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Self Destruction


Their relationship wasn't bad, but there were certainly a lot of aspects that needed work. Both of them narcissists, there was no room left in the relationship for their egos and certainly not enough for their deep insecurities.

Past a certain point, the marriage was just convenient. They both shared the same circle of friends since college, and they both had great jobs in the same city. After the first few years, it just seemed easier to put up with the mediocrity and occasional bitterness than to make any waves. After all, they were still very fond of each other for the most shallow reasons. After a narcissist has done everything they can to make themselves appear desirable, and they own all the possessions that others covet, the last part is to find a partner that everyone else will covet. The way that other men would look at her made him feel complete in the sense that he had everything a man could want. She craved the jealousy that her husband evoked in her friends. She loved having something that they couldn't.

Their sex life was also that of two narcissists: they loved to see each other naked almost as much as they loved to be naked themselves. Sex was merely a rewarding activity they could do together while naked. Though they were both very skilled at sex, the sex itself wasn't anything too far out of the ordinary for a married couple. An extraordinary night usually meant ordinary sex in a risque place, mostly done for bragging rights later on.

As the years passed the regular sex got boring and thinned out as it slowly made the transition from sex to fucking. It became even more of a selfish act as both sides only really cared about their own satisfaction. Luckily for them, a complimentary pattern emerged. He became very dominant in bed, usually pounding her into submission doggy style. She secretly loved to be used, and even helpless. She loved it because deep down she had always been insecure, and being objectified in bed ran parallel to her innermost feelings of self worth. It was almost as if she wanted to punish herself for being the often bitter bitch that she was. Obviously she would tell her friends that he was anything less that the perfect romantic lover that every girl dreams of. On the other hand, making her helpless and fucking her made him feel big about himself. He liked the power and control that he felt. Later he would share the stories about his exploits for all his friends to envy, and it made him feel admired; a man amongst men.

The relationship as basic as it was, still could not survive on sex all alone. The fights and resentment experienced during the day were starting to outweigh the self-hating fucking at night. He had slowly eased her in to basic bondage as a half-hearted attempt to keep things fresh.

One night set in motion a chain of events that would quickly lead to a meltdown of sorts, and a terrible fate for one of them.

He was in a particularly smug asshole type of mood, like successful men often get. She was only slightly in the mood when he began his usual dominant evening routine of throwing her into the bedroom. He tied her face down, wrists and ankles spread to the four corners of the frame. This time though there was quite a bit of slack in the rope, so that she could just barely bend her knees in for an ass-up position. She played along as usual, though he went for much longer this time. He fucked her over and over until she just wanted to collapse and fall asleep right there. Her arms and legs were aching and her abs were sore from the position and the incessant pounding. She was she was about to start telling him he had to stop for the night, he pulled out. She collapsed, abdomen heaving as she breathed. A few moments later, she felt his hand forcefully grab her face in a way that completely startled and deeply scared her. What was he doing?! He had never touched her in a forceful way like this. Before she knew it, the contraption was in her mouth. Her jaw was forced as wide open as it could move, and she felt ugly as her lips were pulled up and out to expose her teeth. The contraption was held tightly in place by straps running to a buckle behind her head. She let out a loud moan as she exhaled freely out of her now gaping mouth. She was completely in shock that this was happening, something she never would expected from him. Her alarm was only matched by her fright as he brought her to her knees by her throat. Just as she saw one of his hands move to the base of his dick she looked up with the biggest eyes she'd ever made as she realized what was about to happen. She choked on her own scream as his head slowly pressed through the back of her throat. She wanted to burst out with tears as she tasted the unfamiliar tinge of what she knew was her own juices still on his dick. He held it there just until she was gagging, and allowed her one ragged breath before he started to ease into a fucking motion. He was fairly smooth and gentle with the motion, but her mouth and throat was merciless against the strength of his movement. She struggled against her restraints and tried to protest but the cock in her mouth was just too much to overcome. He knew he had won once he felt her muscles stop tensing to fight, and she relaxed into the most animalistic state of submission. She was completely helpless and she just had to take the abuse. She lost track of time as the sounds of his excitement faded from her attention. She no longer cared about the drool and precum coating her lips and running down her chest. She finally collapsed to the bed in the same motion as he pulled out.

