tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 11

Setting Moon Ch. 11


"You will scream for me Katherine, one way or another. Stop holding them back and I will let you rest for a while, once I have had my fun of course. Make this easier on yourself and give into the pain." Solace said.

"How about you go fuck yourself." Lilliana said tiredly and spat in his face it had been almost two days since she fought Felix and won. Solace had striped her of her clothing and had beat her ever since but it drained her of her strength. Her skin burned now where the silver had been placed and her wolf howled deep within her. But it only made her wolf angry and when she was free from the silver her wolf would tear apart any enemy in her path.

"Fine have it your way I will get what I want in the end." Solace said and wiped the spit away from his face. He walked around her and his contraption and said, "Give me the other one, it will make her scream. I haven't even broken skin yet, but this," He said grabbing the weapon, "will tear her flesh from bone. She will scream for me now." Solace said and then then swung with the huge whip he now held in his hand. Lilliana screamed as what felt like razor blades tore into her back and still ripped flesh as they left her body.

She then laughed a little and Solace heard her, "You think this is funny?" he asked walking around to look at her face.

"No, this is not funny, but what he's going to do to you. I find that hilarious, rip flesh from bone isn't that what you said. He's going to rip your bones from your flesh. And if I die he will follow you to the end of the universe to find you and will still happily kill you as slowly and painfully as possible. There is no down side for me really. But either way equals death for you and I find that to be the funniest thing in the world." Lilliana said laughter on every word she looked up and tried to make her wrists more comfortable, the contraption she was attached to had two large metal polls on each side and from the tops and the bottoms of them ran chains that led to her ankles and wrists. The end of the chains bore large silver disks with a hole in the center which was wrapped around her wrist and ankles. It burned a great deal more than the small bands he had placed on her when she gotten there but Lilliana blocked out the pain from them just by thinking about Sam and Aiden being happy and safe, it had gotten her through most of the pain from the whipping and other abuse as well.

She looked down at the whip still in his hand, it had one handle but three whips came out of the end imbedded in them were razor blades as she had thought but also sharp shells and what looked like shark teeth. "You want to laugh; here I'll tell you a joke. What did the defiant bitch say when she was whipped. Why don't you help me with the answer?" He said furiously and moved back behind her and slashed the whip across her back again. Lilliana screamed as the pain was no longer just in her back but now resonated in her chest and arms as well. She thought he might have nicked something important. "I just love to hear the punch line, why don't we hear it again." Solace said maliciously and Lilliana scream as it flayed her flesh.

"Use the silver to seal her wounds, I will be back to finish the job later." Solace said angrily. "Why don't you boys show her a good time while I'm gone." Solace said and walked out of the room. Lilliana screamed as they placed a silver band onto her back several times. Burning her wounds closed.

Then the men began touching her roughly grabbing her breast and fondling her mound. She tried to move away from their touches but was unable to. There were two men in front of her and one man behind her. One of them walked away and her chains were release just enough so her feet planted on the ground but still held her up. He came back and began groping her again; the three men had their hands all over her scratching her already sore skin as their claws began to lengthen. She noticed that the chains on her legs were very loose now and she seemed to have more strength now that she wasn't bleeding heavily. Quickly she lifted herself up by her arms making the silver sear deeply into her skin. She wrapped her legs around one of the necks of the men standing in from of her and snapped his neck. The other two stood in shock as their friends lifeless body fell to the marble floor. She then did the same with the other man standing in front of her while he was still distracted.

The one behind her had moved away slightly, he then said "You are going to pay for killing them." He said with a growl. And a moment later her chains had been tightened again but her feet still remained on the ground. The man was behind her again roughly shoving a finger inside of her tight asshole. Lilliana groaned as the man said, "I'm going to rape your tight little ass until you bleed, bitch." Suddenly his dick was forcefully pushed inside her ass and he began fucking it hard and painfully. Lilliana cried, as she couldn't stop the man who was raping her.

