tagMatureSeduction Ch. 07

Seduction Ch. 07


Two weeks after my surprise birthday party daddy said to me on Tuesday night, “You know Megan I think it might be a good idea if you went to see a gynaecologist, just as a precaution to ensure that things are alright now that you are sexually active.”

“If you think I should then I will daddy.”

“Good girl Megan I will ring one and arrange an appointment for you.”

“Thank you daddy,” I said going over to him and plonking myself down on his knee, I put my arm around his neck and kissed him.

I felt his cock begin to stir so as I pushed my tongue into his mouth I moved my ass around on his lap enjoying the sensation of his cock growing with desire for his sweet little cunt.

I sucked on his tongue while thinking of daddy’s big cock penetrating me. I loved the feel of his big tip stretching my ring and then either sliding all the way up me or having it forcefully rammed up my hot wet hole depending on how daddy wanted to enter me.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me away saying, “You cock hungry little slut, well it is almost time for bed so lets go upstairs now and daddy will give his sweet little cunt a hard deep fucking to satisfy her need.”

I got off daddy’s knee and raced upstairs calling out to him, “Hurry up daddy I want you so badly.” When he arrived he got the surprise of his life, I was laying naked on the bed legs spread, fingers on my cunt lips and when he stopped and looked at me I spread my cunt wide open giving him a lovely lewd display of my wet pink interior.

“Lick me daddy while I suck your lovely cock, fuck my face if you want daddy, your little slut is so hot and wanting.”

“Push a finger up your cunt hole and finger fuck yourself and use the other hand to play with one of your tits while I get undressed.”

I did as asked while daddy watched me as he undressed.

His cock was now almost erect with desire for me; I loved this power I had over daddy.

He straddled me in the sixty-nine position and lowered his cock to my eager mouth, I took it inside and as I sucked on it her moved his hips up and down as he fucked my face.

I loved it when he used my mouth like a cunt especially when he pushed it deeper until in the end his big tip was hitting the back of my throat, it made me think of the times when he hammered his cock up my fuck hole so hard and deep I could feel it hitting the entrance to my cervix.

My clit was now at full erection and must have been peeping out of its hood, I felt daddy’s fingers pulling the hood back exposing as much of my clit as he could. Then his mouth captured it making me moan on his cock as he sucked it and teased it with his tongue. My cunt juices were flowing freely I could feel them running onto my thighs and also onto my anus.

Daddy stopped pumping his cock in my mouth and held it so I was able to suck on the big swollen tip, as I did I teased the underside with my tongue imitating his action on my clit, this made daddy moan as he continued his oral assault on my cunt.

Soon he pulled his cock from my mouth and turning looking at me said, “Now you lovely little whore I want you to ride my cock.”

Daddy lay down and I straddled him, reaching behind me I grasped his shaft feeling it throbbing with desire as I guided it to my cunt hole. Holding it still I moved my body back and forth stroking my wet interior on his big tip. Then after a few moments I could wait no longer to feel his big tool filling my aching cock hungry void. I knew what he liked when I was on top, it hurt me a little but any pain was worth it if it pleased daddy and brought him pleasure.

I positioned the tip so it was just starting to open my fuck hole. I looked down into daddy’s eyes as he looked up into mine; I licked my lips and smiled at him prolonging the moment of entry until her was desperate to fill my cunt and said, “Take it up your cunt you little cock teasing bitch.”

He gave a loud moan of pleasure as I suddenly thrust myself down hard onto his swollen cock head, we both felt it rearing up inside me so quickly that I cried out as it forcibly stretched my sheath to accommodate its invasion of the depths of my body and I now sat straddled on him.

Without waiting for my sheath to adjust because I wanted to please daddy and also because I now loved the pain pleasure effect of being taken roughly, I rose up and thrust my body down again and again as I fucked my cunt on daddy’s wonderful big cock. His moans of pleasure and my cries of part pain part pleasure now filled the room.

Slow down sweet cunt lets make it last, it feels so lovely when you ride me Megan, but I want to hear you cry out and feel you cunt flooding as your orgasm arrives before I cum. I slowed my actions and daddy reached up and took hold of my engorged nipples, he squeezed them hard while twisting them at the same time then pulling them forward until they reached there limit. I felt the sharp pain of his actions shooting through my breasts and cried out louder as he began to talk dirty to me knowing that this aroused me even more.

He continued to abuse my nipples as I rode him and listened to him telling me what a cock hungry whore I was, how he loved having his cock in my cunt mouth or up my slut ass. His actions and his words took me to my peak and I began to ride him hard and fast again, he released my nipples and began to spank my ass saying, “Ride me bitch take my cock all the way up your fuck hole.”

I was suddenly on the very crest and cried out as my sheath rippled along daddy’s tool and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over me. As my orgasm faded I felt daddy’s tip swell and then shoot its load of cum deep inside my flooded cunt to mix with mine.

