tagMatureSeduction Ch. 09

Seduction Ch. 09


As I waited for Dr Edward’s to begin his examination I wondered why it was necessary for me to be strapped to this apparatus, but once again not being familiar with medical matters I concluded that the Doctor would not be doing anything that was not proper, after all he was a professional man.

Nurse Jones had moved behind me with the video camera and I watched on the monitor as the doctor put on the rubber gloves then opened a tube of lubricant and applied some to his index finger, I waited as he now moved his hand towards my bottom.

“The lubricant may feel a little cold Megan but it is necessary for me to open your anus wide so I can see as far up your colon as possible.”

I felt the coolness of the lubricant as he smeared it around my anal opening, then moving his hand away applied more to his finger, which he then pushed it into my anal ring and I felt it, slip inside me.

“Relax Megan I am now going to insert another finger inside you like I did with your vagina.”

Watching on the monitor I saw and felt him pushing another finger into my tight anal ring I moaned as it began to stretch but soon he had it inside me to the second knuckle. Then he began to feel around and also rotate his fingers back and forth as he worked to loosen my anal ring this caused me to moan again as much from the pain but also the pleasure effect as I felt myself being aroused by his actions. Suddenly I felt him begin to push another finger into my asshole and I moaned loudly at having my anal ring stretched tightly on three fingers as he once more rotated them forcing my ring to expand more while at the same time I felt my cunt juices begin to flow.

“Just one more Megan,” he said as he forced a fourth finger into my tightly stretched ring and began to rotate them again.

I was moaning loudly all the time now, but I also felt my cunt gush more as I saw my ring stretched tightly on the doctor’s fingers which were half buried inside my asshole, his actions aroused me more as I also saw on the monitor the lewd way I was presented to the him and the nurse’s.

Soon my ring was dilated enough that the pressure was gone but now I felt moisture leaking from my cunt hole and spreading out onto my widespread thighs showing my arousal.

“Nurse would you please hold Megan’s cheeks spread as wide as possible so that her anus is held open for me so I can look inside her now.”

I was highly aroused at having my anal opening fingered and blushed as the nurse put her hands on my cheeks and prised them wide apart as the doctor withdrew his four fingers.

I blushed as the camera zeroed in on his fingers coming out of me and then seeing my anus gaping open as the nurse pulled my cheeks wide her fingers close to my anus thus keeping my anal ring open as she peered down at it.

“A few still shots now nurse Jones.”

What a picture I presented to them with nurse Andrews holding my cheeks spread, my asshole gaping open and my cunt also open showing the pink interior shiny with my juices as they flowed from my hole and continued to flow onto my thighs.

Then once more the video camera was taking more footage.

“I think you are in the way somewhat nurse so I think I need to put in a ring to keep her anus open so it is easier for me to see deep inside her.”

He went to a cupboard and returned with a clear plastic ring which with the help of nurse Andrews who pulled harder opening my ring more he was able to insert into my orifice.

The feeling of my ring stretched tightly and being highly aroused made me wish I could feel something filling my asshole instead of the empty feeling I felt now.

I blushed when I heard the doctor say, “I see your vagina is lubricating Megan, but that is quite normal, and I will need to put a dildo in your vagina so I can observe the effect it has on your colon.”

I felt nurse’s fingers on my cunt lips as she spread them open. I wondered why this was necessary and why she was crouching to the side, I then realised as I looked into the monitor it was to give the camera a clear view of her holding my cunt open while at the same time it also gave a lovely clear view of my gaping asshole with the ring holding it open.

“What size dildo should I use doctor?”

“The number nine nurse, I need her vaginal sheath to be really stretched tight so I can see what effect it has on the dividing wall separating her anal passage, she coped well with it earlier.”

I was pleased it was going to put in my cunt, as the thought of that big head going up my tight anal sheath was a bit daunting to say the least.

Nurse Andrews came behind me and said, “Relax Megan, it will not be long now before doctor has finished his examination.”

Then I felt the big black head of the dildo being pushed into my vagina, I moaned loudly as the nurse never paused once it was inside me but forced it all the way stretching my sheath forcibly as it penetrated the depths of my cunt.

“Good girl Megan,” I heard the doctor say. Then I felt the doctor put two fingers inside my open anus, he pressed down on my sheath as I heard him say.

“Pull the dildo back down now, then push it back up again so I can feel how thin her membrane is when it is stretched tightly.”

The nurse did as asked and as the dildo filled me again the doctor said, “Move it up and down a few more times.”

The sensation of the dildo fucking me, and the way the doctor was fingering the inside of my asshole took me higher and higher till I was sure they would make me cum.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor said, “That’s fine thank you nurse.”

As he withdrew his fingers he also removed the plastic ring and I felt my anal ring slowly closing.

“Just one more insertion in your anus now Megan and then it will be over,” the doctor said.