After a few minutes she felt her power vibrate through her screaming at her to use it. Her whole body was then consumed by the flames that leapt from her soul and the man screamed and fell to the ground as it burned his flesh. She felt her shackles melt underneath the heat of her magic and she fell to the ground. She lied there trying to find the strength to move, the strength to protect herself, but it did not come. The men from before now lay dead next to her and she reached over slightly and took the gun from one of their belts. She noticed that the small bands of silver had not melted and when she tried the silver still remained. It would figure the witch had put some sort of spell on them.

She heard the door open behind her and turned pointing her gun at Solace. She fired three rounds at him but he dodged all of them and then was at her side grabbing her by the hair and slinging her across the room. Lilliana whimpered as she hit some furniture and then hit the wall with a loud thud.

'Sam, its time.' She said weakly through there link.

'Are you alright?' Sam said.

'I'm fine, get down here.' She said back to him impatiently.

Lilliana looked up as Solace began walking towards her and she forced herself to her knees and used her wind to slam him against the wall and keep him there. Lilliana managed to get to her feet wobbly and walked over to where Solace had left her clothes in a pile on the floor. She slumped down next to them and began putting her pants and shirt on but decided that the bra would only hurt her more and left it on the floor. She used a nearby chair to steady her as she stood up. Leaving her boots lay on the floor as they would probably just push the silver into her skin more than it already was.

She started walking over to Solace and said, "Now how do I get the silver off?"

"I don't know. Hank is the only one who does." Solace said trying to judge the situation.

"And where is he?" Lilliana said and leaned on the back of a nearby chair; she still felt weak but did not want Solace to see her pain. At least until Sam got there and took care of Solace for her.

"I haven't seen him since you sent him to the clinic remember, two days ago. But if I did know where he was I wouldn't tell you." Solace said trying to sound confident. Then from behind her she heard the door open but didn't have to turn to see who it was. She could smell Farid coming towards her.

"Farid take care of this bitch for me." Solace said sounding angry and somewhat relieved.

Farid looked at Solace pinned against the wall as the invisible wind swung through the air and sounded loudly against his words. "No I don't think I shall, if this obviously hurt and tired woman can overpower you. Then why should I stay loyal to your family, at least your father was able to die with dignity even if it was before he repaid his debt to me. No I think I shall help her instead." Farid said and then bent down in front of Lilliana and raised her pant legs looking at the silver bands there. He placed his hands on them and they started to cinch around her ankle. He grabbed them firmly before they got to tight and ripped them from her legs.

Lilliana quickly removed the bracelets and dropped them to the ground. She felt her wolf growl at the anticipation, she waited until Farid had moved away from her and she removed her clothes again. Then wrapped her hand around the necklace and tore it from her body. For a moment nothing happened until she looked over and saw Sam standing next to the contraption she had been chained to only a couple of minutes before. His face looked pained as he looked at his mates bruised and torn body.

It was then that her wolf howled and pushed to the surface. Suddenly magic spun around her distorting her features. She heard and painfully felt her bones crack through her entire body. She grunted in pain and watched as hair slowly sprouted through the now visible pores on her hands and the bones in her fingers cracked and split, curling into long furry toes with claws that extended from them. She was distracted from her hands as her knees buckled, popping and contorting themselves to now work opposite of humans. She was forced onto all fours as she felt her ribs reshape themselves and protrude from her chest making her much larger than a normal wolf. Finally she felt her face begin to reform itself as her nose and mouth were elongated, the sides of her mouth split to create a larger one and her teeth grew to become sharp fangs. She felt her eyes separate and widen until she could see almost everything around her. Her ears grew as well and moved themselves further up her head and a tail formed itself and sprouted from her behind.

Then as suddenly as it had begun it was over and she stood there, her wolf growling as her body healed from its previous wounds. She watched as Sam walked over to her with wide eyes. When he came close she realized she stood almost eye to eye with him.

'Lilliana you're beautiful.' Sam said as he placed his hand on her back and ran his fingers through her deep red hair.

She growled low in her chest and said, 'I got you a present.' And she motioned her head towards Solace.

