tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSeduced in the Shower Ch. 02

Seduced in the Shower Ch. 02


I slowly came to my senses, waking after a couple of hours. It was the strangest sensation; I had no idea where I was but as I lay there, memories beginning to filter into my mind, I realised that the feeling on my chest was a bra and that I was wearing a short nightie...I also became aware that there was an arm around my body, a strong masculine arm and that I was being spooned. It all came flooding back...and my heart flipped with joy.

I remembered that my wife Annie was away on a shopping trip with her friend Ramona and that Ramona's husband Pete and I had gone on a cycling run. Arriving back at Pete's flat, I was first in the shower but then the door opened and Pete joined me. As he sensually rubbed soap into my shoulders and his hands stretched around my lithe body I became aware of his erect penis...which was fine because I was rock hard too. He turned me around, put my arms around his neck and within seconds we were kissing like teenagers.

After our very first gay experience Pete said that he wanted to explore me further and I agreed to sleep on the matter, with him, and consider what might happen...but only if I could wear Ramona's nightie. Pete gave me a very appreciative look as I skipped into bed with him wearing a short black baby doll with a black bra and matching thong. And as we woke up together, with my man's arm around me, I became aware of an insistent buzzing. I realised my phone was ringing and immediately jumped out of bed to answer it.

It was my wife Annie and she told me that she and Ramona had arrived at their hotel and had a little sleep (according to Pete, most likely together). I was standing there dressed in Ramona's nightie as my wife told me that the girls were going to go out and grab some dinner. Pete had gotten out of bed and I suddenly felt his lips on my neck as he kissed and caressed my body. He stepped in close and his hands gently cupped my little breasts (such as they were). His fingers sought out my nipples which had suddenly hardened to his touch and I felt like I was slowly melting into his embrace.

I became aware of Annie's voice asking if I was still there and I realised I had been transported away by Pete's touch. I told Annie that Pete and I were going to grab some dinner and then I would head home to an early night as I was tired. I told her not to bother phoning later and this seemed to suit her...I guessed she and Ramona would probably be busy together.

As I ended the call I turned and stretched my arms around Pete's neck and I kissed him passionately. His erection was pushing at my panties but I decided not to give in to simple pleasure...I really fancied this man and I wanted it to lead to something. I told Pete I needed a shower after our earlier lovemaking and that I would cook dinner. I grabbed Ramona's silky robe from the back of the bedroom door and headed for the bathroom.

Once in the shower I had the chance to reflect on what had happened. I'd started the day as a happily married man who on occasion liked to dress in his wife's clothes and, when dressed, I 'd had some gay thoughts about other men. But that was it; now I'd discovered that my wife and her best friend were having sex together and now her best friend's husband had seduced me...and I'd loved it.

I'd given my first blow job and I must have done something right because he came in my mouth. I'd swallowed his sperm and loved the taste but the thing that really turned me on was that his erection was caused because he fancied me. After our sex I'd dressed in his wife's clothes, felt every inch the girl, and fallen asleep in his arms. I knew, right there, that I wanted more...I wanted him to make me his girl!

I padded back through to the bedroom dressed in the robe and Pete went for a shower. I sat at the dressing table where Ramona had loads of makeup. I applied a tiny little bit of foundation, attached some false eyelashes and applied my eyeliner and a little mascara and eyeshadow. I then put on my lipstick and painted my nails and toenails in a nice vibrant red. Pete came back through and I almost growled as he dropped the towel before putting his briefs on. I got a really good look at his cock; it was much bigger than mine, about ten inches long and slightly veined along its length. It wasn't hard at the moment but it still looked amazing.

Pete opened one of the walk-in cupboards and 'lo and behold' there were about six wigs of different styles and lengths. Ramona had short hair but I'd seen her in different styles and the one I liked the best was just below her shoulders in length and brunette with deep red highlights...and there it was. I put it on and it fitted perfectly.

I then chose a black bra with little pink satin ribbons embroidered through it and matching panties...not a thong but quite short and figure-hugging in style (my own little cock fitted nicely beneath the waistband). Then black sheer hold-ups and black court style shoes with a really thin 2 inch heel (Ramona was a tall girl and we seemed to be exactly the same size in girl's clothes...right down to having the same size of feet). Then a beautiful black dress that I'd seen Ramona wearing a couple of times; shoe-string straps, square across the bodice and a slightly flared hemline just below the knee.

