tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 22

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 22


The warriors were monitoring the ferocious windigo and its latest prey a young child named Sandy. They had to attack it at just the right time or they could cost the child its life.

Kaitlin a thirty year old woman who was stocky built, brown hair with blue eyes, she lived with her seventy six year old mother Molly who kept her hair dyed black. Molly was short and thin, with green eyes, in her younger days she was quite a gold digger. Dating men married or not, as long as they gave her the riches she desired. She felt not one ounce of guilt leaving Kaitlin, her older brother and sister home where they would have to eat mashed potatoes with ketchup for dinner while she dined in the finest of restaurants. Before Kaitlin had to move in with her mother Molly who had married her sixth husband Victor, he was twenty years her senior when she was sixty six years old thinking he was well off since he worked for the Swedish government. When she had used up his life savings taking lavish trips abroad, he became ill and bed ridden after their third year of marriage, she would attack him by pulling his hair while he lay in a fetal position screaming at him to die! His cruel wife tortured the old man for a year before she finally caused him to have a stroke by her constant attacks on him. This angered his wife Molly that he did not die from it. Kaitlin came to the house to visit him finding her mother and sister Wanda standing over him, Kaitlin knew by his mouth being drawn he had suffered a stroke.

"he has had a stroke aren't you going to take him to the hospital?" she asked looking at the man laying in his bed, even though Kaitlin and him did not see eye to eye on things she did not like seeing a human being suffering.

"No there is nothing they can do for him." her mother replied drinking a glass of wine.

Kaitlin could not believe they were just going to let him lay there. She left feeling disgusted. As she could never get her mothers approval, she was always accusing her of stealing from her, telling her she wasn't any good and no one could ever live with her. She hounded Kaitlin causing her to turn to drugs and alcohol at twenty years old, but even after she had clean herself up from the drugs and alcohol, she became an executive in a law firm, her mother still accused her of doing drugs. When she stood up to her mother and did not bow down to her wishes. Kaitlin was always broke from the woman taking her money. Her mother had the rest of Kaitlin's family attacking her with false accusations and finally Kaitlin gave into her mother, just to shut her up. When Victor finally died escaping the hell he had to live with Molly, Kaitlin moved in with her mother because it was to much paying her own bills, much less her mothers. Her mother being the unappreciative bitch that she was made her life a living hell telling everyone how Wanda who looked just like Molly was the good one. Wanda never came around if she could avoid it, her brother Joe dropped out of sight twenty years ago because he hated his mother. She always tried to make Kaitlin to look like a looser, that Kaitlin was cruel to her, trying to push her around. Kaitlin would pray at night to be freed from this hell she had to live in. Kaitlin came home from work one day finding a woman who was of medium build, red hair, brown eyes holding a new born infant sitting in her house ." Kaitlin I met this poor soul at the dough nut shop, they had no where to go, I told her we would help her. She can't work because she needs to take care of the child and that I would support them," her mother told her looking so sweetly at the woman.

Kaitlin turned to go to her room rolling her eyes." You mean I will support them!" she said under her breath not wanting a confrontation with her mother again. In her room she would sit at her desk with her head in her hands questioning her sanity. A month had gone by with the new dependants thrust upon her. She sat in her bedroom listening to her mother screaming at the young mother Paula over her child Sandy, forcing Paula to give her the baby to hold when she knew she was trying to put her to bed. One night as Kaitlin sat in her bedroom she heard her mother yelling at the girl again.

"You are unappreciative, I support and feed you, gave you a roof over your head and you treat me like shit!" she yelled at the girl.

Kaitlin had enough with her berating this woman, not allowing her to do, as she should with her child. Kaitlin walked out of the room, the girl looked shocked for she saw Kaitlin was angry.

"This is not your child mother! And I am the one who feeds them, buy her diapers and all you did was to give them a place in your torture chamber of fucking hell!" she yelled in defense of the girl who was crying from her mothers abuse.

"I will slap you in your mouth you keep talking to me like that little girl." She yelled as she turned charging at Kaitlin.

Kaitlin stood still with a look so intense on her face." You don't want to lay a hand on me; I promise you will regret it." Kaitlin told her in a calm voice.

"You're on drugs! I will find out who is giving it to you and someone is going to be in trouble!" she yelled at Kaitlin.

"Kiss my ass! That is always your answer to everything that I am doing drugs! "She yelled back at her mother.

"Well look at how your acting!?" she screamed at Kaitlin. "You get out of my house right now!" she yelled.

"Fuck you mother, I paid the bills here this week. Call the law and have them put me out you crazy old woman!" She yelled at her. Kaitlin turned around going back to her room knowing that the girl would not be yelled at anymore that her mother would make her an ally, bad mouthing her terrible daughter. "Fuck you." She said as she closed her door. "I hate her, why can't you just die you old bitch so I can be free of you!" she said to herself sitting in her prison cell as she referred to her bedroom

After six months Kaitlin noticed just how nervous the girl was becoming." Where is the wicked witch of the west?" she asked the girl.

