tagMatureSeduction Ch. 06

Seduction Ch. 06


In the weeks ahead nothing seemed possible to fulfil my fantasy of having three cocks in my three holes at the same time.

My twentieth birthday was only a few days away on the coming Saturday when daddy said, “Well my sweet little cunt I have arranged for us to go away for this coming weekend.”

“Where are we going daddy I asked excitedly.”

“Just to stay with some friends of mine,” he replied.

I was exited at going away but daddy had made no mention of my birthday and I wondered if he had forgotten when it was, still I did not wish to be perceived as looking for a present from him so could not remind him.

Friday after school we had dinner at a local pub and set off, it was a lovely evening and I sat listening to the radio as daddy drove.

We arrived at about 9.30pm and I met these friends of daddy’s for the first time.

The man whose name was David was about thirty-three years old and his wife Kathy was about twenty-eight. Both were lovely people and made me feel welcome and at ease.

We sat talking with Kathy and I drinking wine and David and daddy drinking beer.

They talked a lot about the events that had happened since they had last seen each other, which was quite some time ago.

Soon it was time to go to bed and I began to feel a little self conscious about sleeping with daddy because I did not know if they knew of our relationship.

Kathy said, “Let me show you to your room Megan while the men finish their beer.”

I smiled and went with her hoping she was going to show me a room of my own, instead when we got upstairs she said, “This is yours and Rick’s room.”

I blushed and she bent and whispered in my ear saying, “No need to blush you lovely little fucktress, we know all about you and Rick, so don’t be shy, I am looking forward to the pleasure of your tongue and also enjoying your sweet juice while you are here.”

I could hardly believe this was happening.

“She pulled me into her arms and started kissing me slipping her tongue in my mouth as she cupped one of my breasts in her hand, she squeezed it hard as her tongue explored my mouth then she released me, saying, “We will have to save our exploration of each others bodies until tomorrow, I know David is dying to fuck you.”

She bent and kissed me once more then said, “Goodnight you sweet little cunt.”

So once more daddy had told someone else about our relationship.

I undressed and lay waiting for daddy to come to bed; my pussy was feeling wet after being kissed by Kathy and having her tongue in my mouth, I smiled to myself thinking that this was going to be another enjoyable weekend of sex.

I must have fallen asleep because I never heard daddy come to bed.

I woke up with the sun streaming in through the bedroom window and looked at my watch, I could not believe it was already ten o’clock, I turned to speak to daddy but he was already up, so I showered and dressed and went down to join the others.

They all greeted me and as they had finished breakfast I just had some fruit juice and toast.

David suggested that as it was a nice warm day we go for a drive and have lunch at a country pub, we set off and I was feeling a little sad that Daddy seemed to have forgotten my birthday.

We had a glorious time and a very enjoyable lunch and arrived home about 5.00pm.

The phone rang and after talking for a while David came back into the room and said that we were all invited to dinner at a friend of theirs who lived on the other side of town, so perhaps we should get ready so we could be on time for dinner at 6.30pm.

Kathy drove the car and daddy sat in the front seat beside her while David and I sat in the back.

I was wearing a skirt and blouse and of course my skirt being on the short side exposed a lot of my thighs.

Suddenly David placed his hand on my knee in a casual way and I felt I could not say anything in case it spoilt everything.

Then I suddenly recalled Kathy’s words last night about how David was dying to fuck me, I wondered when that would be seeing as we were going to what I could only presume was a boring dinner party.

The friends who we dined with were both in their early thirties; their names were Erin and Max.

They seemed a really nice couple and Erin said that dinner was nearly ready and we should just go into the front room.

daddy manoeuvred me so I was the one nearest the door and when I opened it I got the surprise of my life, the room was decorated with balloons and streamers and on the wall facing the door was a large banner with “Happy Birthday!” on it.

Then everyone gave me a present and a kiss on the cheek and wished me a happy birthday; I was overwhelmed with the surprise party that tears welled up in my eyes.