Sam glanced at Solace and then back to Lilliana. Her fur was the same deep color as her human hair and her eyes glowed gold. She stood at what he thought was about five nine compared to him. He had wanted this moment to be in a better place where he could properly greet her wolf with his, but now was not the time. He had a man to kill and then he would take Lilliana home to her son.

Lilliana stood proudly in front of the men Sam had brought with him as Sam moved away from her to stand in front of Solace. She released Solace from her magic and he slumped to the ground. She moved her new animal body trying to get used to her and the way she felt. But something felt wrong as she moved a large pain grew in her chest. Instantly she transformed back into human state. She grabbed her clothes and walked over to Ericka, the pain still growing in her chest. It had started to make her breath heavy and she sat down slowly in a chair near her friend.

"What's wrong?" Ericka asked concerned.

Lilliana had put her pants on and sat back down, the pain making it intensely hard to breath. "There's a pain in my chest, I felt it earlier I just don't know what's causing it." She said gasping with every word.

Ericka knelt down in front of her and watched as her breasts rose heavily and dropped sharply. She then placed a hand on Lilliana's chest and closed her eyes. With her angel she searched to heal the internal wound but found a piece of silver drifting dangerously close to her heart.

"Shit." Ericka said cursing the piece of metal. She then got up and looked at Lilliana's back, trying to find a good point of entry. It was now healed but Ericka could see the scars that were newly formed. "Lilliana this is going to hurt a lot. You have a piece of silver near your heart if I don't get it out you could die." Ericka said sounding tormented by what she had to do.

"Fine, do what you have to." She said painfully as she found it even harder to breath.

Ericka took out a knife and moved kneel in front of her. Pushing her back against the chair and pressed the knife slowly into her stomach just below where her heart should be and tried not to cut anything else. Lilliana grunted and nearly screamed at the sudden new pain as she extended her claws and ripped into the arms of her chair. Ericka had to cut deep enough that she could grab the offending object and when she did. She gently pushed her hand through the now bleeding slit. Blood poured out of the wound and on to her hand, slowly dripping down her arm. She stopped for a moment letting her angel sense where the silver was and then she pushed upward towards her heart. Ericka could feel the pulse of her heart next to her hand as she wrapped her fingers around the small piece of silver. Slowly she pulled it out of Lilliana's body as gently as possible. Ericka threw the metal onto the floor and looked at Lilliana her eyes were closed and she breathed slowly. Ericka placed her hand over the new wound and used her power to heal it. She watched as the blood quickly seeped back into Lilliana's body and the skin fused back together healing any damage Ericka had done.

Lilliana opened her eyes and said, "Thanks, but next time let's try to avoid the silver. Now how's Sam doing?" And she sat up and put her shirt on. "Hand me my boots and bra will you."

Ericka grabbed her bra and boots and handed them to her and watched as she put them on. Lilliana looked over once she was done and saw Sam punch Solace in the side and duck a punch to his face.

She got up and looked around now seeing about thirty people standing there looking guarded and ready for action.

She decide she would act now, her mate would just have to understand that she was an Alpha too and while he ripped Solace's throat out she would go get her family. "Ericka and Trisha come with me and grab ten of our warriors; we have some business to take care of. Fin, you and Aria stay here with the other men and Sam. We will be back shortly I need to take care of something before we leave." Lilliana said taking charge of the situation and turned heading for the door.

"Lilliana." Sam growled loudly after throwing Solace into a wall.

"Sam, my family is being held prisoner by this asshole. I must go get them, they will not trust any wolves that are sent and I made them a promise. I have all the protection I need." Lilliana said after she turned towards his voice, with a low growl in her chest.

Sam walked over to her quickly and kissed her roughly while placing something in her hand. "Never take it off again." He whispered in her ear and then barked an order to the men, "Keep her safe."

She smiled at him as she placed the ring on her finger. "Let's go." She said as she walked out of the room.

A moment later she stopped in front of the room that held Aiden only three days before. "Stay here, I need to grab something." Lilliana ordered and walked into the room a moment later she returned with her guns strapped back in there holsters.

