tagMatureSeduction Ch. 05

Seduction Ch. 05


Saturday we all went for a drive in the country, it being a lovely sunny day we took a picnic lunch with us and had a most enjoyable outing. On the way home we stopped at a village pub and had dinner arriving home about 8.00pm.

I was feeling horny knowing that soon I was going to be sandwiched once again but with Charles's cock in my ass this time.

I did not have to wait long because Charles said to daddy, "Time I had the pleasure of exploring Megan's tight ass, don't you think?"

"Of course I am sure my sweet little cunt is longing to have both her holes filled again," daddy replied. "Am I right Megan?"

"Yes daddy, I am so wet, I have been thinking about it all day," I said.

Nicola said, "Get your clothes off then you sweet slut so I can enjoy watching you having your ass and cunt reamed."

I wasted no time and saw daddy and Charles stripping also, I saw that their cocks were already at half-mast in anticipation of fucking me.

"Kneel down slut, I want to watch you sucking both cocks until they are ready to fuck you." Nicola said.

I loved the way she was ordering me about and calling me a slut, her words turned me on more.

I knelt and Charles and daddy came and stood in front of me, I took each of their cocks in my hands and stroked them; looking up at them I licked my lips and sucked in my cheeks in a lewd gesture to show them how much I wanted to suck them.

"Yes you cock sucking bitch we can see you are hungry to have you mouth filled with cock," daddy said.

Then as I took Charles's cock in my mouth and sucked on it I kept stroking daddy's cock with the other hand.

Nicola was standing beside us watching my hungry mouth sucking and sliding up and down on Charles's cock.

"Take it all you fucking slut," she said as she grabbed my hair and pulled my head all the way onto his cock making his big tip hit the back of my throat.

Then she jerked my head back and said, "Now suck daddy's cock and get him ready to enter your slut cunt."

Her actions and words turned me on more, and as I took daddy's cock in my mouth I saw her begin to suck Charles's cock to keep it nice and hard as she waited to see me being double dipped.

Soon daddy's cock was ready, he lay down and I straddled him, reaching behind me I grasped his big tool and guided it to my hot wet cunt, I was desperate now to feel my cunt full of cock.

I took them all by surprise because instead of lowering my cunt down onto daddy's lovely big swollen cock I rammed my body down onto him till I was sitting astride him his cock buried to the hilt in the heat and wetness of my cunt.

I moaned loudly at my own actions knowing before I did it that would be painful as daddy's tool forced my sheath open to accommodate it, but I also knew that daddy would like to have the pleasure of entering me forcefully, and I was starting to enjoy the pain pleasure effect it had on my arousal.

"You sweet little cunt, that was fantastic, Nicola will you lube Megan's asshole ready for Charles's entry into her ass?" Daddy said.

I bent down over daddy enjoying the feeling of fullness in my cunt as he wrapped his arms around me.

Then I felt Nicola squeezing KY into my tiny orifice, it felt cool as it went inside me.

The next thing I felt was Charles pressing his swollen cock head against my anal ring and pushing harder as my ring began to expand.

I was glad Charles's cock was not as big as daddy's and it soon popped inside my asshole, he paused allowing my anal sheath to adjust to his big tip and then he started to push it deeper and deeper into my ass.

Soon I was once more experiencing that wonderful feeling of being stuffed full like I had yesterday.

I moaned with pleasure as daddy released his grip on me and began to fuck his big tool in my cunt, and then Charles started to fuck my ass with long slow strokes making me moan.

Nicola said to Charles, "Fuck the little bitch harder, make her moan loudly, get all your fucking cock up her tight ass."

Charles began to move his hips faster now his strokes alternating with daddy's as they fucked me hard and deep.

Whilst I was enjoying the hard fucking I wanted the real pleasure I had enjoyed most yesterday and said to daddy, "Can you synchronise your thrusts so you are both going up my holes at the same time?

"Of course sweet cunt."

He paused and then I felt both cocks being driven up my two holes at the same time.

I became aware of Nicola standing near my head, I looked and saw she was naked.

She thrust her hips forward and pushed two fingers up into her cunt, she smiled at me and said, "You lovely slut, does it feel good having two cocks fucking you?"

"Yes it feels so fantastic Nicola," I replied.

"Then taste me again like you did last night," she said.

