Bob eagerly began to eat Kelly's pussy as his daughter bent and began sucking on his cock for the first time. It wasn't long before Bob felt his cock beginning to respond and then he was at his fullest size and hardness. They could all hear John's cock sluicing in and out of Kathy's pussy and her grunting each time he slammed into her. Then Sara stopped sucking on her father's cock and climbed up onto his lap, grabbing his cock and holding it to the entrance to her own pussy, slowly lowering herself onto it.

She almost cried out as it stretched her pussy, but when she saw her mother staring at her, a slight smile on her face, she toughed it out and completed impaling herself on her father's huge cock. Then slowly she started to fuck him while he continued to eat Kelly's sweet pussy. Kelly could tell from the way Bob was eating her pussy that he was close to cumming and that was something that she wanted to prevent for the time being. So climbing off of his face she reached between Sara and Bob when she lifted up off of his cock and grabbed it, actually pulling it from Sara's pussy with a pop.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Sara cried out.

"He's about to cum," Kelly told her. "You don't want to get pregnant, so you'd better have him cum in your ass, don't you think?"

"Oh, he's so big," Sara said. "I don't know if I can."

"Of course you can," Kelly assured her. "I can, and John's cock isn't exactly small and he fucked you in the ass."

Kelly saw the raised eyebrows of Kathy and Bob and realized that Sara hadn't told them everything.

"Your father loves to ass fuck," Kelly told her. "He'll probably fuck you more if he can have your ass too."

"Would you like to fuck me in the ass, daddy?" Sara asked him nervously.

"Only if it's something you'd like," Bob said carefully, wanting it more than anything.

"Then I want to try," Sara said, a smile on her face.

"Ah, ah, ahhhhh," John suddenly cried out as he came in Kathy's pussy, driving his cock deep into her as his balls emptied.

They all watched until he had finished cumming and moved out of the way, Kathy's pussy gaping open and dribbling cum from her swollen pussy lips.

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees," Kelly suggested, pulling Sara down to the ground and positioning her so that her face was almost in her mother's gooey pussy. "Come on, Bob, she's got a beautiful ass just waiting," Kelly said, rubbing a finger into Sara's pussy and then pressing it slightly into her ass.

Hardly able to control himself, Bob got on his knees behind his only daughter and slid his cock back into her pussy for a couple of strokes before pulling it out and pressing it against her asshole. As he steadily pressed his cock against her, she was forced forward, pushing her face into her mother's gooey pussy. To Kathy's delight, she felt her daughter's tongue dart into her pussy and begin to eat the cum cocktail filling her. Sara gasped when she felt the head of her father's cock pop into her ass, almost splitting her open. It took all of her self-control not to cry out. She tried to lose herself in eating her mother's tasty pussy, but the pain was almost overwhelming as he pushed his entire cock into her ass and then just lay there waiting, his cock throbbing deep inside of her.

"Are you okay, Sara?" he asked his daughter tenderly.

"Uh-huh," Sara gasped, trying not to cry. "Now you can fuck my ass," she managed to get out.

And that's just what Bob Adams did. He began to fuck his daughter's ass. But she was so tight and she had brought him almost to orgasm when she had ridden him that he was unable to fuck her for very long when his balls exploded and he filled her ass with his cum. Sara was gasping the whole time, able to feel his hot cum splashing deep inside of her bowels. As he finished cumming, she could feel his cock subsiding and then slipping out of her ass. She stayed like that on her hands and knees, her face pressed into her mother's pussy for several minutes just trying to catch her breath. Then she lifted her cum-smeared face from her mother's pussy, a look of triumph spread across it.

"How was I, daddy?" she asked, turning to look at her father. "Am I fun to fuck too?"

"You're just wonderful," Bob Adams told his daughter, hugging her to him. "If you like you can start sleeping with your mother and I."

"Oh, daddy, thank you, thank you," she cried, bursting into tears as she threw herself into his arms. "And thank you and John too," she said, turning to hug Kelly. "You've taught me so much."

"It's just fun to us," Kelly said, surprised at the turn of events but seeing how she could use this in the future.

"John, are you ready to fuck my ass for me?" Kathy asked him. "I hate to be left out."

"Well, with a little help, yes," John said, looking down at his half hard cock.

