. I love you.” he pleaded with her.

Using her magic she changed into her warrior outfit.” I have to go catch a killer.” She told him and vanished.

She appeared next to Roger as he was leaning over one of Gina’s victims.” Find out anything?” she asked causing Roger and Saunders to jump from being startled by her just popping in on them.

“Jesus! you were trying to give us a heart attack?” Roger asked her holding his chest.

Cheyenne smiled trying not to laugh at them.” Sorry about scaring you two big tough guys.” She said teasingly punching him lightly in his arm.

She leaned down and touched the man’s hand. She saw him stabbed repeatedly by his tormentor who was in a sexual frenzy. Cheyenne looked into the eye's of the man and was shocked.” oh my God no! Not her.” She said looking in the man's eyes seeing his killer.

“What is it Cheyenne.”? Roger asked her.

Cheyenne dropped her head down.” Your killer is Gina, she blocked me or any other witch from seeing her, but his eyes became my vision because they weren’t blocked.” She said getting up as she looked at the two men.” She is gaining her powers from sex while she is killing her victims. We will have to find her and then vanquish her. she is completely evil.” She told the men as they were shocked by the news’s that their killer has been living right under their noses. “I have to go she has to be caught before more innocent men are killed by her lust.” She told them then vanished.

Once back at the house Cheyenne told the other member’s of the house about Gina that they had to find her. As the other women were preparing to go off to hunt down Gina, Cheyenne went up to see Alex before she left where she found Hank talking with him about the ball game.

“I have to go away for a little bit, if you see Gina stay away from, her she is sick and may try to hurt you. Stay far away and call Grandmother Aggatha she will contact me. Ok sweetie?” she asked him leaning over kissing him good-bye.

“Can we talk Cheyenne?” he asked her seeing she was still upset with him.

“You will have to make it fast I have lives to save,” she said in a cold voice and a look that turned his blood to ice.

“Can we please talk this over before jumping to a divorce? We have twenty years together let’s not act foolish.” He pleaded with her.

“When we come back we will talk it over Hank.” She told him then vanished.

She reappeared in front of Roger with the seven other witches. Cheyenne looked at him wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him with all the love and passion flowing through her heart and soul for him. ” in case, I don’t make it through the battle.” She told him leaving the room and leaving him and Saunders in shock.

Gore warrior was listening to their conversation. He could not stand it that she was talking with him. “I showed you the murderer in the dead man’s eyes and still you won’t accept who is doing this for you? He asked in disbelief vanishing from the room to see what Cheyenne and the other witches were up to. The women had already vanished before he got there. This made him angrier now he had no way to track them unless they cast a spell. He could track them by the spells they cast.

Cheyenne and the seven other witches tried using every means to find her. So far, they had tracked her to Texas where she had stayed. They decided to stay the night there and start again in the morning. ” Why is she so hard to find?” Gloria asked feeling as if they were looking for a needle in a haystack.

“She cast a spell on us so we cannot see her, thank God for the dead mans eyes showing her reflection.” She said as it was then than that it hit her.

“How could a dead mans eyes have any reflections?” she asked as she thought about it. Then it came to her Gore warrior was the only one who knew. He told me without directly telling me. She thought to herself. “Well I am going to bed.” She said turning off her lamp on her side of the bed.

That night as she slept Gore warrior called her into the dream world in the room with the lightening she watched him walk up to her praying the potion was going to break her spell he had placed on her. “What do you want?” she asked him as she noticed he was wearing different clothes now a tight fitting black tank top and black slacks.

” You got a promotion I see by the new clothes you have on...” She said looking at him.

He smiled at her.” I guess you could say that.” He said looking at her standing in her long red nightgown.

“Red looks good on you.” He said trying to convince her he just wanted to be friends.

“Thank you, now what do you want?” she asked as she knew the potion did not work, UN aware he had cast a spell to counter act the potion.

“You’re all I want, to ravish your body because I know how my touch makes you feel, how your body moves with mine, how I pleasure you like no man can or ever will.” He told her pulling her body up against him tightly as he caressed her breast. He could feel her wanting to give in to him.

“No Gore warrior stop.” She said pushing away from him.

“ I am tired of you teasing me and I am taking what is rightfully mine here and tonight!” he said ripping her gown off of her as he threw her on the ground where he laid on top of her un doing his pants as she tried to fight him off of her. He raped her for what seemed to be like hours. As he held her arms pinned back over her head with his hands. Cheyenne saw Rogers face in her mind as she cried while being raped.

“Next time try me when we are not in a dream world where I am powerless.” She told him as he lay on top of her.

“Why didn’t you wake up?” he asked forcing her to face the fact that she wanted to stay here.

“Fuck you Gore warrior! I wanted to prove to myself that my body is over you!” she yelled at him. “You’re just a drug and I am a junkie! Your no longer the drug that I want to fill my veins with!” she told him in a tone that he knew she was now strong enough to fight him and she never give into him again.

Cheyenne woke up in her bed angry, with him. In addition, at herself for not using that time to find out from him where Gina was. Yet she knew in her heart what ever there was between them it had ended for her.

Gore warrior was just as angry because she left him for good. As he walked down a sidewalk he saw a private school where the students lived he went inside. He heard the shower running and looked in to see who it was in there.

She was a seven-teen year old virgin who was tall, blonde hair and blue eyed; she was saving herself for marriage. Gore warrior smiled coming up behind her pressing her up against the wall as he caressed her small breast. The girl was too petrified to move as she could feel him touching her. She did not see anyone; he dragged her to the ground where he began raping her. Every time he thought of Cheyenne, he would become even more vicious with the attack on the horrified girl until he exploded inside of her out of anger. If he had all of his powers restored he would have blown the whole school up. The girl laid on the floor crying and bleeding from the brutal attack she received from Gore warrior she watched the shower room door open and closed by it self she began screaming viciously. She never saw whom, or what it was that attacked her so savagely.

Cheyenne and the seven witches searched for Gina every inch of the world, but Texas was the last place they could actually place her, their spells for conjuring her up was even useless to them. They went back to the house empty-handed feeling defeated in their search for Gina. Cheyenne knew she was going to have to deal with her own personal problem at home. She loved Hank, but she was in love with Roger.

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