tagRomanceSensual Massage Ch. 01

Sensual Massage Ch. 01


'Sweet scented excellent full-body sensual massage to young ladies by experienced good looking young male masseur with full satisfaction, complete relaxation and immense pleasure in the comfort of your home. Be pampered like a goddess. 2 to 3 hour sessions of relaxation and sensual pleasure. Happy endings included'.

Add published in the news paper attracted Rupa's attention.

Lured with the advertisement, Rupa thought why not she should try to explore the fun in it.

Rupa called the agency at the given cell phone number and asked for a massager to visit her house for a full body massage. It happened that she was alone in her house; everyone else had gone for outing.

The massager turned up at Rupa's house with his kit; it was 9 o'clock morning. As the door bell rang, she opened the door gingerly, feeling oddly thrilled that she is admitting an unknown man into her house with just she - a young girl of only 19 - alone. However, she was smart enough to demand his identification, and the massager produces it.

"Good morning Madam. I'm Rahul." The massager said.

The massager was well built and young. He was handsome. Rupa was impressed.

"Madam I had a call for full body massage."

"Yes I called the service for me."

Rahul looked at Rupa. She was a beautiful girl with long blond curly hair, cute face and big beautiful crystal black hypnotic eyes. She was wearing a negligee, which was cut low in the front. The upper part of the bra cupping each breast was clearly visible. His eyes went to her cleavage.

"Madam, in which room would you want to do the massage?" Rahul asked as he got in.

"I'm Rupa; please call me in my name." Replying to Rahul she led him to her bedroom that had an attached bathroom. Her gait seemed to suggest the thrill she was experiencing.

Plush purple carpet and expensive classical furniture filled the huge bed room.

Rahul unpacked his kit, producing oils of different variety and fragrances.

"Do you have any preference of the oils?" Rahul asked.

"I prefer Sandalwood, do you've?" Rupa replied.

"Yes of course. May I've a Turkish towel?"

Rupa opened the dresser drawer and produced a pink towel to Rahul. He mumbled, "Wow, what a colour."

Rahul laid one plastic sheet on the carpeted floor, on which he put the pink towel. Next, he took out a thin silk cloth from his bag. Handing it over to Rupa, he asked her to strip while he turned around.

In a couple of minutes, Rupa said that she was done and it was okay for him to turn. Rahul looked at his customer wrapped in silk - only her breasts and groin were barely decked. Rahul was spell bound seeing Rupa's voluptuous attractive figure with pleasing curves.

Rupa's heart was beating fast now... which Rahul could made out from the heaving of her breasts that this was her first time with a man.

As requested by Rahul, Rupa laid on the pink towel face down, only part of her back and groin covered by the silk.

"Rupa may I uncover your back so I can start my job?" Rahul asked.

As Rupa nodded her head yes, Rahul pulled the silk which was then just covering her groin and her torso. Her waist line was exposed. His eyes devoured her mostly nude curvaceous body.

Rahul asked her to relax and close her eyes.

As Rahul's hand touched Rupa's shoulder electricity cackled through her. He began to massage her by gently spreading the oil on the upper and lower back softly caressing the dorsal muscles. A little shiver of excitement trickled through Rupa's body letting out soft moans indicating that she was enjoying the massage.

Taking his time, being rhythmic yet sensitive, Rahul proceeded from long gliding strokes to deeper ones.

He granted undivided attention to Rupa's back from shoulder to waist for around ten minutes and then moved over to her side.

Applying a generous amount of oil to her hands he started to rub it in giving warm massage. His hands glide over the soft skin from palm to shoulder. Each time when his hand reached her shoulder an occasional fleeting contact with her naked breast-mound sent tiny electric shocks through her.

Rahul now turned his attention to her legs. He applied lots of oil on the back of her calf and feet massaging them. Rupa was finding the massage relaxing indeed.

After attending to Rupa's calf muscles, Rahul's hand slide easily up her shapely slender thighs. He spread the oil and knead her thighs to relax the muscles that let she walks that dainty gait.

His hand slipped and reached her gluteus muscles. He took the liberty to shift the silk from her buns exposing her ass cheeks.

