tagNovels and NovellasSenior Year Ch. 16

Senior Year Ch. 16

byD.C. Roi©

"Yessssssss!!!! Yesssssss!!! Oh, Goddddd!!! Yessssssss!!!" April cried as Bobby slammed into her, bashing her against her mattress with powerful thrusts of his hips. Their love-making was wild. April was acting like she had never been made love to before.

"I can't wait!!! I can't waitttttt!!!" she cried. "Nowwwwwwwww!!! Oh, Godddddd!!! Oh, Godddddd, Bobby!!! I'm gonna commeeeeee!!! Oh, Goddddd!!! I'm...I'm commmminnnggggggg!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeuhhhhhhh!!!!! Eeeeeeeuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Her strong legs locked around him and her arms clamped around his neck while his hips continued hammering against her.

"Take ittttt!!! Take ittttttt!!!!" Bobby yelled as hot cream gushed from his pulsating cock into the vibrating cave engulfing it.

Spent, Bobby pulled out of April and rolled onto his back. As far as his parents knew, he was spending the weekend babysitting for the young son of woman lying next to him, who had "gone away to the mountains for the weekend with her boyfriend." That's what he told his mother. Actually, April had broken up with her boyfriend and sent her son to her parents' house for the weekend. Bobby was actually "babysitting" her.

April leaned against him. Bobby felt his body respond to the pressure of her firm, well-shaped form. Their first love making session had been incredibly intense. April grabbed him the minute he walked into the apartment, pulled him to her, and their lips met. Lust surged through Bobby as the woman in his arms moaned and pressed against him. Her tongue lashed his lips, then thrust into his mouth.

Before long, they were in her bedroom, their clothes were a tangled pile next to the bed and their naked bodies were thrashing wildly on April's king-sized bed. Given how wild April's greeting had been, Bobby wondered what the rest of the weekend was going to be like. He had a feeling he wasn't going to get much rest.

"Hey!" April said, "Bobby, are you there?"

Bobby turned and looked at her. "Sorry," he said, "I was just thinking."

"About what?" April asked.

Bobby smiled at her. "About how much fun babysitting you this weekend is going to be," he told her.

April giggled. "Babysitting me, yeah, sure. You're a nut, you know that?" she said. "God! You were damn near as horny as I was, weren't you? Damn, I don't think I've ever been fucked as hard as I just was!"

"I'm sorry," Bobby said, "I...I'm not usually that rough."

April continued to smile. "Don't take that wrong," she said. "I'm not complaining. God! Nobody's wanted me that bad in ages! You were something else!"

Bobby smiled. "It's nice of you to say so," he said.

"Just telling the truth," April replied. She made a face. "I'm all yukky down there. I have to get cleaned up."

Bobby watched April climb out of bed walk toward the bathroom. She was as tall as he was and, for want of a better word, big-boned. Just the same, she had a very nice figure. Her ass was one of the nicest ones Bobby had ever seen and her medium-sized breasts were firm and proud. Her brown hair, tousled by what they'd just done, had smelled fresh and clean when he pressed his face into it earlier.

It wasn't long before April returned, looking every bit as agreeable walking toward him as she had walking away. Her body, though very full, was rounded in all the right places. Her firm breasts hardly moved as she walked. Her nipples were huge, surrounded by large pink areolas. Her skin was pale and smooth.

April returned to the bed and slid in next to Bobby.

"It's nice you don't have to leave right away, isn't it?" she said, her hand trailing down his body toward his middle, striking sparks of desire in him as it moved over his skin.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Bobby groaned as her fingers encircled his cock which had begun to stiffen again. "I...Ohhhhh!!!...it...it sure is!"

April began kissing his chest, licking his nipples, making him crazy. Bobby had experienced that before and now, as then, he found it was incredibly arousing. Her lips and hands seemed to be everywhere on him, each caress, each touch, each kiss, raised his level of need higher. She sure knew what she was doing!

"Wahhhhhhh!!!!" Bobby groaned. His hips arched off the bed when, without warning, something warm and wet engulfed his cock. She was sucking him! Bobby couldn't believe it! April was sucking his cock as if she loved doing it!

It didn't take long before Bobby was totally out of control. His hips twisted and turned, his hands roamed April's generous body, seeking to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him.

Then she was straddling him, rubbing her wet gash against his cock, which was trapped between them. Bobby shoved up off the bed, pressing tighter against her.

"Do you want me, Bobby?" April asked. Her face was flushed and her chest was heaving. Her nipples had grown erect.

"Yessssss!!!!" Bobby groaned. "Oh, God! Yesssss!!! I...I sure do!!!!"

