Selena Doesn't Have Sex Ch. 02


Deciding this meant Miley just wasn't getting the hint Selena loudly called out, "Miley... I'm really tired of being left out, I'm the only one who hasn't licked pussy yet... and your pussy tasted so good on Demi's lips... so I was wondering... would it be ok if I licked your pussy? Because you smell so good, and I've wanted to make you cum for a very long time now."

"Yes!" Miley said, barely giving Selena a chance to finish before she lifted her head up and pleaded, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, please Selena lick me. Lick my pussy. I oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!"

Grinning happily Selena leant forwards before Miley had the chance to finish and gave the other Disney girl's pussy a long, slow lick.

Instantly loving the taste Selena eagerly began licking Miley's pussy at a slow but steady pace. At first she just licked up and down but soon she was sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise, and then teasing Miley's entrance, and then gently playing with her clit, Selena using every trick she knew from her countless hours of rug munching as she finally fulfilled a dream she'd had for years, namely licking Hannah Montana's pussy.

While Selena was fulfilling a dream 'Hannah Montana' was finding herself a little overwhelmed. She was sure there was something she was supposed to be doing, but at that moment her entire world revolved around Selena's soft little tongue.

Luckily Demi was happy to remind her in a gentle whimper, "Please Miley, don't stop. You were licking me so good. Please lick me some more. Lick my pussy. I really, really want you to lick my pussy. It... it would be pretty cool."

Miley glared at her friend's attempt to mimic the spoof version of her found on Saturday Night Live, however instead of punishing the other brunette she simply smiled and then dived back downwards, burying her face in Demi's pussy.

"Oh my gosh! Oh yes! Lick me Miley! Oh Miley, oh... oh Miley." Demi moaned, throwing her head back as her friend again eagerly licked her needy centre, "Mmmmmmm yes, just like that. More. Oooooooh yes, mmmmmmmm, Miles, lick me, lick my pussy, yeeeeeessssssss ohhhhhhhh!"

Miley rejoiced at being able to make Demi talk dirty. The other girl had been hesitant to do so at first, and Miley had been grateful as she was getting used to licking pussy, but now she wanted Demi begging and pleading for more, and she got it, "Yes, oooooooohhhhhhh yes Miles, lick me. Oh, lick my pussy just like that. Mmmmmmmmmm, taste my pussy juices. You, mmmmmmmm, you like the way I taste? You, oh, you like the taste of pussy?"

"Yes! I love the taste of pussy." Miley moaned after she pulled away from Demi's love hole, "I love the taste of your pussy. Mmmmmm, it makes me want to be a pussy loving dyke just like you. You've made me want to be a pussy loving dyke just like you Demi."

"Prove it!" Selena challenged, momentarily removing her mouth and tongue from Miley's wet hole, "Stick your tongue in Demi's hot little cunt and fuck her. Prove what a good little pussy loving dyke you want to be by fucking my girlfriend with your tongue. If you do, I'll fuck you with mine."

Before Selena was done promising to return the favour Miley was shoving her tongue as deep into Demi as it would go.

This would have seemed weird, even unappealing, only a few minutes ago, but at that moment Miley couldn't get her tongue into Demi fast enough. She barely even paused to feel Demi's pussy walls clamp down on her tongue before she began pumping it in and out of her friend, tongue fucking her fellow Disney girl at a quickly increasing speed.

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Oh Miley! MILEY! Oh yes! OH FUCK! Fuck me. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue!" Demi pleaded shamelessly as Miley did exactly what she was asking her to do, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk! Oh fuck! Oh Miley, your fucking me so good! Mmmmmmmmm, more, harder, yes, yes, yeeeeesssss! Just like that. Eat my pussy. Lick it, suck it, fuck it. Tongue fuck my cunt and prove you wanna be a pussy loving dyke just like meeeeeeeeee!"

Miley felt she was doing a pretty good job of proving what she wanted considering how hard she was slamming her tongue in and out of Demi's sweet little snatch, but before she could point this out she found herself crying loudly into Demi's pussy as her own was filled by Selena's soft tongue.

A second ticked by, Selena allowing Miley to get used to the sensation, and then the real fun started, Miley moaning happily into Demi's cunt as Selena began to tongue fuck her.

Selena started out slow but her talented little tongue moved around inside Miley's pussy in the same way Demi's equally talented little tongue had done, quickly and easily finding all these little places inside the teen sensation and then attacking them with increasing speed.

