tagMind ControlSee the Shot, Take the Shot Pt. 02

See the Shot, Take the Shot Pt. 02


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Author's Note: I normally write a backgrounder at the beginning of each part of a story to provide context so that you can step into part 2 or 4 as easily and without having to read part 1—but in this case the setup is... involved. So probably read part 1 first, I promise it will help.


Maria visited me a lot that semester. On some of her visits, Tim would gladly use my cell phone to take pics of her sucking my cock or fucking me; on other visits, Tim fucked her with me. We enjoyed spit roasting Maria... she never tired of swallowing cum.

I had a hard time concentrating on my classes to be honest with you. I ended up making great grades of course... my instructors seemed to think my attendance alone warranted an A, but I knew that as school went on, while I might be able to suggest my way through college, even through graduation magna cum laude, that I wouldn't actually know anything... not enough to get a job and do whatever my degree said I could do. I knew I needed to find some balance for my new skills.

The thing I had the most fun with towards the end of that "semester of my awakening," was my game-changing contributions to the campus "hot or not" sexy selfie board on SoFlaNet. Whenever I passed a hot chick I wanted to see naked, I would "connect" with her. Later that night, she would post her own naked selfies for the guys on campus in our own private /r/HotOrNot board. It's South Florida... they were all hot.

But the semester break came, and I had three weeks back home to kill before the next semester started so back to the back woods of central Mississippi I went. I hadn't grown up there, but my mom moved for a job after my parents' divorce. I felt like the small town might give me a chance to um... practice my skills... or to at least see what I was capable of in a place where I was practically unknown and without too many observers. There were more students at my university than lived in the three nearest towns, together.

I was still having problems connecting to people when I wanted and how much I wanted... and weird subconscious suggestions were still a thing I had to watch out for. The second day I was in DumbassVille, MS, this snotty bitch cut in front of me at the grocery store in the 12 items or Less line, with no less than 30 items... I kid you not. Then she was rude to the checkout guy, rude to the guy in line in front of her, definitely rude to me... she was a grade A bitch to everyone she came in contact with. I switched lines to get away from her, but she just couldn't stop being a tyrannical bitch to everyone around her.

When she threatened to spank the child of the guy in front of her if he touched her items on the conveyor belt again, I nearly lost my shit and cursed her out. I had not consciously reached out -to anyone- in the store, but as the guy whose kid she threatened finished checking out and left the store, the guy behind her turned her around and slapped her face as hard as I've ever seen anyone slapped before. I mean, he unloaded on her-causing her to shriek and collapse to the ground in shock and in pain. But then it got fucking bonkers...

The checkout clerk began calling her a stupid bitch and yelling about how he was going to put her in her place before he jumped over and into the aisle in front of her and the other guy who had just slapped her. I backed away in a kind of stunned shock—this is not something you see every day—and stood dumbfounded as the checkout clerk ripped this woman's blouse open and tore her bra from her body leaving her completely topless before he yanked her jeans open and down to her knees.

In moments, he was raping the hysterically screaming woman from behind as he held her face on the cold tile floor. Two other men who were in the store came over but instead of pulling the clerk off of her they knelt on her arms and held her down by her neck. One guy grabbed a bottle of cooking oil from her items on the conveyor belt and began greasing his cock with a handful of it... the entire scene was surreal.

I looked around to see if there were any security cameras in the store. My heart dropped when I saw one pointed in the direction of the checkout aisles, but I heaved a sigh of relief when I followed the black cable coming out of it to a wall where it hung loose, connected to nothing. "this is my fault." I thought as the clerk came inside the screaming woman's pussy, but I didn't feel a single "connection" to anyone in the store. It confused me because I didn't understand how I wasn't really connected to any of these guys, but they were definitely there, foaming at the mouth to get even with this bitch and half of them weren't even within earshot when her bad behavior began... they had to be here on my... Orders.

Cooking Oil Guy yelled almost as loud as she did when he rammed his slippery hard cock up her ass. Lube or not, going straight in like that is hard on both parties, but he didn't pull out. Instead he simply held her down and yelled at her for hurting his cock before slamming it in and out of her ass for no more than three minutes before shoving it into her pussy and coming inside her like the first guy had done...

The next two guys each took their turns—mixing in equal parts of vaginal and anal penetration in feverish, rapid, forceful strokes-both cumming in just a few minutes time before shooting off on the woman's anguished face and hair. When they finished, they rolled off of her, leaving her sobbing silently into her arms as she lay face down on the floor. But that's when my problems got worse... Without the woman and 4 men screaming and yelling at each other directly in front of me, I could now hear the whimpering, pleading cries of a tiny Asian woman being raped by the produce manager, and from the far end of the check aisle, a short, chubby redhead store clerk was getting her ass pounded by what looked like guy number three as they held her over the bagging area.