"Well, then..." April said. She reached between them, centered the tip of his cock on her opening, and with a quick movement of her hips, swallowed his swollen shaft into her. "Yeah!!! Oh, yeah!!!" she murmured, beginning to rock her hips. "That's nice! So nice!"

Bobby liked making love with the woman on top. It left his hands free to do nice things, like caressing his partner's breasts. He grabbed April's breasts and began rubbing the swollen tips with his thumbs.

"Oh, Jesus, Bobby!!!" April groaned. "God!!" The movement of her body became more fervent. "God! You know just what to do to make me wild, don't you?"

While he massaged her breasts, Bobby shoved his hips up, causing his shaft to surge deep into her. He could feel it lashing April's insides. This time he wasn't as rough, although he was every bit as turned on as he'd been earlier.

"Oh, yeah, Bobby!!! Oh, yeah!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!" April groaned as she rode his spearing shaft. "Jeeezus!!! Oh, Jeeezus!!! Damn!!! Damn!!!"

Their coupling grew more frenetic, and April thrashed atop him more fiercely. The sensations were wonderful, too wonderful!!

"Can't wait!!! Oh, God, April!! I can't wait!!!" Bobby groaned.

"Don't!!! Oh, Godddd!!! Don't wait!!!!" April cried. "Gimme!!! Gimmeee!!!!!"

"Yeahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Bobby cried out passionately as his torrid juices gushed into her.

"Take meeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!! Take meeeeeeeee!!!" April wailed. "Nowwwwwwwww!!!! Nowwwwwwwww!!! Eeeeeeeuhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeyuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" The fulsome female riding wailed with delight as his orgasm triggered hers.

They cuddled for a while afterward, with April still laying atop him. She giggled when his softening cock slid from her. "That tickled," she whispered.

A little later, she turned on her side to face him. "I think it's great," she said softly, "that we could work it out for you to sleep over."

"Yeah!" Bobby agreed. "I do, too."

April kissed him softly. "You're kinda neat, you know that?" she told the young man.

"Thanks," he replied, and kissed her back. He placed his hand on her breast and felt her shudder. He bent his head and gently sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. April grasped his head and moaned. His lips ventured from one breast to the other, sucking those wonderful tips. He massaged her other breast as he suckled her. Her body twisted and turned and the volume of her moans increased. Suddenly her back arched off the bed and she began to wail. Her hands, tangled in his hair, pulled at him so hard Bobby was afraid she'd pull his hair out. She shuddered and moaned for what seemed like an eternity, then collapsed on the bed.

When she was finally able to talk, April looked at Bobby, bewildered. "What...what happened?" she asked. "I...I never, ever felt anything like that before when my breasts were played with!"

"You never came from having your breasts sucked before?" Bobby asked.

April shook her head. "Never," she replied. "Not...not just from having my boobs sucked."

Bobby was thrilled he'd given her a new experience. "I'm glad I could give you a new thrill, then," he said. He began kissing her breasts again while his hands explored the rest of her body.

April pressed up off the bed against his caresses, then she began to moan when his lips began moving down across her lush form, onto her rounded belly.

"Don't...don't you think I'm too heavy?" she asked.

"No way! I think you're damn near perfect," Bobby responded. He slid his hand between her thighs, onto her vagina. Her clit was hard and erect and, when his hand slid over it, her body jolted upward, as if she'd been given an electric shock.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" April cried. "Oh, Jesus, Bobby! That feels so fucking fantastic!"

Her legs fell apart as her young lover traced the outline of her wet opening, feeling the silken softness of her labia, working his finger between the puffy lips. Her hips rolled upward when his finger slid into her, seeking the penetration that was giving her so much pleasure.

"Yesssss!!! Do that!!! Oh, Yesssss!!!" April hissed. Her body once again began to fill with passion and need. Even though he was five years younger than she was, Bobby was the best lover she'd ever had!

Bobby's lips traveled across her belly to the lush mat of pubic hair covering her middle. He continued kissing and licking her, wanting to taste her, to know what it would feel like having his tongue in her pussy, to see what pleasure he could give her that way. It was obvious she desperately wanted to be made love to and he wanted to give her as much pleasure as he possibly could.

Lying between April's well-formed thighs, Bobby captured her erect clit with his lips.

"Ahhhhhh!!! My Goddddd!!!" April wailed. Her hips arched off the bed and her hands pulled at the bed covers, then her body went rigid and she again began to quiver. "God!" the lust-maddened woman thought as her body writhed on the bed, "For a kid, he sure knows how to eat pussy!"

Bobby heard the high, keening wail that signaled the start of April's orgasm and felt her vagina clasp his finger as she peaked.

April collapsed, exhausted, after her orgasm. Bobby stretched out next to her, holding her. She looked at him, her eyes large and fluid.