The pleasure was so intense Miley almost forgot what it was she was supposed to be doing again. There were a few seconds when the speed of her tongue thrusting slowed, and almost stopped, however before Demi reminded her of what she was doing Miley worked herself up and redoubled her efforts.

Reaching underneath the other brunette Miley gripped a firm hold of Demi's ass cheeks and began bobbing her head up and down, tongue fucking Demi as hard and as deep as she could. Under this assault Demi seemed to lose the ability to talk, the poor girl a writhing, moaning and screaming mess as Miley fucked her to climax.

When Demi screamed extra loud, her body shook and a liquid even more yummy than regular pussy juice flooded Miley's mouth Disney's biggest female star felt an incredible rush of pride. Miley had just made another girl cum. She had just made a experienced girl cum in her mouth. It was the wildest moment of Miley's life and she happily swallowed her reward, quickly continuing the tongue fucking shortly afterwards in an attempt to get more yummy girl cum.

Miley succeeded a few times while Selena kept her on the edge of an orgasm, Miley so concentrated on making Demi cum that she didn't even really think about how much her own body was aching for a climax. As a result when Selena suddenly sped up the speed of her tongue fucking Miley was completely unprepared for the orgasm which rocked her body, the biggest star amongst the three forced to pause her work so she could scream incoherently as she became lost in the pleasure.

Selena didn't let up for several long minutes which felt like an eternity to Miley as she was made to cum several times by her friend's incredibly talented tongue. Then Selena replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, slowly bringing Miley down in the process so that the youngest out of the three could do the same to Demi, pushing two fingers inside her while beginning to gently lick her clit.

Miley expected, and kind of hoped, Selena would lick her clit in return. She didn't, but what she did do had Miley's eyes practically falling out of their sockets.

It started with Selena using her free hand to gently spread Miley's left ass cheek and then spit on Miley's ass hole, which in itself was weird enough, but then Selena actually stuck out her tongue and slid it over Miley's ass hole. Miley almost couldn't believe it, but she repeatedly felt a sensation which could only be a tongue licking her back there, and when she briefly looked over her shoulder she saw Selena pressing her face in between her butt cheeks so she could get better access to Miley's puckered little rosebud.

Miley was appalled and disgusted, first at Selena for licking her ass hole, then at herself for enjoying it.

Although it seemed impossible, or at least improbable, that she would enjoy something so perverted Miley couldn't deny that the feeling of Selena's tongue gently lapping at her butt hole was pleasurable. So much so in fact that while Miley knew she should tell Selena to stop, that she wasn't that kind of girl, etc instead Miley refocused on fucking Demi's pussy with her fingers and licking her clit with her tongue.

A short while later Demi was cumming again, her pussy clamping down on Miley's fingers as her cum coated them. The smell was too good to resist so once Demi's orgasm was over Miley removed her fingers and sucked the cum off them. She then shoved her tongue back inside of Demi's pussy, happily fucking her friend to another climax before inserting her fingers again.

Over and over again Miley switched between her fingers and her tongue, only briefly stopping every time Selena made her cum, the other girl continuing to relentlessly finger fuck her before eventually she switched hands. Miley assumed this was because Selena's hand was tired and needed a break. She quickly learned she was wrong when she felt Selena's pussy juice coated finger pressing at her spit covered virgin ass hole.

Before Miley could complain her butt hole was entered for the first time, Selena's finger slowly pushing through her back door and as deep into her virgin ass as it would go. Then Selena's finger began gently moving in and out... the other Disney girl beginning to fuck her ass.

The mental and physical stimulation of being ass fucked by the fingers of another girl, combined with the feeling of fingers still steadily pumping in and out of her pussy, made Miley feel like she literally exploded as her biggest orgasm yet rocked her body. After that she couldn't possibly complain, so she just let Selena have her way with her pussy and ass.

Selena was only too happy to take advantage of this, finger fucking, licking and sucking which ever hole she wanted to as she made Miley cum several more times before getting up, lying down beside Demi and softly calling out, "Swap."

To Miley's disappointment Demi gently pushed her away and got up. Then Miley figured out what Selena meant and suddenly she wasn't disappointed anymore, especially when her beliefs were confirmed and she felt Demi's talented little tongue beginning to work on her pussy again, at first just gently licking it but quickly beginning to slide inside her love hole for a few quick thrusts. At the same time Selena scooted over so her pussy was right in front of Miley's face.