Rahul was fascinated to see her bare ass, it was so beautiful, so fleshy, so round, so shaped, so smooth!

He spread some oil and started to massage her gluteus muscles and she did not object.

His hands moved across her soft, smooth flesh. He moved from one cheek to the other caressing the skin.

Rupa startled and moaned to indicate her satisfaction. She was gradually aroused by every inch of her bare buns massaged by a young man.

After relaxing Rupa's back from neck to toe Rahul asked,

"Do you like the massaging of your anterior side by yourself?"

"I called you for my full body massage. Why I'll massage by myself?"

Rupa replied and turned over herself on her back to give him access to her frontal side.

What a naughty twist she gave to the massage session! Did she arouse by getting every inch of her bare back massaged by a man? Or, was this privilege granted only to him?

Rupa's frontal side was now full access to Rahul... those lovely pair of breasts and the deep belly-button and...

Rahul tried to capture her frontal nudity image in his mind. The most striking part of her face - her eyes seemed to be inviting the devil in Rahul, those lips - so wet and full. As he moved his eyes down further he could see the pair of boobs which seemed to defy the law of gravity. Well endowed and so robust.

Her pair of well shaped breasts, perfectly round at the base and coming to sky seeking peaks at the nipples, was inviting Rahul's hand to explore. His heart started to pound like a jackhammer looking at her bare well developed stunning breasts. Her young breasts were so firm and so perfect that he could not keep his eyes off them.

"Why you are making delay? Finish your job." Rupa said with a naughty smile.

Rahul shook the bottle and squirted an ample amount of lotion on Rupa's breasts. Leaning forward he placed his palm on her breasts. He felt the warmth of her breasts, their smoothness, their velvety softness, their tenderness. He began to spread the oil, moving his hands in opposite circles to go outboard of her breasts, sweeping them up onto her chest with each circle of his hands. A warm glow surrounded her as his hands traced their way under the curves of her breasts.

He took some more oil on his palm and massaged her right breasts, making them glisten, warm and slippery. He then massaged her left breast. His hands started to rub the soft mussels of her breasts clock and anticlockwise. Her nipples started to stiffen as his hands slide over them.

Rupa felt the warmth caused by the friction of the movement of his palm on her boobs. In between the circular motions he gave each breast a two-handed massage, pulling them up before letting them each gently fall back to rest.

Rahul then concentrated to Rupa's nipples. His expert finger first encircled one of her nipple, and then the other. He then started to twist slowly her nipples between his fingers taking a few more drops of oil on his finger tips.

Rahul's insistent twisting of Rupa's dainty nipples made them as hard as pebbles and sent a current of electricity directly to her crotch. Her heart started to beat faster and she got more and more aroused.

His hands then moved down to her belly and massaged the mussels of her stomach and her upper waist. He took a few drops of oil on his index finger and rubbed it on her bellybutton circling his finger.

"Rupa shall I move further down? May I remove the silk covering from your groin?" Rahul asked.

"You're putting unnecessary questions. If you don't remove silk covering, how you'll finish your job? Do whatever is needed to continue and complete your work." She replied impatiently.

With a slight hesitation he pulled away the silk, freeing her groin completely...

He gazed unbelievingly at the bush of hair on Rupa's bulged vaginal mound. Her puffed up pussy lips were moist and glistening with her warm sex juices. Her clit was just jutting out of the curled silky pubic hairs that were trying to hide it.

The answer was now clear why she granted him access to her private parts - her arousal.

Rahul glanced upwards at Rupa's face and found her biting her lower lip seductively and thrusting her breasts upwards as if offering the pair of fully ripe fruits to him.

Rahul too was excited with this remarkable variation to his routine.

He whispered, "You are so beautiful, so elegant and so sexy! Your pussy is so cute!"

Rupa smiled sexily and reminded, "Your job is yet to be finished."

Rahul wetted his palm with the Sandalwood oil and placed his right hand on Rupa's pubic mound resting his fingers lightly on her vaginal lips. He pulled his hand towards her belly with a light and gentle pressure caressing barely her inner thighs.

He then placed his left hand on her pubic mound and applied the same technique.

He repeated the action alternating his hands for about five minutes.