As I stepped out of the walk-in cupboard Pete whistled loudly and appreciatively. I felt fantastic and more like a girl than ever...and it felt like this was what I'd been waiting for all my life. I asked Pete to zip me up and he then placed his hands on my hips as we looked in the mirror together. He said he'd never seen the dress look so good as it did on me. He gently brushed my hair to one side and kissed my neck and I could smell his cologne. That reminded me and I applied a little of Ramona's Poison perfume. I grabbed a little pink shrug cardigan and Pete took my hand and led me through to the living room.

It might have been old-fashioned but I wanted to look after my guy so I put a little apron on and started to make dinner. Pete sat and read the newspaper and I took a moment to assess the situation. I was with the man of my dreams in a perfect domestic situation. I imagined for a moment that I was his wife and my heart did a little flip in my chest. In no time at all dinner was ready, Pete had set the table and poured us both a large glass of red wine. Pete lit the candles and we ate...and talked!

Pete told me that he'd fancied me for ages...he'd always known that he was bisexual but had never done anything about his 'gay' side. When he discovered that his wife was sleeping with another woman, it reawakened his interest and the fact that the other woman was Annie made him realise that he liked me...but he didn't know if I could ever feel the same. Little did either of us ever know!

After dinner we cuddled on the couch. I couldn't believe how 'right' it felt wearing women's clothes and being with Pete. I was ready to be a girl and I told Pete that he should take me out to a bar the following night. I had other plans for tonight though.

I stood and pulled Pete up into my arms. We kissed deeply and I slowly walked along the corridor to the bedroom, looking over my shoulder and smiling at Pete. He followed me with a cute look on his face, watching my bottom wriggle all the way.

I took my shrug off and put my arms around Pete's neck. He kissed my neck slowly moving across my chin and up to my mouth. He gently nibbled on my lower lip before slowly finding the tip of my tongue with his. He thrust his tongue deep into my mouth and we kissed passionately. I'd waited long enough; I put my hand down and sought out Pete's cock through his trousers.

Once again my heart flipped as I felt the outline of his enormous, rock hard penis. I released it from his trousers and ran my hand up and down its length. I wanted to see this beautiful penis up close so I sat on the edge of the bed and Pete stepped in closer. I gently touched it with my tongue and slowly licked from the tip, down one side and back up the other. Getting excited I took the end into my mouth and gently sucked.

Now I've always been a bit squeamish about having my foreskin pulled back; I know it happens when it's inside my wife but I'd never liked to see it...and she was always careful to pull it back into place when I withdrew. But Pete's cock? It belonged to me and I wanted to pull his foreskin back so that I could suck and lick his engorged head. And that's exactly what I did; I was getting good at cock-sucking because I could hear Pete's breathing change.

Changing the pace slightly, I stood up and kissed him and then turned around. Again, he swept my newly acquired hair to one side and kissed my neck, his hands once again coming up and cupping my breasts which at this early stage were simply made from scrunched up tights. We were enjoying ourselves and I knew I'd have to get some breast forms for the next time we were together.

I reached back and stroked Pete's beautiful penis, and he turned me and kissed me deeply. My fingers fumbled with his belt and trousers and pretty soon they were around his ankles and he stepped out of them, pushing me up against the wall as he did so. With one arm around his neck, I grasped his cock with my free hand and began to pump it.

After about 20 seconds, he put both of my arms around his neck, lifted the hemline of my dress and began to gently thrust his penis between my legs. I held on tightly and Pete lifted me up off the ground. As he did so I naturally wrapped my legs around him and the head of his cock found my anus...with my panties in between. After a minute of this we could wait no longer...Pete put me down, unzipped my dress and I stepped out of it as Pete took the rest of his clothes off.

I lay on the bed on my back and Pete, now naked, lay on top of me and we kissed. He then kissed my neck and began to move down my body. Kissing the middle of my bra he continued lower until he reached my panties. Reaching around my hips he smoothly drew my knickers down my silk-clad legs and I kicked them off over my shoes. I then felt his tongue on the head of my penis as he calmly took it between his lips.