Miley looked up at her friend, grinned, and then buried her face in Selena's cunt, giving the outside a few quick hard licks before pushing her tongue deep into the other girl.

"Oh fuck yeah, eat me Miles. Eat my pussy. Mmmmmmm, good girl." Selena moaned happily as Miley's mouth and tongue eagerly went to work on her snatch, "Mmmmmmm, yes, oh Miley, fuck me with your tongue. Oh that's good. That's a good pussy loving dyke!"

Selena continued taunting her but Miley didn't let it distracte her from eating her friend's pussy. Demi's mouth and tongue were even more potentially distracting, especially when they moved from Miley's pussy to her butt hole, but even though the passionate rim job Demi gave Miley was just as if not more skilled than the ass licking Selena had just dished out Miley continued to concentrate on ramming her tongue in and out of Selena. Even when Demi began finger fucking both her pussy and ass hole Miley remained focused on making Selena cum.

As Demi worked her magic it became harder and harder to concentrate, but Miley just use that, and Selena's words, to fuel her passionate desire to thank Selena for seducing her into this lesbian threesome. She had already thanked Demi for playing her part, now it was time to thank Selena.

With that in mind Miley used her tongue to frantically fuck Selena as hard and as deep as she could, not even pausing to suck down some pussy juice, instead allowing the delicious liquid to flow directly down her throat and all over her face. At the same time she desperately tried to hold off her own orgasm, a fact Demi seemed to realise and actually help her with by bringing Miley to the edge time and time again but not allowing her to cum. As help goes it was hardly Miley's favourite of all time, but it did avoid giving her a distraction she couldn't have ignored.

Of course since getting her cunt licked by her girlfriend Selena had finger fucked Demi's pussy and licked, sucked and finger fucked Miley's pussy and ass so right from the moment Miley started licking her pussy Selena was ready to get fucked hard, and it wasn't long after that she was ready to cum.

Selena tried to hold back, partly because she wanted to make Miley work for it, and partly because she was just enjoying the X-rated Disney show. It certainly wasn't something anyone was going to see on the Disney channel, or any other channel for that matter, which was a shame because it was one hell of a show. And Selena was responsible for making it happen. She was the one responsible for manipulating Disney's biggest female pop star Miley Cyrus into her current position in between her thighs, the Hannah Montana star shamelessly eating her pussy while behind her Selena's girlfriend Demi Lovato used her talented tongue, mouth and fingers on Miley's pussy and ass.

It was a moment Selena wanted to commit to her memory forever, but she didn't get to savour it as much as she would have liked as while Miley's mouth and tongue were inexperienced it wasn't long before they got the job done.

As Selena felt herself crashing towards the edge she decided to go out in style, "Fuck yeah Miley, you're just like us now aren't you? Yeah, you're a pussy loving slut just like me and Demi. Mmmmmmmm, not a dyke though. Aaaaaahhhhh, oh, you like cock too much for that. Ohhhhhh, I, mmmmm, I saw you suck cock, remember? I know how much you love it. I know how much of a cock sucker you are, and, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck, oh, that's ok. Mmmmmmm, me and Demi are cock suckers too. And there's something else guys are good for too, mmmmmmmmm, but I'm not done having fun with you yet Miles. Ooooooooh, fuck, gonna make sure your tasty little pussy is girls only first. Gonna make sure that pussy gets only the best. Mmmmmmmm, only girls, ooooooooohhhhhhh, only girls should get to eat your yummy cunt Miley, mmmmmmmmm, hot girls like me and Demi, oh fuck, fuck, you're going to make me cum! You're going to make me cum like a good little pussy loving slut. Oooooooh, you're a pussy licker as well as a cock sucker now Miles, oooooooohhhhhhhh, oh, oh fuck, mmmmmmmmmm, Miley pussy licking Cyrus is, oh, going to make me cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!"

Miley's mouth was filled with the taste of girl cum, a taste she was becoming increasingly addicted too.

Almost at the exact same time Demi increased her thrusts which made Miley cum. After that everything was a pleasure filled blur.