He then dropped some oil onto her bulged pubic mound and began to move his hand in a tiny circular motion lightly but firmly pressing his palm not sliding too much over her pubic hair.

In this process her pubic skin underneath his palm moved with his movement. He repeated this process clockwise and anticlockwise until he had done a number of circles.

As Rupa started to moan, Rahul raised his fingers and lightly stroked her vaginal inner lips about once a second. After giving some strokes, he rested his hand for five to ten seconds. Then repeated the circles, repeated the strokes, rested again and then repeated the circles... yielding new layers of lust in her.

He did not go much further until Rupa squirmed with pleasure and her pelvis began sway arching upwards.

As Rahul observed that the lips her vaginal vulva started to swell up, he used his three longest fingers to caress her, his middle finger gliding along the length of her vaginal crack and his other two fingers running along the place where her thigh met her outer labia.

He then placed his well-oiled palm of his right hand over the four lip-shaped folds of her female vulva, fingers pointing towards her anus. Applying light pressure, he pulled his hand up toward her navel exploring the inner and outer lips with his fingers. He repeated the process with his left hand and then again with the right hand... alternated by each hand.

Fire started to burn in Rupa's pussy and she groaned loudly,

"Ohhhhh God! Ohhhhh Rahul!"

"Do you enjoy, Rupa?" Rahul asked.

"Yes, Rahul! It feels great!" Rupa exclaimed.

Rahul could feel her desires and understood that she was enjoying the sensual massage he was doing on the most sensitive part of her body.

"May I treat you to something special?" Rahul said looking at Rupa's eyes.

"Y-e-e-e-s-s-s please. A low rumbling sound came from her throat.

Rahul dove between her legs parting them. He brought his face close to her sweet smelling love canal.

"Rupa, I'm now going to massage your delicate organ with my tongue and fingers simultaneously." Rahul spoke nuzzling his nose into her soft silky bush and licking the creases where her leg joined her pussy.

He brushed his lips over her frilly and puffy pussy inner lips parting her slit without pressing down on it to further excite her.

As Rupa started to buck up and straining to get more of him closer to her, Rahul used his tongue to separate her pussy lips and when she opened up, he ran his tongue up and down between the layers of her pussy flesh, spreading her thighs more with his hands.

Gently pulling the pussy lips away he thrust his tongue into her pink shiny hole and found with ease her clitoris which was demanding vigorous attention.

This caused Rupa's legs to shudder and she lifted her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm.

She flushed red and began to tremble. Yes, this was the touch she had needed — what she had been waiting for - her vaginal lips swollen, moist and open.

Rupa's hands moved to her breasts. She shivered with delight squeezing and caressing them. Pushing them together she pinched her nipples. She cried out with the subtle mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Enjoying you?" Rahul asked teasingly.

"Umm...that really feels good." Rupa made little moaning sounds nodding her head and closing her eyes.

Rahul's tongue lightly flicked her clitoris and then moved in a tiny circle around it softly and rhythmically, stopping intermittently.

He slowly increased the pressure of his tongue, dipping it inside her, lapping at her clit.

He drew her clit between his lips, sucking on it while one of his fingers found its way into her vaginal cavity stirring her vaginal mussels.

Rupa squirmed with pleasure, her young breasts heaving with each breathe. Her clit grew bigger popping out of its hood like a tiny cock.

Rahul gently pushed the finger deeply into her vagina and, when she was ready, inserted a second. Rupa was so wet that his fingers easily slipped inside easily. Then he took his thumb and placed it against her anus and pressed there while he moved his fingers in her feminine core.

Rahul took turns using his finger and tongue during stimulating and playing with Rupa's clitoris. He began slowly, but gradually increasing the pace of the erotic massage.

The fire in Rupa's pussy built to an inferno as Rhul's tongue and finger toyed in her pussy. Her breathing quickened. Her womb began to contract. Her body began to shake. Slowly, instinctively, she began to rotate her hips in a circular motion in response to his continuing massage of her clit and inner flesh.

Rupa's moans were now distinctly audible and it was clear that she was all charged up for a massive orgasm.

As her body rocked with the orgasms her juice started to flow.