"All that power and you still feel the need to carry a gun." Ericka said with a laugh.

Lilliana laughed as they started moving down the hall at a quick pace. Six men had been guarding the stairs and as they walked up to them they pointed their guns timidly at her and the men. Lilliana then pulled her gun quickly and killed all but two of them before they could fire a single shot. She walked past the other two as they shook with fear and ignored them as she descended the stairs. Lilliana heard a gun cock behind her as she reached the bottom of the steps suddenly the men were screaming in pain as they went up in flames. Lilliana didn't stop to look back and kept with her fast pace.

Lilliana saw three more men coming down the hall, she reached back and grabbed Ericka's knife from her belt. When they came close she attacked the one in front grabbing his gun from him and twisting his arm behind his back. Lilliana then slit his throat from behind and quickly shot the other two.

"Are you sure you needed our help, you're doing pretty well all by yourself." Ericka said but didn't slow her steps.

"I have a lot of pent up aggression from the last two days." Lilliana said with an evil smile.

A couple minutes later they were walking down the dark hallway to the dungeon when Lilliana smelled Farid hiding in the darkness. "Farid, I had wondered where you ran off to."

"Had to take care of something first, figured you wouldn't mind since your friends showed up." Farid said moving so they could all see him. "Hello Ericka, been a long time." He said smugly.

"Farid." She said crossly.

"I assume you're not here for the pleasant conversation, so will you help?" Lilliana said with a little edge to her voice.

"Yes ma'am I will help, my Alpha." Farid said mockingly with a slight bow as a smile switched at his lips.

"You joke now just wait one day. I guarantee you will say that and mean it." Lilliana said with a chuckle and moved towards the large double doors to the dungeon. "Where are the light switches?" Lilliana asked as Farid came to stand at her side.

"In the security room on the other side of the building." Farid said.

"Fine we don't need them anyway." Lilliana said opening the door. She walked in and set a fire in the middle of the room. But as soon as she did she was met with the pissed off growls of about twenty wolves, her family stood on the opposite side of them looking worried.

"Spread out, kill as many as you can. Out priority are the humans behind them, protect each other there should be no reason to die at the hands of these wolves." Lilliana ordered and moved towards wolves. She pulled her gun as one came near shooting it several times before he went down. She decided that her guns wouldn't get the job done quickly enough and turned to her magic. Her eyes glowed gold as she opened up the earth in front of her and half the wolves were consumed by the earth. She then looked over and saw her men and the two women fighting the rest of the wolves and turned to her family.

Jordan looked up stunned as a fire was started in the middle of the room. He looked towards the door and saw what he thought was his sister and then she and her men walked towards the wolves that were in the center of the room and began fighting them. He looked at her now; she wore jeans, a black shirt and some brown boots. But she was carrying guns and her hair now flowed red in color. She looked as if nothing had happened to her over the past couple of days, but she also looked as if she had great power hidden in her depths and the way she moved gave little to that effect. He watched her kill one wolves with her gun and then suddenly she stopped, he heard loud growl and then she raise her hands and the room started to hum and shake. Suddenly the ground came up around the wolves and swallowed half of them into the depths of the earth.

Lilliana ran over to her family and said urgently, "Come on we have to go."

"Alright, I knew you would come back." Her sister said.

"Always, let's go Sam will be waiting but I have to find Solaces witch first he needs to be controlled." Lilliana said as they walked towards the doors. Lilliana whistled and her men were running back to stand by her side. She made sure she had all nine of the prisoners, before she turned and stepped towards the Solaces wolves and held her hand up slight towards the ceiling. The room began to shake and rumble as the roof of the cave came crashing down on them, crushing what was left of his troops.

Soon they were walking through what Lilliana would have said was Solaces dining room. There was fighting going on all around them as they walked to the other side of the room but no one attacked them. They walked past a hallway and Lilliana suddenly had a tingle creep up her spine, she stopped and walked down the hallway.

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