tagMatureSeduction Ch. 10

Seduction Ch. 10


Sunday morning I woke with a start looking at the clock beside the bed I saw that it was 11.30am and daddy was not there beside me. I washed and dressed and went downstairs to find everyone had just finishing breakfast. Julie made me some scrambled eggs and toast and gave me a glass of fruit juice.

Later we sat talking and Jim told Julie and me that he and daddy were going to develop and print the pictures of me so we could take them home with us.

After they had gone Julie came over to me and said, “You sweet little whore my pussy is dying to feel your tongue licking and playing in it, come upstairs with me and let us pleasure each other.”

Taking my hand Julie led me upstairs. Once in the bedroom we stripped then Julie lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, she smiled as I stood looking down at her.

“Such beautiful breasts,” I said as I bent over her and licked each nipple then pinched them making her moan then I sucked each nipple in turn making them hard and erect.

I moved from her breasts and climbed on the bed and lowered my head and licked her lips in a lewd gesture before pushing my tongue between them and as our lips met our tongues entered each other’s mouths and began to play and tease and arouse us both more. My breasts now touched hers, I moved my body slightly so my erect nipples were rubbing over hers and then I felt a hand arrive on my ass.

I pulled my head away from her mouth to emit a cry as she began to spank me.

“You like that don’t you Megan?”

“Yes,” I murmured as I felt my ass cheeks getting hot.

“Turn around and straddle me in the sixty nine position.”

I did as asked presenting her with my ass and lubricating cunt.

I bent over her and my tongue slid along her slit, which parted easily as I pressed my tongue against it. She was wet and I began to feast on her sweet nectar tasting her for the first time as she murmured, “Yes Megan lick my cunt taste me.”

Her tongue had now begun to lick my slit she licked all the way from my clit to my anus. I felt her tongue probing and slowly opening me up so she was now licking and exploring my pink interior. Without warning her hand once more gave me two hard wallops on my ass while at the same time her tongue pushed its way into my hole making me moan on her sopping wet cunt as I licked and licked her.

I started to concentrate on her swollen bud, it was hard and erect and peeking out of its hood. I licked it and flicked it before eventually taking it between my lips and sucking on it. She was pushing her hips up to meet my invading tongue showing me how much she was enjoying my tongue probing and playing in her cunt.

I began to moan as her tongue played with my cunt making my cunt juices flow freely, then once more she walloped my ass with four hard whacks of her hands on both cheeks. I pulled my head up and cried out showing her how painful her spanking was.

“Yes yelp all you like you sweet cunt, you know you like the pain and then the pleasure, I bet your cunt is on fire inside now.”

“Yes, it is so fucking hot Julie, and I do like the pain pleasure effect.”

“Well before I get you off Megan I want to enjoy that tight little asshole of yours, I longed to lick it and probe it yesterday and now it is right her looking at me.”

Her tongue licked from my clit once more but this time it moved over the thin divide separating my cunt hole from my asshole. She began to lick in circles around my anus, then licking all over it making it wet and me moan into her cunt as she then probed it with her tongue.

“Did you like that Megan, my tongue playing with you tight little rosebud?”

I paused from my tongues assault on her cunt.

“Yes Julie, it feels so good, pull my cheeks wide apart and push your tongue inside my asshole, fuck it with your tongue.”

“You fucking lovely slut, I love being asked to do things.”

Then her hands gripped my twin moons and spread them wider apart, I felt the coolness of the air enter my now opened asshole. But the cool air was soon cut off as she plugged my asshole by thrusting her tongue as deep inside it as she could, then she began to tongue fuck me as I squirmed with pleasure and suckled on her swollen clit.

She alternated between tongue fucking my asshole and licking it, a few times she just planted a kiss on it before continuing to play with it with her eager tongue.

She suddenly paused and said, “Let me get you off first, then you can make me cum.”

She got me to kneel with my ass thrust up shoulders down and legs spread wide giving her a great view and ease of access to my two holes.

She planted a kiss on my cunt and one on my anus then said, You looked so desirable yesterday I wanted to have you then, I hardly slept thinking about feeling you, licking and sucking you.”

She began to lick my cunt and probe my hole, after a while she moved higher and it was my asshole that got her undivided attention. I was now well on the way to orgasm.

She stopped her licking and said, “Now I get to feel inside those two desirable holes at last.”

