tagMatureSeduction Ch. 11

Seduction Ch. 11


The two men then stripped and sat down on the ottoman to watch me servicing Julie.

I crouched down between Julies legs and spread her lips wide so I could lick around inside her pink valley, as I lowered my head I saw that her hole was already open showing how aroused she was from being licked and playing with and then finger fucking my cunt and asshole.

I ran by tongue around her inner lips tasting her nectar once again as I teased her making her wait for my tongue to probe her hole or play with her swollen clit. She moaned and pushed her cunt up to my mouth while at the same time she put her hands on my head and pressed my mouth down hard against her cunt she then began to grind it on my mouth..

"That's it you little cunt licker lick my quim let me feel your tongue probing my fuck hole you lovely little bitch."

My tongue found her entrance and I pushed my tongue as far inside her hole as I could and began to fuck her with it. She moaned loudly and said, "That's it bitch, fuck my cunt with your tongue."

As I alternated between tongue fucking her and licking her clit making her moan I heard daddy say to Jim, "Those two horny bitches need a cock each, why don't you fuck Megan while she pleasures Julie and I will fuck Julie in the mouth."

I saw daddy standing astride Julie with his hands on the headboard as I felt Jim get on the bed behind me. My cunt juices were flowing freely now.

"Wow what a fucking juicy cunt you have Megan, I loved it up your ass now let me see what it is like in that hot juicy fuck hole."

I felt him push two fingers inside my hole and finger fuck me, then withdrawing them he placed his big swollen cock head to my opening and as I felt it start to stretch my ring open to allow it access he paused with it halfway inside me.

I wondered why he had not pushed his cock all the way up me, I was so hot wet and eager to be fucked, I soon found out.

When I least expected it he suddenly slapped my ass hard giving me about five whacks on each cheek, I paused from licking Julie to cry out, as I did his hands grabbed my waist and he rammed his rock hard tool all the way up my cunt.

I cried out loudly as he impaled me on his cock. The pain of having my sheath forcefully opened soon faded and that combined with the heat generated in my ass by his spanking brought me to a higher level of arousal.

"Fuck my cunt hard Jim, do me deep with that your lovely big cock."

I then returned to play in Julie's cunt, the sight of her swollen clit now clearly visible as it protruded from its sheath made me take it in my mouth and as I sucked it I also nibbled on it. She having daddy's cock in her mouth could not make a sound.

I heard Jim say, "So you like it rough do you Megan, then get ready to have your young cunt given a real hard deep fucking."

As Jim pounded his cock into my cunt I looked up at daddy's bottom and saw it moving backward and forward as he used Julie's mouth like a cunt.

"Your a great cock sucking bitch Julie, you sure know how to deep throat a cock," I heard daddy say.

I shoved my tongue as deep as I could up Julies fuck hole finding her cunt juices were flowing like a mountain stream. I had to press my hands down on the bed and press my ass back hard to stop myself being pushed forward as Jim's hips slammed against my ass again and again as her kept up his assault on my now very wet and excited cunt.

I felt myself orgasm on Jim's big tool, but he just kept fucking me until I felt another orgasm building. Just before I came I heard daddy say to Julie, "Take it, swallow it all you cum loving slut," then I heard him cry out his pleasure as he shot his load in her mouth.

Then my second orgasm flowed over me, I moaned into Julie's cunt, which suddenly flooded my face as she came crying out her pleasure as she thrust her cunt up hard against my mouth. As my orgasm faded I felt Jim pull his cock back as it swelled warning of its impending release of his load of semen, he held it with just the swollen tip inside me.

"Fuck yes take my hot load up your slut cunt," I heard him say as I then felt his cock jerk as it sent spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside my cunt.

When he had shot his load he pushed his cock all the way back up my cum filled cunt and stroked it up and down a few times. Withdrawing it he said, "Clean it Megan, taste the mixed juices of our fuck."

I turned and took his glistening cock in my eager mouth and sucked and licked it clean.

When I released his cock Jim looked down at me as he stroked my hair and said, "What a lucky guy daddy is to have such a sweet cum loving little bitch like you Megan, you really are a great fuck."

I looked at Julie who was still sitting slouched down on the bed with her legs spread. I saw her face had a lot of daddy's cum on it, I moved toward her and she smiled saying, "Yes sweet Megan kiss me."

"Not yet Julie I want to share daddy's cum with you."

I licked up some cum and then lowered my head and slid my cum coated tongue out, Julie moved forward with her mouth open and I felt her tongue meet mine. She licked my tongue capturing some of the cum, as she did I swallowed and moved back to her face and lapped up some more of daddy's lovely cum and took my tongue back for Julie to lick some off again. I did this until only a fine sheen of cum remained drying on her face.

As Julie and I shared the cum daddy and Jim had been watching us performing in this lewd and erotic way, when we had finished with a long big deep French kiss Jim said to daddy, "Well what do you think about that performance by our two cum loving bitches?"

"Well I don't know about you Jim but the cunts have made my cock hard again, I think I will say my goodbye to Julie by fucking her up her lovely tight ass."