When it was over for him I rose up from him, being upright and my hole open some of our mixed cum dripped out onto daddy’s crotch, I took daddy’s cock in my mouth and sucked it clean, then I licked the cum up from his crotch.

He reached out and pulled me down onto him my abused tender nipples now pressed against his chest as he held me in a tight embrace, his tongue licked my shiny lips and then slid into my mouth as our lips met in a sweet kiss. I felt his tongue licking around in my mouth as daddy shared the last vestiges of our mixed juices with me. How I loved it when he did that showing me how much he loved his sweet little cunt.

We showered and went back to bed, I snuggled up spoon fashion with daddy’s now soft cock pressed against my ass and one of his hands holding one of my tits. I fell asleep happy and contented.

Wednesday after school daddy told me that he had managed to get me an appointment with a gynaecologist on Saturday. The waiting lists are quite long but I told him a lie saying that it was very urgent and offered to pay him twice his normal fee, you know how greedy some of these professional people are he jumped at my offer. So after breakfast on Saturday we are going up to London, your appointment is for 2.00pm.

Over the next few days I wondered what it would be like being examined by Dr Edwards, I asked daddy a few questions but all he said was that he did not know much about it and that I must not worry about things. Just be yourself and do as the doctor and nurse tell you.

We arrived at the Doctor’s rooms at one thirty-five. Your nice and early said the nurse who came into the waiting room having heard us arrive. Come with me Megan so I can prepare you for Dr Edwards. She led me down a passageway into a room with a toilet sink and a stand for hanging something on. Strip off while I prepare the enema she said to me as I did I wondered what she meant being naïve in these sort of matters.

Soon I was naked and felt awkward standing this way with this stranger even though she was a nurse, she looked to be about 35 years old, quite nice looking with a nice figure. She smiled at me telling me not to worry it is just necessary to cleanse your colon as Dr Edwards may want to check your back passage as well.

There we are she said having filled a plastic bottle with some liquid and then topped it up with warm water, she hung it on the stand and attached a plastic tube to it. Kneel down Megan and raise your bottom up. I did as asked and felt her inserting the plastic tube into my anus it felt so strange. Then I felt the warm water entering me and soon I could feel it going into my stomach, after a few moments when my stomach felt so full she pulled the tube out of my ass and put some sort of a plug in then made me stand up, after a few minutes she made me stand near the toilet and bend over telling me to clench my ass when she removed the plug and sit on the toilet and release the water.

Once more I did as asked and she then repeated the process twice more until the water in the toilet was clear.

“Good girl Megan” she said as she picked up a towel then told me bend over legs apart and to reach back and spread my cheeks as wide apart as I could. As I complied she dried my bottom on the towel, which she then put on the edge of the sink and opening the cupboard underneath she took out a packet of some sort of wipes.

“Just to make sure your pussy is nice and clean for doctor, pull your lips apart for me.”

I was feeling terrible displaying myself this way but she was a nurse after all. I suddenly felt her warm breath on my cunt and realised she was having a close look inside my open cunt.

“Pull yourself open a bit more so your hole is open for me.”

Once more I complied thinking how many times I had exposed myself this way to daddy’s friends without caring that I was displaying myself so lewdly, yet with the nurse looking at me I was blushing.

“Stay still I am just going to wipe your pussy clean, I may have to push a tissue into your opening on my finger to make sure you really are clean for when doctor examines you.”

I felt her fingers moving around inside my widespread cunt as she wiped inside it. She paused and took another tissue from the pack, I gave a little moan as she pressed a tissue into my cunt hole on her finger and began to twist her finger from side to side to clean my ring this action started to arouse me.

“There’s a good girl Megan all done, come this way with me, bring your clothes and put them on the table just inside the examination room. We entered the room and I placed my clothes on the table.

“Climb up into the seat and lean back and put your feet in the stirrups for me.”

Once more I did as instructed and when I was seated she fastened some straps around my ankles to hold them in place.

She smiled at me again and said, “Dr Edwards will be through in a moment now. He likes to have some pictures and some video footage of his examination so he can review it before he sends out his report, you don’t mind that do you Megan.”

Not knowing if it was the normal practice or not I said, “No that is alright I guess.”

She smiled at me again as she switched on a monitor, looking at me she said, “You will be able to watch what the doctor does on the screen while the video camera is recording it.”

Just then the door opened and in walked a man of about 45-50 years of age.

“Hello Megan, I’m Doctor Edwards, I see nurse Andrews has got you nicely prepared for me. Did she mention the need to video the examination?”

“Yes doctor.”

“And you are quite comfortable with that?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Good girl.”

“Would you get nurse Jones in now with the camera’s so we can get started,” he said to nurse Andrews.

Nurse Andrews went out and returned with another nurse with long blonde hair wearing a white coat and a face mask, she put the camera’s down and waited for Dr Edwards to tell her when he was ready. Nurse Andrews now pulled a facemask over her mouth, as did the doctor.

I now waited wondering what it was going to be like especially being videoed and having photo’s taken.

To be continued…

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