She hadn't even gathered the strength to protest as she felt him behind her. This was different though, she could feel him trace the head of his cock from her pussy up to her ass. They had only done anal once before, and she was indifferent about it that time since she didn't think it was very satisfying. This was purely humiliating now, tied down and objectified... used for her holes. He gave her a solid anal fucking to wind down the experience. She laid there with her eyes open, focusing on the compression of her insides as he filled her with cock over and over again. She was getting turned on this time, she felt so dirty taking it in the ass like a helpless slut. He brought her back to her usual level of enjoyment as he massaged her back to orgasm. Panting from the whole thing, he replaced her gag with a full muzzle and left her abused body to rest....

The next morning she woke up without any trace of the restraints to a quiet house. Her pussy and ass were a deep ache. She massaged her jaw as she tried to sort out her whole feelings about the experience.... on one hand she was furious that he had pushed the envelope so far without any warning. She also wasn't used to that level of helplessness.. and that was also why she was in a daze of pleasure. She was getting wet just replaying the whole thing in her head.

A few days passed without word of the event. He didn't want to provoke a response out of her one way or the other. If she didn't like it, then he couldn't do it to her again like that.... but if she liked it too much then it wouldn't be as satisfying for him anymore. As for her, she was too proud to ever admit to liking such a degrading act. She spoke less and was generally passive aggressive towards him. She was still trying to figure out how to play this and make it sustainable.

Her mind was made up for her a few days later when her friend told her, in a pathetic attempt to approach her as a genuinely concerned friend that the story had been gloatingly shared amongst the men. The friend heard it from her husband, and then she took it with great sick joy that she had a dirty secret to hold above the head of the girl that seemingly had everything.

She felt eyes on her constantly, as if she was tainted. Old friends now felt like gawkers at a freak show. Reverting to her old ways, she knew that the only way to rid herself of any despair was to lash out with relentless revenge. She knew just who to talk to.

He awoke slowly in a dazed and sicken state. He knew he had drank a fair amount the night prior at a gathering, but certainly not in the amount to cause this stupor. As he slowly came to, the vague uncomfortableness of his position became suddenly real. He was blindfolded and wearing what seemed to be a strait jacket. There was a large but soft ball gag, secured in his mouth. Turning attention to the rest of his body, he couldn't move his legs from the waist down. Moving slightly, it became apparent that there were various ropes tied to his bonds that pulled in all different directions. There was a solid bar between his ankles, which were spread past shoulder width apart.

He had no perception of time in his woozy state, and his confusion was greater than his fear. Surely nothing terrible was going on, at worst some sort of mix-up. What kind, he had no idea.

He didn't realize that he had drifted back out until he felt slender, warm fingers gently and caringly run across the stubble on his neck and cheek. He heard the unmistakable giggle of his wife.

"So I hear that you've been sharing stories about our bedroom adventures?"

He tried to speak urgently through the gag but it was useless. He could hear the sound of some sort of high heeled footwear walking around him as she spoke.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Tell our friends about private shit and betray me!? I'm your fucking wife! How could you do this?"

In her voice he sensed a tone of anger and unpredictability that he had never heard before... a tone that any male can recognize in a woman who is about to do something completely illogical. This was cause for terrible alarm. He tried his very hardest to break free but it was absolutely no use. The bonds were rock solid.

"Whatever, I'm going to enjoy this. I'm going to teach you a little lesson honey and everything will be fine afterward... Well maybe not everything" she ended with a forced, evil laugh.

She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head to the side. She hastily put something up against his face. He could feel some of her warm skin, and nylon, and some sort of soft rubber on his cheek.

"Guess what that is? Its your turn to take it in the ass baby."

He contracted every muscle and violently tried to thrash in his restraints but hardly budged at all. A deep muffled noise was all he could muster. He now realized that he was bent over at the waist, hanging from the ceiling and walls. There was a spreader bar between his legs.