Once more she spanked my ass with both hands making me cry out each time, after five strokes on each buttock she stopped and ran her hands over my inflamed ass caressing my cheeks as I felt the heat once more slowly sinking deeper into my sexual area.

Then she pushed two fingers deep inside my cunt and felt around until she found my G-spot.

“You little whore your cunt is so hot and wet, do you want me to finger fuck your two fuck holes?”

“Yes Julie, push your fingers in my cunt and asshole, fuck me, make me cum, my cunt is on fire.”

She then began to massage my G-spot thrusting her fingers over it again and again while the fingers of her other hand arrived on my clit and began rubbing it hard.

Then she slowed her hand in my cunt and pulled her fingers back until they were only half way in, then the fingers on my clit ceased their action and I suddenly felt them being pushed inside my cunt alongside the other two.

“Now slut let me open you up, let me see if you can take all of my fingers inside you.”

I moaned as I felt her pushing the rest of her fingers into my cunt, my ring was being stretched wide to accommodate them, as she worked them in as far as she could I felt them pulling sideways on my ring as she slowly opened my cunt wider and wider until I thought she would tear my ring apart.

“What a fucking lovely sight you make with my fingers up your hole stretching you open, does it feel good?”

As she finished her question she began to finger fuck my hole with her eight fingers.

My only reply was a loud moan as I felt my self near cumming.

“Don’t you dare cum you sweet bitch, not until I have had my fingers up that tight little asshole.”

She pulled her fingers out of my fuck hole and I felt it closing, she never moved I guess she was enjoying the sight of my ring closing.

Then she began to finger my asshole, rubbing the wetness of my cunt juices all around my opening using all the fingers in turn to make my anal opening slick and wet.

Then she slowly worked one then two fingers up inside my asshole. I moaned again as my pleasure once more began to take me on my sexual journey to orgasm.

“Now bitch I am going to double fuck you and you better not cum till I say you can.’

She thrust two fingers of the other hand into my hot wet leaking cunt, and then she began to alternate her thrusting fingers into my ass and cunt, all the time she called me names and talked dirty to me arousing me more and more.

Soon I was hovering on the brink, fighting hard not to cum as her fingers continued their rough assault on my twin holes.

I was squirming now and cried out, “Please let me cum, PLEASE.”

“Not yet, Megan you fucking slut.”

She began to ram her fingers harder and faster into my abused orifices saying how lovely I looked being used like this. Then just as I felt I could no longer hold on she said, “Cum now, cum for me you sweet whore Megan.”

At last I stopped trying to hold back my orgasm, I screamed out my pleasure as I came with an intensity I had never experienced before, my body shuddering as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over me, my sheath grasping, rippling over Julie’s fingers as she moved them slowly up and down inside my cunt to enhance my pleasure as she also twisted her fingers inside my asshole from side to side.

When it was over for me I collapsed on the bed, Julie lay down beside me and proffered her two fingers coated with my cum to me saying, “Lick them gently, leave some for me to share with you.”

I did as asked and we shared the taste of my cum together. Then she rolled me onto my back and kissed me a soft sweet lingering kiss, then she whispered in my ear, “Did you enjoy that Megan?”

I looked up into her eyes as I replied. “It was really great, I have never experienced such an orgasm with a woman before, I am so pleased daddy brought me to London and that we met.”

She stroked my hair and said, “Now that you have been satisfied, it is your turn to pleasure me.”

I kissed her and took one of her breasts in my hand and as my tongue invaded her mouth I squeezed her breast hard, all she could do was moan in my mouth. I released her breast but then took hold of her nipple and squeezed and twisted it with my fingers.

I broke the kiss and smiled at her saying, “Did you like that you lovely bitch?”

“Yes Megan, like you I love the pain pleasure effect when having sex, and I also like dirty talk like you do to enhance the pleasure and feeling of being used like a slut.”

I put two pillows against the headboard of the bed and told her so lean back on them, she did as asked.

Kneeling between her legs I said, “Now you can watch me better as I feast on your succulent cunt, draw your knees up and spread wide so your cunt is raised to give me ease of access to you cunt.”

She drew her knees up and spread wide as I looked at her already open cunt.

“What a lovely invitation, you slut, now let me show you how much I want to please you as I taste your sweet cunt juice.”

Just then the bedroom door opened and in came Jim and daddy who must have crept up the stairs to see what we were up to.

“Well well well, so this is what you two lovely whores have been doing is it, well don’t stop now, put on a show for us and you might even end up getting fucked.”

To be continued…

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