Sucking it deep into his mouth and back out again I almost died there and then. He looked up and me and I met his gaze as he gently pulled my foreskin back before taking it back into his mouth. This time it seemed so natural and I was in heaven as I lay back and let my man pleasure me.

After a couple of minutes he licked down my cock, over my balls and along the seam towards my anus. Reaching it he began to concentrate on my arse-hole and I couldn't believe how good it was. I was in heaven by this point and I knew what I wanted. I might have been apprehensive but I wanted this man in my pussy. I pulled Pete back up and we kissed urgently.

He whispered in my ear that he loved my little clit and I looked him straight in the eye, "screw me Darling" I whispered. Pete asked me if I was sure and I said, "yes...no...yes. All I know is that I need my boyfriend to make love to me."

Pete said, "are you my girlfriend?"

I replied, "ask me then, Darling."

He looked at me in the most passionate way anyone ever has and said, "will you be my girlfriend...?"

"Nicola" I said, deciding that was going to be my name from now on. "Yes Pete, I'd love to be your girlfriend."

I had my arms around my boyfriend's neck as he took a pillow and gently placed it beneath my hips. He then took hold of his erect cock and gently guided it towards my aching little pussy which was still damp from his tongue...and from my own juices. I knew it was probably going to hurt to begin with but I wanted this man so much...and the way he looked at me, I knew I totally trusted him.

He kissed me deeply and I was so taken with desire that I almost orgasmed when Pete's penis pushed into the entrance of my ass. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt a bit and I lay back and let Pete kiss my neck as he pushed it in a little further. As his cock began to enter me properly I noticed a tightening sensation and then some pain and discomfort but Pete sensed this and eased his penis back out a little.

Slowly, he pushed again and this time he entered a little further. Again some tightness but not so much pain and Pete eased back and then in once more. Suddenly I felt myself giving in to this man and I relaxed as I felt his cock move further into my body.

I was so enraptured with what was happening that it was only a couple of minutes later when I felt Pete's balls push against my buttocks that I realised that I had the whole ten inches of his beautiful erection deep inside me.

We lay for a few seconds gazing at each other before Pete began to move his cock in and out, a little at first, then longer and faster thrusts. His pace picked up, as did my breathing and pulse, and pretty soon he was fucking me as if I'd always been a girl.

By now we were both breathing heavily, and sweating as our bodies moved together, and I knew I was close. I also knew my boyfriend was close by his breathing so I wrapped my legs around his back in a trick my wife used to do and I felt his cock go even deeper.

I could stand it no longer and my little erection erupted over my stomach but there was no holding my lover back...and I didn't want to! Pete almost growled as his breathing went through the roof and he gasped out, "I'm going to come."

I said, "come inside me Sweetie, fill my tight little pussy." At this Pete took one last breath...and exploded inside my body. I felt his semen pumping into me as his penis convulsed inside my body...he pumped sperm into me for what seemed like ages but was probably only a few seconds. I didn't care as I'd lost all track of time...and I felt like a complete girl as my boyfriend orgasmed inside me.

After a few moments we lay together while we got our breath back. I whispered into Pete's ear that it had the best experience of my life.

He looked at me and said, "you're my girl Nicola and I'm your man."

"Yes Darling" I replied and I kissed him. I was so happy I could hardly believe it. Eventually, with Pete's cock softening, he gently pulled it out of my pussy which was slick with his sperm by now. We stood up and I found that I could hardly walk...I felt as if I'd had something enormous pushed up my ass....which of course I had.

We walked together to the bathroom and as I gingerly cleaned away the sperm that was trickling between my legs, Pete washed his penis. I headed back to the bedroom and found a fresh pair of panties and then selected a long, black satin nightie that reached all the way to the ground. I checked my hair and makeup and then Pete came through.

He came up to me and in one deft movement, picked me up and carried me back to the bed, my arms around my lover's neck. As we lay down and turned the light out Pete whispered in my ear that that was the best sex he'd ever had...and I couldn't agree more.

I'd been a girl for half a day now but Pete was going to take me shopping tomorrow...I didn't see myself becoming a man again anytime soon.

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