Rahul started to rotate his fingers inside her vaginal barrel with even pressure against all areas of it. The shape of her vagina changed as her arousal level increased. As her inner portion started ballooning outwards due to extreme arousal, he rotated his fingers a little farther from center in order to maintain the same pressure on the vaginal walls.

Rupa's pussy was overflowing with her arousal and Rahul's tongue was willingly accepting the nectar that was finding in Rupa's flower. It was not long before she bucked her groin up into his face and clutched his head with both hands. Her climax was accompanied by a loud scream and rocking of her entire being. A heat flowed through her body, starting from her animal core and spreading right down to her toes.

Rupa cried out as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure wash over her. She had a powerful orgasm and Rahul kept his tongue buried in her crotch to enjoy the test of her nectar.

Rupa released Rahul's head from her clutches and let him got up. Rahul's mouth was wet with Rupa's sex juice.

Suddenly Rupa pulled Rahul closer, and placed her lovely lips on his. Their tongues met and wrestled. They parted after a deep and wet kiss, which left them both elated and gasping for breath.

"That was for the fantastic massage. Tell me, don't I taste sweet?" Rupa asked.

"You are very sweet indeed. I'm glad you liked my special treat. I wasn't sure you would. I don't know why I started doing it, but I just wanted to." Rahul replied.

"Am I the only one who is going to be naked here?' Rupa smiled seductively.

Rahul looked a bit surprised at her offer, but he certainly was happy.

And without giving Rahul a chance to reply, she got on her knees; her hands went to his fly, undid it and dropped his pants and boxers around his ankles. His Mr. Pecker sprang up in full attention pulsated with every heartbeat. It was hard as steel and was ready to explode.

"Wow, you have a decent one there... God, what a wonderful cock you have... Big and thick... Rising up proudly... Just waiting to be loved and licked... How does it taste?" Admiring its size Rupa exclaimed seductively licking her lips.

This was a total surprise for Rahul and before he could even confirm that his ears heard it right, Rupa took his cock lovingly in her hand giving it a tight squeeze.

As she pulled back the foreskin of his hard meat, a large rounded head slide out. She held the naked conical head smothering it with kisses and drooling licks.

She rubbed his bulged cock head over her cheek and lips, the whole time looking up into his eyes.

In a moment, Rahul found his cock disappeared into her mouth and felt her tongue flick over its mushroom head.

With one hand on the base of his shaft and another one fondling his nuts that were heavy due to the welled-up semen needing immediate release, Rupa sucked him off as best as she could; her tongue flicking over the tip of his cone.

Rahul was enjoying the feeling and groaning with pleasure.

"I feel like I shall cum soon; you may stop if you do not want to swallow." His balls tightened up and he warned her.

Rupa seemed too engrossed to have heard what Rahul said and continued working furiously on his cock. Sensing his pending release as his cock started to throb violently, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and continued stroking it with her hand kneading his balls almost painfully with other hand intermittently trailing her tongue up and down the shaft, tracing the vein underneath and reveling in the taste of him.

Rahul's scrotum shrank... his balls pulled up against his body... his excited cock started to spasm into the grip of her palm... and he exploded. He exploded in a wild frenzy.

Torrent of life giving nourishment thick and hot sticky white seed splashed repeatedly from his pulsating hard cock in long squirts which hit Rupa's all over face and started running down her chin.

"That's a nice facial." Rupa remarked with a juicy smile rubbing his cum on the skin of her chins and breasts.

Rupa found there was a drop of his cum at the tip of his cock that was then becoming flaccid. She brushed her lips over it and licked with her tongue.

"Your cum is salty sweet, I love it." She remarked.

It was time to conclude the massage.

"You should have a hot water bath to have the total effect of the massage." Rahul suggested while he tidied up things and packed his kit.

Rupa wrapped the lovely silk around her naked body and moved to the bathroom.

To be continued...

Thank you for reading this story. I shall present the second part of this story soon.

I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them. I am thankful to my readers when they take the time to express their opinions by voting and giving feedback through public comments. Such feedback on each of my story, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories.

Readers are welcome to email me. I shall respond to it whenever I can.

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