tagMatureSeduction Ch. 01

Seduction Ch. 01


As a young girl my family lived in a semi-detached house in a small town in England. Our next-door neighbour was a man called Rick who was a friend of the family having lived next door for as long as I could remember. He was about 17 years older than I was, quite a nice looking guy and had been a widower for ten years. He was always a welcome visitor in our house and I liked him a lot.

When I was sixteen I started to fantasise about him when I started to masturbate to release my sexual urges. In my fantasy I always called him daddy, perhaps because he was older than me and I saw him as a father figure, but I don't really know why. My own father certainly never abused me and Rick never made any sexual advances to me so it was just something I can't really explain.

When I was seventeen Rick moved away to Cambridge, I knew he was a writer and only when he was moving away did I learn that he wrote technical books, but had recently written a novel that was an instant success when it was published. He said he needed a change of surroundings so he could concentrate on his new novel. We were all sorry to see him go but continued to keep in touch.

At eighteen I won a scholarship to Cambridge University, my parents were really pleased but concerned about me leaving home. I did not take up my scholarship until I was nineteen taking time out to have a break from studying.

Not knowing much about university towns and the shortage of accommodation we found it hard to find a suitable place for me to stay having left it until close to the time I was due to attend classes. My mother said that Rick's house was not very far from the University as she and dad had visited him a couple of times and that the house was on the bus route. Perhaps he might let you board with him until you find your way around, Dad thought it was an excellent idea and that night he rang Rick who said he would be pleased to have me stay with him.

Rick met me at the railway station and drove me to his house, it was an old house set in it's own grounds and secluded from the road and the neighbouring homes. I loved the house after our semi-detached house, and the room Rick said was mine was lovely. I could tell it had recently been decorated from the smell of the new paint and wallpaper and I loved his choice of wallpaper. I asked him if he had redecorated the room just for me. He smiled and said that he had, that he wanted my stay to be a pleasant and happy one.

I could not resist the urge to show him my appreciation and went up to him and put my arms around him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, it was while I held him that the memories of my fantasy about him being daddy flooded my mind and I felt my pussy start to get wet.

Everything soon settled down and I caught the bus to school each day and home at night on the days I was doing three classes. On the other days my classes finished early so I was home by two in the afternoon.

I must confess that since that afternoon when I hugged and kissed Rick on the cheek that my fantasy dominated my mind when I felt horny, so I let my fantasy run wild imagining all sorts of situations where Rick would undress me and then himself and fuck me. Thrusting two fingers inside my wet pussy imagining it was Rick's big hard cock riding me, taking me to orgasm. I did this two or three times a week

The fact that he was now thirty-six and I only nineteen did not seem to matter. I knew that I wanted him to be the one to take my cherry. So I set out to seduce him, planning carefully that when the right time came I would make him horny and wanting and then submit myself to him.

The chance came two months later. It was a Saturday night and he asked me if I was staying home or going to visit a girl I had made friends with. Staying home I said, she has a boyfriend and so I won't see much of her at the weekends now. "Haven't you met a boy you like yet," he asked me. "No Rick most of the young guys seem so immature and I don't get to talk with any older guys at present, I said.

"Anyway I am going to take a bath and maybe we could play cards later, or watch TV if you like," I said. "Cards sound great, not much on telly tonight until late," he said.

So I went and had a nice long bath, I somehow felt that tonight would be the night when Rick took my virginity. I lay thinking and wondering what it would be like to have an older man kiss me, to be naked in front of him, to feel his hands touching me. I moved my hands up and cupped my breasts squeezing them imagining they were Rick's hands. Then I wondered what it would be like when a man penetrated me for the first time, how much would it hurt especially when he broke my hymen. I was about to move my hand down and play with my clit when I decided it was time I went down and joined Rick.

I dried and wrapped a towel around myself, and went down into the living room Rick was surprised to see mewith just a towel around me, I made out I wanted to know what was on telly later saying, "What's on TV later Rick. "My chance came when he replied saying, "Let me see." He paused and at that moment I let the towel drop to the floor and stood naked in front of him. "Megan what are you doing? He asked. I pretended I had misunderstood him by saying, I thought you wanted to see me naked when you said, "Let me see."

He stepped forward and bent to pick up the towel and as he straightened up to hand me the towel I said, "Thank you daddy." He looked at me again but just clutched the towel in his hand and I saw him looking at my breasts, so I said, do you like my tits daddy? He wallowed and said in a hoarse sounding voice, you are a lovely temptress Megan, yes your breasts are beautiful, just like all of you."

"Thank you daddy "I replied feeling more sure that things were turning out well for me.

I walked closer and said, "Feel my tits daddy, kiss them and suck on my nipples."