"Oh, let me," Sara said, quickly scrambling so that she could suck his cock, tasting her mother's pussy all over it as she slurped and sucked, trying to get him hard again.

And it didn't take long at all before Sara's eager mouth had John ready and hard. Kathy Adams' knelt on the sofa so that John was able to stand up, and with everyone watching closely he pressed his cock into her ass and began to fuck her. Sara was the most excited, cheering them on as John hammered away at Kathy's ass. When he finally came in her ass and his cock shrank as he withdrew it, he was fucked out. Kelly had a smile on her face as she indicated to him that they should dress and leave, seeing the looks Sara and her parents were giving each other. After they dressed and said their good-byes, they saw that the three of them had sunk to the floor in a tangle again. Kelly smiled and laughed all the way home but said little else other than that she had a great idea she couldn't wait for.


The next day Kelly filled John in on her idea and enthusiastically enlisted his support. John immediately got on the phone and contacted Tom Henderson and Bob Adams to explain to them. He told them both that Saturday afternoon, when Jason was sure to be playing golf, there would be a party at their house. They were encouraged to bring any friends they liked, and that it was $1500 per person. Not unsurprisingly neither of them balked and they both promised to bring people with them. Kelly made it a point to talk to both Becky and Sara during the week, as well as her mother, without whom nothing would be possible.

Finally Saturday arrived, and not an hour after Jason left for his golf game the guests started arriving. First to show up was Tom Henderson, who shocked John by bringing his wife and her sister with him. As he shook hands with John, Tom slipped him an envelope with $4500 in it, a big smile of anticipation on his face. Next to arrive was the Adams, and John was really shocked to see Jim and Adele Stork with them. They were maybe the richest people in the area and Adele Stork had won the state beauty title when she had been a 17-year-old girl. Next to arrive were Henry and James and they brought a young black girl with them named Sade who they introduced as Henry's cousin.

John had over $10,000 in his pocket as he greeted them as a group, thanking them for being able to attend. He then produced two jars with folded bits of paper in them and encouraged everyone to pick a number, the men from one jar, the women from another. When they expressed curiosity about the numbers, John assured them he'd explain shortly.

"But first," he began, "take turns using the bathroom over there to change clothes," he said, seeing some surprised looks on a few faces. "There are robes hanging on the door, enough for everyone. And, please, only wear the robes," he asked them.

Tom Henderson was the first to go change, returning in a few minutes wearing only the short silk robe he had found on the door. He grinned at everyone when they stared at him, then Kathy Adams went in to change and that was all it took. One by one they changed into the short silk robes, naked underneath as they all stood around waiting for John to explain further.

"Now for the numbers," John said. "You need to find the person who also has the same number and that person will be your partner for the next part of our fun," he explained.

There was some confusion as everyone sorted themselves out, but in the end everyone was coupled up, Tom with Sade, his wife Susie with Henry, her sister Joan with Jim Stork, Bob Adams with Adele Stork, and Kathy Adams with James.

"Now," John began again, "there are five rooms in the house, each one with a number on the door. In each room is a surprise. Each couple must go in the room together and come out together. It's up to you to decide what to do with your surprise. So if you'll give me a minute or two, you can start searching for the rooms and begin. I know you probably have questions, but if you just follow these directions everything should become very clear very quickly, okay?"

When everyone agreed, John went upstairs to one of the marked rooms, closing the door behind himself.

"Well, let's do it," Bob Adams said, turning to smile at Adele Stork. "You ready?"

"I suppose so," she said, holding her robe tightly closed around her body. "This is so strange, but it seems like fun."

They quickly went into the house, looking at each of the doors until they found one with a number 2 on it. Smiling at her, Bob opened the door, letting her enter before him, then entering and closing the door behind himself. It was pitch dark in the room and they stood for a moment letting their eyes adjust. Then they heard a soft voice in the dark.

"May I take these?" the soft female voice said, reaching up and grasping the neck and collar of Adele's robe from behind, pulling it down her back and off before she could even react or protest, leaving her standing naked in the dark. Then the same was done for Bob and there was silence except for the sound of their breathing.

"Oh, my," Adele gasped when she felt someone's face press into her pussy and a tongue softly begin to probe. "Bob, what are you doing?" she asked faintly, enjoying the sensation as well as the anonymity the dark provided.

