tagIncest/TabooSeducing Big Brother

Seducing Big Brother


"Ever had a blowjob?" Tiffany asked, looking over at her older brother with a hint of lust in her eighteen year old eyes.

"Maybe, stop asking me this stuff. I am not going to do anything like that with you, I am your brother." Terry sat there flipping through the channels on the living room television set. "What got you into this by the way?"

"No it isn't," she snapped back. "We both love each other and it would only be natural."

"We are related! Brother and sister." Terry stood up and headed to his bedroom.

"I want to feel you inside me. Feel your love." She pleaded.

"What even got you into this? You weren't like this last week."

"Nothing," Tiffany replied back, sulking in the recliner looking back at the TV.

After Terry went to his room, Tiffany couldn't take it anymore, she stopped flipping through the channels and went to her room. Standing in front of her mirror, she was average, small body and a little skinny, her skin was radiant and finely pale, she slid her top off and undid her bra tossing them on her bed. Looking at her breasts and body in the mirror, her tits were just starting to bud, they aren't full size, yet. Only about a B size, cupping the bottom of them with her hands, she pushed them up and together and looking at them in the mirror, her long red hair lightly covering them, she brushed her hair out of the way behind her back. "They aren't that bad," she told herself. He should like them.

Unbuttoning her jeans and letting them slide down her legs, she pulled her underwear off. Tiffany looked at her patch of red pussy hair and little soft pussy lips. Moving her hand down and touching her lips, she opened them and rubbed up and down on them, that always made her feel good, she giggled at the feeling. He should most definitely enjoy this, she confirmed herself, still rubbing her pussy lips. Getting back in front of her mirror, staring at her naked body looking it over. She just didn't know what to do. "I talked sexually to him, what else could I-," She stopped at a thought. "Yes!" She smiled wide.

Getting back on her bed, Tiffany covered her pink panties with her fingers and began rubbing her pussy. Wetting them and feeling her pussy juice soak through to her fingers, getting them wet, too. She smiled and fingered herself, sliding a panty covered finger inside herself, getting them wet from her juices. Feeling the panties inside her felt really good, they became real wet after awhile and really slid in easy. It didn't take long for her to come to an orgasm, before she knew it her panty covered finger, wriggling inside her brought her to a mild orgasm, hoping this would work, she brought her wet underwear and sniffed it, smells like pussy, she thought. Waiting a minute before getting out of bed, letting her orgasm spent body calm down a little bit before she stood up, she was thinking of her plan.

In an hour after Tiffany fingered herself, she assumed her brother was asleep by now and snuck out of her room and silently shuffled to his door. Opening the door up carefully she snuck into the dark room, luckily there is a streetlight on outside and his window faced the street so she could at least see in his room enough not to bump into anything. Her eyes situating to the dark, Tiffany snuck in front of her brother, she had put her nightshirt on and it was fairly long, stopping a few inches around her thighs, she lifted it up for fun in front of her sleeping brother, showing him her young sisterly pussy. See what you're missing out on, she thought to himself. Placing her panties in his bed next to his head on the pillow, she snuck back to her room.


The next morning came and Tiffany woke up to the morning sun shining in her eyes, throwing the covers over her face she didn't want to get up. It was a weekend, she was laying in her bed under her yellow sheets, thinking back to her failed attempt with Terry again. And thought of her plan, she forgotten about it, she jumped out of bed and straighten her nightshirt out that was hiked past her hips showing everything off.

Getting to the living room she heard the TV on, hoping it might be Terry, but it was her parents. The looked up at her and smiled, "Good morning, honey." Her mother said first.

"Morning mum," She smiled back at her, noticing they were both still in their bedclothes, "Good morning, daddy."

"Hello kitten."

She went to her recliner and sat with her parents for a little bit watching the local morning news. She was feeling excited about what Terry would be thinking when he woke up with her pussy juice drenched panties. With that thought she felt her pussy tingle and heat up, "Terry still in bed, huh?"

"Yes, what else is new?" Her mother chuckled.

