tagBDSMSeducing Mr. Schrodder

Seducing Mr. Schrodder


Monday Part 1:

Bridgett sat in the front of the class like she always did in Mr. Shrodders class. She loved to sit in the front of the class because she could check out his tight ass and the buldge in the front of his pants. On more than one occassion she had forgotten to wear underwear( she did it on purpose of course). Anyway Bridgett loved to watch Mr. Shrodders reaction when she would put on a little show for him when ever he looked her way, she would purposely spread her legs so he could see her pussy and how wet is was from watching him. Then she would look him straight in the eyes and let them wander down to his package where she would notice that he was suddenly very very hard.

Sometimes Bridgett would get lost in her day dreams and think about fucking Mr. Shrodder and she would have to leave school early so that she could go and masterbate and get some kind of relief. Bridgett was a beautiful eighteen year old with long black hair and olive skin. Her eyes were as green as a finely cut piece of Jade. She was a turn on to any man who was still alive and Mr. Shrodder was no exception to that. Her well developed eighteen year old body had curves in all the right places and her breast although larger than most eighteen yearolds were firm and perky and the nipples it seemed were always hard.

Erik Shrodder was a practical man who knew the boundries of his job and the laws the governer him, But it was getting damn hard to forget that Bridgett was only eighteen. Ecspecially with her sultry good looks and generous figure. It got to a point where Erik hated his third hour class because he knew that she would be there and that he would get an erection and have to use his free period to get himself off before the next class. It was at times more than a man could stand, ecspecially when she dilliberately showed him her delicious pussy, he could smell her from where he stood an intoxicating scent of pussy juices and roses. It never failed she knew just how to make him hard. Swearing to himself one of these days she was going to push him to far and he was going to show her what her tight little pussy was made for and then she would be sorry or maybe she would like it and then he would have a new toy to play with.

Bridgett decided that she was going to let Mr. Shrodder know just what she wanted, So on a hot day in May she wore her fuck me outfit, the one her father forbad her to wear for anyone but him and she strutted her tight little ass into class. Taking her seat as usual in the front of the class she made sure that Mr. Shrodder got a good view of her tight ass as she bent over to put her book bag under her desk. Then she caught him looking down under her desk and she spread her legs wide apart so that he could see that she was again not wearing any panties, her pussy had been freshly shaved and was ready to be plowed by his powerful cock. When he looked up at her she smiled a sweet seductive smile.

She could tell he wanted to take her then and there and fuck her brains out but he restrained himself although the look he gave her promised her more than his words did that she was going to pay finally for teasing him so for the last three months. " Miss Jones," he said, " Since you can't seem to get to class on time I am giving you detention. You can report here after you last class today and spend the time you have set aside for cheer practice here with me." he turned to the black board so he didn't see the smile that flashed in Bridgett's eyes at the thought of spending detention with him.

Erik could not believe what he had just done, giving the little bitch detention was the first thing that poped into his head when she walked in. The outfit she wore almost caused him to loose his control and throw her on the table and start pounding into her hot little pussy. Anticapation however made Erik calm for the rest of the day. He did leave during his free hour but it was only to go to the store to buy some condoms and home to get his wife's favorite dildo that he bought for her a few months back it was a nice ten inch glass dildo that would make that little bitch regret that she messed with him today. He was going to have her for an hour if not more and he would finally be able to do all the things that he had wanted to do her all year long.

Three oclock finally arrived and Bridgett reported to Mr. Shrodders class room as ordered by her teacher. when she walked in he was in his office, taking her seat at the front of the class as she always did she took out her books and pretended to be studing when he came out Bridgett could feel her pulse quicken when he stopped in front of her desk. " Close the book Miss Jones," he ordered. Closing her book Bridgett looked up at him with innocent eyes and said " I am really sorry about being late this morning Mr. Shrodder, I swear it won't happen again." then she was astonished when he grabbed her by the hair and said " Your damn right it won't happen again you little bitch, now get that damn out fit off and get up on that fucking table."

Erik was ready now he would punish her like she was punishing him every day that she came to class. He liked the look of fear and arousal he saw in her eyes as she did what he said. " Now I want you to masterbate for me." he ordered her. Whimpering she began to rub her clit, " stick you fingers in you hot pussy bitch I want you too fuck yourself."

Erik watched at this sweet little peice of ass did what he told her too, his pants becoming more and more uncomfortable by the moment he took them off along with his shirt, turning is back to her he went to lock the doors to the room, " Don't you stop I want you to be good and wet when I show you how I punish girls like you." turning back he approached her with something in his hand. " Do you know what this is Miss Jones?" when she shook her head he smiled and said " This is a glass cock, this is the first part of your punishment for teasing me and for being tardy to my class."

He stood between her legs and rubbed the glass cock between her swollen lips, causing a very satifing moan to escape her lips. " You like that you little whore, I am going to fuck you so hard you can't walk straight for a month and if you ever tease me again I will take great pleasure in punishing you again." he told her as he began sliding the ten inch glass cock into her tight pussy.

" Rub your clit whore," Erik muttered " Yes, like that, You are such a nasty bitch aren't you whore." he told her as he fucked her hard and deep with the dildo. " I bet you like being fucked like a dog, you slut, I am going to fuck you so hard you will never want another cock in you." Bridgett was loving getting her pussy fucked by the dildo and Erik wanted to stick his cock deep into her pussy and make her scream in pain.