Miley was aware that Selena and Demi began continuously switching places, feeding her their yummy pussies as they fucked her with their mouths, tongues and fingers, always keeping Miley the meat in the Disney girl sandwich. Or was she the meat getting spit roasted? Miley wasn't sure, not that it really mattered. All that mattered was that by the time the other brunettes let her completely exhausted body collapse onto the bed and roll away she felt more satisfied than she ever thought possible.

She laid there for quite a while, the sounds around her telling her that Demi and Selena somehow still had the strength for one more round and were happily fucking each other to yet another climax. Turning just in time Miley saw it happen, Demi writhing on top of Selena as the two girls came on each other's fingers before then gently feeding the fruits of their labour to each other and then sharing whatever was left in their mouths with a soft kiss.

When it was done they gave each other this look Miley had seen before, a look which prompted Miley to ask, "So, how long have you two been together?"

Demi and Selena looked over at Miley, briefly glanced back at each other and then Selena grinned and said, "Depends who you're asking."

"We disagree on it." Demi explained as she rolled over onto her side, Selena quickly spooning her from behind like she knew her girlfriend would, "See, I have this crazy idea that we weren't together until two years ago when we finally admitted our true feelings to each other and started dating."

"But, we've pretty much been girlfriends since day one." Selena pointed out, "The only difference is it was unofficial."

"And we were actually dating the boys we claim to be dating." Demi said.

"Well... yeah, that too. But I wasn't half as close to them as I was to you." Selena said, turning her full attention to Demi, "And they never made me feel as happy as just hanging out with you did, and we spent so much time together it always felt like I was dating you instead of them."

"Still not the same as actually being together sweetie." Demi said.

"Really? Is there anyone we've come out too who didn't think we hadn't been together for years? Has there been anyone who has even been surprised?" Selena questioned before turning to Miley, "How about you Miles? Are you surprised?"

"Not really." Miley admitted.

"See." Selena grinned.

"That's just because we were so obvious at first." Demi huffed.

"Please, like anything changed. We were always all over each other before. That's why we stopped hanging out so much in public and I got a beard." Selena said.

"Mm." Demi murmured before turning to Miley, "Hey Miley, was there ever any point you actually thought Selena was really dating Justin Bieber?"

"Well... no. You always seem to be trying too hard with him, like at least one of you was trying to hide something. Like you were gay... or he was gay." Miley told Selena, before raising an eyebrow, "Is he?"

"No." Selena said.

"Or so he says." Demi added.

"Demi, I love you, but you're the last person who should be accusing anyone of not being entirely straight." Selena pointed out.

"Hey, maybe he is, maybe he isn't, all I know is there's something seriously wrong with him if he's really not into you like he publicly claims." Demi said, "I mean I get you not really being into him, but how could anyone not be into you?"

"Awww, so sweet." Selena said, kissing Demi's forehead before turning to Miley again, "Isn't my girlfriend sweet Miles?"

"Yeah..." Miley trailed off, silence falling between the three as it seemed like Miley had something she wanted to ask, which she eventually did, "So... you two love each other? For reals?"

"Yes." Demi and Selena said together without hesitation.

"So... why..." Miley stammered, trying to think of a delicate way to ask what she wanted to ask.

"Fuck you and other people?" Selena finished for Miley, who nodded at her, after which Selena said, "Because, most people spend their whole lives trying to find their soul mate, and I found mine when I was seven. Some people would call that lucky. I found who I'm supposed to be with and now I can spend the rest of my life happy with her. And I could. But, while people are looking for their soul mate they end up having a lot of fun along the way, and it's not fair that me and Demi don't get to have that. So, Demi and I made a deal. You wanna tell her Dems?"

Demi nodded softly, "Because we deserved to enjoy our youth we have an open relationship, but that means we tell each other everything about what we do, and try not to... do too much without each other."

"The couple who plays together, stays together." Selena grinned.

"But." Demi said firmly, "If one of us wants to stop, it stops, no questions asked. Because this isn't going to be a permanent thing, and in some ways I can't wait until we're exclusive, but honestly, an open relationship has its perks."

"Like fucking Hannah Montana." Selena grinned.

"I thought we weren't having sex?" Miley pointed out dryly.

"We're not. We're fucking, but avoiding having 'real' sex." Selena insisted, using air quotes for the word real, "And, when we're ready Demi and me are going to officially lose our cherries to each other. Until then, we'll just have to be satisfied with licking each other... and other things."

"Other things?" Miley frowned.

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