I began to freak out... I was dead in the middle of a massive crazy crime scene... one of these women would call the cops shortly, I was sure, and all these guys would have their lives destroyed as a result of my lack of control. I needed to do something. The Asian woman just in that moment beginning to yell about "wrong hole! Wrong hole!" didn't help me think clearly either... I pressed stop on the video recording I was making on my cell phone—not sure when I began shooting—and looked at the woman who started it all and concentrated.

Once I calmed down, I connected... too well. I felt exhausted and in pain... I had to navigate to the right level... Tune the connection as it were... I thought about what I wanted to happen. Could I make her forget it all? If not, could I at least prevent her from telling anyone about it? Part of me wanted her to remember it clearly... completely... to know she had been raped for being such an insufferable bitch to everyone in her life. If I had more experience at this point in my "gifts" and more certitude around my ability to control outcomes exactly as needed... This is the course I would have chosen.

Yes, it's extreme to think that a woman deserves to be gangraped just for acting like a cunt, but fuck man... it felt right in the moment. I concentrated on the instructions she needed... she cleaned herself off a bit... I made her get dressed... I instructed her to go home, to take a long, hot shower. I instructed her to never speak of the events of the day to anyone... to forget about them... to close them off... I tried... I concentrated... when I explored the paths in her mind I laid down, they seemed to produce the kind of mental responses I wanted... she felt safe. The last part, though, was pure evil.

I discovered that the woman was single... that she was dating... that she was on three different dating apps and that she split time between our Podunk town and Biloxi. I instructed her to tell every man she met for a date that she wanted to get fucked in her ass. She would tell them that if they were lucky enough to get her place or his... that she wanted to be taken roughly... that she loved a certain kind of role playing... I instructed her never to call the police. Never. I also told her that she needed to keep dating... to keep swiping right.

The closest thing I can describe what navigating a person's mind is like and what constructing these rules and suggestions is like is akin to programming... but in some fuzzy programming language... a kind of natural language... when I set up these paths... I can debug them... sense them out... I made her give me her address so I could check up on her in a few days...

I checked her and rechecked her... I let her leave. The guys who fucked her were sitting around a bit confused... I quickly worked on them—they needed less work believe it or not... I let them keep their memory with the one modification that they could never speak to anyone outside their group about it. I had them get dressed and move on with their days.

The chubby redhead cashier at the corner was super easy to connect with and control. Like, I didn't understand why she was so fucking fast and clear and easy... maybe she was super weak-minded or something... I didn't have time to explore, but I simply told her to 'enjoy it' because I made her believe that she loves rough anal sex. I had to move on to the Asian woman because it seemed from the noise like that situation was getting out of control.

The situation was a bit worse than I thought... the woman was this tiny Chinese grandmother... probably late 50s or at most 60 years old... kind of curvy for a Chinese woman... not my usual kink but she kinda worked for me... but the guy had his hand in her hair and he was just ramming her head into a carboard box full of apples while pounding, and I mean pounding her tiny round ass.

When that guy finished all over her back, I sent him away to get on with his life and I connected with the Asian GILF where I learned she lived alone, had missed her bus, needed a ride home, and most curiously, had not cried about being taken by the produce manager. Until I turned old Ralph into Ralph the Rapist, he and Hua Yang had been in a routine of weekly flirting and rebuffed overtures of dates she would never go on. It seems she was once again being flattered by Ralph and about to tell him "maybe" for a date when my mental blast of "fuck this bitch" radiated outward around the store.

That knowledge freaked me out... what was the sphere of influence on my literal suggestion blast? Luckily this store was the only thing on the two lane highway outside of town for miles... but Jesus... how far could I reach with it? I never felt much connection outside of people I could see before... I would need to sort this out as quickly as I could. My ability to do damage control depended on this knowledge.

That would wait for another time, though... because it was definitely time for me to go. I took Hua Yang with me in my car and drove her to her house where I helped her with her groceries. When I say I helped her with her groceries what I mean is I fucked her mouth, pussy, and ass for about two hours until I had cum 4 times and had to go home to cook for my mom. Hey, it was an experience. This lady hadn't had sex in 7 years... Ralph broke that streak in the store. I actually let her keep that memory, and the next ones with me. The only thing I did was make sure she believed she enjoyed both. I also had her text Ralph a topless selfie with her address. He texted that he'd be over shortly. That was my signal to go.

Three days later I went by the first bitch's house who started the whole thing. At my suggestion, Ms. Evelyn Goetz told me all about the previous three nights. She had dates each night. To her horror, each of the men turned into complete animals when they got back to her place. The first one, she told me, was a black guy who slapped her so hard she saw stars when she rebuffed his advances...

"He told me he knew what I really wanted and then he tore my clothes off and slapped me over and over before he... before he raped me in my... back there (pointing at her ass). Then he made me open my mouth... I didn't want him to hit me anymore, so I just did what he wanted... after about 15 minutes pumping my mouth he was hard again and that's when he made me stand against the wall and he... He did me again (pointing at her ass)." Evelyn said in a somber tone.

