Setting Moon Ch. 11


"Check all of these rooms we are looking for a man with white hair but be careful he's a witch." Lilliana ordered and the men set to searching. But she saw a door in front of her that hadn't been opened yet and moved towards it, she felt Trisha come up beside her and then her brother and sister too. She opened the door and the small man tumbled out of it and onto the floor.

"I guess you're not so tough without your potions and spells huh." Lilliana mocked. "Bring him with us we don't have time to deal with him properly right now." Lilliana ordered to her men and they ran over and picked him up. "Don't even think about doing something stupid or I will kill you before you can regret the decision." She said and turned walking away from him.

Several minutes later they returned to Solaces room. Sam had already killed Solace but when she walked in he was standing over his still warm but lifeless body.

"I guess we are done here then." Lilliana called to him.

"Yes we are." Sam said in a low tone.

"Good I will take us home then. Aria and Trisha come here; I think I might need your help with this." Lilliana said and Aria and Trisha came to stand next to her. She took their hands and closed her eyes; she focused all of their magic. Sam watched as sweat beaded off the three women's foreheads and a look of pain marred Lilliana's face. He wanted to help her but didn't know how. Suddenly the building began to shake violently and then people began to scream from down the hall, the earth moved beneath them as Lilliana worked the magic.

When the shaking stopped they and all of their men were standing behind their own den and most looked around in shock. Lilliana collapsed instantly the force of what she had done taking its toll on her mind and body.

"Sam." She whispered.

"I've got you, Lilliana." Sam said and picked her up to cradle her in his arms and started walking towards the Den. "Ericka bring her family and Farid, we have much to discuss."


Fifteen minutes later Sam walked out of his bedroom to find Lilliana's family along with Ericka, Eric and Fin waiting for him in his living room. Farid had come as well; Sam hadn't known if he would, considering what he is and where they were.

"Beers?" Sam questioned as he headed for the bar. Having his mate home and lying in their bed made all of his anger and worry float away. He then began passing out beers to everyone in the room. Once done he sat down on the couch and looked around the room. Lilliana's mother, father and sister sat on the other couch. Farid leaned against a table near the back of the room and Lilliana's brother stood near the fireplace. Ericka and Eric stood near the door to his bedroom cuddling in each other's arms and Fin sat on the other arm of the same couch he was on.

"Now I believe introductions are in order. I am Sam your daughter's fiancé; this is Fin my right hand as it were. These two love birds are Eric and Ericka and I believe you already know Farid." Sam said trying to be as open as he could be. He didn't want to scare them with what they were before he knew what Lilliana had told them.

"So your Katherine's mate, I had thought so when you picked her up outside. My name is Martha and this is my husband Frank, Katherine's younger sister Katalina and her older brother Jordan. Katherine told us about you and your pack." Lilliana's mother said pleasantly.

"I see my mate has been telling you things she really shouldn't but since you already know it will make our conversations and you being here a bit easier. Yes what she told you was correct, I am the Alpha of our pack and so is your daughter although she is still learning; we only met a couple of weeks ago. But she is already shinning to the role quicker than most, if I do say so myself." He said with a bit of a laugh and a smile creasing his handsome features.

"I guess she hasn't told you about us yet." Jordan said seriously.

"No we haven't had the chance to talk, but I would hope that you would come to trust me. I will love and protect your sister if it means losing my own life. And by proxy anything or anyone she loves as well. I assume she said that you would be safe here, everyone here is family and there is no need to hide who you truly are." Sam said assuredly.

Jordan then looked over at Katalina who nodded her head in answer to an unasked question, "Katalina and I are witches even though our parents are not. We have only just learned of our magic, but apparently it was about the same time Katherine learned of hers. We were also bound by Solaces witch and apparently won't be able to use it for another week." Jordan said as matter of fact.

"We can help you on that part." Ericka said and opened the door to talk to the guard and then came back into the room. "Sam do you think it would be alright if I told them the story." Ericka said leaning on the back of the couch next to Sam.

"They are your family, I don't really see what harm it could do telling them now." Sam said encouragingly.