"How the hell do you do it?" she asked. "I never knew it could be like that. How the hell do you always manage to make me feel so damn good?"

Bobby shrugged. "Just lucky, I guess," he said. He kissed her softly, then rolled atop her.

Thrilled, April opened her legs to receive him. She grasped his rigid cock and guided it to her still-wet opening. Not only did he know how to make her feel good, he never stopped!

Slowly Bobby lowered himself, forcing his blood-engorged rod into her tight channel. Her hips rose to meet his invasion, drawing him into her. The excitement Bobby felt as he sank into her was almost overwhelming.

April's arms went around him, and she pulled his face to hers, plastering her lips against his. "I didn't know fucking could feel as good as it does with you!" she exclaimed, beginning to move her hips.

Bobby, super-excited, thrust deep. He knew he wouldn't be able to stand the delectable grip of her tight channel long. It thrilled him when he felt rippling sensations begin in her vagina, milking his cock and he let himself go. Waves of pleasure rolled over him as his loins pumped his torrid fluids into April's quivering body, filling her to overflowing. As Bobby moaned his pleasure and ecstasy, so did April. She was coming again!!!

Afterward, they rested in each other's arms, feeling warm and wonderful. April snuggled against Bobby, put her arm around him, and stroked his back.

She smiled at him. "There's no way I can be making you feel as good as you make me feel," she said. "No way!"

"Trust me, you're doing fine," Bobby told her. He rolled onto his back to give her better access to his body. He wasn't sure he'd be able to do any more, given the intense pleasure they had just shared, but what she was doing with her hands did feel nice.

April's hand slid across Bobby's belly, into his pubic hair, matted and damp with the juices of their joining. She grasped his limp penis and Bobby felt a pleasurable stirring deep inside him. Maybe he wasn't done after all!

She kissed his ear. "It...it felt so big when it was in me," she murmured.

"You keep that up and you'll see how big it can get real soon!" the lad croaked.

She did keep it up, and Bobby's cock got hard again. It didn't take long, either. Soon, as a result of her touches, his cock was standing at attention again and he was the one twisting and turning with pleasure.

April got to her knees and bent over him, then laid her head on his belly, her soft hair tickling him, inflaming him even more. She brought the tip of his cock to her lips and kissed it, then kissed it again, looked up at him, and smiled.

"It tastes delicious," she said, her voice full of hunger. Then she turned and licked his cock again, her tongue moving up and down the swollen, veined surface. His cock strained in her grip and jolts of excitement shot through him. Warmth and wetness engulfed him then, as she took the ribbed, throbbing shaft into her mouth. For a minute the sensations were so exquisite Bobby thought the top of his head would come off.

As April sucked the young man, she found she was getting turned on, too. Especially when Bobby began pulling on her nipples. That action sent thrills roaring through her and brought gasps of delight from her that echoed his.

Just when Bobby thought he couldn't stand her delightful caresses any longer, April sat up, leaving his straining cock waving in the air.

"I want you again," she announced breathlessly. She loved sucking him, but decided she wanted that lovely cock of his shooting its hot stuff in her pussy, not her mouth.

"Ride me again!" Bobby said, forcing the words out through a throat constricted by passion. "Sit on me and put it in!"

April swung her leg over his body and settled atop him, her damp pussy trapping his rigid shaft between them. She rocked her hips, rubbing her slit against Bobby's steel-hard club. It felt so good she did it again. When she couldn't wait any more, April reached between them, grasped his rod, raised her hips, then lowered herself onto it, sighing as his tumescent shaft slid into her. It always felt fantastic when that big cock of his went into her. "Oh, yessss!!!" she moaned. Once he was hilted in her, she began to rock her hips, making his cock whip around inside her, stimulating both of them.

Bobby grasped her bobbing breasts, his thumbs stroking her rigid nipples, and her head rolled back. Once more April's bedroom was filled with the sounds of their shared passion. Bobby felt her body begin to tremble and heard the beginning of the sounds that announced the beginning of her orgasm.

"Yesssss!!! Oh, God, Bobby!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!!" April cried. Her body went wild as orgasm overpowered her.

Bobby held on to her breasts, his thumbs teasing the firm tips as her body shook, her cries got louder, and she exploded into a fit of extreme ecstasy.

As April's orgasm erupted, his fluids again bubbled up from deep inside him and filled her to overflowing.

Slowly, April's spasms of joy passed. She collapsed onto his chest and didn't move. Apparently, she'd passed out from the intensity of it all.

Bobby held April a little longer, then gently rolled her off him, onto the bed next to him. She continued to doze, unaware.

"What the hell...?" Bobby mused. He pulled the covers over them, turned off the light, and soon he was sleeping as soundly as his partner was.

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