"The second night was worse... that guy... Jesus... I thought he was going to kill me. It was going so well during the date so I invited him back for a drink... The moment we were safely inside my house he was on top of me... he completely destroyed the clothes I was wearing before taking off his belt and whipping me with it across my back and tits... then he cinched it tightly around my neck... I couldn't breathe... I struggled just to get enough air to live... he tied it to my solid oak bedframe, then as I lay there choking... he pulled my legs apart and took me from behind... in... in my behind. He said he had taken a little blue pill... he just kept fucking me and cumming then fucking me again. I told him I never wanted to see him again when he left. He said he's coming back Friday night to do it again."

At this point I was sufficiently horny that I instructed her to tell me the third story while I bend her over the table and fuck her ass myself. Five minutes later, I was well-lubed and pumping Evelyn's surprisingly tight ass as she recounted the story of the banker and his friend.

"His... Friend?" I asked.

"He had a friend with him when we met at the bar by his office... I knew better than to go back with him to his place for 'one more drink' but I stupidly went anyway." Evelyn told me as I began picking up the pace inside her nice, tight back door.

"Yeah, well as soon as we were inside his place, I was stripped, photographed, then whipped and raped on video in every hole. They took my mouth, my pussy, and my ass like they had a legal right to it... I fought them the whole time but... Two young guys versus little old me? I took four loads in my mouth. On video! On video! They told me not to say anything or they'll post it all over the web... I'm worried they might do it!"

I snapped a few pictures of my own just for fun... and insurance... and because of my newfound appreciation of MILFs and GILFs, I guess... it was just power for me.

"Turn around and swallow my cum." I told her.

"Gross!" She said before I concentrated a bit harder. "Give it to me!" she then said, opening her mouth.

I unloaded a thick load of cum deep within her mouth... she closed her lips around my cock while I came in her mouth, opening them when she was done swallowing.

I set up an HD webcam in her bedroom and in her living room and set them for remote admin on her router before I left. I recorded two solid weeks of different guys coming home with her... about 60% of them went all the way and forced themselves on her and up her ass. The last one was too close for comfort... I couldn't have anything permanent happen to her, and this guy ended up getting way too rough with her. He slammed her face so hard into the wall that he broke her drywall... luckily her nose didn't break, but she was completely shattered mentally by that date.

I felt like she had suffered enough... I went back to free her of my suggestion and to buttfuck her one last time and for one brief moment... she seemed aware of the role I played in her last 15 nights of dating hell...

"Thank you." She said to me after I came in her mouth again, but then she clarified it, adding, "I mean it. Thank you for showing me what a bitch I was. I don't know if I deserved the punishment I got, but at least I learned how to excite a man and never pay for a meal."

"I uh..." I stammered. She put her finger to my lips to silence me.

"I don't know how you do what you do... I know I won't remember you when you leave here... I had these... flashes of you... in the corners of my mind... I just know you can make me do anything and... I hope you use me again someday to get off. Let me remember our time."

I couldn't let her remember that she knew I was manipulating her mind, so I wiped that as well as I could... I was really getting better at it, especially with subjects with whom I had been in contact multiple times like her... but I did let her remember the times I fucked her. And I eased up on her dating profile. But a peculiar thing happened as I monitored her messages with matches and her webcams on date nights...

She no longer baited guys with "if I bring you to my house, it's so that you can enjoy your rape fantasies with me" unless it came up in the conversation. You see, Evelyn found that if a guy was open enough to say what he really wanted to her while chatting, that he might be more direct and earnest in other ways. And every now and then, her webcam would start streaming, and there was some guy tearing her clothes off of her... maybe smacking her around a bit... but inevitably stuffing his hard cock up her ass while she fights him off... with a wink to me through the camera.

I swing by and check on Hua Yang sometimes too. She's short and sweet—so are my visits. Being bilingual, she helps me learn about the part of the mind that's governed by language and the parts that aren't... she's been really helpful for my research, and she's been more than willing to swallow my cum. And honestly, I love the way her ass feels on my cock and her full medium-sized tits feel in my hand. She also tells me about her relationship with Ralph... seems he's pretty kinky even without my "suggestions."

Ralph has been trying to get Hua Yang to suck off a couple of his friends who really like her. I asked her why she didn't want to do it to find out if it was some kind of morality thing or a feelings thing or... she said she didn't want Ralph to think less of her. I suggested she give it a try and see if Ralph becomes even more passionate with her because of it, or less so. If it's less, then she's had some nice sex, a return to the dating world, and she can move on with her life. If it's more... what could be better?

I managed to get an inside look at Ralph's thoughts on the matter when he got home that night... he still remembers raping Hua Yang... and though he tries to suppress it, he really (really) enjoyed it. What he really wants is to see Hua Yang raped by his friends—but that's a story for next time.

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Good story, please continue

Don't listen to the haters. It's a popular and well conceived story. Keep it up.

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Next chapter add some cops in to the story.

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Call it what it is

I for one appreciate seeing the word rape attached to one of these stories. Too often there is the fantasy world disconnect in mind control stories, but this one relates directly to take by force and Imore...

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