"Yes I am ready for another deep exploration of Megan's body, so I will give her a goodbye ass fuck while you do Julie's ass."

I looked at Jim and smiled saying, "I am pleased I am going to have your lovely cock up my young ass again before we leave, how do you want me Jim?"

"Come and stand beside me so we can watch daddy's cock going up Julie's ass I am sure you will enjoy watching her take it all up her ass knowing that soon you will have my big tool filling your ass again."

Julie was now on her hands and knees on the floor with her head down low and her ass raised as she offered her asshole to daddy.

"As I stood beside Jim he put his hand on my ass and stroked it as we watched daddy place his swollen cock head into the hollow of Julies ass. She moaned as he gripped her hips and slowly forced her anus to open and allow his big tool to enter her. As the tip popped inside her I felt Jim's finger pushing into my anus, I pushed my ass down onto it and felt it slide inside as daddy suddenly rammed his cock forcefully all the way up Julie's ass.

Julie cried at having her ass stretched suddenly, but the pain of the forceful entry did not deter her from asking daddy for what she wanted. As Jim finger fucked my asshole Julie called out to daddy saying, "Oh fuck, yes Rick do my ass fuck it hard."

Daddy was only too happy to oblige and as we watched he began to really ram his cock hard and deep into her ass.

Jim pulled his finger from my asshole and said, "Lay on the bed on your back and pull your legs back towards your shoulders."

As I moved over to the bed I saw Jim's cock was now fully erect, I took it in my hand just before getting on the bed and stroked it enjoying the feel of it and felt my cunt gush as I thought about how it would soon be going up my forbidden hole and reaming my ass like daddy was doing to Julie.

I lay on the bed with my legs pulled back and Jim knelt on the floor and began to lick my anus. The touch of his tongue as it moved in circles around my asshole and then being pushed inside aroused me more.

Jim stopped licking me and stood up he looked at me and said, "I am just going to lube my cock in your cunt."

He pushed his cock into my flooded hole and stroked it in me about ten times, I felt his cock harden more and also felt my arousal rising in anticipation of taking his cock all the way up my ass.

He withdrew his cock and pressed it against my anal ring making me moan loudly as it forcefully opened my asshole and the big engorged tip popped inside. He paused and then started to slowly push his cock deeper, but watching daddy ram his cock up Julie's ass made me want to experience the pain pleasure effect I had come to enjoy.

"Ram your lovely tool up my ass Jim, do my ass hard like daddy is doing Julie's"

"You like it hard and rough in your ass as well as your cunt do you Megan? Then take it you lovely fucking bitch."

I yelled out as he rammed his cock all the way up my tight ass feeling my sheath being forcibly stretched to accommodate his big hard tool. Then as I moaned as he fucked me I felt my sheath slowly adjust to the girth of his cock and the pain slowly changed to feelings of pleasure.

"Put your feet on my shoulder and play with your cunt," Jim said.

I did as asked and as he fucked my ass he looked down at my fingers playing in my wet open cunt as I squeezed my tits with the other hand.

He took hold of my ankles and spread my legs wide giving him a better view of my fingers playing in my cunt. I decided to make it really nice for him and took my hand away from my tits and reaching down I spread my cunt wide open feeling the cooler air entering my now open cunt hole.

"You fucking little whore that looks so erotic while my cock is reaming you tight ass."

I smiled at him and said, "Now I want to feel your cock going up and down in my ass."

He slowed his thrusts as I pushed two fingers into my cunt and felt his cock on the underside of them as I began to fuck myself with them. I felt myself close to orgasm and said, "Ram it up my ass, cum with me Jim I am going to cum any moment now."

As I plunged my fingers up my flooded hole I felt his big tip through the thin wall of my stretched sheath moving faster now as he really rammed his cock deep into my ass.

"Shoot your cum up my ass Jim," I cried out as my orgasm arrived. Crying out my pleasure I heard Jim say, "Take it bitch," then his cock jerked and I felt his hot cum being shot deep inside my ass.

When it was over for both of us I looked up to see daddy and Julie watching as Jim pulled his cock from my ass, I had been so lost in my own pleasure I never heard Julie or daddy reach orgasm.

"I see you really enjoyed taking Jim up your ass again Megan. I guess like me your ass will remind you for quite a while of the hard deep fucking you just received," Julie said.

"It certainly will, I will be thinking of Jim all the way home the way my ass feels right now."

Then Jim said, "Time for a shower and then a meal before daddy and our lovely sweet cunt Megan have to leave for home."

It was late when we arrived home so we went straight to bed and I fell asleep snuggled up with daddy.

In the evening of the following day daddy showed me the photo's that had been taken of me, they made me hot and wet as they were all large pictures and the detail was great. I can hardly wait now to see the edited videotape of me being examined and fucked in the ass by Jim.


A note for my two most avid readers the Bi Sisters watch out for my new story. Many thanks for your emails I appreciate you both taking the time to read my story and sending me your comments.


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