"She went out." She told her." She fought with me all day, I was glad when she left." Paula told her with a look of relief.

Kaitlin smiled." I know the feeling." She told her going into her room.

That night the baby had began to cry for five minutes when her mother was screaming at Paula that she was hurting the baby, probably sticking her with pins. Molly ripped the child from her arms. She had actually gotten the baby to only want her by spoiling her because in her sick mind she wanted the child to love her and not its mother. Kaitlin sat at her desk, her head in her hands with her eyes closed praying for her mother to just shut up. Later in the evening after Paula got the baby to bed Kaitlin heard her mother sneak into the room while Paula sat out side smoking a cigarette. She heard the baby screaming as if something scared or hurt it. Her mother barged into her room yelling at Kaitlin." This baby has been crying for hours and you have not done anything for her, but to let her lay in that room crying!" her mothers face was evil looking as she held the baby.' I know sweet heart I am the only one who loves you." She told the baby kissing its cheek as she patted her back.

"That baby was sleeping and has not been crying for hours. You went in there and did something to her." She told her mother.

"I did not! You better stop lying on me and I mean it!" she screamed at her." I am the only one with a heart in this house! None of you care for this little angel but me!" She said as Paula stood behind her.

" Where were you at out screwing some man while your baby has been crying for hours!?" she yelled at Paula.

"You're really nuts! You're really fucking nuts!" Kaitlin yelled." All the girl was doing was sitting outside smoking a cigarette." She told her.

"You better shut up, if you know what is good for you! You will burn in hell for how you treat me!" she yelled.

"Shut up you self righteous hypocrite!" Kaitlin yelled back.

Her mother handed Paula the baby slapping Kaitlin across the face as hard as she could. Kaitlin stood up grabbing her mother by the arms, her teeth clenched.

"You ever lay your hands on me and I will break every fucking bone in your body!" she told her pushing her mother out of her room. Her mother started to run back in when Kaitlin turned looking at her with a look that scared her mother; she backed slowly out of the room.

Kaitlin went back to her room shutting the door." I hate you!" she said to her self.

Paula knocked on the door "Hey she left." She told her through the door.

"Good maybe the boogie man will get her." She told Paula as they both laughed.

As Molly walked through the dark alley she did not see the ten foot tall demon called a Windigo standing in the dark, its head was huge with large fangs, the mouth was twisted, and the eyes were beady. It attacked Molly viciously, biting into her flesh and ripping her apart.

Kaitlin looked at the clock it was eleven o'clock." Pout you old bitch I am not coming to look for you." she said going to bed.

Mystic Shadow and Mystic caster saw the attack in a vision as they saw the Windigo transformed into Molly and going back to the house knowing the baby was there. They preyed especially on children. Mystic Shadow and Mystic caster appeared in the room where the baby and her mother were sleeping.

"I feel evil had lived in this house." Mystic Shadow whispered not wanting to awaken the child. She woke Paula up." Don't be frighten we are here to save you." She told her.

"Save me? Did Kaitlin send for you?" she asked her.

"Who's Kaitlin?" she asked.

"She's the daughter of the mean old woman Molly. So who sent you?" she asked.

"Quick go to Kaitlin with your child!" She told the girl feeling the demon was at the house.

She grabbed her child running out of the room where she saw Molly coming into the door of the living room.

Paula ran into Kaitlin's room slamming the door behind her scaring Kaitlin who was sound a sleep." What's wrong?" she asked.

Before Paula could say anything Molly smashed through the closed door. "Oh my God!" Paula yelled jumping on the bed with Kaitlin where both women and the child were screaming.

Kaitlin saw Mystic Shadow grab Molly and threw her into the wall with her powers.

"Do not look into her eyes!" Mystic caster yelled at the women knowing the demon could give one look that could scare them to death. Using her powers she smashed it into the wall of the living room not wanting to be bitten by it or it could transform again. The witches battled the beast with their powers when the other ten witches and warlocks appeared using all of their powers, they blew it up as Mystic Shadow sent it straight to the one who eats the evil souls.

Kaitlin and Paula stood looking at the people in their living room." I knew she was an evil old woman, but I didn't think she was that mean that it took twelve of you to take her out." She said looking surprised.

"That was not your mother; it was a Windigo, an evil demon." Knight shadow told them.

"My mother was a demon in life as much as she tortured us." Kaitlin told them. "She won't come back will her?" She asked standing there with her arms crossed with a blank stare in her eyes.

"No, in fact she was sent to hell by Mystic of the Light." Mystic caster told them then they all vanished.

Kaitlin had a smile on her face for the first time in a long time. That morning the women woke up to file a missing person report since they had no memory of the night before. To this day Molly has never been found.

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