tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 13

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 13


Cheyenne and Hank knew they had to face their problems that she could no longer run from him or the issues they had. Hank booked a two week cruise for them in Jamaica to rekindle their romance in their marriage. The two weeks were heaven, the first day Cheyenne had her hair braided by the women as she sat on the beach in a thong bathing suit, she experienced snorkeling under the water exploring the beautiful reef's, she could reach out and touch some of the exotic fish swimming amongst them. They rode horses with a tour guide. At night, they had romantic dinners with dancing and walked on the beach running and playing like kids a long the sandy beaches. The last night of their vacation Cheyenne and Hank sat in their room where they had a serious discussion of her life as a witch.

"Hank I just want you to understand about why we do what we have to do when we are in some of the rituals we have to pretend we are of the dark side. The sexual rituals gain energy and power, everyone must participate, and if we did not we would be discovered and killed. Sometimes we use sex as means to seduce an evil warlock or demon to bed where we find the most vulnerable qualities to destroy, vanquish what ever you want to call it." She told him while holding his hand as she spoke." When I do these things, I separate the Cheyenne you know and become Mystic Shadow who is very ruthless and heartless. I have to forget I am a wife and mother so I may do my work that was handed down to me by my mother. So when I am in the white light warrior's uniform I am Mystic Shadow, a powerful warrior not your wife." She told him knowing the whole time she longed for Roger, but she had to give it one more chance with Hank.

"How can you tell an evil warlock or demon if he looks like us?" he asked her becoming very interested in this subject.

"Well they have to use magic to hide some of the hideous formations they end up growing such as bat wings from their back to able them to fly, or hoofs so they use magical means to hide them so they are able to be among the humans." She explained." However, they usually give them selves away to someone like me. Casting a spell, or a scent that we would recognize, but sometimes they get past us too." She told him wishing she could just tell him that she wanted to be with Roger.

"So why do warlocks not like witches?" he asked

"Evil dislikes good witches or warlocks that some refer to us as white witches or warlocks, it's like a serial killer has a certain pattern to which he kills. Here again it takes us back to evil being the source to push him into doing these crimes that gives evil more power. So evil tries to destroy all that is good and that is why they don't like the White Light warriors. "She told him as they sat on the couch in their suite.

Cheyenne looked around the room as it was so beautiful Jamaica had a special magic of its very own, still Cheyenne's own ghost could not be kept away from it's magic and beauty.

After their talk, they went down to join the festivities; they ate, drank, and danced the night away.

Cheyenne and Hank were getting ready the next morning to leave to go back home. When they were boarding the boat Hank leaned over and whispered into Cheyenne's ear." People must think I am very rich or very well endowed to have such a young hot babe on my arm." He said laughing, as he was a very striking man at the age of sixty-two, his body was still toned and built when he was forty five.

"If asked I will tell them both," she said squeezing his ass in front of an elderly couple who gave a quiet chuckle at Cheyenne's flirtatious actions.

When the ship finally docked they were met my Tammy." I have missed you two so much!" she said hugging them. " Great tans! I love the braided hair and I do want to borrow that dress." She said looking at the long white dress that showed off Cheyenne's curve's, with a slit on the left side up to her hip. Only one long sleeve, the other side was sleeveless and white sandals." By the way, still no sign of Gina. Fredrick said that Gore warrior seemed to vanish also, he destroys the ones holding him and now is among the wanted and missing. I just love you in that deep purple shirt with those white slacks and white shoes Hank." She said displaying a huge smile.

"That comforts me knowing those two are on the loose." Cheyenne told her.

" He hasn't pulled you into a dream?" Tammy asked her.

"No not since Texas where I was able to free myself of any feelings for him." She told her.

" Guess he finally got the message that you don't want him." She told Cheyenne.

Cheyenne smiled with a twinkle in her eye as her long brown hair flowed in the wind. "By the way those brown shorts with the dark green shirt and white sneakers are totally divine and what else do you have to tell me?" Cheyenne asked her tilting her head to the side with a huge smile knowing Tammy had bad news.

"Okay, there is a warlock that is hunting witches. He kills them to steal their powers." She told them

"let me guess, we are going to start hunting him, vanquish him so that their powers are freed along with their spirits Right?" she asked smiling at her since they had just stepped foot on land and already they had an assignment.

Once back at the house they went to the room where all their spells, potions, and weapons were kept. As Cheyenne was being informed of the situation she was leafing through the books they had.

"Does anyone know what this Warlock look's like or a name?" Cheyenne asked the women.

