Serving David Ch. 6


Lynne felt her tighten up and shudder. She laid one more slap on her left cheek and held her tight against her as Tawny moaned and wiggled under her. Lynne reached under her charge and felt the slick wetness on her inner thighs and knew she was cuming again. The slapping had done it, she thought. She was such a perfect and pretty little submissive. If there had been any doubts, she knew than that she had to have her for more.

* * * * *

Lynne had stayed late with her. It was past 2AM when she finally emerged from the recreation room and found Dave sleeping in his chair in front of the television. Lynne could hardly believe it was so late and she felt a little embarrassed when she shook Dave awake to say goodbye. The two talked for a while, confirming that yes, indeed, Tawny was all that Dave had promised and more. Lynne arranged for Tawny to visit her and she told Dave of her plans, something that Dave had insisted upon. Lynne was not surprised that Dave had no objections to the sort of things that she wanted to do with Tawny. It was primarily a litany of sexual games, and Lynne also wanted to dress her up and take her out to the city, show her off, because she thought she was such a pretty thing. Lynne also hatched an idea that Dave was also very interested in. Most of Lynne's dancers at the ZanziBar were also sex partners of Lynne's and some also provided sex for money to a closed list of Lynne's regular customers; people like Dave. She thought that Tawny had skills that her other girls didn't and that Tawny might be able to show the girls how to be better in bed, or elsewhere, for that matter.

She had one other idea that Dave was very much in favor of. She was considering opening a private show club for alternative lifestyle enthusiasts, to be run one or two nights a month, secretly, of course; and feature some exotic sexual theme acts. Things like staged gang rapes, BDSM acts in a medieval setting and maybe even a bestiality act. Lynne wanted to borrow his slave so she could show her other girls how it was done, how pleasurable it might be. Lynne thought that at least one of her girls would be willing to do the any act in front of an audience, for a price. Dave agreed, but added another twist. Why not allow Tawny to do the first show if she opened the show club? She would happy to do it, he assured her, and it wouldn't cost her a dime.

They worked out the precautions for Tawny's continued sexual health together, reviewing who would be doing what to whom and decided that Tawny could go to visit in a week's time. In the meantime, Lynne would be welcome to return to Dave's house to visit, every day if she liked. Lynne thanked Dave for his hospitality and took him up on his offer. Tawny saw Lynne daily over the next week and the two became very comfortable in each other's company.

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