A few moments passed and the video camera moved from behind me to the front of me. I heard a strange sound, moist like a sucking sound and wondered what the doctor was preparing to do to me now.

I watched nurse Jones moving away and as I looked in the monitor as the camera came round behind me I got the surprise of my life, doctor Edward’s was naked and nurse Andrews was on her knees sucking on his cock and it was her mouth making the sucking sounds I had heard.

I knew that this was definitely not proper behaviour and called out asking what is happening.

“Relax Megan nurse Andrews is just preparing me for entry into your lovely tight ass.”

“Why are you going to put your penis in me doctor? I don’t think that is part of an examination procedure.”

“No of course it is not part of the examination procedure but you have such a lovely ass and I thought I would avail myself of you being highly aroused from my examination to fuck you up the ass to relieve your sexual needs…and my own of course. Nurse Andrews will assist in bringing you to orgasm by playing with your lovely breasts.

“You can’t do that doctor I cried out, it would be rape, I don’t want you to put your penis in my anal opening.”

Then I heard daddy’s voice and felt relieved that he must have slipped into the room, to see why the examination was taking so long.

I called out, “Daddy the doctor and the nurse are going to use me sexually, stop them daddy.”

Suddenly the monitor screen went blank and I saw nurse Jones stooping in front of me, she put her hand on her head and pulled on her blonde hair off it came because it was a wig, at the same time she pulled the mask from her face

“DADDY!” I cried out, “Its you.”

“Yes you sweet little cunt its daddy, and it was me who arranged this lovely surprise for you, wait till you see the video and the pictures Megan you look so lovely being used the way you were.”

“Now be a good little slut and show doctor Edwards your appreciation by taking his cock up your ass, will you do that for daddy?”

“Yes of course daddy, you know I will to do anything you ask of me.”

“Fuck me up my ass doctor, fuck me like the little whore I am.”

I felt the doctor’s cock pushing into my loosened asshole and soon he had his big hard tool buried to the hilt in me as nurse Andrews knelt in front of me and putting her hands on my breast she squeezed them hard.

Then the doctor began to ride his cock in my ass, long slow deep thrusts making me moan. I really did feel like a young whore now knowing that this man who had his cock up my ass was old enough to be my father twice over, but then I had learned to love having older men fuck me, and besides I really did need to have my sexual arousal released and I was also doing it to please daddy.

The whore in me now came to the fore and as nurse Andrews played with and suckled on my tits I urged doctor Edwards on to greater efforts saying, “Get that fucking tool deep into my ass, fuck it harder, faster, give it to me, I love taking your cock up my young ass.”

I was rewarded by the sudden change of pace and as the doctor began to ride his cock hard and deep into my ass he began to say nasty dirty things to me arousing me more and more.

I felt two fingers arrive on my cunt and begin to play with my clit, looking down I saw nurse Andrews hand was through another opening in the metal frame giving her access to my cunt.

Looking into her eyes I saw her smile as she said, “You like that don’t you Megan you lovely little whore?”

“Yes, oh yes, rub my clit harder and squeeze my nipples I want to cum soon”

“Fuck that cock up my ass fill it with your hot cum,” I called out to the doctor.

The nurse’s fingers strumming my engorged clit while with her other hand her fingers were abusing one of my nipples, and feeling the doctors big cock being rammed forcefully up my ass brought me a fantastic orgasm. I came just ahead of the doctor and as I cried out my pleasure I felt his big tool-shooting spurt after spurt of his hot cum deep into my bowels.

Withdrawing his cock from my ass he and nurse released me from the frame, turning I saw his still hard cock glistening with his cum on it. He saw me looking at it and said, “Share it with nurse, I hear that you are a cum lover like she is.”

I knelt, as did the nurse we took turns at licking and sucking doctor Edward’s cock clean. When we had finished he said that he hoped I had enjoyed daddy’s surprise.

“Yes I did enjoy it, and may I say that you are one hell of an ass fucker.”

Everyone laughed and then doctor Edward’s whose name I learned was Jim said, “Go with Julie and shower and no playing with each other as we were all going out to dinner.”

The evening turned out to be the end of a great surprise day for me. We had a meal at a small restaurant and after that I got another surprise when we went to the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane to watch a play. I had never been to see a live show before and I loved it.

Another surprise was after the theatre we went to Jim’s house to spend the night. It was here while we talked before retiring that I learnt that Julie was Jim’s live in lover as well as his nurse.

Later in bed I snuggled up with daddy and told him I was going to give him a thank you present. He asked what it was, I never replied I just slid down under the covers and took his cock in my hand and stroked it until it started to swell and then I sucked him off. MMMmmmm the perfect drink to end the day I said to myself as I swallowed daddy’s load of cum while listening to his moans of pleasure.

I fell asleep wondering what the new day held for me.

To be continued…

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