"Just that he has long black hair, blue eyes, built really great and he wears black." Gloria told him

"Well you just described half of the male population." She said looking at some interesting spells." How does he destroy the witches and get their powers?"

"He literally kisses their life and powers out of them and into him self." Margaret told her.

"Now that is what I call a great kisser." Cheyenne told them sarcastically." I think we should go to the Manor where we can have him come to us just attack him. Just don't let him kiss any of us." She said making a horrible look on her face and shuttering at the thought of their lives been kissed away.

The eight women changed into their outfits, they told everyone

good - bye that they would be back. Once at the manor the witches made a pentagram in the room where she gave birth to Alex.

The witches held a piece of clothing that they were able to obtain through the council from the last slain witch. Cheyenne held the cloth in her hands as she said. "Show me my fallen sister, your slayer, guiding us so may we revenge the lives stolen from our fallen sisters. I beg the Higher Power to grant our request." She said as a vision began to appear to her of the warlock in an alley with another witch he was about to kill." Quick, hold hands." She told them so she could take them with her.

"Why are we here? " Alicia asked looking around the alley.

"He is going to be here with another witch to kill. Let's hide so we can attack here since our plans have been changed." She told them seeking a place where they could see them enter the alley.

The warlock and the witch appeared in the alley, she struggled against him to be free from his tight grip on her.

"Why do you try to escape from me witch? You know I am going to get what I want." he told her grabbing her by the waist to take her and powers.

"Oops change of plans here." Cheyenne said as the eight witches circled him holding the other witch in his arms as she struggled.

He threw a ball of fire at Tammy that she reflected off her by using her hand sending into a wall.

"Didn't your mama tell you it's dangerous to play with fire?" Tammy asked him then sent a lightening ball at him hitting him in his leg.

"Bitch! " He said throwing a dagger at Cheyenne that she caught in between her teeth. He still did not loosen his hold on the other witch.

"I was always good with my mouth." She said smiling as she threw the knife back it landed in his thigh causing him to let the witch go. The eight witches stood around him in a circle as the other witch stood behind them. "You've really pist me off!" Cheyenne said smiling with a devious look in her eyes as she raised him up in the air then dropping him to the ground." Awe did that hurt the big bad warlock?" she asked taunting him as the other witches began their chant.

"Hear our plight and release the souls and powers of our fallen sisters, send this Warlock to the lake of hell on a one way flight ." they kept chanting this as Cheyenne grabbed him by the back of his hair pulling his face up to hers.

" Consider this the kiss of death." She told him through gritted teeth placing her lips on his freeing the witches souls and powers into her." Now I am going to vanquish you." She told him as the others had cast a spell where he could not move and Cheyenne poured a potion on him.

The warlock began to spin as a twister in the alley then in a golden sparkle blew up into flames. They watched as the Warlock's demon soul screamed out from the flames delivering it to hell.

As the other witches watched Cheyenne stand with her arms out stretched, her head tilted back looking up at the heavens." Fly free my sisters." She said a white fog flew out of Cheyenne's mouth.

As their souls hovered above her they sprinkled a glittering dust over her." We gave you our powers Mystic Shadow to use in the battles to come." One witch told her as they flew up ward into heaven.

The witch they saved looked at Cheyenne and the women." Thank you for coming to my rescue. I could not get away from him no matter how hard I tried. Be sure to know I will be there to fight by all of your sides in the great battle." She told them then vanished.

"Let's go home ladies." Cheyenne told them smiling and vanished.

That night at the house they all sat around the living room talking about Cheyenne and Hanks trip, they were laughing and showing the videos of the coral reef's, the horse back riding, the festivities at night. Roger and Cheyenne's eye's would meet, the longing they felt for one another was becoming unbearable for them. Roger under stood how she felt about commitments and knew she had to full fill it until she had tried all that she could in making it work. He refused to go on with another woman and stayed in the background waiting patiently.

Cheyenne wanted Roger to be happy and not alone as he was now. He would look away when Hank touched Cheyenne's leg or Hand as they sat next to one another.

Hank noticed the exchange of special looks between Roger and his wife; he kept it to him self-trying to control the jealousy of another man having Cheyenne's attention. He had started seeing a therapist to help control it.

The other witches knew it had to be hard on Cheyenne being with Hank who she did love, and living in the same house with the man, she was in love with. They were happy not to be in her situation though.

That night Cheyenne lay awake staring at the ceiling, tears ran down her face realizing that Roger would never be in her life, they were all in their sixties now, but she still looked forty-five years old as did the other witches. Why did fate hand us such a raw deal in our relationships? She thought to her self finally succumbing to sleep as the sun was coming up.

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