Terry smiled at that and got up to head to the bathroom, stopping in front of Terry's bedroom on the way she listened in to see if he might be getting up. Nope. Tiffany continued on to the bathroom. Lifting her nightshirt up around her hips she sat down and felt the pee slowly come out at first. Finishing up she reached over to the toilet paper to wipe up. After washing her hands she went back to the living room, nothing else to do, it's only 8AM. Sitting in her recliner Indian style, she didn't notice her nightshirt stretched across her knees and leaving a view to her pussy, her dad was the first to notice and after he did he gave his wife a nudge for her to look. She looked and let out a little gasp, Tiffany looked over by it at her mother who was looking at her along with her father.

"What?" She said softly.

"Nothing dear, I-I thought I had to sneeze, I hate when that happens and it doesn't come."

"Yeah," she smiled and returned her attention back to the TV, leaving her legs in the same position. Her parents looking over in her direction every few minutes.

After a half hour Terry shuffled in the living room and saw everyone in the living room watching TV. "Good morning, everyone." He said before a deep yawn.

"Good morning, son."

"Morning, honey."

"Morning, Terry, sleep well?" Tiffany asked him putting her feet down to the floor. Knowing full well what the question really meant.

"Yes," Answering his sister before sitting down next to his dad.


Later on in the afternoon, Tiffany saw Terry outback playing with the dogs, her parents were in the living room either reading or watching TV. Stepping out on the concrete barefoot and still in her nightshirt, she came up behind Terry and caught him off guard. "Hello!" She said cheerfully.

"Hello, Tiffany." He replied back, noticing she was still in her nightshirt.

"So, did you get my little present?" She said in a sweet voice.

"Yes, it's in the hamper." Answering only straight answers.

"Well, did you like it?" She asked him, feeling a little excited, especially with the soft wind blowing on her legs.

"What do you think?" Petting his dog and wrestling him by pulling on his collar.

"Oh, well I'll take it as a yes." She replied back fast.

Squatting down to pet the dog, her nightshirt rode up and exposed everything if her brother would look at her. Feeling her wind hit her slightly wet pussy, she thought of a devious plan just now. Keeping in the same position, she kept petting the dog and Terry was on the other side where he can't see past her knees from the dog being in the way. Picking up one of the dog's bones, she tossed it across the yard and watched the him run fast after it. Terry looked over at her and down, his mouth dropped and eyes widened, he was staring at his sister's whole lower region. It burned inside his mind, her red pubic hair, lips and butt cheeks. He kept there out of shock, and a little interest.

"Do you like what you see, big brother?" Tiffany asked him, breaking him out of his trance.

Terry got up and went back into the house without a word, Tiffany hoped that left a lasting impression for him. Wanting him to always think about her pussy every time he would jack off or do anything that involved sexual feelings or situations. She kept there thinking about the view she just gave him, her pussy started to really heat up, she felt it become wet. Her mind wandering about her brother, she didn't see the dog come back and felt something cold slide along the middle of her butt lifting the shirt. Than a lick, she stood up fast and turned around towards the dog and yelled out of shock.

"Aw, I'm sorry," she couldn't stand not looking at her dog's sad eyes, especially when being yelled at. "That isn't for you to lick, I'm sorry." She smiled and rubbed him behind his ears before trotting back inside.


Tiffany finally took her nightshirt off and put on some actual clothes before dinner, she slid on a sundress that stopped little above her knees, it was yellow with little flowers all over it. Dinner had passed and the family sat in the living room watching a movie together. Terry and Tiffany sat in their recliners and their parents sat on the couch. Terry would look every now and again at his sister, still having her bare pussy showing in his head, it made him lose out on the movie a little because of it, too. Tiffany would look over at him, also, smiling a little and return back to the movie.

She just wanted a deeper relationship with her brother, it would be better to have this type of love and not any of the guys at her school. They just want one thing and then to brag about it the following Monday to all their friends and leave her branded as a slut. She wish she had a boyfriend, but right now the boys at school are just too immature. Her brother will still love her afterwards and be with her.

Terry yawned and told his parents he was tired and is going to call it a early night, with all the goodnights said, he left the movie for his room. He wasn't really tired, he just wanted away from Tiffany, his dick began to harden the more and more he was around her and thinking of her teenage pussy. He laid in his bed, thinking of what had happened, he was struggling inside himself of right and wrong. His hand creeping down his lean stomach to his dick and began lightly stroking it. It took him a minute to notice what he was doing. "My own sister!" He cried out.