" Oh yes Fuck me Mr. Schrodder Oh Please fuck me harder." Bridgett begged, Erik pounded the dildo into her pussy streching her out and getting her ready for his 14 inch cock. " Oh yeah bitch you like being fucked don't you. You whores are all the same." he told her. Erik pulled the dildo out of her pussy becoming even more aroused at the slurpping sound her pussy made as he took it out. Reaching up he pinched her nipples hard.

" Get off the table now you little slut and get on your knees." Erik demanded, his cock was throbbing so hard he wanted to shove all 14inches deep in her throat. Looking down at her lovely face he did just that, as she opened her mouth to take him in he trust his hips forward and gaged her with his cock. " Suck it you slut, suck it all." he told her as his hips began pumping hard and fast into her mouth. He could feel her gaging on his cock but he didn't care. Pulling out he grabbed her by the head and dragged her back to the table slamming her face into the table he rammed his cock into her tight pussy and pumped it hard and fast, Pulling out only to slam back into her. He was so lost in what he was doing that he never noticed when the door to the room opend and Tom the janitor walked in.

He pulled out and was getting ready to fill her tight virgin ass with all fourteen inches when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, turning his head he was surprised to see Tom standing there with his cock in his hand, waiting to be invited to join in he fun. " You want some of this tight ass too Tom?" he asked. Smiling Tom nodded and made sure the door was locked before he joined in on the pussing pounding fun. " Well come on she gives great head!" Erik exclaimed, seeing the look of revulsion on Bridgetts face he grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled it back until she cried out " Don't you bitch, suck on that big fat nasty cock." he orderd her, forcing her to open her mouth and take in tom's mamoth cock.

Tom groaned with the pleasure of it and started fucking her mouth hard and fast, " Damn she is good, that's it bitch suck on my cock." he muttered as he rammed his big fat cock deep into the little sluts throat. Tom had been dreaming of fucking this little prick tease for years and now he finally had his chance. He watched with great pleasure as Mr. Schrodder shoved his thick cock into her tight ass. It was almost to much to bare when she cried out in pain.

" Oh yeah fuck that tight little ass." he muttered, " I bet you like having it rammed in you ass don't you, you cock sucking little whore." Tom was matching Erik stroke for stroke as he watched the teacher pounding that young tight ass. Pulling out Erik motioned for Tom to trade places and fuck her ass. Turning her head away Bridgett refused at first to suck on Erik's cock " Open your mouth you dirty bitch and suck my cock clean." he ordered then slapped her face. Opening her mouth, Bridgett cried out as Erik shoved his throbbing cock back into her mouth and Tom shoved his thick fourteen inch cock in her ass. They both started pounding away on her fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly Erik went stiff and started shooting his cum deep in her throat, she had no choice but to drink in all down not wasting a drop.

Tom continued to pump her ass watching as the teacher shot his load deep in the little bitches throat, turned on by what he was seeing he quickened the pace and felt the intense pleasure start to build, he knew he was going to cum in her ass if he didn't pull out soon but what did he care, he was loving it fucking this little slut up her tight ass like he had wanted to do so many times before. Pounding harder and faster he felt it start " Oh yeah you little whore take my cum in you ass, Mmmm You love it don't you, You fucking nasty fucking whore." he shouted as he shot his load deep in her wide spread ass.

Mr. Schrodder smiled and slapped her once more on the face and said " From now on you little bitch everytime you decide to tease someone you will pay the consiquences." then he smiled at Tom and said " I trust this is our little secret?" Tom smiled and said " Shit I ain't gonna screw up a good thing, I like fucking this little bitch and have been waiting for a long time to get my chance and the way I see it now I can fuck her anytime I want too." then he slapped her hard on the ass and said " Ain't that right you fucking whore." Bridgett could only whimper as she felt his cum dripping down her legs. She knew that if the chance presented itself she would let the janitor fuck her again.

After a few minutes Bridgett started to get dressed and leave. Mr. Schrodder watched, his cock growing hard again. He came up behind her and said " I think maybe I should escort you home and explain to your father just how bad of a girl you have been at school." he told her as he stuck his fingers deep in her pussy. " What will your daddy say when I tell him what a bad little slut you have been?" he asked her as he again began assalting her pussy, " He will punish me just like you are punishing me now Mr. Schrodder." Bridgett moan. This turned Erik on and he stopped fingering her pussy and jerked her around by her hair. " Look at me you slut, Does your father fuck you?" he demanded. When Bridgett nodded Erik smiled and said " well then I guess I better get you home so you can take you punishment." then he got dressed and they left the class room.

Monday Part 2:

Bridgett sat on the sofa in her living room she knew that her daddy was going to be very angry at her. she listened as Mr. Shrodder explained to him that he felt he should inform Mr. Jones that Bridgett was dilberately trying to seduce him and that she was often intentionally late for his clas. Bridgett could see her father getting angry, he turned to her(she was still wearing the outfit that he told her never to wear for anyone but him) " Is this true Bridgett?" he demanded, " Are you intentionally doing things to get in trouble with you teacher?" he shouted, when she nodded he grew in raged " And did you wear this fucking outfit to school after I told you to never wear it to school or for anyone but me?"

Bridgett began to tremble because she knew what was coming, suddenly his hand struck out knocking her off the sofa onto the floor. " I will teach you too disobey me and to be a tease." he shouted again slapping her on the ass with his belt. Bridgett cried out from the pain and pleasure of it. " Now you get that fucking dress off you whore or I am going to rip it off and burn the son of a bitch so you can never wear it again." slowly Bridgett crawled to her feet and strated removing her cloths. " That's it you little slut you take off your cloths that your daddy bought you and you do it now!" her father demanded

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