"Nothing," Bob replied next to her, obviously puzzled. "What are you....oh, man," he gasped when he felt his cock grabbed and sucked into a nice warm mouth. "Oh, Jesus, Adele, I can't believe this."

"What are you talking about?" Adele asked, suddenly feeling the tongue leave her pussy.

Then Bob tentatively reached out towards the voice he heard and his hand encountered a naked shoulder. Carefully reaching further his hand was filled with a very firm breast with a hardened nipple on the end.

"Adele?" Bob asked tentatively, his hand thoroughly exploring the breast that filled it.

"This is so strange," she whispered, enjoying herself.

"Check this out," Bob said, letting his hand slide down her arm to take her hand, pulling it to that it finally rested on the head that was busy sucking his cock. Trailing her hand further down the face he didn't stop until he had placed Adele's hand on his hard cock where she could feel that he was getting sucked off.

"Oh, my," Adele sighed, feeling the hardness of his cock throbbing in her hand as a mouth slid up and down the shaft.

"This way," the voice suddenly said softly, leaving his cock standing out in front of him as she took him and Adele by the hand and gently lead them to where they bumped into a bed, then sat down on the edge of it.

"There now, just relax," the voice said, gently pushing Adele back until she was laying on the bed.

Then it was Bob's turn and he was laying on the bed next to Adele, feeling the heat of her body as they lay there. Then there was a muffled gasp from Adele and Bob was aware of weight shifting on the bed. Turning to his side and reaching out, his hand encountered her torso and softly slid up to cup her full breasts, nipples hard. Sliding up to her face, Bob was surprised to encounter the full ass cheeks of the girl in the room who happened to be sitting on Adele's face. That was the sound Bob had heard, the sound of Adele's tongue as it sucked the pussy sitting on her face.

Letting his hands wander down her body, Bob was pleasantly surprised to find her legs spread wide, her pussy open and wet and shaved smooth. Cupping it with his hand, Bob slid a finger, then two into the gaping pussy, feeling it grip his fingers as they softly sluiced in and out. Then rolling over, Bob knelt in the dark and lowered his face into the wet, swampy pussy whose vapors filled the room with lust. He could feel Adele writhing as his tongue danced between her spread pussy lips, drinking her up as she in turn sucked the pussy of the girl sitting on her face.

Then he felt the girl get up off of Adele's face and heard her take a deep breath, trying to calm herself as Bob continued to suck her juicy pussy. He felt the girl kneel behind him, reaching between his legs to grasp his hard cock in her hand. By holding his balls in her hand she was able to gently encourage him to move up on Adele's body, not stopping until he knew he was straddling her chest, his cock resting on her face.

He almost died when he felt her mouth open and his cock was sucked into a warm, velvety suction machine. He felt Adele gasp as she sucked him, and reaching behind himself he satisfied his curiosity that the girl was now sucking Adele's very tasty pussy. This when on for a couple of minutes until he felt the soft hand on his shoulder gently pulling him off of Adele's face and her fabulous sucking mouth. He found himself laying on top of Adele, his cock nestled between her legs and rubbing her pussy. He felt a hand wrap itself around his cock and slide it up and down between Adele's wet pussy lips, then felt himself placed at the entrance to her pussy. Without the slightest hesitation Bob slammed his cock into the welcoming warmth of Adele's pussy, feeling her muscles pull him in and begin to milk his cock.

Slowly but steadily Bob fucked her, delighting in her response and participation as they slowly built towards a climax, the girl all over them, kissing, touching, stroking as they fucked. Just as he felt himself about to cum, Bob felt himself pulled firmly from between Adele's legs, his cock springing up as it withdrew from her wonderful pussy. Bob felt himself pulled around the bed until he was kneeling with Adele's head between his knees, his cock jutting out above her face unseen by her. He felt the girl straddle Adele's body and then her soft ass pressing against his cock. He could feel Adeles' tongue as her face lifted to drink from the girl's pussy, flitting here and there.