Laying there still he thought how her pussy juice stained panties were next to him, too. How he had smelled them and lightly licked them before wrapping them around his dick and holding them there while his dick hardened in his hand and he thought of her pussy being wrapped tightly around his cock. Until he threw them in the hamper and scolded himself in his mind all day long, until his mind went off of her how he played with his dog. And that happened, her pussy was bare and shown to him in all of its glory. Her lips slightly parted, showing pink and her pubic hair finely fanned out across her apex. He couldn't believe this, he was actually getting turned on by his sister. He fought more with his conscience until he fell asleep, rubbing his dick.


Later that night after everyone was asleep, Tiffany was laying on her bed sprawled out in her lime green nightshirt again. Thinking of how she had exposed all of her sisterly bits to him, she smiled at what must have been going through his mind. She knew he couldn't ignore that, he went in too fast and was shy around her for rest of the day. He never was like that before, she told herself, while laying on her bed with her nightshirt hiked up and her fingers busy between her legs. Sliding inside her wet little pussy hole. She was thinking what she wants to do to him tonight.

Creeping back out in the hallway she silently stepped to her brother's door and snuck inside his room again. The same nighttime light, thanks to the streetlamp outside, she silently thanked it. He was sleeping on his side, as she was looking down she noticed some his sheet poking out forward, hmm, does big brother have a hard on?

Tiptoeing over to his bed, she saw the sheet was draping over the side of the mattress, slowly and quietly she lifted it up. Holding her breath out of nervousness and anticipation, he looked good in this light, shadows hit him in every right place, showing off his muscles he has for his thin body and straight face, he looked like one of them black and white art photos she has seen in art books before. Finally lifting the sheet up far enough to reach her prize, she almost cried out loud at the sight, he is humongous, she screamed in her mind, he was long not so much thick, but damn, he has to be at least seven inches. She wanted to touch it so badly, stroke it back in forth in her little hands, giving him a sweet hand job by his little sister. Look into his eyes while she stroked him until he cums all over her, her pussy started to wet up even more, and tingling all over her body. Tiffany stared at his dick, squatting down beside his bed holding up his bed sheet. She moved her head in closer, making sure her hair was behind her not wanting it to possibly disturb him and wake him. Moving closer, she stuck her little tongue out of her mouth and lightly licked it, not bad, she thought.

Licking him again, taking in the taste of his dick, she began licking the tip of his dick, around his head and pee hole. I could get use to this, she thought, feeling her pussy become wetter than it ever has before, she was licking down his shaft again. Not wanting to push her grand luck, she decided to get back to her room incase he woke up to the licking. Her pussy sopping wet and wanting heavy attention, she scurried across the hallway back into her room, catching her breath, she noticed she rarely breathed during the excitement and nervousness of getting caught. She couldn't believe it! "I actually tasted his dick!" She proudly told herself.

Hitting her bed she opened her legs wide and shoved two fingers inside her waiting hole, she was thinking of her tongue licking up and down and all around. How soft his skin felt against her wet tongue and how hard and long he was. Thinking of his dick sliding in and out of wet little pussy and not her fingers. It was less than two minutes before she had a huge orgasm and shook her little body all over. Muffling her screams by shoving her face in her pillow, she screamed and bucked her hips wildly with her fingers still inside herself. Finally calming down, she removed the pillow, breathing hard and fast, feeling the waves of intense pleasure slowly come to a stop. She rolled over and covered herself and fell off to sleep from a powerful, exhausting orgasm.


The next morning was Sunday morning, Tiffany woke up around the same time and crawled out of bed. Straighten her nightshirt out again she shuffled towards the living room expecting to see someone in there, but no one. That surprised her, she couldn't believe it, normally her parents are at least up by now and somewhere. Walking to the backdoor and looking out the window to the patio, the sun shining brightly in her eyes, she looked away fast and slowly back again. Not out there, she turned around and headed back to the living room. "Whatever." She told herself, too tired to worry about it now.

