tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 23

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 23


Jada Crystal cast a spell so no one could read her thoughts and the ones they did read were the ones that she implanted so no one would know what she was up to. As she entered, the room to work out she noticed no one was around, she summoned Doom caster a massive black warrior who was bald, his build was muscular, and his body hard and firm. She transformed herself into looking like Mystic Shadow looking at the huge man when he came into the room. She would not only cause trouble for Mystic Shadow, but also have fun at the same time. She walked up to him smiling. "I was wondering if you would work out with me?" she asked him looking at his body in the new white work out suits.

"I would be honored." he told her smiling.

I think we should try wresting moves." she told him as he would have to be in contact with each others bodies.

She allowed him to pin her down on the floor; he was on top of her becoming aroused looking at her breast. While he had her down, she was able to maneuver her body so she was sitting on top of him. Holding his arms back over his head leaning over him as her breast touched his face. She moved her body feeling him getting an erection then kissing him softly. He returned her kisses, she allowed him to touch her breast, and she sat straight up on top of him moving her body sexually with her eyes closed.

"Take me now." She told him through her powers they both were nude, he entered her thinking it was with Mystic Shadow.

After they had reached their climax she smiled for he never suspected it was not Mystic Shadow." You can go now." She told him as they both dressed.

He looked at her strangely. "Will I see you again?" he asked taking her hand kissing it softly.

She smiled at him smugly. "Don't be ridiculous. " She told him and vanished.

That night while everyone was sleeping, she slipped into Roger's room as he slept soundly; sitting on the edge of the bed, she woke him. "Knight Shadow." She whispered into his ear.

When he woke up he saw her sitting there in a white satin night gown with a white satin lacing criss crossing from her breast to her navel." is something wrong?" he asked as he looked at her, she was so beautiful he thought.

"I couldn't sleep." she told him leaning over kissing him.

By her kiss, he knew it was not Mystic Shadow, but that it was actually Jada caster.

"Well now that you woke me up I can't either." he told her taking her in his arms, kissing her passionately, he had never kissed Jada caster with so much feeling and love. His hands roamed over her body, he took her with such force, such passion. "I love you Mystic Shadow." He whispered in her ear. Then he became rougher, violent in the bed

She began to feel scared. "Stop your hurting me!" she yelled as he continued the assault.

He looked her in the eye." That is how cheap vile whores like it!" he yelled at her.

She looked at him in shock when the door opened and Mystic Shadow stood there in disbelief with Murkcaster, " what is going on in here?" she asked as she heard the yelling and her own voice coming from the room.

Knight Shadow grabbed his robe as he quickly jumped out of the bed." You have a Judas!" He told Mystic Shadow causing Jada caster's spell to break revealing her identity to them.

Mystic Shadow looked at her confused, hurt without saying a word tears fell down her face. She felt her heart break by the hurt caused by the woman she thought of as a sister. She ran down the hall to her bedroom throwing her self on the bed. She cried over the loss of her sister.

Murkcaster knew she was in pain and made Jada caster feel Mystic Shadow's pain, he let her see her crying the tears of sorrow on her bed.

Jada Caster holding her finger tips over her mouth with tears filling her eyes like pools. "Oh God what have I done?" she cried realizing that she had created something in her head that did not exist. "May I please go to her?" she asked Murkcaster.

"No, you have done enough damage for now." he told her walking away.

Guardian caster appeared." come with me child, we must cleanse your body, and soul of the evil you allowed to enter it, her name is called envy." She told her.

"I have to tell her I am sorry." She told Guardian caster crying.

They decided it was best to keep this all a secret from the others and hope the month of cleansing, oils, healing potions would restore Jada caster.

The next day Mystic Shadow was working out when Doom caster came in while she was there. Looking at her body, he remembered how her body made him feel and he wanted her again.

"Want company today?" he asked lusting over her body.

"No thank you I am finished." She told him getting up and leaving.

He became angered feeling used "now I am not even good enough for her royal highness to talk to!" he said to himself throwing punches at the wall." I have plans for you!" he said looking at the door angrily.