"What story and how are you part of our family?" Katalina asked.

"Please, let me tell you in order. Now do you know where the power of a true witch comes from?" she watched as they shook their heads no, "The power of a true witch including both of you and your sister comes from the power of angels. Specifically being the descendant of one, not every generation gets the power but the ones who do are always meant for some higher purpose." Ericka said.

Sam listened as Ericka continued to talk about the connection between angels and witches. But his mind wandered to his sleeping mate, he probed her mind making sure she hadn't been mentally scarred by Solace. He was glad his Lilliana was home safe and couldn't wait until he could crawl into bed next to her. He was tempted to do that very thing now, but Lilliana's family was still in need of information and bedrooms were still being set up for them. He hoped Lilliana could wait another hour for it to be done. It was already the middle of the night and he knew she would want him soon; she had always woken up in the middle of the night just to make sure he was still there so she could snuggle back up to him. His wolf growled at him now, he knew what he wanted but couldn't give it to him now. His wolf wanted to go lie with his mate just as much as he did. Sam got up and walked through the doors to his bedroom. He walked over to their bed and bent down next to her; he looked at her beautiful face and brushed some hair away from her cheek. Then leaned forward and gently brushed his lips against hers sending small tingles down his spine.

"Sam." Lilliana said sleepily.

"Yes my love, I am here." He said in a sweetly.

"Once you're done with my family, please come to bed. You duties can wait till tomorrow for your attention, I need you more than it does." Lilliana yawned as her word dug into his heart.

"Yes baby as soon as I'm done with your family, I am all yours." He said and leaned over her now naked body and kissed her lovingly. He pulled the blanket over her as he went to leave.

Lilliana grabbed his hand as it slid over the sheets and pulled him back to her. "Please come back soon." Was all she said as she fell back to sleep. Sam kissed her on the cheek and left the room.

Ericka was just getting to the part where she was their family when he walked back in and sat down next to her. "So the main reason I am telling you all this is because, I am the angel you are descendant of. My name used to be Hellana and Gabriel was my husband."

Lilliana's family sat looking a bit in shock for a moment until Jordan said, "But you look human, why is that."

"Well when Hellana died I became Ericka, I was turned into a vampire like Farid over five thousand years ago. Your sister changed me back, now I am half angel again and soon my human side will no longer be human. I will be a werewolf like my mate Eric." Ericka said.

"But how did she turn you back?" Farid said speaking for the first time since he entered the room.

"Her magic is only confined by her mind, if she believes she can do it. I'm pretty sure she will be able to. In my case she also had the key I was talking about, combined with her magic and the other witches they turned me back. It was extremely painful but I believe it was worth it." Ericka said wondering why Farid wanted to know.

Sam noticed that Farid was staring at Katalina and wondered if he was hungry. If he tried to drink her blood he would have to stop him but he didn't know if he and the two other wolves in the room could take him and live. He hoped it wouldn't come to that but he had heard rumors of Farid's insatiable lust for blood. Sam couldn't control the low growl that forced its way to the surface as he stared at Farid.

Everyone in the room was now staring at him as Farid said, "Relax, we'll talk about it later."

Sam relaxed a little but still kept an eye on Farid as he said, "We have made up rooms for you in the guest hall just below the stairs. There will be clothing and food waiting for you there and if you need anything there will be guards posted in the hall. Breakfast is at nine am but I doubt your daughter and I will be there. Anytime you want to see her just come and ask the guards posted outside our door to find out where we are or when we will be available. We will most likely be at lunch but if not we will most definitely be at dinner. I know you must all be incredibly tired so I will have Eric and Fin show you to your rooms. Ericka please stay for a moment." Sam said standing and motioning towards the door.

Lilliana's family stood and moved towards the door but Jordan stopped beside Sam and said, "I haven't heard you use Katherine's name once why is that?"

"The woman you call Katherine, your sister, has been through a lot and when she was searching for Aiden she changed her name. The pack and I only call her by the name she has chosen, I know of her other name because she has told me but we all call her Lilliana. She prefers it that way and I did not want to disrespect her or her family by stating otherwise." Sam said earnestly.