Then grasping his cock in his own hand Bob guided it to the sopping pussy in front of him, slowly sinking it in to the warm moist depths of pussy as Adele continued to lick the two of them. Stroking his cock steadily in and out of the tight pussy in front of him, Bob knew that he was going to cum almost immediately. Groaning a warning, his balls exploded, cum shooting into the pussy milking his cock. He felt Adele's tongue the whole time, drinking up their juices as they flowed from around his cock in the tight pussy. Then he pulled his cock from the pussy when he had finished cumming only to feel it engulfed by Adele as she swallowed him, sucking all of the juices from his shaft before releasing him and gluing her mouth to the pussy above her, drinking up all the cum that filled it.

Finally it was over and the three of them just stayed in that position catching their breath. Then Adele started to laugh softly.

"God, that was the kinkiest thing I've ever done," she said. "And I have no idea who I've just done it with."

Suddenly the light came on, blinding both Bob and Adele. What they saw was a young girl, brown hair, a leather mask covering her entire face with the exception of her eyes and mouth. Her pussy was shaved bare and her breasts were firm and upright. Bob knew immediately that it was Becky and smiled at his luck. He had wanted to fuck her again and he had had his chance, with Adele Stork thrown into the mix to boot.

"You were both very nice," the girl said softly. "That was the surprise for this room. You're free to explore the other rooms together, or to find another partner, or to explore by yourselves. Thank you."

"Thank you," Adele said, a smile on her face as she realized the irony of the situation, wondering what was going on in the other rooms.

She needn't have worried on that score. Tom Henderson's wife Susie was very uncomfortable with the entire setting. She couldn't believe that she was standing around in a silk robe with nothing on under it with a room full of basically strange people. But she was tired of her husband constantly going off by himself and she was determined to make the best of it for his sake. But Henry was the blackest man she had ever seen and she was uncomfortably aware of his huge cock swinging underneath his too-short robe. She had seen a glimpse of it already and was still having a hard time believing how big it was, and not even hard yet!

Gently taking her by the hand, Henry led the way into the house, quickly finding a room with the number 4 on it.

"You ready for this?" he asked, a big smile on his face as he saw her nervousness.

"I don't know," Susie replied, hesitating. "This is all so strange to me, especially being dressed like this."

"You look just fine," Henry assured her. "You're very beautiful."

"That's not what I meant," Susie said, blushing at the compliment.

"Well, let's find out what our surprise will be," he said, not releasing her hand as he opened the door and entered the room, pulling Susie after him and shutting the door.

What they saw absolutely astounded Susie and caused Henry to smile hugely. In the same kind of leather mask Kelly lay on the bed, a large cucumber in her hands sliding easily in and out of her pussy as she pleasured herself, her clit huge and swollen in excitement.

"Oh, good, you're here," she said softly, not stopping with the cucumber. "Which of us do you want to fuck first?" she asked.

"I can't believe this!" Susie exclaimed, holding her robe closely to her body.

"Well, I'm going to fuck you both," Henry said with a smile, "but this uptight little lady needs some loosening up first, so I think I'll start with her, and you can help me if you'd like."

"That sounds like fun," Kelly said, removing the cucumber from her pussy and licking it, sucking on it, her eyes never leaving Susie's face which was beet red.

"You'll do nothing of the sort," she said, indignation written on every pore of her body.

"Shit," Henry said, "you don't understand, I see," he said, taking her by the arm and dragging her over to the edge of the bed. "You're obviously a horny bitch, so either join in on your own or you'll join in anyway. Don't be stupid. I can smell how hot you're getting."

"Maybe you'd like to try my cucumber," Kelly suggested, languidly withdrawing it from her pussy and licking it. "But first you've got to lose the robe," she said, staring at the woman.

"Let me," Henry said, reaching over and literally ripping it from her body as she tried to hold it close and tight.

"What do you think you're " Susie started to say when Henry threw her onto the bed where she landed on her bed.

Kelly quickly moved to straddle her head, her pussy poised just inches above her face, her knees on her shoulders effectively immobilizing her.

"If you want to run your mouth, run it through my pussy," Kelly said, lowering herself onto Susie's face.

"Go on, suck her pussy," Henry said, grabbing Susie by the legs and pulling them apart, exposing her pussy. "Man, this bitch likes to fuck, her pussy's as bald as yours," he said, reaching forward and sliding a finger into her, feeling how hot and wet she was. "And she's ready too," he added.

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