He cast a spell that the next time they were alone she would become unconscious so he could kidnap her." I'll teach you!" he said a loud.

The next day he waited until he saw her enter the work out room he followed her in when she saw him behind her she fainted into his arms and they disappeared.

He took her to an abandoned castle keeping her in the dungeon he used a potion that rendered her powers useless. She was chained to a bed where he woke her as they both lay in the bed." I woke you because I want you awake when I take what you gave to me willingly yesterday." He told her touching her body.

"That wasn't me! It was Jada caster! She was caught last night and sent for cleansing." she told him trying to use her powers, but they were gone. "Oh God help me please." She cried as he forced her to kiss him.

Suddenly the wall of the dungeon exploded with Mystic caster standing there in her warrior's uniform. "She told you it was not her! She was telling the truth! "She told him slamming him into the wall across the room." You might have disabled her powers, but you did not disable me!" she said shooting fireballs at him. " the reason I am being so hard on you, the fact that a warrior of the white light would never Kidnap and try to rape another warrior, especially the High Priestess when she turns you down for anything!" she said sending electrical shock waves through him.

He began screaming as the electricity out lined his body in a blue light, his body was shaking from electrical currents flowing through it.

Mystic caster filled with anger looked at the man with contempt. "I Mystic caster, daughter of Mystic Shadow order this dishonorable warrior of the white light be sent to the one that eats evil souls!" she said as she through a white ball full of lightening at him causing him to blow up. She clothed her mother after unchaining her and taking her home.

When they arrived at the hospital she was met by everyone except for Murkcaster.

"Where is Murkcaster?" she asked looking around.

"He left early this morning with Coral shadow, we have not seen or heard from them since." Rain caster told her" I tried locating them when Mystic caster had her vision of you're kidnapping when we were walking through the garden."

Mystic Shadow wondered where he could be. She waited for hours trying to track him by spells, telepathic messages, but nothing. Finally at midnight he showed up. "Where have you been?" she asked him. She had been worried about him, envisioning horrible things all night.

"We were tracking down an evil spirit." He told her as he started getting ready to go to bed.

"Why didn't you answer my telepathic message?" she asked.

"I didn't get any." He told her as he sat on the side of the bed.

"Why did you have everyone tuned out?" she asked him getting irritated.

"No why?" he asked.

"Did you catch the evil spirit?" she asked

"It got away." He told her. "Why?" he asked her wondering why all the questions.

"Well let's see, I was kidnapped, almost raped and it was our daughter who came to my rescue!" she told him as the anger flashed through her eyes.

"What?" he asked shocked that this all happened. He could tell she was pist off.

"I hope you had fun chasing your spirit while I was held hostage by Doom caster!" she sat turning her back to him.

"I will check in more often I promise." He told her.

Mystic Shadow cried from despair of his almost lack of concern for her safety.

A month had gone by before Jada caster was released; Mystic Shadow went to get her. She cried in Mystic Shadow's arms when she realized the envy she had gotten could have cost Mystic Shadow her life.

"I am so sorry.' she told her crying.

"It's alright, you're cleansed and healed. Now let's go home." She told her smiling holding her chin in the palm of her hand.

Returning back to the palace Murkcaster and Coral shadow were gone again. They finally returned hours later. Mystic Shadow was past worried this time, she was purely pist off and through with the whole thing. No man would ever make a fool of her again.

"Chasing spirits?" she asked sitting in their room.

"Yes." He told her.

"No contacting me again?" she asked fuming.

"I tried, but then we just got caught up in chasing the spirit. I forgot." He told her.

"Fuck you! Fuck your bullshit! You could have made contact if you had wanted to, but you did not! Just like you're promised!" she yelled at him.

"I swear I am telling the truth." He said.

"No, here is the truth! Do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want! Because I will be!" she told him feeling the trust that he had earned back from her after the incident with the entity was gone. She would never be coming back to him. Two strikes your out as far as she was concerned.