"If that is the name she has chosen then I will respect it as well." Jordan said and walk out of the room.

Sam looked over to see Farid settling down on the couch as he lit himself a cigarette. "I hope you don't mind I'm a bit stress out at the moment." Farid said motioning to Sam.

"No I don't mind, as long as you're not thinking about hurting Katalina or anyone else here for that matter." Sam said trying to sound calm.

"No, I don't intend to hurt anyone in your pack or anyone else here. My interest in Katalina has nothing to do with my hunger." Farid trying not to let the pain show in is voice.

"What interest do you have in her then?" Sam asked non-defensively.

"What I say never leaves this room. The help that I need from you mate is the same help Ericka needed from her. I tire of the fighting that is constantly associated with vampires; my brother once told me that I will live in the dark all my life if all I have is blood on my hands. I have come to realize that he was truly right after all these years; I wish to wash the blood from my hands. Your mate told me that if I become a wolf after she has changed me back that Katalina would be my mate. I realize I could never make up for the things I've done but I will change my life for the better." Farid said his expression guarded.

Sam and Ericka looked at him in shock, Ericka had never thought that would have been the reason he would need Lilliana's help. "Oh, well why didn't you just say so. And to think I thought you wanted to have her for dinner." Sam said warmly with a laugh.

"Yeah Farid, when I knew you. You weren't as controlled as you seem now. What happened?" Ericka said a bit more cautious.

"I guess the years just finally caught up with me. The words Hamid said the day we became immortal really didn't bother me at the time but as the years have passed I have thought about them more and more. All I wish now is to ask for his forgiveness for not heeding his words that day and hope he has it in his heart to forgive me." Farid said placing his head in his hands as his arms rested on his knees.

"We have already set up a meeting with our eldest to see if we can find any information on where your brother is and if he would be willing to meet with us." Sam said.

"Good then it's only a matter of time and trust me I have plenty." Farid said lightening up a bit.

"Alright then is there anything that you need. If not we have a room set up for you downstairs with Lilliana's family." Sam said standing.

"No, and don't worry I won't need to feed for several days. Hopefully Lilliana can find a way to change me back before then and if she can't we'll figure that out then." Farid said as he got up and walked through the door.

Ericka fell in behind him as he descended the stairs and said, "Are you truly being honest Farid?"

"Yes Ericka for the first time in a long time I actually want to be a good person. Why can't you believe that? I believed you when you wanted that, although I didn't take it very well." Farid said convincingly.

"Fine but if I see the blood lust take over, I will end you myself." Ericka said and walked towards the door to her room.

"Yeah, I would hope so." Farid said with a chuckle and walked down the hall trying to find his room. After a moment he opened the door to a room and walked inside. Instantly his senses were assaulted by the smell of honey. He turned to see Katalina staring at him with wide eyes; she was only wearing her bra and panties. Embarrassed he quickly turned away from her and said, "I'm sorry Katalina I didn't mean to barge in on you and I thought this was my room." Farid went to leave but was stopped by the beautiful sound of her voice.

"Wait Farid, it's alright. I wanted to talk to you anyway, let me just throw something on." Katalina said as she moving towards him.

Farid stood still for a moment before he heard her walk into her closet. He then turned and moved further into the room. When she walked back into the room she was wearing a short tank top dress which showed every curve on her body. The swell of her breasts peeking out from the top of the garment and her long slender legs seemed to go on forever.

"Farid are you alright?" Katalina asked walking over to him only stopping just out his reach.

"Yes I'm fine, why do you ask?" Farid said.

Katalina looked at his face now; he looked like he was struggling with something and her heart tugged at her to find out what it was. She didn't know why she cared for this man but she wouldn't fight the feeling in any case. "Don't lie I can see it written across you face. You want to say something but think it's a bad idea. Tell me I won't think less of you for being honest." Katalina said trying to judge his response.