After dinner while we sat at the table talking Max excused him self and left the room, on his return he said, “It is time for us to all go into the front room and perhaps have some party games.”

We all went in the front room and Erin said, “What game should we play first.”

Daddy said, “Pass the parcel would be a good one to start with.”

Silly me I said, “But we don’t have a parcel.”

Erin laughed and said, “You can be the parcel, I am sure we will all enjoy unwrapping you and seeing what you are hiding under your wrapping.”

Max put on a CD and I was made to walk around the room in front of everyone seated on chairs. Each time the music stopped I had to stand in front of the person nearest to me and they would remove one item of my clothing.

The first person I stopped in front of was Kathy, she stood up and removed my blouse and placed her hands over my bra-covered breasts. She began squeezing them then said, “I wonder what these look like?”

I knew the men’s cocks would be stirring seeing me slowly being revealed.

Then as the music resumed I started walking again, this time when the music stopped I was in front of daddy. “What delightful tits this little slut has, but I think I will make you wait to see them.”

He made stood up and removed my skirt.

David said, “You have a lovely pair of legs Megan, we can hardly wait to see what you have hidden in between them.”

Everyone laughed and I once more started walking around.

Erin was the next one I stopped in front of, she stood and slipped her hand between my legs and cupped my panty covered cunt and said, “Well you lovely slut how wet your panties are, I guess you are longing to have a cock or two up your young cunt soon, am I right?

How right she was my cunt was hot and wet in anticipation: I responded by saying, “Yes, my young cunt is badly in need of a cock right now, and my ass would benefit by being filled at the same time.” I knew my words would arouse the men more, how right I was when Max said, “Well Megan I intend to give your young ass a really good fucking while David has his cock up that hot wet fuck hole of yours.”

Erin removed my shoes and once more I walked around them dressed now only in my bra and panties.

Daddy was the next person I stopped in front of, he stood up and walked behind me and unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. He then pressed his hard erection against the cleft of my ass as he cupped my breasts and said, “See what beautiful tits she has, two nice handfuls.”

He pinched my nipples making them stand fully erect as I moaned at the pain pleasure of his action.

He released me saying, “Look at those lovely suck able nipples, she loves having them nibbled. I think we should all get undressed before were remove her panties so we can fully enjoy the contents of our lovely young parcel.”

I stood now waiting in eager anticipation of the sexual events that would now take place as I watched them all undress. David and Max both sported nice big erect cocks and I longed to suck on them before they plundered my cunt and ass. I felt my cunt gush more just thinking about it.

Soon they were all naked and the pretence of playing pass the parcel was forgotten as daddy said “Lets get started, let me remove Megan’s wet panties.”

Everyone agreed so daddy removed my panties and held them up so everyone could see how wet they were.

Daddy surprised me by handing them to me saying, “Now Megan show everyone what a lovely willing obedient slut you are for me, suck the crotch and taste yourself.”

I wanted to please daddy and I was also desperate to get at those other two cocks. I held my panties up and opened my mouth and lowered the crotch into it and began to suck it.

“She is a willing slut isn’t she, it looks like she likes the taste of her own cunt juice, I hope she is not averse to licking and sucking Erin and me,” said Kathy.

“You will find that she is quite a good cunt licker who seems to like cunt as much as she does cock,” daddy said.

Erin took my panties and dropped them on the floor near the door, when she returned she and Kathy stood in front of me and Kathy said, “Would you like to taste our juices you sweet cunt?”

“Yes I would love to.”

“Good girl,” she said as she and Erin got on all fours. “Kneel between us but facing the opposite way.”

I did as asked and then Kathy said, “Now Max shove your cock up my cunt while David puts his up Erin, then fuck us with long deep strokes. Every five or six strokes you and David can withdraw your cocks and let Megan suck them that way we can both get you both ready to sandwich Megan.”

So the scene was now set for the lead in to my double penetration once more, as David and Max fucked Kathy and Erin I waited in anticipation of tasting their cunt juices on the men’s cocks.

