tagIllustratedSelf Service Ch. 03

Self Service Ch. 03


Dawn and I were invited to a party by our friend Pam. It wasn't Pam's party, but a friend of hers that neither Dawn nor I knew. On the day of the party dawn was not feeling well, but she told me to go ahead without her, and have a good time with Pam, whom we had arranged to carpool with.

I arrived on time, and Pam was as gorgeous as ever, her hair freshly curled, framing her cute face with a brilliant golden halo. She hugged me and thanked me for not bailing on her without my date. She invited me in for a quick doobie, and we sat on her couch as we imbibed. I tried to pry her for some info on this party, such as who might be there, etc., and Pam just urged me to relax & enjoy myself.

We were soon on our way, & Pam snuggled up to to me in the car as if we were a couple. Soon she had her hand in my lap & was softly caressing my cock, which was slowly reacting to the attention by steadily lengthening. By the time we arrived at our destination, my pants had a very obvious tent in them.

"I think I'd better hang out here for a bit, until I'm decent again!" I said. Pam looked at me smiling, then leaned down and took my bulge into her mouth, soaking my trousers right at the head of my hard-on. It looked like I just came in my pants. "There!" she said sitting up. She got out, went around the car and opened my door, pulling me out. "That's decent enough, let's go!"

We walked up to the large porch, & there were about 6 people outside, all holding drinks, and I was certain I smelled pot. A few couples were making out, no one paid any attention to us. Pam opened the door & we let ourselves in. The stereo was on loud, & there were quite a few people boogying. We made our way to the bar and fixed a couple of drinks. Soon Pam grabbed my hand and we beelined through the crowd to a couple on the back patio. Pam said "Tim, Linda, this is my friend Scott. Scott, this is Tim & Linda, & this is their party."

We chatted for a few minutes, and I couldn't help but notice Linda was very beautiful, a little heavy, but with a great figure and the all around look of a great personality. She kept looking at me with a weird smile as if she had a secret.

We spent an hour or so circulating around the party, gabbing with everyone. The place was full of attractive people. Most of the ladies I met seemed to warm to me very quickly, and many had that knowing look Linda had. I began to get suspicious, & started looking for Pam, as we had separated some time ago.

I wandered through the party zones, back porch, kitchen, living room dining room, front porch, and still no Pam! We had been here for several hours and I knew Pam was probably pretty buzzed by then, so I thought maybe she went into a bedroom to lie down, so i wandered down stairs to the lower level, where I had noticed a fairly drunk looking woman stagger down earlier. the stairs opened into a dimly lit good sized room with doors along 2 walls. My first observation of the room was the furniture. Lot's of big, cushy couches, and on most of those were couples engaged in various stages of sex! Most were kissing & petting, but I saw a couple amidst some oral play, and I noticed 2 women, tits exposed enjoying each other. I turned to go back up the steps, assuming I had the wrong room, when I heard my name called. I looked back and saw one of the 2 ladies on the couch was Pam! She waved me over to her. She was sitting on another womans lap, and they were fondling each others tits. She introduced us, and I'm sure my face was red with embarrassment as I shook hands, trying not to stare at the exposed breasts. Her name was Sonja, and she was very attractive. She said " Don't be embarrassed, why don't you sit down here with us?" She scooted aside to give me space to sit between the 2 topless hotties. I sat down and both girls began kissing me, their hands running all over me. I was doing the same to them, enjoying 2 sets of breasts together.

It was about then that I noticed a large screen TV against the stairway wall playing a porno. 2 slutty chicks were sucking on a Hollywood cock (unnaturally large). I paid little attention to the flick, as I was surrounded with live action as good as that. The next time I looked at it, the 2 bimbos were kissing each other, rubbing the giant dick around their faces, when suddenly one stood, and the other grabbed her friends pants, pulling them down to reveal a 9" cock! The kneeling woman began to rub the 2 stiff pricks together, holding them parallel, jacking them as one together. I was totally unprepared when this woman stood up and pulled her own cock out! She then proceeded to rub all 3 cocks together until they spewed one by one, coating all 3 with thick jizz.

Pam interrupted my trance. " Haven't you ever seen a she-male before?" I said "Sure, I just didn't expect it then. Those 2 were way too gorgeous to be men!"

That's when Sonja stood up. She was stunning, with long dark hair, sexy eyes soft lips thin neck, large soft breasts, flat stomach, and a LARGE BULGE under her tight skirt! "Guess what!" she said. She flashed me a very feminine smile as she pushed her skirt down over her hips, releasing an 8" clean shaven cock.

Pam was laughing and said "Oh yes! most of the hot babes at this party are trannies!, and guess what? Everyone here has seen your movie!"

I looked again around the room, this time more closely, and I did notice that most of the women were either still clothed below the waist, or were sporting good sized erections! Sonja stepped close, hugging me tight so that her cock slid right between my legs. "I can't wait for a live demonstration of your talent!" I remember thinking about Dawn, and how I shouldn't be doing this without her, but my cock was throbbing and getting harder by the minute. Sonja was fucking my legs, kneading my ass, and Pam's hand came from behind to unsnap my fly, and pulled my trousers down to the floor. My 8" cock sprang up, out through the fly of my shorts, & Sonja cooed "Oooh, it wants to come out and play!" She dropped to her knees & Proceeded to give an incredible blowjob.

Soon I noticed Pam down with Sonja, sucking my balls, and then another girl was there also, licking the shaft as my cock pistoned into Sonja's deep mouth.

As soon as I was on the verge of cumming, all 3 released my throbbing monster, and Pam raised her voice in an announcement. " Everybody! Please be seated for our live feature tonight! We have Scott here, and we've all seen his movie & we know what he can do, so please get comfy, enjoy the show, and afterwards, feel free to show your appreciation! Thank you- Scott.." And with that introduction, as people clapped, I was pulled to the floor onto a pile of cushions.

I was crossed between extreme embarrassment, and unbounded excitement! Before I could decide which way to go, my legs were lifted up over my head, Sonja on one side, Pam on the other. My throbbing cock came into view and I felt pressure on my back. Within seconds my cock head was past my lips and I heard a roar of applause from the crowd. from my perspective it seemed to be a pretty good sized crowd around me, and this made me hornier yet! Pam was pushing on my back with one hand and rapidly pumping my shaft into my mouth with her other. Sonja stood directly behind me, sliding "her" cock over my upturned ass, paralleling my own cock in a dry hump. Within minutes I stiffened and started to cum. Sonja lifted my cock from my lips & jacked me frantically. I spurted thick streams of cum all over myself. The room exploded in a loud ruckus of applause, and I felt more hot cum splashing my face. I looked up as Sonja emptied her balls all over me. When she was done, she stepped back, and I unfolded onto the floor, wiping cum from my eyes. As I looked up, I found myself surrounded by at least 25 people, men and women, all with hard cocks grasped in hand. They all proceeded to shoot their hot, sticky cum all over my body. I think I had cum on every inch of my skin.

There's still more to this one!

please e-mail any comments!

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