The next morning she got out of bed with out waking him, dressed in her blue jeans that fit tight, she put on a white half top with spaghetti strings criss crossing in the front over her shoulders and back, she put on a pair of white sneakers. Walking out of the room she ran into Knight Shadow.

"Where are you going?" he asked her.

Mystic Shadow looked at him in the white suit and smiled at him as she changed him into blue jeans, a white shirt and sneakers. "We're going to a carnival!" she said grabbing his hand as they vanished.

They appeared at the carnival something she always loved as a kid.

" Remember I am Cheyenne and you're Roger." She told him.

"I will try not to forget who we are." He said smiling remembering the times they spent at the fairs.

She grabbed his hand as she pulled him to the round up; they had to stand up while it went around and around so fast, the gravity held them in the ride. She was laughing as her hair flew all around her face and into the air.

When they got off the ride they were laughing, then she saw a ride that looked like a huge boat swinging back and forth in the air. They were off on to that ride. She would sit with her arms up when they were in the up position and laughing as the swung back and forth. Next was the bumper cars, she was a speed demon hitting everyone who got in her way.

"Wiped you out on that one buddy." She told him punching him in the arm lightly since he never hit her once with his car.

"You never were a good driver; you were always running down something." He told her jokingly.

"Funny aren't we?" she said smiling. "ooh I want a hot dog!" she told him running to the hot dog stand. They ate the hot dogs chasing it down with soda. "There is nothing better then a hot dog from a carnival." She said as she was chewing and talking with her mouth full like a little kid.

The next ride they went on was a cage, they sat in it and it began spinning them, going up & down side to side. When they got off she ran to the side of a building getting sick while he laughed at her.

"Want a nice greasy hamburger now?" he asked making her sick again.

"Oh please shut up will you?" she asked leaning on the wall. "Let's see if we can still shoot," she said dragging him to the game where she won him a small teddy bear smiling with the pride she felt.

"Let me try now." He told her taking the riffle winning her the largest bear they had.

"Show off." She told him sticking out her tongue.

They sat on a bench under a tree listening to the birds, acting like normal people instead of the witch and warlock they were. They stayed and closed out the carnival at midnight. Looking sad as the lights were going out, the rides were stopped and people were leaving.

"Ready to go back to who we really are?" she asked him.

"You haven't spoken of your husband all day, something wrong?" he asked her.

"No he seems to go chasing spirits all day and night with Coral caster. It has happened twice and never catching their spirit. So I guess we did the same thing and lost ours," she told him just as they heard gunfire being shot at the people leaving; everyone began ducking down so they would not be shot.

"Oh my God a little girl was shot!" she said seeing her vision as she ended up next to the parents.

The little girl was crying Mystic Shadow laid her hands on her as Roger could no longer see the car. She removed the bullet with her magic then healed her. "She is alright" she said handing her to her mother who was crying.

"An angel a real angel." She said holding her four-year-old daughter with blond hair, and blue eyes. She looked just like her mother as Mystic Shadow and Knight Shadow vanished.

Unknown to Mystic Shadow and Knight Shadow the carload of five men killed ten people that night on their shooting rampage. The five men high on drugs and alcohol decided to make people their hunt, killing whoever got in the way of their bullets. They shot from the high-powered riffles they carried to do their deadly deed.

Murkcaster was angry when they returned to the palace seeing the teddy bears they each held.

"Have fun? Couldn't let me know where you were?" he asked through clinched teeth.

"We were chasing spirits and they got away." She said sarcastically kissing Knight Shadow good night on his cheek." Thank you for the great day." She told him going into her room.

"Stay away from my wife." Murkcaster told him.

Knight Shadow looked at him very coldly.

"Well I am willing to battle you for her if you want too?" he told him.

"Asshole! " Murkcaster said then stormed into the room slamming the door Shut.

Knight Shadow laughed as he went to his room feeling on top of the world after spending the day with Mystic Shadow. He went to bed that night with a smile on his face.

Mystic Shadow pretended to be a sleep when he came to bed cussing under his breath about Knight Shadow.

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