"Your smell is very intoxicating for me. Please don't worry I don't want to hurt you. I just..." He said moving towards her smelling her deeply. He was very close to her now, he thought she would fear him but instead a sense of arousal crept into the air. She was staring at his lips now and he fought the desperate need to kiss her and said, "I want you Katalina and I won't pretend otherwise. But I understand if I don't want to be with me."

Katalina slowly leaned forward and brushed her lips across his sending bolts of electricity shooting through his body. "Farid, I want you." Her words breathless as she pressed her body into him.

Farid moved his head to smell the skin at the side of her neck and she shivered slightly against him. "Why do you want me Katalina?" Farid ask trying to keep his growing need in check.

She moved away from him slightly and looked into his eyes, "My heart pulls me to you. Truly does yours not feel the same?" She said placing her hand on Farid's chest.

He looked down at her hand and then back into her eyes, "I have never known love, but the way I heart calls to you. I wanted to know you before..." Farid said with desperation marring his words.

"We can know each other tomorrow. I want to show you the power of true love, tonight." Katalina said and kissed Farid urgently.

Farid wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back just as urgently as she had. He pressed his body against her and moved her back towards the bed as she pulled his shirt over his head. He then stripped her of her nightgown and gently pushed her onto the bed. He moved over top of her pushing her further onto the bed and then sank his body down onto her soft delicate skin. Her concealed breast pressing into his chest as he kissed her neck and she caressed his back. He moved to suckle her breast over the soft material of her bra and then removed the material completely. He kissed and sucked at her tender nipple; he nipped at it gently and tasted her blood for the first time. He licked the small wound, her blood tasting like honey gliding across his tongue. Suddenly he realized what he was doing and quickly sealed the wound.

Katalina felt him tense over her and stop moving. She looked down at him, his look telling her he was ashamed of something he had done. "Farid what happened, why did you stop?" Katalina asked frustrated.

"I took your blood without your consent; I didn't want to scare you like I have so many others." Farid said trying to move away from her.

She grabbed his hands and pulled him back to her and said, "You do not scare me Farid and if it is consent you need then you have it. I trust that you know what your boundaries are and know when you need to stop." She kissed him deeply and moaned as he kissed back down her body to her breasts.

She trusted him with her life, but why they had only just met? Was their connection really that strong that she would let him take whatever he wanted from her? He was used to getting what he wanted by manipulating and controlling people but not once had a woman given herself to him so willingly. He nipped at her breast again and let small drops of blood flow from the wound before he licked it. He did the same with the other and fought the urge to bite deep into her skin and sip long slow draws from her. He removed his pants and her underwear without her so much as noticing. He moved back up her body and pressed his hard body against her, his hardness just barely touching her warm center.

Her body ached for him to be inside her and she lifted her hips to give him better access. "Please, Farid." She begged and he pressed himself into her deeply. Enjoying how every inch of her felt around his large member as he slowly pushed inside of her. He pressed his lips against hers, creating a long slow elaborate kiss. He groaned against her lips as he slid out of her; just too slowly plunge into her again.

She lifted her hips and ground them into his member forcing him to go deeper than he had before. He growled and pressed into her harder and faster, he wrapped an arm around her back and brought her chest up to meet him. Licking and caressed her breast with his mouth before he extended his fangs and sunk them deep into the soft tissue of her breast. As he fucked her he took long deep sips from her, letting the warm liquid splash across his tongue and fill his mouth. Katalina moaned loudly as the pain and pleasure ripped through her body. Scratching at his back and bucking with her hips letting him know she wanted more.

Gently he removed his fangs from her soft skin and healed the wound. He then flipped her over and pushed her towards the head board. He lifted her so she could place her hands on top of the firm piece of wood and reentered her from behind. He pounded her with persistent determination as she pressed herself into him. He felt her muscles tighten and her body quivered as her orgasm screamed through her body and she screamed with it. He placed his hands next to hers, gripping the head board harder than he should have and it splinted and cracked as he pounded her. Her body tensed as another orgasm ripped through her body and he couldn't hold back as he spilled his seed deep inside of her and grunted at his own release.

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