She withdrew her fingers from her cunt and proffered them to me. I opened my mouth and she slipped them inside and I sucked her sweet juices as she began to finger fuck my mouth.

It was a most erotic feeling having my cunt and ass stuffed full of cock and now my mouth being finger fucked, as I also tasted Nicola's sweet juice.

I felt myself nearing my peak of arousal as their two cocks fucked me and Nicola kept plunging her fingers up her wet cunt and making me suck them as she finger fucked my mouth.

Just before I came I had a sudden thought of what it might feel like to have two cocks fucking my cunt and ass and instead of fingers in my mouth another cock fucking my face eager to fill my mouth with cum, I made a mental note to see if daddy might help me achieve this new fantasy.

Daddy said, "How does it feel you lovely slut being double dipped again and also having Nicola's cum coated fingers fucking your mouth?"

Nicola had removed her fingers to shove them up her hot cunt at that time.

"It feels great daddy, please will you and Charles ram your cocks up my holes hard I am so close to cumming."

Nicola thrust her cunt-juiced fingers into my mouth again and I sucked on them as she finger fucked my mouth; I felt daddy and Charles increase the thrusts of their cocks into my cunt and ass, it felt so fucking good.

Charles came before I did, I guess because of the tightness of my anal sheath wrapped around his thrusting tool.

He cried out, "Take my cum up your fucking slut ass."

His cock suddenly erupted inside my ass sending big squirts of his hot cum deep into my bowels, he dismounted and I felt somewhat empty again like I had the first time.

Then the thrusting of daddy's big tool into my hot wet cunt took me over the top, I cried out as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over me.

When my orgasm was over daddy told me to dismount, "But daddy you haven't cum yet and I want you're hot cum," I said.

"Get of my cock now Meagan you are going to get my cum soon.

Somewhat reluctantly I got of daddy and he stood up with his lovely big tool glistening with my cum.

Suddenly Nicola was kneeling in front of daddy and sucking and jacking his cock.

Daddy said, "Fuck I'm going to cum."

Nicola released his cock and opened her mouth and I watched daddy's cock filling her mouth with his creamy cum, the load of cum I had wanted.

Daddy told me to lie down as Nicola closed her mouth; me thinking of her swallowing the entire load of cum and not a taste for me.

"Open your mouth my little cum lover Nicola wants to share my load with you" I heard daddy say.

Then Nicola was kneeling, her face just above mine.

I watched he lips part slightly and some of daddy's cum started to run out of her mouth. I was fascinated as it stretched into a long string before breaking away as she closed her lips, then it landed in my mouth.

I swallowed it quickly as I saw he lips part once more and she released another string of cum into my mouth, I swallowed it eager for more.

But as I watched I saw her swallow twice and then she opened her mouth as she smiled and said, "Did you enjoy sharing daddy's cum with me?"

"Yes it was so erotic Nicola." I said.

"Perhaps one day we can do some cum swapping before we both swallow I am sure the men would enjoy watching," Nicola said.

"Damn right we would wouldn't we Rick," Charles said.

After a shower we all retired for the night.

But the cum slut that I was yearned for another taste of daddy's cum, so as he lay quietly I slid down under the covers and started sucking on his cock and licking and fondling his lovely big balls.

Soon he gave a moan and started to thrust his hips up to fuck my mouth, I knew he was about to cum, so I sucked and sucked until in the end he shot his load of cum into my mouth, I swallowed it all and none escaped my eager sucking mouth.

I crawled back up and said, "Did you like that daddy?"

"Yes you greedy cock sucking cum loving little whore," he replied. I snuggled up to daddy happy and contented at being a good willing whore for this man, I think I probably fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Sunday we all slept late after our late night of sexual pleasure.

After lunch Nicola and Charles left for home, I was somewhat sorry when they drove away.

However daddy told me that Charles had said we were welcome to go and stay with them for a weekend.

"You know Megan I think he is probably thinking about you right this moment, probably recalling how nice it was to fuck your pert little ass."

"As for Nicola as you saw she is a lovely willing whore just like you."

I smiled at daddy and said, "I do love you daddy, how can I ever thank you for making my fantasy come true?"

"Just by being the lovely little whore that you are, that is all the thanks I need," he replied.

Things had turned out well so far but as we wandered around the garden my devious little mind was already scheming on how I could have three cocks in my three holes at the same time.

To be continued...

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