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Seduction By The Pool


A ray of light heralds a new day as the cold damp air sweeps through the trees and over the ruins of the mountain temple. Deep inside the inner sanctum, a solemn figure awakes having slept the night cross-legged on his cushion. He opens his eyes, inhales deeply and lifts himself to his feet.

"Now I know what it is that I want," Hayate thinks to himself. He glances at his wrist watch before leaping through the skylight; his body slowly twisting in the air as he glides gracefully onto a branch high in the canopy. The viewpoint from the tree gives him a complete panorama of the forest and the village in the valley below.

---- ---- ---- ----

Hitomi picks up her water bottle and leaves the dojo. She sits down on the changing room bench, pours some water on her face and buries her head in a towel. Training in the heat of summer is a terribly draining task and Hitomi is no exception to this. The sweat makes her top stick as she tries to remove it. After manoeuvring her arms into an awkward position she tugs at it and manages to carefully slide it off. There is a slight gust and a few leaves blow into the changing room through the skylight. Hitomi takes no notice and hooks her thumbs into her shorts before easing them off.

Hayate peers carefully down the skylight to see the back of a person bending over. He slowly adjusts his view to get a better angle. His eyes widen slightly as he sees her slide off her shorts. Hitomi tosses them on top of her other clothes before slipping her panties off. With Hitomi facing away Hayate looks down at her smooth and slightly tanned body without fear of detection. He notices she is obviously about to bath as her skin shines slightly with sweat. She takes a white dressing gown out of her bag and puts it on. She flicks her hair behind her ears and picks up her bathing bag before walking to the central pool directly beneath the skylight.

She gingerly tests the water with her toe and then slips off her gown revealing her beautiful firm breasts. Hayate looks on in awe as she slowly lowers herself into the pool. The water is perfectly clear but the reflection of the sunlight hides inch by inch her body as it disappears under the bright surface. She shuts her eyes and puts her head back in relaxation.

Hayate decides he can be teased no long and sprinkles a metallic powder into his hand. He gently blows across his palm and watches the twinkling mist descend onto the unexpectant Hitomi. She shudders and sighs as the spell takes effect. Given Hayate and Hitomi's past he had probably need not bothered with the dust of seduction but he didn't want her to know he'd been watching. He flips down into the bathing area with out making a sound and unfastens his belt. Hitomi continues to lie back with her eyes shut. As the pollen of the Venus flower takes effect her breathing becomes deep and audible. Hayate descends into the water and swims up beside her. Her eyes open as she feels the ripples against her sensitive skin. She leans towards him and rests her head on his shoulder as he puts his arm around her. Hayate gently strokes one of her breasts. Shivers of pleasure run over her as he molests her; the pollen greatly increasing the sensitivity of her flesh. Hayate begins to feel his blood surge through his body as his stiffness grows ever harder. He reaches down towards her thigh but is taken completely off guard as a large mass falls through the skylight and into the pool creating an enormous splash.

The profile of a large armoured assailant stands up and he is clutching a short bar in his right hand. A high pitched screech accompanied by deep thundering noise echoes around as two blades of purple light extend almost instantly from either end of the iron bar. There is an immense hissing and emission of steam as the super hot purple blades boil the pool water.

Hayate feeling the heat of the weapon against his face jumps back and out of the pool pulling Hitomi with him.

"You will not defeat me," Hayate raises his voice and points towards his massive opponent.

"I... bust... cunts," the being roars clumsily.

Hayate somersaults through the air towards his clothes and equipment, narrowly missing a vicious swing of the energy weapon. He lands hands first grabbing his lightsabre, activating it just in time to block a series of seemingly relentless attacks.

Hitomi watches but is blissfully unaware of the danger, she is almost hypnotised by the bright trials of the lightsabres.

Hayate slashes furiously to no avail, but a jumping back kick disorientates the warrior for just long enough for him to side kick him into the pool of water.

Hayate's vision is obscured by the steam being formed when the energy weapon became submersed. The warrior struggles to stand but is being boiled alive in his armour. Hayate dips his own sword into the water to top up the heat. The wretched being surfaces for just long enough to let out a hideous cry before expiring in bubbling pandemonium.

Hayate turned his attention to Hitomi who looked a little more scared at this point after seeing the ‘monster thermadore'.

"Wha-?" Hitomi tries to talk but is too confused.

Hayate's efforts to talk to Hitomi were obviously not going to work, so he decided to remove the spell. Taking from his pocket a small bottle, he approached his object of affection. He took off the lid and held the bottle under her nose. She swayed a little and clutched her head.

---- ---- ---- ----

"So you expect me to believe that?" Hitomi questioned a bruised Hayate.

"I said I was sorry about the seduction, but you were in trouble!" Hayate lies, nursing a dead arm he had just received.

"I don't think so, but you are in trouble," She says opening her fist to reveal its contents. From her palm she blows some of the amoral powder towards Hayate's face. He can feel his sanity draining away in favour of a glorious sense of well-being - the dirty smile on her face looks cuter and cuter as the pollen take effect. Hitomi removes Hayate's top and admires his torso. She moves her hand over his body examining his muscles.

Grabbing his neck she pulls him towards her and kisses him. In extreme compassion Hayate holds her close to him and kisses her with more passion than she'd ever experienced before.

Hitomi hadn't really wanted to really take things further but the more he was with her the more she was beginning to secede from her inhibitions. Without breaking away from the kiss she takes off her dressing gown leaving her with just a white towel around her waist.

Hayate carefully lowers her onto the ground before untucking the towel from around her belly and opening it up. She lets him open her legs slightly as he lowers his head down towards her loins. With his thumbs he gently draws her labia apart and slides his tongue along her pink cleft. The feeling of his tongue over her clitoris causes her to audibly sigh with every exhalation. As he works faster and applies more pressure with his tongue her breathing becomes quicker and slightly irregular. She swallows periodically to stop herself from becoming too noisy but soon is sweating from the passion and moans slightly as pleasure ripples through her.

With one hand Hayate pulls off the matt black towel from around his waist and moves his head back up towards hers. She opens her eyes and looks deeply into his before sliding her hand down his body and taking hold of his member. She gently moves her hand up and down pulling his skin back and forth over the length and head of his erection. He kisses her long and hard before positioning himself on top of her.

He eases his length into her body and sighs as feels her inner warmth slide against him. Working up a quicker pace her body begins to move in time with the rhythm, her breasts bouncing slightly out of phase.

As they move faster and faster Hitomi cries out with ecstasy as she climaxes. The contraction of her around him gives extra stimulation and he thrusts harder and faster towards his own release. A few moments pass and Hayate roars like an ill tempered beast that has stubbed its toe. He brings his thrusting to an end and withdraws his massively turgid member from her, it still ejecting his love juice.

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