I must have sucked each mans cock six times and was now hot wet and wanting to be filled and fucked.

Kathy said, “OK David now lay on the floor and get your cock up Megan’s hot wet cunt.”

I straddled David taking his cock all the way up inside me. I moaned with pleasure as I felt it filling me making me long now for Max to fill my ass with his lovely big tool.

Then Max was pressing his cock into my anal ring, I moaned as it slowly opened and his swollen tip entered my ass. As he started to ease it all the way up my ass I heard daddy say, “Ram it up the little slut, she loves the pain pleasure effect.”

I cried out as I felt Max draw his cock back and then it was rammed up my ass. The pain was intense but as he held his cock buried to the hilt it slowly faded away leaving me with that lovely feeling of really being stretched and filled.

I wanted it badly now and shouted out to David and Max, “Fuck me, fuck me like a whore.”

Kathy then said, “You heard her fuck the lovely little slut whore, ream her cunt and ass hard.”

Now both cocks began to fuck me in alternating thrusts, it felt great but daddy knew I loved it when both cocks went up me at the same time so he said, “Synchronise your thrusts to enhance Megan’s pleasure.”

Now I was in the land of pure sexual pleasure rising toward orgasm as David and Max with their cocks thrusting up me in unison talked dirty to me enhancing my pleasure.

I looked at daddy who was just in front of me with Erin and Kathy licking and sucking his cock and balls. It was if Kathy had read my mind for she and Erin stopped licking daddy’s cock and she led him over to me and said, “Look at your slut daddy, two holes stuffed with cock and that lovely mouth empty.”

Looking at me she said, “Purse your lips make a ring of them just like your cunt ring.”

I did as asked and she then said, “Now when daddy pushes his cock against your lips let your lips open like your cunt does, then let daddy fuck your face using your mouth like a cunt, do you understand you sweet fucking little whore?”

“Yes,” I replied.

I could not believe that my fantasy of having three cocks fucking my three holes was about to become a reality, and without me having to do anything to achieve it.

Daddy put his big tip to my lips and I let my lips part and slide over his big purple tip as he pushed his cock into my eager willing mouth, then he began to fuck my face. I recalled Kathy’s words about having my mouth used like a cunt, and of being a sweet fucking little whore, this and the fact that daddy had synchronised his inward thrusts with those of the cocks in my cunt and ass aroused me more.

Daddy’s cock was now hitting the back of my throat as he rammed my mouth hard, I heard his moans of pleasure as I sucked on it to enhance his pleasure.

Suddenly as the three cocks filled my holes again I came. It was a really intense orgasm, but all I could do was moan on daddy’s thrusting tool as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over me as his cock plundered my oral cave.

Then I felt David’s cock swell and shoot his load of cum deep inside my flooded fuck hole, this must have helped trigger Max’s orgasm as he suddenly cried out as he shot his load up my ass.

Daddy pulled his cock from my mouth as David’s and Max’s cocks massaged my cum filled holes. Then they withdrew and as daddy stood stroking his cock he said, “Now my little whore thank David and Max for your birthday treat by cleaning their cocks.”

How could I refuse, I wanted to please daddy and both the other men had indeed given me a really great birthday fucking. So I took Max’s cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it clean then did the same for David.

Now that just left Daddy with his load still waiting for me. He stepped forward and stroking his cock shot his load in my eager welcoming mouth, I waited until his cock had finished then with my mouth wide open and everyone watching I played with his cum with my tongue making it froth up as it mixed with my saliva, then I swallowed it all.

I went to stand up but David said, “Don’t be a greedy little slut, let Kathy and Erin have some of our cum.”

Kathy then lay down and I straddled her on all fours so she could lick and suck the cum leaking from my cunt while Erin knelt behind me and licked and sucked the cum out of my asshole.

What a lovely birthday surprise daddy had given me, the weekend turned out to be a lovely erotic one with all the cock and cunt I could have wished for. I was so happy that I had seduced him and was now his sweet little cunt, his slut and his willing little whore.

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