Once again in her recliner she sat Indian style watching TV, an hour or so had passed and Terry finally came out of his room. He slowly came up to the living room and saw Tiffany sitting there, so innocent looking, he thought to himself, looking at her shiny red hair flowing down to her back and sitting like a little girl just staring up at the TV. "Morning." He said, walking in and plopping down on the couch.

"Hey," she returned and looked up at him, smiling.

"Where's mum and dad?"

"I don't know. Been gone since I been up at least."

"Oh." He replied, watching the TV.

Tiffany got up and situated her nightshirt again, she left the living room to the kitchen and got herself a glass of juice. Coming back she made sure she was in front of her brother when she bent over slightly to put the cup on the table next to her recliner. It rode up a little showing some of her butt cheeks. Terry saw it, seeing how her pale skin contrasted with the bright lime green, it turned him on. He was enjoying this sight, too.

Feeling his dick twitch in his shorts, he remained there not arguing with himself, just sitting there and looking at her butt slightly peeking out of her nightshirt. Tiffany sat back down in her chair, all he could see now was the left side of her body, she looked over and noticed him still looking at her. Smiling, she looked back at the TV. Feeling his now emanating lust for his little sister come into play, he wanted to see more, up close, and even touch and feel her.

"Want a glass, too?" Tiffany asked him.

"Yeah, sure." He looked at her, watching her get up again, watching her nightshirt fall into place hanging open at the bottom. Her little breasts push out against the fabric and fall softly to the curves of her hips.

Tiffany walked to the kitchen and poured her big brother a glass of orange juice, coming back into the living room. She stepped in front of the coffee table in front of Terry and bent over slowly setting the glass down, letting the top of her shirt fall so he can peek down her nightshirt. Terry definitely took notice of it and felt his dick harden up even more, he could see the top of her breasts, and a little bit of her nipples. Standing back up and walking over to her recliner, she sat back down and watched the TV again. She was enjoying this, she knew he had to be looking, he was seeing her in a new light, she could tell by his actions and how he sat stiffly on the couch only looking when he knew she wasn't able to see his wandering eyes.

Wanting to see what she could do with him now, she got up and went to the couch and sat next to him. He looked over a little shocked, but yet calm. Smiling, she looked back at the TV, raising her legs up and resting her chin on her knees, she could feel the air over her bare pussy and bottom legs. Knowing Terry can't see the lovely view, it turned her on even more, her pussy was really wet by now. She was on fire, if only he knew, she thought.

Noticing she left her juice on the table next her recliner, she dropped her left leg on the ground and her right knee into the couch, she leaned over the couch arm and stretched for her glass. Knowing full well her pussy was showing for her brother, right next to her. Looking over his mouth dropped at the sight of his sister's nightshirt riding up and exposing everything. He saw her pussy lips again, being squeezed together by her inner thighs, so wet and plump, looking up a little bit he's looking at her little asshole peek out from between her cheeks. His dick became hard as it could get now at this sight, hearing her grunting while reaching for her glass really got him going, too.

Staring at her young pussy he was taking mental pictures of it, not that he really needed to after yesterday's show, but this is close and personal as it gets. Her thin legs looking sexy, too, he traveled all the way down to her foot on the couch and back up to her bare pussy. Finally reaching her glass, she grabbed it and returned back to her seat taking a drink from it. Smiling at her brother, she saw him still looking in her direction, "You didn't peek did you?" She asked him innocently.

"At what?" He tried to say, acting like he was stretching his neck.

Tiffany lifted her nightshirt up and showed her bare pussy at him again, "This." Looking at the TV still.

His eyes shot out of his head almost, his sister is now showing her pussy to him fully aware, he looked down and saw her pubes and lips now for the third time within a day. "Tiffany!"

"Yes, big brother?" She looked at him with her green eyes innocently.

He was at a loss for words, staring at her face and back down to her pussy, he felt his dick strain against his shorts, it was obvious now he was hard, he was keeping it down by keeping it down with his leg, for as uncomfortable it was. Tiffany looked down and took notice of his tent. Smiling she reached down to the edge of his shorts and started to slide her hand inside of it.

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