Seducing My Mother


I lined my cock up with mom's pussy and moved my hips forward and my cock nuzzled against her pussy. As I started to push my throbbing prick into her Ray came in the door and stood in front of us. His shorts were gone and his 8" dick was standing out in front of my mom's face. Would she take it in hand, would she take it in her mouth or would Ray show her the pictures he had taken of us?

Mom was too far gone to care anymore, she already had my raging dick inside her to the hilt. Mom reached out and took Ray's cock in her hand and guided it to her open mouth and engulfed almost all of his manhood in one go. There was no need for the pictures; mom was so lust crazed she would have taken any man's cock in her mouth and sucked it right off them. Ray didn't last too long, though, and within a couple of minutes shot his load of spunk down my mom's throat and into her belly.

It wasn't too long after that, that my long deep thrusts in and out of mom's dripping cunt that I filled her with my thick sticky cum shooting it into her womb. I never even stopped to think if by shooting my load deep inside her would make her pregnant; all I could think of was emptying my balls and filling her with my spunk as she screamed out wanting more. Mom lay there across the kitchen table her body trembling as her orgasm ripped through her. As I fell back into the seat behind me it was then that I noticed Sally leaning against the door post naked apart from a pair of black stockings fingering her pussy.

"Think its my turn to have a little fun with your mom don't you?"

She half asked half told us.

With that she moved forward and knelt down on the floor between my mom's thighs and thrust her tongue deep as she could into mom's spunk dripping pussy. Mom let out a cry as she felt the tongue invade her womanhood and again had another orgasm as Sally ate her out and swallowed as much of my cum as she could get out of mom's trembling cunt.

"Oh god yess, fuck my cunt with that tongue of yours son."

Mom cried out as she had one orgasm on top of another.

It was when I appeared next to Ray in front of her, that mom began to panic wondering who the fuck was doing such a good job on her pussy. As she turned her head around to see she finally saw Sally with her head buried between her thighs and in her pussy.

"Oh fuck, I'm a fucking lesbian?"

She cried out as yet another orgasm ripped through her shattered body.

Seeing what was happening in front of us our cocks began to harden again and I had a wicked thought run through my head. Going around the table and helping Sally to her feet and on to the chair behind her I lifted one leg and rolled her stocking off and then the same with her other stocking. Ray cottoned on to what I was about to do and joined me next to his mom. Taking one stocking each we proceeded to tie her wrists to the chair as she sat there with a mixture of my cum and my mom's juices running down her chin.

No sooner was Sally tied to the chair than we both started to jerk off in front of her. Sally leaned forward and Ray stuck his cock in her mouth and she began sucking as hard as she could until Ray pulled his cock away from her.

"No please put it back in my mouth." She begged

But Ray had other ideas and took a blindfold from the worktop and put it over his mom's eyes.

"We are both going to jerk off and cum over you then my mom is going to fill her mouth with our cum and feed it to you from her mouth." I said.

"Oh god yeah! I'd love to feel your hot sprays of cum hit my skin and then feel her soft body rubbing all over mine with your hot spunk."

Sally spat back at us.

"Let me lick both of your cum from her body, I want to dribble all your cum from my mouth into hers."

Said a voice from the hall door behind us.

As we looked round there was my sister Jenny with a video camera recording what we were doing. As we stood there open mouthed Jenny placed the camera propped up on the counter to keep recording the scene being played out in front of us.

"Well come on then cum over her so I can lick it off her."

Jenny almost barked at us.

"I've always wanted to fuck you mom and you my sick little brother and now that I have the chance to I am going to damn well enjoy myself."

She said as she fondled mom's tits.

With a finger now on her bottom lip and her mouth slightly open she watched as Ray and I jerked off in front of a tied and blindfolded Sally. A few moments of beating our meat and Ray was the first to cum over his mom's tits and face soon followed by me cumming all over her tits and belly. As we collapsed on the floor Jenny who was now as naked as the rest of us stood in front of Sally looking at her covered in a fresh coating of cum.

As Jenny began licking our cum off Sally's face she bent over and wiggled her ass in front of us. She then wrapped her arms around Sally and then straddled her and rubbed herself over our neighbours cum covered body while she ate the cum that Ray shot over his mom's face.

Mom got off the table and moved to her daughter's side as our cocks started to come back to life.

"I want to see you eating her pussy out as Ray fucks you from behind Jenny and I want your dear brother to fuck me as we watch you."

Said mom with a huge smile on her face.

No sooner had the words got out of mom's mouth than my cock was back to full mast and throbbing.

Our cum was dripping from mom's cunt and running down the inside of her thighs and the room smelled of sex. Ray didn't need asking twice he was up behind Jenny and pushing her face into his mom's pussy as he fucked her doggy style. Mom pulled another chair from the side of the table and lent over it about a foot away from the action as I slipped my throbbing hard on up her sloppy cunt and began to fuck her hard and deep.

After Ray and I came deep inside their pussies mom and Jenny dropped to the floor in a 69 position; as we watched and both cleaned each other of all the cum with their mouths and tongues! Ray took the blindfold off his mom and untied her as we watched my mom and sister fuck each other with their mouths and fingers.

"I'd love to feel your cock in my mouth Ray."

His mom said as she watched Jenny devour my moms cunt.

With her soft tits wrapped around Ray's cock his dick was moving slowly up and down between her slick melons as her tongue flicked across the tip of his cock as it poked out the top as her moans sent vibrations down his throbbing shaft.

"I want to swallow your cum down into my belly." Said his mom.

And with that she pulled her tits from his cock and swallowed it in one go, all 8" of it down into her throat as she milked his cock for all she was worth. Ray lost all control as he fucked his mother's mouth and was soon cumming down her throat.

"You are such a temptress Jenny."

I said as my mom rolled off my sister.

"Sure would love to fill your pussy Jenny."

I said as I helped them both stand up.

"Now that's a nice thought, sure would love to see that."

Mom said with a twinkle in her eye.

"I'm on it mom."

I said as I pushed her over the kitchen table and fucked my horny sister full of hot sticky cum.

"Now smile for the camera Jenny!"

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