"Shhhhhh" she cooed.

"You're going to love this"

She strolled around behind him.

The disturbingly firm head of the cock traced up his sack and stopped for only a second at his asshole.

More moaning, straining and muffled protesting came as the pressure increased.

"Relaxxxxx" she said deceivingly as she tenderly started pushing down on the small of his back. He mistook her soothing demeanor for an ally for only a moment, but that was all the malicious intruder needed to penetrate inside. She took a moment to readjust her stance, and put her hands around his hips just as he used to do to her. She was invigorated with excitement for her new role.

"Now who's the bitch?"

The muffled noise turned to a low grunt of pain as she slowly sank the strap-on all the way to the base like the plunger on a syringe. He arched his back even more and pointed his toes to the ground in a submissive attempt to minimize the pain. She laughed again as she moved her hands to his shoulders and started to pump. After the physical pain started to subside a little, he became lost in his personal, silent battle against the emotional pain. He had never felt so guilty in his life that the cock was stimulating his prostate. He couldn't help but curl his ass up even more and allow her to go deeper with less resistance. He hated himself for enjoying it even a little, and winced at the thought of his body contorted into the posture of a slut taking a full force drilling. She pulled out once, and just as he sighed with relief, the cock sank right back inside and was accompanied by another evil laugh.

Suddenly he felt the ball gag yanked off and quickly replaced with something harder and more awkward shaped. It was strapped back around his head tightly, and then it started to slowly ratchet his jaw open and he knew what was coming next. It was probably the same open mouth gag he used on her a few days prior. But worse was that he realized there must be two people there since she was still fucking his ass.

In an instant seared onto his memory, he was scarred for life. The blindfold was ripped off and he was looking at the strap on worn by his wife. The wall was covered with a mirror, and behind her and he could just barely see the arm of what was clearly a man fucking him.

"Oh don't worry honey, it was me that got your virginity. But wouldn't this whole experience be a waste without a little semen involved?"

His horrified attention turned to the rhythm of the pounding and he realized the man was reaching orgasm and moaning himself with enjoyment. She knelt down and winked at him, as he had opened his eyes as wide as they had ever been.

He felt the warm liquid fill his asshole, and start to slowly seep out as the man exited. It was like trying to stop a runny nose, feeling the cum run down to the base of his leg and down the inside of his thigh. He was numb with humiliation and was clearly having some sort of personal break down.

"OK honey I have to step out for a bit but have fun and play nice" she said in a nonchalant way and walked off.

Still too confused and lost to react too much, he knew only to try and call for her help. His unintelligible noise sounded like a tired wounded animal, as he lost sight of her out of the corner of his eye... Behind him he heard the noise of at least several people entering the room. Before he knew it, his breath was taken from him as another cock rammed its way inside. Impaled silent from the shock, he was gasping for his next breath just as a second man force fed his cock into his waiting mouth.

He would rather be dead.

For hours it seemed, he was spit roasted again and again by men. He didn't feel much anymore, there was no point in resisting any of it. The only thing that interrupted him was gasping for air in between thrusts.

Shame washed over him as he realized the man in his mouth was about to orgasm. He tensed his throat to avoid swallowing, but the cock was too far inside. Hot cum filled the top of his throat and he couldn't help but swallow for breath. He gagged and coughed some up. Drool and cum dripped down his chin and down his neck.

By now at least two more loads had been blown in his ass, and the cum was drying in between his cheeks and down his legs. Another man came to the front and pushed his cock into the cum-coated mouth.

He felt lost to the world, there was nothing to do but take it. Load after load until he felt like his stomach was full of it. At one point he even passed out, but his bondage ensured that his masters could still have their way with him. He wanted her to save him and make it stop.

She never really left. She was nearby watching, and enjoying. All these athletic men committing the sexual acts she wished she could to her husband. This was somehow even better because of the humiliation. She giggled as she took a photo with her camera phone.

....to be continued

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