"But Megan, you are so much younger than I am, I must not take advantage of you," he said. "But daddy I want you, age does not matter to me, I have always wanted you, I have fantasised about you many times as I masturbated."

He dropped the towel on the floor and put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes and said, "Megan, sweet, sweet Megan, I have thought about you sexually since you were sixteen when you were growing into a woman, and now here you are a beautiful woman. I can't believe what you are saying to me is really happening; I have masturbated often imagining it was you. Promise me if I do as you want you will never tell anyone about this night."

"I promise daddy, it will always be our secret," I told him. "Why do you keep calling me daddy," he asked me. "I don't really know but it started when I fantasised about you when I was sixteen," I told him.

I sensed his inner conflict and so to put him at ease I said, "Don't lets waste time daddy, I want you to fuck me, I am not one of those girls who needs to hear sweet romantic words, I want it to be a purely sexual time with all the naughty words like I imagined you saying to me in my fantasies."

He took his hands of my shoulders and walked behind me and cupped my breasts, he squeezed them hard making me moan, then his fingers took hold of my erect nipples and her squeezed them and rolled them hard between his fingers. He was turning me on more now; I felt the bulge of his cock through his trousers pressed against my ass.

Then he surprised me by whispering in my ear as he continued playing with my breasts, saying, "Do you want to suck daddies cock? Do you want to hold it and play with it?"

"Yes daddy, I want to suck you big cock, I want to play with it but most of all daddy I want you to push it up my hot cunt and take my virginity."

I think by saying cunt instead of vagina or pussy reassured him more that what I wanted was pure down and dirty sex. "Teach me daddy, show me what men want from a woman, use me as you want, in anyway you want."

He released me and then he undressed in front of me until all he was wearing was his underpants. I could see the outline of his cock sticking up in the tight confinement of his underpants it looked huge. I could hardly wait to see a man's cock for the very first time in my young life. I wondered what it would feel like in my hand, what it would taste like in my mouth, what his cum would taste like.

"Come to daddy Megan" he said. I walked in front of him and reached out and felt the outline of his cock through the thin material of his underpants and felt it jerk at my touch. Then he said, "Kneel down and pull daddy's underpants down." I knelt and put my fingers in the waistband and pulled them slowly down. I saw his big swollen tip appear it looked huge especially as I had never seen a man's cock before. Then I gave a squeal as it suddenly fell forward almost hitting my face as I pulled his underpants down more.

Then they were on the floor and Daddy stepped out of them, I raised my head and there was his big hard erect cock pointing at me. He stroked my hair as he said, "Hold it in your hand Megan, then lick the head make it nice and wet with your tongue." I took hold of it and for the first time felt what a man's erect cock felt like. It throbbed in my hand as I bent and tentatively touched the big purple head with the tip of my tongue. Then finding it did not really have any real taste I began to lick it all over like daddy had asked me to.

Then when it was really wet he told me to let go of his cock and open my mouth and as I did he pushed it inside and said, "Be a good little cunt Megan and suck daddy's cock." I heard him moan with pleasure as I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked on the big swollen tip. My cunt was really wet and wanting now, and hearing him call me a good little cunt excited me more.

He suddenly took my head in his hands and said, "Now Megan what men like is for the woman to take as much of his cock into their mouths as they can. To demonstrate better I need to fuck your sweet face to show you and see how much you can take in your mouth." Then holding my head still he began to thrust his cock slowly back and forth in my mouth, the sensation was great. I wondered what it would feel like fucking my cunt like daddy was fucking my mouth, and then I thought he is using your mouth just like a cunt, this excited me more. The thought and the feeling of his cock gradually going deeper into my mouth made my cunt gush more, I was so hot and wet now.

Then I felt his cock pushing into my throat and began to gag, daddy pulled his cock back and reassured me it was ok by saying, "Don't worry Megan you have done well so far, there is plenty of time for you to learn how to suppress the gag reflex and take my cock head into your throat." Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "I think it is time for daddy to take his little girls virginity, what do you think?"

"Yes daddy, my cunt is on fire and I am so wet, fuck me daddy and take my cherry."

Daddy told me to lie on my back on the floor, to spread my legs wide so he could take me in the missionary position. I did as he asked and he placed a big cushion under my head. Then he knelt between my legs and I saw him looking at my hairy cunt, the sensation of being naked and spread waiting for my first fuck made my cunt gush more. I looked forward to learning all I could from daddy as we shared this lovely new sexual relationship.

"Are your ready Megan for daddy's big cock to open your cunt, to deflower you and fill your young cunt with cock for the very first time?"

"Yes daddy, fuck me." I said.

To be continued...

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